If you’re beginning your CBD Journey, this is for you. When considering using Cannabidiol (CBD), it’s only natural to have questions. When you want to start your serious CBD journey by exploring the use of this almost magical substance, begin here.

CBD use has endless possibilities and many benefits. From various accounts from users who consistently attest to the relief they experience when they begin using it, it makes perfect sense to want to experience it for yourself.

But as a new user on your first CBD journey, you might wonder which product is right for you. We can start with carefully considering the information below. First, you must learn to determine the ‘type’ of CBD product that just might give you the best possible results.

This “beginner-friendly”, yet educational and easy to understand tips below are here to help you out on your CBD journey.

Starting A CBD Journey: Which Product Is Right For You?

Step 1 of your CBD Journey – Learn About the Different Types of CBD Products

A CBD Journey begins in many different forms in the market nowadays. They range from tinctures, creams, topicals, edibles, and more. You can get them at any recreational cannabis dispensary online or at a physical store. Depending on your product, the effect will vary – some are faster, and others will take time.

The delivery methods will also be up to the user because they have varying needs that must be addressed. The variations of the products are also due to the experience of people that consumers know. Not only do you need to know what these products are, but you’ll also be likely to take cues from your users’ peers and how it affects them.

If you have specific conditions regarding your health, such as chronic pain or if you have skin problems, take CBD products that are specifically made for these ailments. Tinctures, suppositories, and vape liquids might help bring some relief to what you have. Seek the advice of a medical professional before availing yourself of and using CBD products.

The following are only some of the different delivery systems of CBD:

CBD Oils and Tinctures

Consumers who don’t mind the taste of oil and tinctures prefer these products. CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content are mixed with carrier oils such as olive and almond. They’re usually bottled and include a dropper for administration. Oils and tinctures are taken under the tongue and held for 30 seconds before swallowing. The substance is absorbed faster this way.


These products are called edibles because they’re safe to include and consume with traditional food items. CBD has found its way to cookies, gummies, brownies, mints, and beverages. They’re popular products because they allow for discreet and no-fuss CBD consumption.

Vape Liquids

CBD comes in vape juices that allow you to inhale it. But it’s also known that vaping CBD oil dissipates faster.

Step 2 of your CBD Journey – Look into the THC it Contains

THC is another derivative of the cannabis plant that produces the ‘high’ of psychoactive effects that some users need. But not everyone needs it because it makes users lethargic and could hinder them from being productive or active.

THC is worth considering, but at certain levels of concentration related to its efficacy and where to source products that have the substance. The effectiveness of CBD works with a bit of THC in some consumers. For how long it stays in the body also varies from one person to another. There’s a theory that THC enhances states CBD’s therapeutic effect even at a low 0.3%.

THC is also made from hemp; you can find products containing hemp-derived THC at various online and offline stores. As a golden rule, it’s vital to sort products with THC content that you need from reputable sources.

Step 3 of your CBD Journey is to read the Product Label

Fake CBD products and ones that don’t meet top standards sometimes make it to the shelves of CBD shops. It’s said that about 60% of CBD products don’t have proper labeling and fail to specify the CBD or THC content of the product. Some products don’t even contain authentic cannabidiol, accounting for users who are becoming ill from using them. Know the company behind the product.

With any product you buy, the label on the packaging is important because it contains the necessary information such as the ingredients, dose, name and address of the manufacturer, and others. When products don’t have proper labeling, it’s a red flag and you should avoid them. Illegal CBD products you ingest, inhale or use on the body can be dangerous.

Starting A CBD Journey: Which Product Is Right For You?

Genuine CBD products are from reputable hemp facilities where the environment is controlled, and the processes follow regulations from growth to production. These companies ensure that the products are high-quality and contain the proper dosage of CBD and THC. The information must be printed on labels to help consumers locate high-quality offerings. Most importantly, they’re deemed safe and fit for consumption by the concerned authorities.

A CBD Journey – No Conclusion is only the Beginning

CBD is a substance that has a controversial history, but many can attest to how it has been benefiting them health-wise. As someone who wants to try it, to begin their own CBD journey, it’s best to research and learn more about the products you can take for specific needs. If you are suffering from a condition, know which product is appropriate for your situation.