CBD is used for dozens of reasons. As a natural remedy ass recently gained massive popularity, more and more research has been conducted. Prior to adding CBD to your wellness routine, learn more about all that it can do for you!

What is CBD?

CBD is known for its wellness benefits. Derived from the cannabis plant, cannabidiol is the second most popular ingredient from the plant. Typically associated with its counterpart, THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is quite different. It is a close cousin but acts significantly differently on the body. THC causes users to experience “high” and intoxicating effects. CBD does not that same effect on the body. 

Recent Studies

In a recent study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), the organization stated that it has exhibited no effects of abuse or dependency on users, “…to date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.

What is CBD Used For?

For CBD, this is great news, as the natural remedy has had a bad reputation due to its association with THC and marijuana.  


Is CBD a Drug?

As it continues to be in the limelight, more people are asking questions about the legalities of the natural product. Some are confused about whether or not it is a drug, others are wondering whether CBD will get them high, and the short answer is no.


However, it is important to note that pure CBD will not cause users to feel high. It is of the responsibility of the consumer to ensure that the CBD products they are purchasing are safe and prepared with quality ingredients.

CBD and Marijuana

Due to CBD’s common association with marijuana, CBD has suffered misperceptions. The United State’s Farm Bill, passed in 2014, informs us that CBD became clearer to understand. This bill determined that any hemp CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are not classified as marijuana and are legal. This statement limits confusion for users and potential buyers about CBD’s association with marijuana.


Further, in 2018 when the Farm Bill was revised, it legalized the production, consumption, and its sale  in all 50 states. However, this revision does not include the legalization of any products with more than 0.3% THC, only CBD products with less than that percentage. 

State Laws

While the Farm Bill is a federal bill, this piece of legislation allowed for each individual state to create their own laws regarding the purchasing of CBD. Before you go out and make a purchase, it is important to do your own research to ensure purchasing CBD is legal in your state.


Does CBD Get You High?

The good news is that it does not cause users to experience a “high” when ingested or applied topically. Unlike THC and marijuana, CBD allows users to experience natural calming and healing effects. That well-known intoxicated feeling is the effect of THC. On the flip side, CBD is non-psychoactive and has an abundance of benefits without causing any “high” feelings.


Natural remedies are becoming increasingly popular, and CBD is one of those remedies that can allow users to feel calm and reduce some symptoms. Scientists and health professionals have dedicated time and research to learn and understand the best ways and scenarios to use CBD for. These professionals have decided that it is a safe and natural alternative to over-the-counter (OTC) medications that often have adverse side effects.

Topically or Ingested

CBD is a topically used or ingested product. Many users use CBD both methods. CBD does not cause any intoxicating side effects. It has many therapeutic benefits ranging from calming anxieties, helping manage depression, and even relieving skin problems. 

Research and more Research

The only CBD product approved by the FDA is Epidiolex. It is used to treat two types of epilepsy. Research can continue to determine CBD effectiveness in diseases like Parkinson’s, diabetes, and several other ailments. 

Limitless Potential

It’s potential benefits seem endless. But, it is important to still talk with your doctor or healthcare professional first before diving into the world of CBD and including it in your wellness routine.



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Sourcing the Best

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