CBD trend is skyrocketing. Regulations have eased, and brands are seeking to appropriate the healing potential of this Cannabis-derived substance.

The Cannabidiol (CBD) market is flying high.  Sought out as alternative remedies for chronic pain, Cannabinoids sell big. Also disrupted sleep and anxiety. Unlike the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, the CBD oil and other CBD-infused products are known to provide health benefits without giving the consumer the feeling of high”, sidestepping the stigma that is typically associated with Cannabis.

CBD Trend in Stores…

Physical stores sell CBD in the US and Canada.  However, they have remained an online phenomenon in Europe. Retailers are more cautious about stocking CBD in their stores there. However, that trend is slowly changing and the UK market is being more welcoming to CBD products. As surprising as it might sound, one-third of the British people dont even know what CBD products are.

How do people perceive CBD in the US and UK (inside)

CBD Trend in the UK

While there has been consistent growth in the public awareness of CBD in the UK, this analysis will help you understand how people perceive CBD in the UK and the USA. To find out the situations of the two, there was a comparison between the UK and the USA. During the last few years, the USA has seen tremendous growth in the usage of Cannabis products, as theyve paid more attention to the benefits of CBD products than other nations.

Surveys in the UK and US

One of the leading CBD retailers in the United Kingdom, Choicy, conducted surveys in both the UK and the USA, and questions were asked to identify public familiarity with CBD. Taking a look at the relationship of people with CBD helped us understand how aware they are of the CBD products and whether they have positive or negative perceptions about cannabinoids. All of the participants in the survey were 25 or older.

What did the survey unveil?

We were surprised that about one-fifth of the UKs correspondents had positive feelings about CBD. Over 18% were aware of CBD or had already tried it. By comparison, almost half of those surveyed in the USA (40.1%) replied positively this question.

It looks like more education is needed as over 31% Brits arent aware of what CBD is, compared to just 12.5% of the Americans who are unaware of CBD.

Whats even more interesting is that when it comes to negative feelings or negative perceptions of CBD, both these countries produce similar data. 47.4% of the Americans answered they wouldnt use CBD whereas 50.3% Brits said the same. This is a clear indication that both countries have equal amounts of people with negative attitudes toward CBD. The data surprised us. Especially considering that usage of CBD is legal in the majority of states in the US.

History of Cannabis in the UK vs. the USA

The 20th century was a tough time for Cannabis. Both the UK and the USA… but in significantly different ways. That led to different opinions and legal status currently.

In todays world, the USA is considered to have a more progressive approach to the derivatives of the Cannabis plant. Some states have now legalized or decriminalized the recreational use of Cannabis, including CBD.

The UK, on the other hand, has a long and rich history with the Cannabis plant. However, with time there have been tough restrictions on Cannabis, which started occurring during the 20th century.

Why Cannabis isnt more widely accepted in the UK?

Since Cannabis was prohibited for over 90 years in the UK, it would be normal to assume that Cannabis will be demonized in the eyes of the UKs public, even more so than in the United States. Surveys data suggested merely a 2.9% difference in the negative perception of CBD and related products between the two countries.

Hemp and Cannabis is common in Britain. It has been for centuries. It is also assumed that the ban ended a lot of positive associations with the plant, however, that isnt the case. Because many progressive businesses and government the industrial cultivation of Cannabis, has managed to maintain practical value.

In 1993, the British Home Office started supporting the Cannabis Business in the UK. They provided licenses for companies planning to cultivate the plant for industrial use. This move turned out to be a great business at the national level. Even the government started supporting this business with different funding schemes and it generated a positive public opinion towards Cannabis.

What conclusions can we draw from this Survey?

One of the points worth noting was that a large percentage of people in the UK had positive opinions towards CBD. Seeing these results (and the positive feelings) of the people brought conclusions. Past relationships between Cannabis and American and British people offers a positive future of the industry. No doubt, there is still a long way to go. We will get to see both positive and negative development from the regulatory bodies. Eventually, with the UK being progressive, we see a “freedom to use Cannabis” as in the USA.