CBD Oil or cannabidiol is the latest trend in the health industry. This chemical compound derived from cannabis plants is winning hearts left and right due to its purported health benefits. These benefits include treating insomnia, reducing anxiety, and fighting off pain and inflammation. It can also help in serious matters such as fighting off cancer and assisting children suffering from epilepsy disorders.

Due to rising popularity, a lot has been said about CBD Oil, while a significant part of the thoughts is positive, there is still a lot of stigma and confusion surrounding this product. These myths make people shy away from taking full advantage of its benefits.

If you are wondering about the false claims about CBD, keep reading below for the information on the five myths about CBD.

CBD Oil is psychoactive

Perhaps this is the most widely spread myth concerning CBD and its products. While it’s possible to get this chemical compound from the marijuana plant, the majority of CBD Oil on the market comes from hemp.

Hemp belongs to the family of marijuana but is an entirely distinct strain of the cannabis plant. One difference between hemp and marijuana rises from their chemical makeup, where marijuana has very high levels of THC, unlike hemp, which has minimal traces of THC.


The reason you get a ‘high’ feel from smoking marijuana is that it contains the compound known as THC. CBD does not have the psychoactive property. Simply put, CBD will not get you high like the THC.

Even after saying that, it’s important to note that THC has various therapeutic benefits of its own. (Though let’s not forget that bootleg THC cartridges for vape pens destroyed the e-liquid vape industry in a matter of weeks) When used together with CBD, it’s a remarkable treatment option due to the entourage effect. Besides this, it’s also important to note that full-spectrum products may contain small doses of THC though they are only traces and unlikely to get you high.

CBD will help you sleep

CBD comes from the cannabis plant, which has properties known to get one drowsy. Due to this view, many people take it thinking that it has sedative properties to get them to sleep. However, this is not the case as CBD will only help you to sleep better by helping you relax and reducing anxiety, thus making it easier for you to sleep.

The 2014 review highlighted some experimental evidence claimed that CBD also works as a wake-inducing drug depending on the variety, dose, and other factors.

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No credible studies show the effectiveness of CBD Oil

This is just not true because there are so many different studies conducted worldwide. These studies looked at the use of CBD Oil as a pain treatment option and in dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, and much more. Most of these investigations confirmed that CBD brought about a lot of improvement in most of these issues and especially in providing relief from inflammation and pain.

There are countless studies on the same, which is evident from the numerous results available when you search “cannabidiol” on the (NCBI) National Centre for Biotechnology Information.

All CBD Oil products are the same

When choosing the CBD product to purchase, you need to do your research in the market. This will ensure that you get the real CBD product that is safe to consume and effective. Different CBD products have different variations in their CBD composition. Some will use full-spectrum CBD Oil, while others will add natural terpenes for a unique and diverse flavor and benefits.


The major problem is that CBD has not received full recognition from the FDA. As such, there is no regulation on the market on the same. This means that some people will make low-quality CBD products that offer no therapeutic benefits associated with CBD.

One way to ensure you purchase a high-quality CBD product is to choose a transparent company and one with third party lab tests. To get high-quality products, buy CBD oil online from reputable outlets.

The bigger the dose 0f CBD, the better?

The truth is that the amount of CBD you consume does not matter. Most people think taking bigger doses of CBD gives instant and better results, which is not valid in the least.

While taking CBD even in high doses may not be fatal, taking too much of the product is not better, as it may lessen its effectiveness. What you need to do is find the sweet spot with your CBD. Sweet spot refers to the level of CBD that works for you. Keep in mind that this particular level differs for every individual.

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The misconceptions surrounding CBD Oils are numerous, and they can prevent people from using CBD for its benefits. Some of these misconceptions are laughable, while others are quite serious and can affect the views of some people on the immense benefit that CBD poses for your health and well-being. One should only buy CBD products from reputed retailers and invest only in quality products at weedsmart to reap in the benefits for therapeutic use.

The above list will help you understand 5 of the myths about CBD Oil so that you can incorporate CBD into your diet without any worries.