Last Updated on April 16, 2018 by Team Spinfuel

Now THIS is how you do an upgrade! We only just received our FreeMax FireLuke Pro resin sub-ohm tank, but even with just a few hours of using it, we’re already prepping our “best of” lists for 2019. Because, as good as the original FireLuke tank was, the gorgeous resin Pro edition trumps it in nearly every way.


It might be a little early to start heaping praise on a tank – especially since we need to test long term performance – but all signs point to the FireLuke Pro being another sub-ohm gem. Let’s look and see why.

The FreeMax Fireluke Pro Preview by Spinfuel VAPE

My, that’s Bright…


The original FireLuke was a big hit, even though it had a strange, bulbous “fishbowl” glass section, which was awesome for adding capacity, but terrible for clumsy vapers who knock over their devices. Also, let’s be honest, the gumball machine look wasn’t really attractive when compared to so many other vape tanks on the market.


By comparison, the 25mm FireLike Pro is much more streamlined, with a straight glass section. There’s still 4mL of capacity, so it’s not like vapers will need to refill like it was an RDA. But the FireLuke Pro won’t be offering the same level of “all-day” longevity as its big brother.


Now, let’s talk about the marbled resin. In 2018, a resin vape device isn’t exactly “newsworthy.” But it always looks phenomenal when it’s done well, and the FireLuke Pro is a stunning example of that. My swirled green, red and purple test model is awfully loud, to be sure. But on a more subdued, simple mod, it makes for a great contrast, and doesn’t ever look out of place.


Plus, the actual build construction is stellar, with smooth machining, great airflow control ring, and seamless integration with the few stainless steel elements of the tank. The standard top-fill cap is a breeze to remove and replace, and the wide-bore 810 drip-tip is tall and feels good on the lips, unlike so many of today’s shallow tips.

Those coils… oh baby…


The original FireLuke coils were winners, but the all-new Firelock series heads are just that much better. Even with just a few hours of use, the pre-installed 0.15-ohm setuple coil is already broken in, extremely flavorful, and offers above-average vapor production, even at moderate wattages.


The kit also includes a Kanthal dual-coil head, rated for roughly the same wattage limits. We haven’t used it yet, but we’re feeling good about the possibilities, given how well the pre-installed coil keeps kicking.


Plus, as a nice feature, the Firelock coils are compatible with the original Fireluke tank, and vice versa, making this a well thought-out series of devices, unlike so many unnecessarily proprietary coil families, which do nothing but confuse new users.


One GLARING omission from the FireLuke Pro kit is an RBA head, which was the shining star of the original. In fact, we even went as far to say that the FireLuke was an RTA with prebuilt capabilities. So, we don’t know if there will be an RBA head option for the Pro, but we’re really hoping that’s the case, since this is a tank we’d like to use in every way possible.

Make sure to check out our last FreeMax Sub-Ohm Tank Review, the FireLuke Mesh, which is still a favorite around the Spinfuel VAPE Office.

Some questions and Concerns…


To be honest, we don’t have much to question – FreeMax has made a well-composed kit that could appeal to high-wattage vapers and newcomers alike.


If we had to question anything (beyond the lack of RBA head, that is), it would be the decision to use only straight glass, instead of finding a happy medium between the bulbous fishtank aesthetic from the original, and the pedestrian, lower-capacity look on the FireLuke Pro.


It’s certainly not a detriment – this is a fantastic looking tank – but the SMOK TFV12 Prince series uses extended tanks, and more companies are adopting these larger-capacity options every day. Having this option in the box would have made for a more complete experience.


Also, we do wish there were more color options available to start. We lucked out with our color scheme, but given the random nature of resin, I can see some vapers being unhappy with the lack of choice.


Finally, we don’t know enough about the coils and longevity yet, or how well they’ll handle max-VG e-liquid. Given how well the originals worked in this department, we’re no expecting anything less here – but as always, the proof is in the vaping.


So far, we’re loving our time with the FreeMax FireLuke Pro, and will have a full review up soon!

FreeMax FireLuke Pro Resin Sub-Ohm Tank Specs:

  • Beautiful Marbled Resin Body
  • Large 4mL juice reservoir for less frequent filling
  • Wide-Bore Resin 810 Drip Tip for cleaner, more flavorful clouds
  • Two Bottom Adjustable Air Slots to customize cloud production
  • Equipped with two FireLock Coils
  • Kanthal 0.15 ohm Sextuple Coil; 60-140W (Pre-Installed)
  • Kanthal Dual-Vertical 0.15 ohm Coil; 60-120W
  • Reinforced with Stainless Steel and Pyrex Glass
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 60mm
  • Tank Capacity: 4mL
  • 810 Wide-Bore Resin Drip Tip
  • Threaded Top-Fill System
  • Threaded 510 gold-plated connection
  • Dual-Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Stainless Steel, Marbled Resin, and Pyrex Glass Construction
  • Kanthal 0.15 Ohm Sextuple Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • Kanthal Dual-Vertical 0.15 Ohm Coil

FreeMax FireLuke Pro Resin Sub-Ohm Tank Contents:

  • 1 x FireLuke Pro Tank
  • 1 x Kanthal 0.15 Ohm Sextuple Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x Kanthal 0.15 Ohm Dual-Vertical Coil
  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 x Pack of Spare O-Rings
  • 1 x User Manual