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Full disclosure – I’m not much of an RDA fan. But the original Dead Rabbit remains one of my all-time favorite drippers, for its simplicity, proven design, and overall kickass performance. So, when I learned the original collaborators reunited to make a bottom-feeding version, I jumped at the chance to check out the all-new Hellvape X Heathen Dead Rabbit SQ squonk RDA.

Though I’ve only spent a few minutes with the Dead Rabbit SQ, I can say that it’s doing what it says it will, with the brand’s signature flavor intact, and a few surprising tricks up its sleeve. Let’s take a few minutes to get to know this hot new squonk RDA.

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ Squonk RDA Preview
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Did This Dead Rabbit Get Smaller?


Your eyes are not deceiving you – in an effort to make the Dead Rabbit SQ RDA more compact and flavor-focused, Hellvape has reduced the footprint to 22mm, and simplified the deck for single-coil use. According to Hellvape this size reduction was a conscious decision to bring more accessibility to the fold. Not only will the Dead Rabbit SQ be less expensive, but its single-coil structure allows MTL vapers to get in on the fun.

Our hat is tipped. Today, the lion’s share of RDAs seems focused on more cloud production, rather than satisfying vapor and flavor. It’s nice to see our MTL enthusiast friends will have a chance to experience this RDA in a manner that suits their preferences.

Plus, the small build deck and chamber area brings the Dead Rabbit’s signature flavor to the forefront with each draw. Concentrated, dense and nuanced – my most complex liquid was the first one I used in my initial testing, and it absolutely sang on the SQ – both as a squonker and a traditional RDA.

One final design improvement is the locking barrel, which allows users to remove the Dead Rabbit SQ from a mod without having to separate the barrel from the base.

But Enough About Size, How Does this SQ Squonk RDA... squonk?

I only had a few minutes to give the Dead Rabbit SQ squonk RDA a once-over, so I turned to my current favorite squonk mod, the iJOY Capo Squonk (reviewed here). The SQ sat perfectly flush on the device and had no issues with juice leakage.

In fact, I found it to be a near-perfect combination, with my only concern being the somewhat erratic juice flow. At times it felt like the Rabbit was filling too slowly, while others saw me flood the SQ’s reduced-size juice well.

I’ll have to put the SQ to the test on some other boxes to see if this was an isolated incident, or just a strange occurrence.  I’ll be sure to let you know when the full review comes out later this month.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?


My initial impressions of the Dead Rabbit SQ squonk RDA have been mostly positive, so I have a good feeling about the coming week of testing. But, like any new device, I also have a few questions and comments.

First and foremost, how will the reduced deck limit the possibilities for more creative builders? Though Hellvape’s intention was to make a more accessible, user-friendly device, for a wider range of vapers, the single-coil deck doesn’t present a wealth of opportunity for building. I suppose there’s always the possibility that Hellvape will release a 24mm version of the SQ to give coil enthusiasts more wiggle-room, but this is something I’ll be looking for over the course of the next week.

Another question I’m pondering is how the Dead Rabbit SQ squonk RDA will actually be for MTL vapers. I haven’t used an MTL-focused RDA in a long time, but in my limited time with the SQ, I noticed the airflow is quite loose, even when closed off. While I can appreciate Hellvape’s intentions, I will need to set up a true MTL arrangement to make sure the Dead Rabbit SQ can back up these claims.

Finally, I want to really do a side-by-side comparison of flavor. The smaller form factor and reduced chamber section would usually mean more concentrated, intense flavor from this RDA. But so far, I’m not noticing a marked difference between the SQ and the original Dead Rabbit. Of course, that still makes it one of the best flavor atomizers available, but is the limited size justified? We’ll see.

It’s going to be a busy week of squonking and dripping to find out the answers to these questions, but our hopes are high that Hellvape has delivered a squonk RDA that bridges the gap between bottom-feeding convenience, and true RDA performance. Check back soon for our full review!

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Hellvape X Heathen Dead Rabbit SQ Squonk RDA Specs

Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ Squonk RDA Specs:

  • Drip tip: 810 drip tip/510 drip tip with adapter
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • 22mm RDA with ample build space and generous post holes
  • Slide in top coil deck takes the guesswork out of pre-cutting your coil leads
  • Adjustable top side diagonal airflow with a focus on flavor and to minimize leaking
  • Adjustable semi restricted and full restricted MTL airflow options
  • Single coil configuration
  • Gold plated positive post for better conductivity
  • Knurled grip to adjust the airflow with ease
  • Post screws fasten to the flat side of the coil lead to preserve your build
  • Bottom feeding pin installed for squonking and spare solid 510 pin for dripping
  • Two 810 drip tip options including a colorful resin tip and a stainless steel 510 adapter
  • Slotted or hex head post screw options
  • Protruding 510 pin and peek insulation for hybrid top cap compatibility

Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ Squonk RDA Contents:

  • Dead Rabbit SQ RDA with resin drip tip
  • Delrin 810 drip tip
  • Delrin MTL 510 drip tip
  • Stainless steel 510 adapter
  • Golden slotted pin
  • 4 x Slotted & hex screws
  • 1 x O-rings
  • 2 x Hex screwdriver