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Vapers Keeping it simple just might be the way

We bet you were totally confused and bamboozled when you saw the headline to this article and the fact that supporters of the vaping community had implemented a KISSing strategy! However, you will notice that we have subtly highlighted the letters KISS which was an interesting comment from one of our earlier articles. KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid and perhaps this is something which vapers and the vaping community as a whole needs to revert back to?

Are the general public confused?

If you search for electronic cigarettes/vaping devices on the Internet you will come across an array of descriptions, products and abbreviations. The fact that second, third and even fourth generation products have moved on from the basic electronic cigarette is perfectly normal but what do the public expect from an electronic cigarette?

While the vast majority are now fully aware that electronic cigarettes are greatly different from their tobacco counterparts, is it not time to put even more space between these very different products? If only a small fraction of the public as a whole are slightly confused and associate electronic cigarettes with their tobacco counterpart, these are potential converts which are falling by the wayside. As Vapers, this is something we need to address.

Preaching to the masses

Sometimes it is difficult to see the wood for the trees especially when you, as a vaper or not, are a supporter of the vaping industry and someone who keeps themselves abreast of the latest news and developments. When the industry was effectively a “niche sector”  new terms would develop very quickly and be accepted by vapers. However, the vaping industry (sounds better than the electronic cigarette sector?) has moved on and is now targeting the mass market. Is it now time to go back to a KISS approach?

It is interesting to see that while some of the general public that come across electronic cigarettes/vaping devices for the first time are slightly confused, it is word-of-mouth which has created the momentum we vapers see today. The chances are we have all spoken to friends and family who are either using vaping devices or are looking to convert from tobacco cigarettes to safer alternatives. A quick 5-minute chat to explain what to expect and very quickly the confusion and incorrect association with tobacco cigarettes is expelled. Then, it is time to look at what is on offer…………

Could product descriptions be simpler?

This is a difficult one because while electronic cigarettes offered the opportunity to break down the barriers between the vapers in the vaping community and tobacco users, products have most certainly moved forward. The very basic electronic cigarette, first-generation devices if you prefer, will always have a role to play for those looking at a soft switch away from tobacco. The fact that both cig-a-like electronic cigarettes and popular vaping pens are often referred to as “electronic cigarettes” could possibly inject some confusion?

The simple fact is that the less confusion between consumers and the vaping industry the more likely the chance that they will convert. Word-of-mouth has proven to be exceptionally successful so far but there is now a need to push ahead with a very simple and very straightforward promotion of the sector.

Differentiating the vaping industry from the tobacco sector is as imperative as differentiating first-generation, second generation, third generation and even fourth generation products from each other. Even just a small percentage of confused tobacco smokers equates to a potentially large number of potential vaping enthusiasts who could be lost forever!

Mark Benson

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