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Tobacco cigarette companies face difficult decisions regarding electronic cigarettesIn recent months there have been rumors regarding the role of lobby groups fighting for the cause of tobacco companies. Pushing for further regulation of electronic cigarettes.


There is no doubt that tobacco companies have been fighting the electronic cigarette industry for some time. Somehow they want “level the playing field” against a tiny percentage of Vapers. However, there are some very difficult decisions for the tobacco cigarette companies to take in the short to medium term.

Many people had expected the European Parliament to pass an array of new regulations governing the sale of electronic cigarette across Europe. Yet, this failed to materialize. Now we wait for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to announce its plans for Deeming Regulations.

Better the Devil you Know

While electronic cigarettes cannot marketed as a cessation product there is no doubt that many smokers have found electronic cigarettes to very effective. Now that we are now seeing enormous growth in the electronic cigarette market (forecast to hit around $1 billion in the US alone this year), it is still minute compared to the  tobacco market which is estimated at around $750 Billion. (global)

This switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is one which has caught many tobacco cigarette companies offguard. In many ways this has encouraged the emergence of new brands of electronic cigarettes from tobacco cigarette companies. While some of these brands have been pushed heavily over the last couple of years there has been intense speculation of late that there are many more new electronic cigarette brands on the verge of being released into the market. It seems as though tobacco cigarette companies have finally given up the long-term fight against the threat from electronic cigarettes and have decided to embrace this new technology.itTobacco cigarette companies face difficult decisions regarding electronic cigarettes

Tobacco Companies Yield Health Issues

Tobacco companies admitted to the long-term health effects long ago. Now the fight against electronic cigarettes are more complicated. Vapes are much safer, 95% safer, than cigarettes.

Whether or not you subscribe to the various health issues  associated with tobacco, how would you approach launching your own brand of electronic cigarette as “less harmful” than a standard tobacco cigarette? Look to the science studies.

Even though tobacco companies are unlikely to put this argument in such basic terms the quandary is that they promote electronic cigarettes as a “less harmful” alternative while inadvertently suggesting that tobacco cigarettes are “harmful”. There is no doubt that tobacco cigarette companies will need to approach the launch of their own branded electronic cigarettes very carefully while making the most of what could be an enormous market in the long-term. A tricky situation to be in!

Advertising restrictions for Tobacco Companies

Tobacco companies  use their enormous financial strength to advertise in every corner of the world. Watching TV, reading a newspaper, at a sporting event or one of the other everyday activities  there is no escaping the constant advertising of tobacco cigarettes. In the last two years we have seen restrictions implemented by governments and there is intense speculation that the electronic cigarette industry will face even tighter regulations.

Tobacco cigarette companies face difficult decisions regarding electronic cigarettes

Tobacco companies launching their own electronic cigarette brand will have enormous finances at their disposal. Tobacco cigarette companies will have their reputation impacted by this sudden switch to electronic cigarettes.

There is intense speculation that many of the smaller electronic cigarette retailers and manufacturers will be able to maintain a high market share despite this.


How would tobacco companies launch their own brand of electronic cigarettes? How could they market their new product. Consumers will learn that electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes. Why would people trust a tobacco company when it comes to vapes?

The FDA is expected to issue its recommendations over the next few days. We could potentially see the FDA and the European Parliament at loggerheads with each other. Could  smaller electronic cigarette retailers and manufacturers have more time to combat the oncoming threat?  Will tobacco companies launch their own electronic cigarette brands. Definitely “Yes”.

Whatever happens, the electronic cigarette industry will certainly capture the headlines. Vapes will attract its fair share of controversy. Ultimately regulators around the world have a very difficult decision to make. Do they restrict the sale of electronic cigarettes? Do they allow the growth of electronic cigarettes to continue?