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What’s Important When Choosing E-Juice?

With such a huge selection, what entices vapers the most?

E-Juice Flavor

This is undoubtedly the most important consideration for most vapers in selecting e-juice. Although nicotine delivery is the raison d’être for many, the rise of a distinct vape culture highlights the importance of an enjoyable vaping experience. E-juice flavor ratings hinge on the complexity of the flavor and the expert layering of unique flavor combinations, as well as flavors that are true to their descriptions.

There is an abundance of e-juice flavor categories out there, including Coffee & Tea, Fruit, Menthol & Mint, Nut, Beverage, and Dessert & Bakery. Of course, it’s largely a matter of individual taste, so a wide range of flavorings within a particular brand (while ensuring the quality of each and every flavor) is also a plus.

Quality E-Juice

The vaping community has largely graduated from DIY e-juice over the past year. With the rise of diacetyl scares, quality has become increasingly important; more and more vapers expect their e-juices to be made in a certified lab by a trained chemist following both good manufacturing practices and guidelines to ensure consumer safety. As an example, USDA organic requirements are arguably the most stringent in the industry—a sure safeguard to ensure quality control.

Other important qualifications include: child resistant caps, glass bottles, and premium ingredients—especially USP-grade nicotine. Certified organic nicotine takes it a step further, guaranteeing no synthetic chemicals or harmful pesticides seep into your e-juice. E-juice made in the USA is also quickly becoming a minimum standard for many vapers.

Vapor Production & Cloud Blowing

This factor is increasingly important to many vapers, especially with the cloud-chasing movement steadily gaining ground. VG (Vegetable glycerin) is the component of e-juice responsible for vape cloud production, so 100% VG is preferable (or max VG, if there’s no propylene glycol, or PG, intolerance). While it was once an accepted truth in the vape community that the low density of PG is crucial to preventing build-up on the heating element of an e-cig or mod, a couple of 100% VG brands, including Vape Organics, have achieved the consistency of the 70/30 PG/VG ratio, without any PG whatsoever. So you can have your cake and eat it, too.

E-Juice and Throat Hit

Throat hit is understandably considered a major component of the overall vaping experience. PG is touted as the element that offers a strong throat hit, while VG is responsible for a smooth throat hit. The preference varies from vaper to vaper; for vapers who have recently made the switch from smoking, a strong throat hit is usually preferred, while avid vapers who vape constantly may prefer a smoother throat hit. Throat hit is also determined by the nicotine level, flavor and quality of e-liquid you’re vaping… not to mention how you use your hardware.

Variety in Nicotine Level

Variety in terms of nicotine strengths is incredibly important as vapers go through various transitions. For example, those who are new to vaping and recently quit smoking often go for e-liquid with high nicotine strength, usually 24mg per ml. Arguably the most popular nicotine level on the medium/high-end is 12mg (there are some differences when looking at East Coast vs. West Coast vape trends, but this is an average), and usually those who vape often will move down to 6mg—a highly sought-after level to satisfy nicotine cravings. With the rise of the sub-ohm movement this year, however, 3mg is becoming increasingly popular.

Zero nicotine should always be available for those who have completely weaned off nicotine, or for those who were never addicted to nicotine, but who enjoy the act of vaping, including as a preventive measure against picking up their first cigarette…

Sheerlie Ryngler 

Sheerlie Ryngler, a new contributor to Spinfuel eMagazine, is the Director of Operations at Vape Organics, the first USDA certified organic e-liquid line. Spinfuel believes in ‘safety first’ when it comes to e-liquid, organic and non-organic. We invited Ms. Ryngler to contribute to our online magazine to help educate vapers about the importance knowing exactly what it is we are all filling our clearomizers and tanks with.