We all know that vaping is a healthier alternative to combustible cigarettes. Containing 99% less harmful chemicals than traditional tobacco, many users have made the switch to vaping to improve their overall health. Not everyone needs a thousand-dollar vaping setup and unlike hobbyists, some just require an easy, no mess alternative to cigarettes. Disposable vapes are been proven as successful cessation devices.  However, there are concerns around their affordability.

Disposable Vape, the money saving cigarette alternative?

The average smoker goes through at least a pack of cigarettes a day, sometimes two. At a cost $8.00 per pack, that’s a whopping $248.00 per month on cigarettes based on a pack-a-day smoker. An average hobbyist box mod setup will set a user back $80 excluding rebuildable materials, batteries, chargers or juice. At today’s prices and average uses, this amounts to a cost of $6.25 per day (at a usage of 15ml) or $193 per month; a considerable saving over combustible tobacco.

An average high-quality disposable vape, will set you back $9.99 on average and with a 1.7ml -2ml prefilled juice capacity could potentially last a user 2 days. This is a total cost of ownership of $155 and that excludes any initial capital investment. All of a sudden disposable vapes don’t seem so expensive and provides a monthly saving of nearly $100 on the packet a day smoker. That’s excluding all the health benefits from vaping compared to tobacco.

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Be careful to choose the right disposable vape

As with most things in life, a higher quality product comes at a higher price and disposable vapes are no different. The e-juice is pre-filled in a factory. Always make sure the manufacturer fills the disposable vapes in a certified lab. Certified Labs do come at a higher premium. It is absolutely worth spending a few dollars extra. Another important factor, make sure you enjoy the flavors produced by the brand. Blu-Cigs, 6/7 years ago were the top dog. Blu Cigs used Johnson Creek e-liquid to fill their cartomizers. Johnson Creek is gone, and Blu Cigs is a tiny echo of its former self.

A Good Example of a Fair Priced Disposable Vape

MOTI are well renowned for their MOTI PIIN disposable vapes and for good reason. Cartridges filled with ‘certified’ salt-nicotine in a certified facility make a difference. You are guaranteed the best goes into the cartridge.

MOTI also offer a host of flavors to get convert you from tobacco to a healthier vape setup. The devices are of high quality too and MOTI ensures that they leave as little carbon footprint as possible. Perhaps a little more expensive than their competitors, but the 320mah endurance and 380 puffs content makes it the product with the best cost-performance. Besides, MOTI PIIN also features for various


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Whether you’re looking at quitting smoking to save money or to lead a healthier lifestyle, disposables are the perfect tool. In addition, the initial capital outlay is far less than a traditional box mod. It’s less hassle to maintain. In fact, there’s no maintenance whatsoever. You enjoy consistent flavor, and quality,  throughout the experience.

Disposables are as close to smoking as you will ever get. But, without the risks… and by far the cheapest nicotine delivery system on the market. Oh, and they work.