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Today, more and more people get concerned about the questions of health, fitness, good looks, and even ecology. Smoking is a bad human habit that does affect all the mentioned earlier aspects. Namely, it drastically pollutes the lungs, harms teeth, skin, accelerates aging, makes person weaker, and produces tons of waste. But are smokers ready to get rid of this unpleasant habit forever? Well, the recent studies deny that. Meaning, smoking is not going anywhere in the nearest future, since this activity is extremely addiction forming.


If quitting is not an option for most tobacco consumers, than the only way to solve the problem of smoking is to come up with an alternative. That is where vaping stands out. If you have not heard about it yet, here is a basic definition: vaping is the process of inhaling vapor generated by an electronic cigarette or a vaporizer. This might surprise you, but this activity is exceptionally popular, among youngsters notably. First and foremost, you can find literally any taste and smell of a liquid to fill in your e-cigarette, from pineapple to gummy bears, coke, and cookies. Secondly, you can opt for version infused with nicotine or without it at all, which can allow to quit tobacco smoothly without stressing your body out. Just change a regular cigarettes for a nicotine-infused liquid and reduce the dose of nicotine as the time goes by. You’ll end as a not addicted to tobacco person fast!

Last but not list, it becomes more and more popular as it actually became a recent trend. A-list celebrities including Leonardo Dicaprio, Katy Perry and Tom Hardy have already changed the old-fashioned smelly cigarettes to modern inhaling tools that do not bother people around the smokers.

Vaping on college campuses is another trend of a modern world. Today it has become a very popular social phenomena. It is possible to explain the popularity of vapes as it is not only so called safe alternative to smoking, but also promoted by many celebrities as we mentioned above.

Vaping In College: New Trends Among Students

American mass-media more frequently publishes photos of actors and other famous people with vapes in their hands on sites like EduBirdie. This fact promotes this activity among students. Conjointly, vaping is also used in modern music videos or commercials, where such kind of steam adds special effects if a shot.

From the advertising point of view, the development of vaping trends resembles the history of the cigarettes. The last ones and also pipes are not just bad habit, but also a popular tradition or even a ritual, which was available only for limited number of people for a long time.


The initial electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, as the alternative to the traditional tobacco smoking. However, it didn’t become popular immediately. The first cigarettes Sigalike were not quite comfortable, and the liquids could be much more delicious. But the situation changes wery fast.

Today vaping is a quite developed industry, oriented on presenting a product of high quality and diverse tastes. The question about advantages and disadvantages of it remains opened, however, it is becoming more and more popular among students of college almost turning into a new hobby among the youth.

As college student smoking statistics states, one of the biggest trends in vaping communities is named Cloud Chasers. The explanation of this trend lies in its title. Cloud Chasers are those vapors who strive to get large and fluffy clouds of steam. People are attracted by big amounts of steam they produce, which makes them vaping more and more.

Another new important trend vape is events or meetings. Usually such meets occur in bars. Another stage of such meets is vape expos. These are meetings that resemble Comic-Cons of the vape world. Many local vendors and companies present their goods there. This is a big event in the world of e-smoking industry, which bring vapors together in order to share emotions, ideas and thoughts about life. Vape expos reminds cigarette clubs, where instead of a smoke there is a steam.


Vaping health is thought to be safer alternative of smoking, not only because it allows to eliminate nicotine, but also helps stop the production of waste. There is no tons of empty packs, cigarette stubs, and dysfunctional lighters, mostly made of plastic. Just e-juice. There is a lot of interesting information about inhaling juice. These innovative flavors can be mood enhancers that make it easier for smokers to make the switch. Their mood stabilizing properties are achieved only by natural ingredients and have nothing in common with forbidden substances.

To conclude, we can tell that there is still a lot of controversy going around the vape inhaling. People of older generation rarely take this as a serious alternative for smoking, furthermore – some just do not want to believe vaping is safe and does not harm human lungs whatsoever. Anyway, our advice is to find what suits and entertain you most without compromising the health issues, despite what trends are circulating around you. Keep in mind, that vaping can be easily combined with sports and healthy lifestyle, while smoking takes you far back on the way to having a body of your dream. The modern technologies get more and more advanced, and the aim of new inventions is to simplify and improve our lives, your including! Then, why not to try the technology we discussed above and come with your opinion about it? We hope this article shed some light for you on the recent college e-smoking trends and you are ready to make your decision!