Blu Cigs Reviews – Tips and Tricks!

By popular demand- I made this episode due to the overwhelming response to my Blu Cig Reviews. I discuss some performance issues and how to combat them and some hints and tips on better performance. Go to SmokenJoey for the lastest reviews and tips on Electronic Cigarettes. You can contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions

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Blu Cigs Premium is the perfect eCigarette for me to review because I’m a big guy. You see, the Premium Blu Cig is what’s called a “mini” eCigarette. They are sleek, cool looking, and they look sexy in my girlfriends hand. But performance lags behind its larger counterparts. For some people that doesn’t matter, for others it does. I care more about taste and vapor than I do battery life and as long as I have a spare battery to take over for the one I just used up, then I’m fine.

It’s also perfect for me to review because as much as I loved Blu Cigs larger companion, the Premium100, it shows the audience that I’m ready to rock the boat. I don’t simply regurgitate press releases or copy text from a website. I live with the product, for several days at least, and I will tell you the honest truth, no matter what. If somebody with big hands like mine were to read a review that I wrote which was nothing more than platitudes and high praise I would feel awful if that person had the same experience as I did. Big hands and mini eCigs do not work well, for me anyway. Not only that, battery life and Cartomizer life cannot go toe to toe with a larger battery/Cartomizer. It’s physics man. So when I tell you I had a hard time with this tiny eCig and the batteries needed to charging far more often than I was comfortable with, well, there you have it. The truth. Deal.