Smokenjoey Reviews The Brand New Innokin iTaste MVP 3

Hey folks, Smokenjoey here with a complete review of the Innokin MVP 3, the latest iTaste device to come to market, and most likely the last until after the annual Chinese Spring Festival. My review today will carefully examine all that Innokin brings to bear on the third version of the bestselling MVP vaporizer. My review also includes the Smokenjoey battery test and vapor test.

Element Vape

The iTaste MVP3.0 features a wider range of Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage this time around, and a slew of safety features. It is also capable of pass-through vaping while charging, and charging various devices like your iPhone and iPad (or other smartphones and tablets).

I noticed flush 510 connections with various tanks, by way of its spring loaded adjustable pin, especially with the new sub-ohm tanks by Kanger and Aspire. Tough stainless steel threading, an ego-thread adaptor and a micro-USB charging cable rounds out the major features.

The iTaste MVP3.0 offers variable voltage between 3.0 – 9.0 volts, adjustable in 0.1volt increments, with a variable wattage range of 6.0 – 30.0 Watts, adjustable in 0.5 watts increments.

The full 30W of power is maintained précising when using coil resistances of a sub-ohm of 0.4 alll the way up to 2.5 ohms. Its use of vRMS provides precision in delivering the exact wattage dictated by Ohm’s Law.