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Ah, nothing like a hot bath can be deeply soothing at the end of a long day. Except maybe adding a cannabis-infused bath bombs to the mix every night. For those suffering from painful arthritis, it can seem as though nothing can help.

You get to lie down with your eyes shut and feel as though the water is washing your troubles away. It’s hardly surprising that taking a hot bath is such a popular activity.

The hot water can even help to reduce inflammation in the body. However, there is a way to make a bath even more beneficial. You can create your own homemade cannabis-infused bath. These cannabis baths are a fun way to experience the soothing and curative power of cannabis.

How do cannabis-infused bath bombs work?


A cannabis bath (ball) that has been infused with relaxing marijiuna may have the same size, shape and color as a regular bath bomb but it works differently.

The cutaneous receptors that are present in the skin allow feelings of temperature and pain. The absorption of cannabinoids like THC and CBD is also enabled by these receptors.

Once the cannabinoids are absorbed, they can provide relief from conditions such as stiffness, itching and inflammation. This means that a cannabis-infused bath bomb can help with any of these issues. This type of bath bomb can also help to soothe aches and pains. Creating cannabis-infused bath is a relatively simple process.

What you need to have in order to create cannabis-infused bath bombs

Before you start to make your bath balls, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and ingredients.

Equipment that you will need

Very few items of equipment are needed in order to make your bath bombs. Here is a list of the items.

  • Two separate mixing bowls.
  • A spoon for mixing.
  • Spoons and cups for measuring.
  • Molds for the bath ball. You can buy bath bomb molds from the store or you may prefer to use another suitable container. You need to make sure that you will be able to easily remove the bath bomb once it has dried fully.

Ingredients that you will need for large bath bombs

The ingredients needed to make a cannabis-infused bath bomb are:

  • Three tablespoons of cannabis oil that you can purchase from a cannabis shop.
  • One tablespoon of either coconut oil or olive oil.
  • One cup of baking soda
  • 1-  Half a cup of citric acid.
  • 2 – Half a cup of Epsom salts.
  • 3 – Half a cup of corn starch.
  • One teaspoon of water.
  • Your choice of essential oils. You should normally use between 30 and 40 drops.
  • Food coloring if you choose to use it.

Once you have the equipment and ingredients you can begin the process of making the bomb. Remember to clear plenty of room on a table or worktop, so that you can do the mixing and pouring which is required.

How to make the bath bombs

The process of making the bath bombs is not difficult, as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

1 – Place all of the dry ingredients together in a bowl and mix them together well.

2 – Place all of the liquid ingredients into the other bowl and mix them together thoroughly.

 3 – Begin to pour the liquid ingredients into the bowl containing the dry ingredients. You need to do this slowly and carefully, so that you can stir the mixture as you go.

 4 – Make sure that the mixture is combined until it holds together if you give it a squeeze.

 5 – Pour the mixture into the mold and make sure that it’s packed as tightly as possible.

6 – Leave the mixture in the mold for between three and five days. This gives it enough time to dry out properly. If you are too anxious to start using the bath bombs that you make, they are likely to crumble.

The Process

Once you understand the process of making cannabis-infused bathing balls, you can create as many as you like. Why not try different colors and sizes?

Using these bath balls can help relieve symptoms of conditions such as arthritis. You just need to place the bath bomb in the water when you are going to take a bath. These cannabis-infused baths can also be an unusual and useful present for friends and relatives. If you decide to give them as a gift, it’s important to explain to the recipient that their bath bomb is cannabis-infused.

You can see how simple it is to make a cannabis-infused bath bomb. The process takes very little time and you have your own homemade bathing additives to use in just a few days.


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