One of the many ways that the eLiquid market has changed in 2015 is the explosion of the “uber-premium” brands that are currently proliferating across the globe via a ELIQUID SUBSCRIPTION Service. They are instantly recognizable by fancy glass bottles, embossed labels, award-winning artwork, or marketing Breazy eLiquid Subscription Servicecampaigns that build exclusivity, mystery, and, most importantly, desire. They are also quite expensive. Too expensive for me because I vape heavily and with high wattage and low ohm vape gear.

Uber-premium brands are all the rage right now, and there are a few legitimate reasons for that. Some of them are so good they can spoil you on anything less. For instance, I spend way too much money on Teleos Remixed ‘Poundcake’, and because it’s $22 a bottle I’ve been searching for less expensive versions that taste as good. So far I’ve had no luck, Teleos Remixed Poundcake is the best I’ve vaped, but the cost adds up quickly. I recently placed 3 Bottles in my Cart over at Giant Vapes and it took me almost 10 minutes to press the Buy Now button. I’ll vape these 3 bottles in a week and the total was $71.99… If only there was a better way.

Breazy – A Premium eLiquid Vendor

Breazy is an online vendor, similar to Giant Vapes, but they sell only uber-premium brands, including my current favorite. They also have a nice selection of vape gear at excellent prices.

Breezy has recently jumped into the “eliquid subscription service”, and I have to tell you, this is one I’m really excited about. I just received my first box, and I’ll tell you all about below.Breazy eLiquid Subscription Service

The idea of an eliquid subscription service that offers subscribers only the uber-premium brands is not only a great idea, one that will save vapers a lot of real money, its being launched by a company that doesn’t need to make special deals with eliquid brands in order to get the eliquid to send out to subscribers. Breazy already sells the brands they include in their monthly subscriber boxes so you know that the eliquids you get will be straight off the shelves.

How it Works

Breazy eLiquid Subscription ServiceBreazy offers two subscription levels. Each month I will tell you about the box I receive with my subscription. The subscriber level I chose is the Breazy Box Light. The first box includes a Vape Pen that works pretty well, although I wouldn’t recommend vaping MaxVG eliquids with it. If you already have the vape gear you want the extra Vape Pen would make a decent backup in a pinch, or better yet, a great gift to a friend or family member that is interested in vaping.

The Two Subscriber Levels

Breazy Box Light
2-4 Bottles Per Month (60mL of Liquid)
$34.99 / Month

You’ll save 30-35% each month.

Breazy Box Deluxe
4-8 Bottles Per Month (120mL of Liquid)
$64.99 / Month

You’ll save 40% each month.

When you choose your subscription plan you’ll have the options to choose a flavor profile and nicotine strength. As of this review the flavor profiles are:


Nicotine strengths available are: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and of course a zero-nic option.

ELiquid Subscription Details

Breazy does not send the same eliquids in every box to every member. They mix it up based on Breazy eLiquid Subscription Servicefeedback from the customer, and what they have in inventory.  Breazy will only send premium liquids that they sell on the site, and they really try and put their best foot forward with each and every box.  So if Breazy gets a great new fruit flavor in stock for instance, something that is selling well on, and people love it, you bet that they will start sending that out in member boxes that have chosen Fruits or Surprise as their flavor profile.

Also, when you sign up for a subscription Breazy puts together a box and sends it out to you right away so you don’t have to wait for the next cycle to kick in.

My September Box

Breazy eLiquid Subscription ServiceWhen I filled out my subscription for the Breazy Box Light I chose as my flavor profile “Desserts”. I also requested a “poundcake” flavor if they had one. (I didn’t know that Teleos Remixed Poundcake was available there). I also chose 3mg nicotine as my preference.

In my box was the following:

Vape Pen with the Breazy logo on the side in a nice box.
1x 30mL bottle of Glas Poundcake – good, but no Teleos Remixed Poundcake
1x 30mL bottle of Merkury Dori Cake – Nice aroma, elegant flavor profile,
1x 16mL bottle of Crft Blck- Citron – Excellent flavor, lots of vapor.

The box my monthly eliquids came in was a sturdy white rectangular box with the Breazy logo. Inside the eliquids and Vape Pen sat on stiff paper graffiti sticks. Other items in the box included a cardboard ‘Information’ card, a magnet business card and a Breazy sticker. While I was completely satisfied with the packaging it was low key, as it should be, and you could see that the money was spent on the products, not wasted on overly marketed packaging.

All together I received 76mL of uber-premium eliquid for $34.99, plus the free Vape Pen (a one-time deal) – or, 46-cents per mL.

Exploration of the Eliquid Subscription

The reason any vaper subscribes to an eliquid subscription service is to explore new brands and flavors without having to pay full retail for that exploration. Subscribing to a service that only sends eliquid of this caliber, you will, over the months, get the opportunity to find new many new favorites from brands you might find difficult to justify the expense at full retail. I would never have purchased Merkury’s Dori Cake at $21.99, but now that I have vaped 30ml’s of it I know I will buy it again and again.

Typical Brands Sold by BreazyThis is less than a quarter of the brands carried by Breazy.

Teleos and Teleos Remixed
Ben Johnson
Cosmic Fog
Charlie Noble
9 South Vapes
Raging Donut
Parrot Vapors
Kings Crown
Five Pawns
The Schwartz

…and the list goes on.


Breazy is a great website to buy uber-premium brands. The website is easy to navigate, and the selection is phenomenal. Now that they have launched their eliquid subscription service we vapers have an affordable way to explore the world of these top-tier brands every month. After seeing the brands and flavors I received in my first box, I can’t wait for the next, and the next, and the next. This is going to be a fun adventure.

Dave Foster