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Kilo White Series Eliquid Team Review


The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team had been hoping that Kilo eLiquid would add additional flavor blends to their super premium line we reviewed last year, the Black Series, so when learning that Kilo had released a “new” series, the White Series, we knew we had to put these new flavors through an official team review. Once the team spent their 3 days vaping these flavors, exclusively, the vote was in and all four new blends had scored the Spinfuel Choice Award.

Winning the Choice Award for 2017 doesn’t automatically mean that you, and your own subjective flavor preferences, will enjoy these flavors as much as we did, but it does mean that Kilo eliquid is one hell of a eliquid company. If our individual reviews below sound like something you’d like to experience, take it from us, you’ll be glad you did.

A word of warning; as good as the Kilo White Series is, we urge only those vapers that enjoy DL, or Direct Lung, vaping, as well as sub-ohm resistance coils and above 40 watt mods. These eliquids, like the Kilo Black Series, are best vaped warm, with deep direct to the lung pulls from a sub-ohm tank or RDA.

  1. Brand: Kilo E-Liquids (White Series, Black Series, and original line)
  2. VG/PG: 70% VG 30% PG
  3. Nicotine: 3mg, 6mg, and a Zero-Nic option
  4. $25 thru Kilo, $15.95 thru Element Vape

Flavor Blends

Cinnamon Roll – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Sweet aromatic cinnamon baked into rich buttery rolls, drizzled with a velvety smooth frosting. The perfect vape to wake up to in the morning.”

White Chocolate Strawberry – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Strawberry Dipped in Melted White Chocolate.” 

Ice Cream Sandwich – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

A distinctive blend of chocolate cookie and luscious vanilla ice cream yields a rich chocolate taste on the inhale with a captivating sweet creamy aftertaste.”

Marshmallow Crisp – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“A deliciously sweet, toasted rice cereal stirred into a bowl of gooey melted marshmallows.” 

$15.95 per 60mL bottle from Element Vape

Vape Gear Used in This Review

Julia: Being a big fan of the Kilo Black Label I knew going in that I wanted to use some fairly powerful vape gear for these four amazing blends. I chose the SMOK Big Baby with its 0.15Ω Kanthal/OOC coil head, and the SMOK G-Priv 220W box mod (Touchscreen!). Found my best wattage for all four blends to be 48W.

Kiera: I was excited to see our shipment of Vaporesso Attitude starter kits come in, so I grabbed on for this review. The tank was equipped with 0.5 ohm 316L Ceramic coil head, rated between 25 to 35 watts. However, this coil head can push a lot more wattage than that, and I found 50W to be my winning spot.

Tom: This time around I went for the SMOK G320 mod and its companion tank, the Big Baby. I love the 0.15Ω coil head because it produces enormous flavor and vapor at a measly 46W. Talk about battery life! 3x 18650 cells pushing only 46W, the battery charge lasted almost a day and a half before I had to switch them out.

Jason: I pretty much stick with the Lost Vape Triade DNA250 now, though I never use the Temperature Control suite that the Evolv DNA board is famous for. My tank of choice is once again the SMOK TFV8 equipped with the V8-T8 Turbo 6.6T Octuple Coil, 0.15Ω, rated at 50W-260W. My perfect wattage for Kilo White Series was 120-135W, depending on the blend.

The Spinfuel Choice Award – 2017

SPINFUEL CHOICE AWARD 2017The 2017 Spinfuel Choice Award is awarded to any eliquid that our team members scores a perfect 5 Stars. We base our scoring on Quality, Flavor Fidelity, Vapor Production, Satisfaction, and whether we would pay retail prices to keep it in our collection or rotation…or not.



The Review Process

When the Spinfuel Eliquid Review Team takes on a review we require at least 60mL of eliquid per flavor for each team member. We spend days vaping these eliquids exclusively, meaning we do not vape our usual favorites at any time during the review process. At the end of the 3 days the team meets up, discussing the eliquids in detail, and our head writer takes all the notes and creates the review that you see below. We spend more than 100 man-hours producing each eliquid review. Most importantly, the eliquid review team is 100% autonomous, meaning that nothing interferes with our results. Whether the brand advertisers with Spinfuel or not, we tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may.

We would like to publically thank Element Vape for supplying the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team with 16 bottles of Kilo White Series for this review. Since the review period ended, the team has spent $200 at Element Vape for additional bottles of Kilo White Series for our personal vaping pleasure. Element Vape sells Kilo White Series for $15.95 per 60mL bottle, $9 per bottle less than Kilo E-Liquid does on their website.

For additional information, and a review for the Kilo Black Series, click here.

Cinnamon Roll  – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Kilo White Series Eliquid Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Julia: 5 Stars – Before I get into this particular flavor blend I want to mention that, although I don’t believe for a minute that our review of the Black Series had anything to do with it, Kilo is shipping out their White Series in more sensible packaging. The 60mL glass bottles, painted a deep, opaque white with a white glass dripper top, are now shipped in a smaller, deluxe white box, without the unnecessary swag that accompanied the Black Series. With eliquid this good there is no need to oversell it. One drag from a good atomizer and any vaper will realize Kilo Black and White series are seriously incredible blends.

I am hooked on Kilo White Series Cinnamon Roll and I don’t see a foreseeable future where I won’t be. Kilo’s Cinnamon Roll is unlike any other cinnamon roll eliquid I’ve had, and I’ve had some amazing cinnamon roll ejuice. This blend is the perfect blend of a delicious, gooey cinnamon roll. You will not be overwhelmed by a cinnamon flavor, or a doughy flavor. Instead, imagine the best warm cinnamon roll you’ve ever had and then imagine it as a thick, flavorful vapor that coats all the taste buds with gloriously rich flavor, followed by thick clouds of aromatic sweet cinnamon vapor.

Kilo White Series Cinnamon Roll is an all-day-vape, but I will admit the absolute best flavor is the first dozen hits from the drip tip each morning. As best as I can tell, this one will remain in my rotation forever.

Kiera: 5 Stars – Julia and I agree that Kilo White Series Cinnamon Roll is the best damn cinnamon roll ejuice we’ve ever had. While I have enjoyed other cinnamon roll eliquids, it was always a matter of degree; either a deliciously heavy cinnamon blast, or a sweet cinnamon with lots of the doughy flavor, usually hinting of vanilla. White Series Cinnamon Roll delivers the exact amount of sweet cinnamon and sweet pastry dough in every pull.  I enjoy this one as an all-day-vape with Direct Lung vaping. I would go so far as to say that vapers who enjoy Mouth-To-Lung (cigarette smoking style) might not enjoy as much. The pure joy of this blend is in taking huge hits straight into the lungs, with a slow, luxurious exhale, allowing the thick vapor to sort of drift down into your lap and out onto whatever lies ahead of you. Such pleasure, such satisfaction.

Tom: 5 Stars – After more than 500 eliquids vaped in the past 6 years I find it hard to surprise me with something as good as Kilo’s White or Black Series of eliquids. I’m not overly impressed with Kilo eliquids “non-Series” eliquids. They are good flavors, but nothing I haven’t seen before, many times over. But, whoever is behind creating the Black and the White Series for Kilo has an almost magic touch when it comes to creating flavors people will crave. I’m sure you’ve heard people say that something was so delicious it was “like crack” as in crack cocaine. Well, for me, several of these Black and White series flavor blends are like that; addictive as hell. Cinnamon Roll is one of these addictive blends. Certainly not for the nicotine; we vape 3mg nicotine, but for the incredible flavor and “cut with a knife” clouds of vapor.

Cinnamon Roll is not the best name for this wonderful blend because the name implies something simpler than it is. Cinnamon Roll ejuice has been around for years, yet no other brand has created something so good as Kilo has. Hopefully they will never alter the recipe of this, or the other, Black and White Series.

Jason: 5 Stars – For my vaping pleasure I’ve been enjoying eliquids with devices with high wattage and ultra-low resistance, so the Kilo White Series seems custom made for my personal vaping. All four were incredible vape experiences, with Cinnamon Roll and White Chocolate Strawberry coming out on top. Cinnamon Roll is by far the best cinnamon roll eliquid I’ve ever vaped because the flavor is a thick, sweet cinnamon roll straight out of Cinna-Bon, and the vapor produced by a low resistance coil and more than 100W is out of this world. If you enjoy cinnamon roll eliquids, this one will become your favorite. At just $15.95 for 60mL, you’ll want to keep a few bottles on hand.

Tip* Near the end of the 3 days spent with these eliquids I did not have enough Cinnamon Roll to fill my tank so I used the last remaining juice from my bottle of White Chocolate Strawberry to complete the fill. Then I shook the tank to get it blended well, and the result was a delicious blend so unique that I have to say I’ve never tasted anything like it before… but I will again.

 White Chocolate Strawberry  – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Kilo White Series Eliquid Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

 Julia: 5 Stars – I’ve said repeatedly that white chocolate has very little flavor. I’m not even sure why it’s called White Chocolate, I can’t taste chocolate in white chocolate candy. That being the case, I wondered why I found myself over the moon with this White Chocolate Strawberry from the Kilo White Series. It took a while, but I figured it out.

The cool thing about this flavor blend is that on the inhale and the immediate exhale I could not taste any strawberry flavor, but I did taste something. What it was, naturally, was the white chocolate flavoring. So, I studied that flavor, tried to figure it out, and concluded that white chocolate does produce a unique flavor, sort of like a thick creamy non-vanilla vanilla, with hints of milk chocolate, that sits on the top of the tastebuds like an un-melted slab of chocolate resting on the tongue. All this experience is before the strawberry kicks in…

Now, as the white chocolate begins to recede there is a short time where the last hints of the white chocolate blend with the sweet, natural, strawberry for an unbeatable combination of joyful flavor heaven. At the remaining couple of seconds of the exhale I taste that singular, naturally sweet ripe strawberries. It is for this reason I say that to truly enjoy White Chocolate Strawberry by Kilo, you’ll need deep lung hits and slow, leisurely exhales so that all the nuance that this blend contains can touch upon those taste buds dying for an experience like this.

Kiera: 5 Stars – White Chocolate is a real flavor, even though it eludes Julia for the most part. This is a flavor that’s made from the fat content of cocoa beans. This content is then sweetened to the hilt, flavored with vanilla, and turned into velvety candy bars. When I hear my dear Jules say that she tastes a strange vanilla, she doesn’t realize that this is the flavor we call white chocolate. If you have a taste for it, it can consume you. Luckily for all us vapers, Kilo Eliquid has taken the best white chocolate flavoring I’ve had, and blended it to perfection with an authentically ripe strawberry flavoring and together they are responsible for every heavenly vape that an atomizer creates with it.

Tom: 5 Stars – During the ‘discussion’ meeting we talked about the flavor of white chocolate more than anyone should have to talk about white chocolate, or any flavor really. To me, white chocolate has always tasted like silky vanilla milk, without a hint of actual chocolate. Kilo’s White Chocolate Strawberry combines that silky milky flavor with a luscious ripe strawberry flavor for a sweet creamy vape that satisfies deep down. The 70% VG base allows for thick aromatic clouds of vapor that is infused with the silky flavors described above. If this description sounds appealing, then the decision is made; White Chocolate Strawberry should be on your “buy soon” list.

I would also like to mention that with a 3mg nicotine strength this ejuice allows for deep, 10 second lung hits that remain gentle to the throat, but if you jump to 6mg, which I did for an hour, this blend has a sizeable punch for a throat hit, the other blends in this review did not. For those looking for a superb quality vape with a solid throat hit, this is a prime candidate.

Jason: 5 Stars – I was concerned about White Chocolate Strawberry and Ice Cream Sandwich blends after receiving the information about what we would be reviewing from Kilo. That concern was bed to rest on the very first pull of the drip tip. The delectable flavor of white chocolate sitting atop the flavor of soft and sweet strawberry delivered an extraordinary vape from this first to the last tankful.

Your first hint of flavor comes moments after you begin a deep lung hit (the only way to vape these juices). That first hint is this amazing taste of light cream and vanilla, and it reaches in and tags every taste bud designed to detect sweets and exotic flavors. Once your pleasure center is lit up like a Christmas tree the luscious flavor draws back and allows a sweet, ripe, strawberry to take over and deliver the rest of the vape. You can take hit after hit for hours on end, and every time you do the delicious regiment of flavors never dulls the senses. White Chocolate Strawberry doesn’t sound like an all-day-vape when you read the official flavor profile, but it is, at least to me.

Ice Cream Sandwich – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Kilo White Series Eliquid Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Julia: 5 Stars – Despite awarding Ice Cream Sandwich the full 5 Stars, I must say that the flavor profile isn’t something I look for in an eliquid. If you’ve ever eaten an ice cream sandwich, then you know that the combination of vanilla ice cream and a very special cookie wafer on both sides, combine to create a unique flavor experience. The cookie wafers, a sort of chocolate, but not really, is what Kilo has managed to replicate 100%. The taste of a cold ice cream sandwich is delicious, and satisfying as an ice cream dessert, but to then taste the very same flavors in vapor form totally confused me.

This is a combination of flavors that stand out as an ice cream dessert, and Kilo deserves to be recognized as being my first eliquid experience to get that combo of flavors down pat. I just can’t look past that ice cream sandwich reality to recognize it as vapor.

Kiera: 5 Stars – I think Julia is totally wrong about the flavor of an ice cream sandwich not lending itself to an eliquid for vaping. Kilo’s Ice Cream Sandwich is an astonishing display of eliquid artistry. Every flavor component found in a real ice cream sandwich is found in this ejuice. For the full effect of vaping an ice cream sandwich you’ll need to take deep lung hits and then allow the vapor to almost ooze out, slowly passing over your tongue to register the authentic flavors.

I’ve seen and vaped a couple of other ice cream sandwich eliquids before but this is the first one that tastes like an ice cream sandwich. Great as an all-day-vape to me, I recommend it to any vaper that loves buying a box of ice scream sandwiches and devouring a few at a time.

Tom: 5 Stars – Never imagined that eliquid mixologists could get this close to the authentic flavor of a genuine ice cream sandwich. I think that the usually inexpensive vanilla ice cream used in this dessert is easy to replicate, but that cookie wafer they makes an ice cream sandwich an ice cream sandwich? That’s new. And Kilo hit the mark spot on.

Not much else to say about this one, other than the fact that like the other three, Ice Cream Sandwich produces thick, flavorful vapor that is unmistakable.

Jason: 5 Stars – I’m with Kiera on this one. I love a good ice cream sandwich, and Kilo has created an eliquid that duplicates the flavor of one exactly right. The bulk of the flavor reveals itself on the exhale, so to enjoy it the most one should allow the thick vapor to pass over the taste buds slowly, giving every molecule of flavor a chance to hit its mark. Easily an all-day-vape, Ice Cream Sandwich is one special dessert vape.

Marshmallow Crisp – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Kilo White Series Eliquid Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Julia: 5 Stars – John, my boss, and I are hooked on Crispy Treats by Ethos, and their 3 flavor variations are the next review we will tackle as a team.  Crispy Treats is an authentic reproduction of Rice Crispy Treats, made with rice crispy cereal, marshmallows, and a little butter. An amazing flavor for vaping, but Ethos blend of Crispy Treats is very, very sweet. So when I saw this one, Marshmallow Crisp, I thought we might be in luck with a different version that might taste the same, but hopefully not as sweet. As good as the Ethos ejuice is, it is not an all-day vape for me because something that sweet would affect my tastebuds too much.

Marshmallow Crisp is very close to the flavor of Ethos Crispy Treats, but not as deeply sweet. It’s a delicious blend, and it is an excellent alternative for vapers that think Ethos Crispy Treats are too sweet, but if I had to choose between the two I would grab a bottle of Ethos Crispy Threats when I wanted something very sweet, and Kilo White Series Marshmallow Crisp if I was looking for an all-day-vape in this same flavor profile.

Kiera: 5 Stars –  I am awarding 5 stars to Marshmallow Crisp because of one work in the official flavor description. Kilo describes this as “A deliciously sweet, toasted rice cereal stirred into a bowl of gooey melted marshmallows.”  That one word, Toasted, makes all the difference in the word, especially if you’ve vaped Ethos Crispy Treats.

If you are looking for an exact flavor of rice crispy treats then you want to buy the Ethos eliquid version, not Kilo’s. Marshmallow Crisp has the same sweetness to it, and the same gooey marshmallow flavor, but it is the toasted rice cereal that gives this version a very different profile. Like the other flavors in the White Series, Marshmallow Crisp is, in my opinion, designed for Direct Lung (DL) vapers, not Mouth to Lung (MTL) because the vapor should be allowed to slowly pass over the taste buds, and the larger, deeper, lung hit the more of the thick, flavorful vapor will flood your senses with the flavor of Toast Rice Crispy and a sweet marshmallow blend.

Tom: 5 Stars – Although we’re not ready to publish our review of the Ethos line of “Crispy Treats” eliquid, I cannot avoid mentioning it here in this review. Marshmallow Crisp and Ethos Crispy Treats are two variations of the same flavor profile. While I might prefer one over the other, both blends are award worthy.

Marshmallow Crisp delivers a sweet toasted rice and marshmallow flavor profile and the best way to experience this flavor is to experience it through warm vapor. That means using a sub-ohm resistance, and a wattage level that will crank up the warmth. This flavor profile comes alive when vaped warm, but when vaped as cool, or lukewarm vapor, it loses much of the marshmallow sweetness and the dominate flavor becomes a flat toasted rice flavor utter lacking in charm and personality. I know how that sounds, but if you pick up a bottle of this delicious juice, try it with warmth and with lukewarm vapor and you’ll notice the difference straight away.

Jason: 5 Stars – While I enjoy this blend of rice cereal and marshmallows it is not an ejuice that I can vape all day. After refiling my sub-ohm tank 3 or 4 times I develop vaper’s tongue, I can no longer taste it, at all. Once that happens I switch to something completely different, or better yet, sleep on it and come back to it 8 hours later.

Marshmallow Crisp is a sweet dessert vape that delivers its flavor best with deep lung hits and deliberately slow exhaling. As the vapor glides over your tongue you’ll get this genuine toasted rice cereal flavor mixed in with sweet marshmallows. With a good sub-ohm tank or low resistance RDA the vapor production is amazing, like the others in the White and Black Series. Marshmallow Crisp is not my favorite of the four, but it is one deliciously sweet combination that is satisfying and very much worth the $15.95 for a 60mL bottle.


Like the Black Series from Kilo, these four flavors that make up the White Series are world’s different from Kilo’s original line of eliquid. These four flavors are superb and a bit decadent, with very thick and very flavorful vapor. Although 70% VG, they vape like MaxVG, and because of that we cannot recommend them to vapers that use plus-ohm atomizers or vape with an MTL (mouth to lung) style. Kilo White Series is meant to be aggressively vaped with 0.5Ω resistance and lower, with wattage levels that can deliver warm clouds of vapor. Using any of these four blends with underpowered batteries or atomizers in the plus-ohm range (1Ω and higher) is a waste of time and money.

The best eliquid in the series is Cinnamon Roll, and the least enjoyed flavor seemed to be Ice Cream Sandwich. That said, all four are certainly Spinfuel Choice Award Winners. The Kilo White and Black Series are available at Element Vape. Element Vape carries many select, premium eliquids at prices that are less than the cost at the brand’s own website. Kilo Black Series is sold at $30 per 60mL bottle, at Element Vape the same bottle will cost you $21.95. The White Series runs $25 through Kilo’s website (which sends people over to and Element Vape asks just $15.95 for 60mL bottles. Why would anyone buy them anywhere else?

Julia and Kiera Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride and Jason Little, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team