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Vaping With Vapinski

G2 Vapor

G2 Vapor Vapinski Review – I guess winter did have to finally hit us here in PA. It still came as a shock when it was in the fifties two days prior to our first snow accumulation.

One still can’t tell how other drivers will behave or if there will be any milk or bread left in the stores. Oh, it’s funny. You’ll never know these great joys if you don’t live in the midst of the white flurries. I wouldn’t change it for the world!!

In the winter, a vape shop is a GREAT place to hang out! The nicer shops offer coffee, snacks, and even have pool tables to entertain their guests. The B & M shops give a nice alternative to vapers of all ages to get out of the house…especially when you have the ability to walk to one.

Go chill, pack your stuff, and practice your builds!! You may even find a new eliquid you never thought of trying before…or learn something new!!

G2 Vapor

Vapinski – G2 Vapor eLiquid Review in Spinfuel eMagazine   G2 Vapor was started much like many other vapor companies. The owner, Clinton Legg, started vaping when there was very little selection out on the market and he decided to try the “DIY” method. He sent samples out to his friends, who soon demanded more, and also spread the word of this tasty new eliquid.

G2 Vapor was lucky enough to reach a great place of success in this industry. They are a vendor I have always heard good things about and their collaboration with Beantown Vapor, Oh Cookie Face was definitely a hit in my book!! G2 Vapor uses only quality ingredients and has a 4,000 square foot facility that includes an enclosed clean room for mixing this tasty eliquid!

The G2 Vapor label design is simple, yet still very eye appealing. The logo is bold and covers the majority of the front of the label along with the flavor name and nicotine milligram. All of the other necessary information is on the side including a batch code and a born on date. The bottles also have a child proof cap and were tamper sealed. Well done! Now, let’s see what great flavors G2 Vapor has to offer…


Vapinski – G2 Vapor eLiquid Review in Spinfuel eMagazine      “Based on the classic RY4 (vanilla, caramel & tobacco) updated for the modern pallet with notes of carnival treats.”

      If you like RY4 blends, Carny4 will be right up your alley. Not only have they sweetened the tobacco flavor out using the vanilla and caramel, but they’ve also added some carnival treats to the mix. On the inhale, what I notice most is the buttery caramel flavor that reminds me of a delicious kettle corn. The vanilla also comes through amongst the tobacco notes. There may even be a bit of a cake note prior to the exhale that resembles funnel cake. There seems to be a lot going on with this flavor and I am SURE it will please various palates besides those of RY4 lovers. The exhale is a smooth mix of just everything and the taste is quite good….especially with coffee. The throat hit is mild, vapor production is great, and I enjoyed Carny4 best around 50 watts. I’ll be using a Hannya RDA with a .3 ohm coil build on a HexOhm V2 Box Mod.

     White Bull

     “Vanilla custard mixed with fresh bananas. Tastes like banana pudding with a vanilla cake finish.”

Vapinski – G2 Vapor eLiquid Review in Spinfuel eMagazine     White Bull is a nice, smooth vape. On the inhale, I can taste a slight hint of banana before the vanilla custard swirls into the blend. The vanilla cake flavor swirls into the blend before the exhale. The exhale is mostly the vanilla flavors blended together, but it is really tasty. The inhale is reminiscent of a banana pudding and the overall flavor of the vape has just the right amount of sweetness. I just think the banana may be too mild because it is a really good banana flavoring. This flavor would be great for vanilla or dessert vape lovers especially. There is a mild throat hit and great vapor production with White Bull. I jumped around with the wattage and found I enjoyed this best around 45 watts.


     “A true vanilla with a hint of custard and rich buttercream finish.”

     Vazilla is one of the best vanilla vapes I have tried. The inhale reminds me of a vanilla cupcake though, and theVapinski – G2 Vapor eLiquid Review in Spinfuel eMagazine exhale finishes off with the buttercream blend mixing into it. I get more of a cake-y note than a vanilla custard, but that doesn’t make this blend any less delicious. The vanilla is smooth and the buttercream is not overly sweet. It’s the perfect all day vanilla vape for those of you who crave a great vanilla flavor. Vazilla is also great with a cup of coffee!! I know I say this often, but I enjoy coffee throughout my day. Some go for the energy drinks, I go for the JAVA. Eliquid that pairs well with coffee gets an extra hit of appreciation in my personal book. I enjoyed this best around 50 watts, there was a mild throat hit, and great vapor production.

Cactus Juice 

     “Sweet and tart oranges and tangerines with a hint pineapple and a lemonade finish.”

Vapinski – G2 Vapor eLiquid Review in Spinfuel eMagazine     Cactus Juice is a light and rather refreshing vape. If you want something new to jazz up your taste buds with a nice touch of fruit, this is the perfect blend! On the inhale, the blend of orange and tangerine has a nice touch of sweetness to it before a tiny touch of pineapple blends in prior to the exhale.

There was also a bit of tartness from the lemon that popped into the orange and tangerine blend, but it wasn’t overpowering. The exhale are the citrus notes slowly fading away. It’s almost like vaping a tasty flavored lemonade. I just like how natural everything tasted and the fact that this was refreshing to the palate. I am not usually a big fan of anything with a citrus note or anything orange at all. The throat hit was mild and vapor production was good with Cactus Juice too. I enjoyed this best around 50 watts.

Blue Pop (aka Blue Raz Pop)

     “A sweet blue raspberry lollipop.”

     Blue Pop (now called Blue Raz Pop) is a sweet blue raspberry flavored vape. On the inhale, a sweet Vapinski – G2 Vapor eLiquid Review in Spinfuel eMagazineblueberry and raspberry flavor hits my palate first. This is the most intense part of the vape. The exhale are those flavors slowly fading. It reminds me of the taste a blue lollipop leaves in your mouth after you’ve had one. It’s pretty tasty if you’re a fan of fruity vapes and especially blue raspberry flavors. I feel the flavor could have been a bit more intense longer since that initial taste was my favorite part of the vape. The throat hit is mild and the vapor production is great! I enjoyed Blue Pop best around 40 watts.


      G2 Vapor Eliquids are available in the following nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. All nicotine mgs are 60vg/40pg ratios except 3mg. The 3mg is MaxVG.

The retail at $19.99/45ml and $49.99/120ml which are really good prices for premium eliquids-especially in these quantities.

You can purchase them at Giant Vapes  or as always, find a local B&M near you to support the vape shops that carries G2 Vapor!!

Make sure you follow G2 Vapor on Instagram(@g2vapor) and Facebook!!

My ratings are as follows:

 Carny4: 5/5 stars.

White Bull: 4.25/5 stars.

Vazilla: 4.5/5 stars.

Cactus Juice: 5/5 stars.

Blue Pop: 4.25/5 stars.



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