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A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Check out the G2 Vapor Interview Here

It is rare that the team ever agrees to review an eLiquid label that does not sell directly to the consumers using an online store of their own making. In this case, with respect to G2 Vapor, we made the exception…for a couple of reasons.

Thousands of our readers have already experienced G2 Vapor in some form or another. G2 Vapor is available on several online and retail vendor sites. So it’s no
t like our readers won’t have access to the eLiquids if they choose to avail themselves of after reading this review. So, in the end, why not review them?  UPDATE: Giant Vapes seems to be the ‘go-to’ online vendor for all G2 Vapors eLiquid

Is The Future of eLiquids In The Retail Market?

When I interviewed Clinton Legg, one of the owners and head mixologist at G2 he let me know that although G2 Vapor is available on several online vendor websites, these vendors need to have some sort of plan in motion to open a retail location in their city/town before they are deemed qualified to sell G2 Vapor on their online shop.

To quote Clinton, “It has always been my stance that brick & mortars are key to the vape community thriving.”

But are they? If the FDA, in all their mighty wisdom, somehow limits or curtails online purchasing of eLiquids then surely Mr. Legg is correct, retail brick and mortar stores will be key to a thriving environment of the electronic cigarette market. Having said that, it is our sincere hope that such a curtailment will not happen. Without access to the hundreds of online eLiquid vendors, vapers will be severely limited to what they can and cannot buy.  This is never a good idea for a growing industry like ours.

Competition is good for everyone. Competition brings innovation, and when there is healthy innovation in the marketplace we all win.  If eLiquids cannot be sold online, if that does indeed happen, G2 Vapor has the built-in distribution channel firmly established while most others do not.

Regardless whether G2 Vapor makes great eLiquids (they do), we would rather see an abundance of choice for the consumer and as far as we know there are no retail stores large enough to sell more than a few brands of eLiquid, and in that case the consumer loses.

Whatever the outcome, this is a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review, so for now, we’ll limit further remarks for the future of eLiquid distribution to Op-Ed’s, and focus on the actual eLiquids we received from G2 Vapor.

G2 eLiquid and G2 Prime eLiquid

Mr. Legg stated in the interview that, for him, the number of different eLiquid flavors shouldn’t be more than ten flavors in a product “line”. The G2 eLiquid, for which there are exactly ten flavors, is their original line of eJuice. G2 Vapor has started another line called G2 Prime, currently at four flavors, and it is an ultra premium line of eLiquid.

Our review takes a look at four eLiquids from the G2 line and two eLiquids from the G2 Prime product line. Interestingly enough, both eLiquids in the G2 Prime line earned the Spinfuel Choice Award for excellence.

The eLiquids Reviewed Today

Unfortunately todays review does not constitute the entire line G2 Vapor. Out of a possible 14 eLiquids we have six today, and we’ve already put into motion a sequel review of the remaining eLiquids over the next few weeks. After spending 3 days with the ones we do have we knew that to allow the remaining eLiquids to go, ah, I suppose, “un-reviewed”, was unthinkable.

What We Are Reviewing Today

The eLiquids we spent 3-days with are: G2 Prime Drunk Monkey, G2 Prime Vazilla, G2 Purple Nurple, G2 Blue Pop Shock, G2 Mr. Cookie, and G2 crRnY4. It is a diverse group, to be sure, but one that will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from G2 Vapor.

When the team met up for our formal discussion concerning the eLiquids, everyone, myself included, admitted to enjoying all six eLiquids. There was little to no disagreement about ‘this’ flavor or ‘that’ flavor. We seemed to speak with one voice, a first for us. Then again, it was just six eLiquids, so we won’t have a definitive answer on the entire lineup for a while yet.

The G2 Vapor eLiquid Profile

The flavors for all six, which includes the two G2 Prime eLiquids, were clean, abundant in nature, with no aftertaste or any sort of chemical or artificial taste. The vapor was rated ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’, and the throat hits were all solid, high-quality thumps. The throat hit was, naturally, helped along by the fact that all six were 18mg nicotine strengths. As you will see, the PG/VG ratios alone just couldn’t produce the kinds of throat hits we were experiencing, and the range of hardware was enough to include devices that would not heighten a throat hit.

Each of the eLiquids reviewed by the team scored at least 4 Stars.


All ‘G2 Regular’ (for lack of better term) flavors have a PG/VG ratio of 40/60, 40% PG, 60% VG, while the two ‘G2 Prime’ flavors are 30/70, 30% PG and 70% VG.

Clouds, Etc.

While the relatively high VG (vegetable glycerin) pretty much explains the enormity of the vapor production we were surprised by the high level of flavor, since the PG (propylene glycol) ratios are relatively low. After all, it is the PG in eLiquid that has the reputation of the ‘flavor carrier’.

We agreed that the flavor and performance of all six showed a true expertise for mixing eLiquids by Clinton Legg, the head (solo) mixologist. It is he who devises the recipes that create the eLiquids, and he has done an excellent job of discovering how much of each ingredient is needed to maximize the components that go into a ‘great vape’, as well as procuring the highest quality of ingredients.

Viscosity – All six eLiquids were on the thick side, but not thick enough to make dripping into clearomizers and tanks an issue. We had no performance issues with any of the atomizers used during the review.

Too Strong For Plastic

G2 Vapor warns customers that the four G2 Prime eLiquids can have adverse affects on plastic tanks and clearomizers, and while that is probably true enough, it must take more than a couple of days of vaping because no one on the team reported an issue when plastic tanks were used. Someday all vapers who go beyond the cig-a-like will use glass/Pyrex and that will no longer be an issue, but until then be advised that if you decide to order a G2 Prime you should also have a glassomizer or Pyrex tanks available.

Spinfuel Scoring And Choice Awards

As always we employed the 1-5 star rating system for the six eLiquids in this review. Each member of the team scores each eLiquid using the following criteria. (Subject to change in the coming months)

5 Stars – Beautifully executed flavor and vapor. Authentic and plentiful flavor profile, accurate description by the vendor. Satisfying vape experience, would definitely buy again. Excellent juice.

4 Stars – Nicely done. Good to excellent flavor and vapor. Authentic flavor profile, close to or ‘spot on’ accurate description by the vendor, satisfying vape. Could certainly see ourselves buying it again. A Really good juice!

3 Stars – Nicely done, but not very special. Average flavor and vapor. Could have easily switched to another flavor without missing a beat. It was okay, but not something we would necessarily buy, and we won’t add it to our collection or rotation. Average juice.

2 Stars – Not a very good execution. Poor to average flavor profile. Vapor and flavor muted or hidden under artificial or chemical taste. Low to average vapor. Couldn’t wait to change out to something else. Not buying it, won’t add it, wouldn’t give it away. “Can we throw this away now?” Poor.

1 Star – Unvapeable. A really poor experience. Chemical or artificial taste and/or aftertaste. 3 drags and we’re out. Tossed it in the trash. Wouldn’t give it away. Horrible.

We understand that knowing all six eLiquids scored above 4 Stars gives you a pretty good indication where this review is going and might lessen your incentive to read any further, but the comments for each eLiquid, by each team member, will serve to further enlighten you as to what we experienced with each individual eLiquid. For that reason we hope you will read what each member of the team had to say about each one of the eLiquids.

Needless to say, by the time the 72-hour period was up there wasn’t a drop of G2 Vapor to be found. As a matter of fact, certain members of the team have already reordered some eLiquids.

About Availability

A couple of our team members wanted to order all four of the G2 Prime eLiquids, and others wanted to purchase all 14, and visiting the online vendors listed on the G2 Vapor website, we could only find one vendor that had all of the flavors we wanted to purchase in stock. That company was Giant Vapes, and they carried the full line and had them in stock at the time we ordered them.

Mr. Legg mentions in the accompanying interview that they were “working hard to stay on top of the commitments” they already had with retail stores and that can be readily seen when attempting to place an order from the other online shops listed on the G2 Vapor website. As a matter of fact, when clicking the link to Pioneer Vapes the product page for G2 Vapor eLiquids was completely empty, others were partially available, and one site was down altogether.

When we first paid a visit to the “Where to Buy” page on the G2 Vapor website we began to feel that trying to purchase G2 or G2 Prime was turning into a fruitless and frustrating endeavor. That is until Dave told us that Giant Vapes has them in stock. It seems that Dave had contacted Clinton directly to express our concern about availability and Clinton directed Dave to Giant Vapes.

We highly recommend visiting Giant Vapes if you are inclined to order any of the reviewed eLiquids, and any of the others that we’ll review in Part 2 of our G2 Vapor review.  . Lastly, if your local retailer stocks G2 Vapor we would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Pricing and Size

G2 Vapor is on the high-end of the price scale at the 15ML size. The G2 Prime is even more expensive.


86 cents per ML at the smallest size (15ML) is a lot to pay for any eLiquid prior to the ‘probability’ of ridiculous sin taxes taking affect at some point.  The 30ML size drops substantially to 60 cents per ML and the 120ML size drops less substantially to 54 cents per ML.

G2 Prime

G2 Prime is right at the $1 per ML price for a 15ML bottle. We cannot recommend this size at all, no matter how fantastic the eLiquid is. At 30ML the price drops to a ‘still high’ 73 cents per ML. Lastly, the 120ML size for G2 Prime is 70 cents per ML.

So, for this review we’re going to do something a little different than we usually do. If a team member suggests a “must buy” or “must try” they mean that you should consider the more affordable 30ML size. Not only will end up for more eLiquid to vape, you’ll end up paying a more affordable price per ML. Once you decide that you want to add a certain eLiquid to your own rotation then you might consider the enormous 120ML bottle to get the best possible price per ML, and minimize the possibility of running out before you have to time to reorder.

G2 Vapor Size and Price

  • 15ml – $12.99
  • 30ml  – $18
  • 120ml –  $65

G2 Prime Size and Price

  • 15ml – $14.99
  • 30ml – $22
  • 120ml  – $84

The eLiquids

When the time came to assemble the notes submitted by the team members and the notes taken during the group discussion I thought to myself “Let’s start off with a bang and end with a bang.” The two highest scoring eLiquids were the G2 Primes, so we’ll begin with a G2 Prime and end with a G2 Prime.

G2 Prime – Drunk Monkey – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Fresh bananas blended with cream and finished with a touch of rum to give it a smooth rich banana punch. If you are a banana fan you will not be able to put this one down.”

G2 Vapor eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewJulia: Before I loaded up a clearomizer I had every reason to believe that this was a single-flavor eLiquid, and that single flavor was, of course, banana. I had not read the description provided by G2 Vapor so I was going by just the name. Looking back, adding ‘Drunk’ to the name now makes perfect sense.Spinfuel Choice Award

Drunk Monkey is exactly what the official description says; a fresh banana flavor with creamy tones and a touch of rum to give it a bit of a punch. If you’ve ever even ‘liked’ a banana eLiquid before you will fall in love with the Drunk Monkey.

The creaminess factor gives the rich, deep banana component a luscious flavor you just won’t believe. It’s a little like a thick banana milkshake, made with light cream instead of milk, and maybe a drop or two of vanilla extract for a silky touch, followed up with a shot of rum to provide that certain extra ping. The smooth, slightly sweet rum adds another dimension to the Drunk Monkey that I didn’t expect but I certainly enjoyed.

I was also drawn to the unique shape of the bottle as well. It looks like an old-fashioned medicine bottle, and the gorgeous artwork on the labels is impressive and slick, so I chose to not only open the review with it, it was also the first juice I vaped for the review.

As it turned out, choosing to vape Drunk Monkey first set a very high bar for the other flavors to follow, but most still did very well. I plan on keeping a 120ML bottle of Drunk Monkey on hand at all times, it is that good. I hope someday all my favorite brands will carry a 120ML size.

As for hardware, I used what I use most of the time for personal vaping, and that was my blue ZMAX mini from MyVaporStore and a Kanger AeroTank (my Nautilus went missing before the review began). Drunk Monkey is an excellent eLiquid for this glass tank, and the air intake control is becoming a must-have feature for me now.

Drunk Monkey has ‘some’ latitude in the voltage settings. I started my journey with Drunk Monkey at 3.7v (1.8ohm dual coils in the AeroTank, and was able to approach 4.4v before I had to back down. Ultimately the sweet spot for me, with dual coils of 1.8ohm was 3.6v. This is the setting where I got the biggest flavor, but not the warmest vapor.

Next time I get a chance I plan to vape Drunk Monkey I plan to try it with a single coil, 2.4ohm standard resistance coil in order to jump up the voltage (or wattage) range to find warmer vapor without losing the rich, luscious flavor of fresh, ripe, banana, cream, and rum.  –  5 Stars

Keira: Drunk Monkey was (also) my first eLiquid in this review and it nearly spoiled me for the rest of them. I spent almost 3 hours longer than I had allotted myself with Drunk Monkey because it is so delicious and so satisfying. The rich, creamy, banana flavor is to die for, and that little added touch of rum really separates this juice from the crowded field of banana eLiquids.

Drunk Monkey produced enormous vapor clouds, thick, aromatic clouds that just wouldn’t quit. And the throat hit was a solid, great feeling thump, exactly what you want to feel when you take a big drag. Drunk Monkey turned into a special eLiquid for me, one I want to keep around. Julia and I have already agreed to split the cost of 120ml bottles, ($84 plus shipping!) something we’ve ever done before.

My hardware was my red brass ZMAX, as usual. Only this time I used an iClear 16D by way of a 510-eGo adapter. I wanted to check out the iClear 16D anyway and thought this was a good way to do that. While I enjoyed the vape with the iClear I would much rather stock up on X.Jet or Aspire BDC clearomizers and tanks, but that’s for another article. Lastly, I understand the warning about using plastic tanks with this juice, but the entire time I used the iClear 16D I didn’t have any problems. If you are a fan of banana-flavored eLiquids Drunk Monkey is a ‘must-buy’.  5 Stars

Jason: I think I can safely say that in order to enjoy Drunk Monkey you have to really like banana flavored eLiquids. If you do enjoy banana vapes Drunk Monkey will, more than likely, become your go-to juice when you feel a banana vape calling you. This stuff is so rich, so silky, and so delicious that you’ll ‘covet’ every drop.

What makes Drunk Monkey so special? To me it was a combination of ripe bananas and this sweet creamy flavor. Together they produced a very deep banana and cream flavor on the inhale, and on the finish, but that slight hit of rum was just the kicker it needed on the exhale, while providing the extra throat hit on the inhale. For now, I see Drunk Monkey as the 300-pound Gorilla of banana flavored eJuice right now. Sitting high up on the Vape Throne, looking down at all the other banana flavored eLiquids wandering aimlessly for someone to vape them; Drunk Monkey is the King of the Realm.

Vapor production? It really depends on what you use to vape it with, doesn’t it? I spent a couple of hours with a Provari and a 510 standard resistance cartomizer I got more than a fair share of vapor clouds, but when I finally had time to switch out to an AeroTank I was able to produce enough vapor to make a veteran cloud chaser jealous. Drunk Monkey is one of, if not the best of, banana flavored eLiquids I’ve had to date.  5 Stars

Tom:  As soon as I heard that Julia and Keira were enjoying their portion of Drunk Monkey I decided to join them, so I too started off this review with Drunk Monkey.

Using an Aspire Nautilus with a 1.6ohm coil (the one that was already installed in the tank) I took all the juice I had, a little more than 7ML, and vaped through it all within a day. But what a great day I had! (I think this qualifies as being an all day vape.)

Drunk Monkey is a masterpiece of eLiquid artistry, with its wonderful layering of rich, ripe banana and a silky creaminess that gives it real depth, and a finish of spirited rum mingling with the banana and cream giving it a unique and wonderful flavor that just about anyone that enjoys a banana flavored eLiquid would love from the very first drag to the very last.

Wanting to verify that Drunk Monkey would be a terrific eLiquid in other devices than the Nautilus I took the remaining 1ML and filled a simple 510 cartomizer, single coil, 2.4ohm, and vaped it at 4.6v in my old eVic. The result was still a delicious, warm vape, with abundant vapor clouds and a solid throat hit. If you like banana flavored eJuice and you’re open to trying a new one, this is one you should certainly consider. I know the price is steep no matter what bottle size you consider, but you’re going to like it, so the bigger size the less money you’ll spend per ML. I will keep a 30ML bottle in my rotation for a long time.  5 Stars

G2 Mr. Cookie – “Fresh baked sugar cookies blended with butter caramel drops. A bakery style liquid that will please even the most devoted cookie fan.  Designed to never tire the tongue, as an all day vape.”

G2 Vapor eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewJulia: Mr. Cookie is an ADV (all day vape) eLiquid flavored to convey ‘fresh baked sugar cookies’ and it is a real achievement. Sugar Cookies, the thick, soft kind, are in the Top 3 of my favorite cookies (Oatmeal Raisin is #1); so it is a flavor I am very familiar with. It was completely identifiable as the dominant flavor in this eLiquid. The caramel was not as evident, but it was there, and together it combined into a unique and delicious cookie flavored eLiquid. Vapor was thick, playful, and voluminous. All in all a very good cookie eJuice, and one textured well enough not to give you ‘vapers tongue’. As good as it was though, I’m not excited enough about it to add to my rotation, and the price is a little too high to replace other cookie-flavored eLiquids already in my collection.

Hardware for this eLiquid was my black (with gold lettering) ZMAX and a Kanger AeroTank with a wood drip tip. The AeroTank was equipped with a 2.0ohm (replacement) coil, so I was able to push the voltage up fairly high, to 4.5v before it began to degrade, so I wound up with a sweet spot of 4.1v. Mr. Cookie can be enjoyed with cool or warm vapor, I preferred warm. 4.5 Stars

Keira: Julia and I decided to vape Mr. Cookie at the same time with the same hardware, so that we could compare our personal vape experience against each other. It was interesting because while we both enjoyed the flavor, we had some minor differences in the amount of ‘pull’ on the drag. Our vapor production was different because I had a higher mix of air coming into the mix.  In any case, the vapor may differ according to the device you’re using, but the overall flavor remained the same, no matter what.

Mr. Cookie is a described as a sweet, sugar cookie vape with caramel notes that give the juice a semi-unique cookie flavor. For me it was more of a caramel ‘cookie’ with sweet vanilla notes, and a flavor I could vape for quite a while, but not quite all day. Mr. Cookie doesn’t come at you full bore as a dessert flavor, but it does deliver a moist, fresh baked cookie experience. It’s flavor was hitting more on the exhale (for me) than anywhere else.

Using the black ZMAX with an AeroTank my sweet spot was 4.2v, producing a more than fair amount of warm vapor, just the way I like it. The last of it was used in an X.Jet Spider and a Vision Spinner, dual coils at 1.8ohm, voltage set to 3.9v. Using both the AeroTank and the X.Jet Spider just makes me wish even more than Aspire or X.Jet would put out an affordable glass/Pyrex variable-air clearomizer/tank.

Jason: Mr. Cookie is an amber colored eLiquid, somewhat thick, and smells sweet, but not overly so. A terrific cookie flavor with hints of caramel through and through. The ‘cookie’ flavor was the sweetest part of the layers of flavors, and it is an actual sugar cookie flavor, not some bakery-sweet concoction being passed off as sugar cookie. You can almost taste the sugar crystals found on top of most sugar cookies you buy at the supermarket.

The caramel aspect of the ejuice was the lightest part, but it did its job and showed up throughout. I did enjoy it, and will almost certainty add this to my collection of eLiquids. The only issue I had with it, and its not really an issue, is that it was low-profile. In other words, it was one of the only eLiquids in the review that didn’t cause me to stare into it and wonder how it was created. 4.5 Stars

Tom: I certainly dug the flavor, I mean who can object to a sugar (vanilla-like) cookie flavored vape? I enjoyed the entire time I had with it, but its just not that noticeable.  It’s more of a background flavor after a while, which usually makes the best kind of all day vapes.

This is a sugar cookie vape with an added touch of caramel that floods your senses with multiple sweet flavors. Had it not been for that caramel component I think that after a couple of hours it would have adapted into a neutral flavor. I’m probably being too harsh about it, but the word ‘boring’ comes to mind. Then again, not every eLiquid can be spellbinding. 4.25 Stars

G2 Purple Nurple – “Purple Nurple is her name, grape is her game. Some say grape soda or grape candy, others can taste the blend of grapes and rare honey flowers. Blended to be a light and refreshing vape that has quickly become the favorite of many.”

G2 Vapor eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewJulia: I remember more than two years ago John and I were in a conversation with someone that had been vaping for like three years already. We had asked him about eLiquids brands and flavors, and he kept coming back to this one company he loved and their ‘grape’ soda eLiquid. So, we just had to try it. Back then we would be guided by veteran vapers until we felt comfortable enough to seek brands on our own. In any case, the grape soda from this famous brand was brought into the office for all to vape.

That was when I found out that there are things, foods really, that can taste great but do not vape well. I didn’t like the grape eLiquid at all; it was a very sharp grape flavor, like vaping Welch’s Grape Juice, the 100% grape juice. That was what I expected when it came time to vape Purple Nurple. Surprise!

Purple Nurple is not like vaping Welch’s Grape Juice, its more like vaping a sweet grape jelly, in other words, much more compatible with vaping then pure unadulterated deep blue grapes.

Vaping with my black ZMAX again, using another AeroTank, my sweet spot was 3.9v. This provided tons of vapor, an intense, but sweet grape flavor with a touch of ‘something’ that some have said was honey, but to me it was just a mystery flavor. It is a ‘sweet grapes with something extra’, that something extra giving it a sense of uniqueness that it would not otherwise have. 4.25 Stars

Keira: I love most grape flavors eLiquids. I think its because grape is a very distinct flavor, there is no mistaking it. Purple Nurple is, to me, a straight up grape eJuice. No mystery, no hidden layers of flavor, just a nice sweet grape vape that produced plenty of vapor and a good throat hit. Honestly, there isn’t that much more I can say about it. Purple Nurple was the least adventurous juice of the six, but it will be plenty enjoyable to vapers that like grape vapes.

Purple Nurple was vaped using my red brass ZMAX and a SMOK DCTank. The cartomizer inside was a single coil 2.4ohm, double punched. The sweet spot using this tank was 4.3v, which provided maximum flavor and vapor, as well as throat hit. 4.5 Stars

Jason: There are a lot of vapers that like grape flavored eLiquids, but I’m not one of them. I just don’t respond well to grape. That said, I can tell you that Purple Nurple is a slightly modified grape flavor; sweet but not too sweet, with what can only be described as a touch of honey. The honey (if that is what it is) provides an earthy element to the flavor, slightly muting the grape intensity and adding something that I kept thinking was ‘anti-grape’, though that doesn’t make much sense.

Using my iTaste 134 Mini set to 8W, and an iClear X.I, Purple Nurple generated big clouds of vapor and aroma, aroma my girlfriend identified as “definitely grape”, but I couldn’t tell. 4.5 Stars

Tom: Purple Nurple is the one eLiquid of the six that was the furthest away from my normal flavor palate that it was difficult to comprehend. Grape is grape, you either like it or you don’t. I like grape, the flavor, and I eat plenty of grapes when they are in season. So in that sense it was a perfectly fine vape. A sweet grape flavor with a touch of something, maybe honey like the description says, but if it is it is a mild honey flavor.

Purple Nurple should definitely appeal to vapers looking for a good grape eLiquid, one that delivers a full-bodied flavor, plenty of vapor, and a better than expected throat hit.

I vaped this one with my Sigelei 20W and a Kanger AeroTank. I set the draw to “firm”, the wattage to 11w, and this turned out to be the best setting for me. With a tight draw of about 6 or so seconds the vapor is enormous and the flavor hits more on the exhale then the inhale. Warm vapor is best for a flavor like this, but do not sacrifice flavor in favor of vapor, if you like grape you’ll get plenty. 4.5 Stars

G2 CaRnY4 – A Spinfuel Choice Award – “Toss out everything you know about the classic RY4.  Vanilla, caramel, and smooth tobacco with hints of carnival treats. This crazy clown’s liquid slaps a carnival in your mouth that is sure to please. Designed to never tire the tongue, as an all day vape.”

G2 Vapor eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewJulia:Designed as to never tire the tongue” is part of the description for CaRnY4. Is it true? Absolutely true. And the amazing thing about it is that there are some wonderful RY4 and RY4-like eLiquids on the market, but I have never been able to stay with them all day long. RY4 eLiquids have always been a ‘cumulative’ eLiquid for me. What I mean by that is the flavors, the vanilla, caramel, and so on would build up and build up and at some point in the first few hours each drag would wind up being so intense, so flavorful that it was like vaping super concentrated juice. Not so for CaRnY4.Spinfuel Choice Award

The first flavor that registers is caramel, a rich caramel, one that sits on the tongue and slides down into the taste buds and spreads out. On top of that comes a less intense vanilla, but it somehow blends with the caramel and they become a singular flavor on that exhale. The tobacco notes are very light, but smoothly so. It is an RY4 and then its not. At all times though, it is marvelous.

I kind of wish I could taste the ‘carnival treats’ G2 Vapor describes but I just can’t. I wonder what others will taste, and if they will be able to identify those treats. I also wonder how G2 is able to use the usual suspects of an RY4 and do it in a manner where it really doesn’t waste away, nor does it become ‘cumulative’ as Julia says, on the tongue. Somehow this wicked good flavor stays with you all day long. If you’re looking for another RY4, but one that is as full-bodied as the best of them, but one that refuses to quit on you then this is it. CaRnY4 is going into my rotation, and I think it will make a great morning and evening vape for vapers not looking for an all day vape, and its an all-day-vape for those vapers that want it to be. Make sense?

This time out I chose the X.Jet Spider and a Vision Spinner set to 3.8v for maximum flavor and vapor. 5 Stars

Keira: Jules and I set up the same hardware and vaped at the same time. We began in the morning of the third day, before and during first coffee. We stayed with it after breakfast and our morning walk. Then lunch, then the afternoon, then dinner and into the evening. Never once did either of us talk about changing out. We kept refilling the measly 1.6ML Spider and continued vaping.

CaRnY4 is a splendid RY4 eLiquid that immediately puts you in the RY4 mode but then becomes just a comfortable, warm, flavorful vape that satisfies completely. The worlds oldest flavor combination in an eLiquid, with a modern 2014 twist. Vanilla, caramel, and a light smooth tobacco, in pretty much that order as well. Trying to discern the ‘finish’ of this juice is impossible. Maybe it never tires the tongue because once you’ve exhaled the flavor that you were enjoying it disappears, so the next time you take a drag its new all over again. 5 Stars

Jason: I wanted CaRnY4 to be a great RY4 and it was. But in many ways it is better than any RY4 I’ve had before because although you get 100% of the flavor of the deepest, most intense RY4’s, the excessive power of those juices aren’t present here.

There have been plenty of times that I’ve vaped an excellent RY4 juice when after a while I had to put it down and swap out with something else, usually something fruity to combat the heaviness of the dark caramel and rich vanilla, coated with an overall rich tobacco notes. I don’t know how, but here that same deep, dark, intensity doesn’t pound you into submission, it keeps you going, wanting more. How do they do that?

Because I was thinking this were going to be a heavy duty RY4 I decided to vape with my iTaste 134 and the Nautilus, the big guns. Setting the wattage to 8w I moved up the dial looking for the best spot to lay claim to the juice. It was found at 11.5w, and there produced warm, thick vapor and deep caramel flavor with vanilla notes. The tobacco was smooth and silky, always drawing me back for another drag. Long, deep drags are best with CaRnY4, and letting the vapor escape slowly so that it washes over your tongue is an experience every RY4 fan should try. A must for RY4 vapers, and a ‘should try’ for caramel fans. If fruit or pastry vapes are your thing, you should probably yield to them, you won’t like the deep, dark flavors here. 5 Stars

Tom: I admit I got excited seeing this one on the list. I only have one other RY4 in my collection, and it has been relegated to once or two a month. I thought to myself that if this was a twist on the traditional RY4 then it was something I had to have.

Loading up a AeroTank (1.8ohm replacement coil) and placing that tank on my Provari I adjusted the draw so that I would get a stiff drag, but not too stiff that it would require a real effort to vape, and set the voltage at 3.7w, a usual starting point for Provari, and worked up and down the voltage until I arrived at 4.1 volts, which was really hitting upside the highest it could it go before degrading the flavor. For the remainder of my time with CaRnY4 I switched back and forth from 3.9v to 4.1v. I guess my sweet spot kept changing for one reason or another. 5 Stars

G2 Blue Pop Shock – DeShock is true to the raspberry. Blue Pop Shock takes the back ground from DeShock and twist’s the raspberry until it turns into the blue raspberry.  This reminds most people of their favorite blue raspberry lollipop that they enjoyed as a kid.

G2 Vapor eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewJulia: I didn’t read the description for Blue Pop Shock before vaping this one (it’s more fun that way), and my first drag told me I was vaping raspberry. My second drag had me thinking; “Wait, wait, this is blueberry. No, no, not blueberry, raspberry. No, that’s not it. Argh!”…

After a few minutes I decided that it had to be a blend of both, but it was also the least fruity vape I’ve ever had that was made with fruity flavors. Now that was weird. I grew up with parents that believed good, white teeth were vital to one’s success (I kid you not), and so that meant very little candy, and absolutely no lollipops, ever. Anything that was made of sugar that you kept in your mouth longer than you can chew and shallow was the devils tools for cavities. If this does taste like a lollipop you’ll have to ask someone else. The only way I can describe it is a non-fruity fruit vape…. and a sweet one.

I ‘vaped’ Blue Pop Shock with an Aspire BDC Vivi Nova sitting on top of a Vision Spinner II. The best setting was 3.8v, producing big flavor, big vapor, but on the cool side. For vapers looking for a sweet blueberry/raspberry vape this would be ideal. 4 Stars

Keira: Unlike Jules I probably had lollipops and blow pops, and tootsie roll pops in my mouth growing up more than anything else. So I know my hard-candy flavors and Blue Pop Shock is definitely a hard-candy blueberry and raspberry flavor. I would imagine that whether or not a vaper would like this one is directly proportional to the amount a vaper likes fruity candy vapes. I think it will be one that is loved or vaped once and given away.

Blue Pop Shock is a rather simple eJuice. It is what it is, no surprises, no nuance, no mystery. It’s a fun vape, pure and simple. The one thing I did notice about it was that it can be pushed and pulled on the voltage scale more than any of the other G2 juices. I used my ZMAX and an AeroTank, set my preferred draw to medium-stiff and went up and down the ZMAX voltage, from 3.4v to 4.5v. It was 3.6v gave me good flavor and vapor, but cool vapor, while 4.5v gave me very warm vapor and more raspberry than blueberry. 3.9v was my decided sweet spot, evenly distributing the blueberry and raspberry while providing the biggest vapor production. With 5-6 second drags the throat hit was hard but not harsh, but a 3-4 second drag produced a noticeable drop in vapor. The remainder of the time I kept long drags going for the throat-hit effect. 4 Stars

Jason: Personally this is not my type of eLiquid. I like some fruit vapes, and I like dark, deep vapes, and I love tobacco vapes. But candy vapes? They are not for me. I’m not saying this is a bad eLiquid, it’s not, it’s a good one, like all the rest, it’s the candy flavor I don’t like. Talking to Julia and Keira about Blue Pop Shock I had to agree that for vapers looking for candy vapes this would make an excellent choice, provided that candy vaper also enjoyed the flavors of blueberry and raspberry.

The vapor production was good, but it was also strangely ‘thin’. It’s hard to explain. The vapor itself was plentiful, I vaped it looking into a mirror for a minute to see if it was me or if the vapor was actually thinner. You know how sometimes you can vape an eJuice and the vapor comes out slow, meandering as it moves up, and then sometimes you can vape an eJuice and the vapor moves quickly, dissipates quickly? That describes the vapor from Blue Pop Rock, at least compared to the other five eLiquids from G2.

For Blue Pop Rock I used a Vision Spinner and an X.Jet Vivi Nova. The voltage was set to a simple 3.8v, while the Vivi Nova was a 1.8ohm coil. I tried moving up and down the voltage but I always seemed to return to 3.8v. 4.25 Stars

Tom: This is going to sound strange coming from me, but I was pretty happy with Blue Pop Rock. Sure, its not my usual eLiquid, it’s not dark, it’s not loaded with layers of different flavors, and it’s not in any way complicated. It’s candy blueberry and raspberry, heavy on the raspberry, very heavy on the ‘candy’.

Blue Pop Shock has a wicked throat hit, especially with long drags from a clearomizer. But the fun is the fruit candy flavor. Vaping this one for a quarter of a day made me think that this was the kind of eLiquid that was missing from my collection. Not that I would vape it once a day or anything, but on those days when I want to ‘hard vape’ this could make an excellent choice.

Vaped at 3.9v with my Provari and a SMOK DCTank (cartomizer tank) equipped with a standard resistance double-punched cartomizer. 4.75 Stars

G2 Prime – Vazilla – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – A vanilla vape with custard hints and a rich icing to finish it off, an all day vape for most.  So creamy and smooth with a butterscotch background that makes it irresistible. A true vanilla with none of the chemical “fake” taste’s that vanilla vapes are known for.

G2 Vapor eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewJulia: I saved G2 Prime Vazilla for last only because I vaped G2 Prime Drunk Monkey. If the G2 Prime label was going to be a special kind of eLiquid, deserved of the higher retail price, then Vazilla would be one of the best vanilla eLiquids I’ve ever had. If it wasn’t one of the best, then Drunk Monkey was an anomaly. So I let the anticipation build and waited.

The Verdict? G2 Prime is for real. Vazilla is an extraordinary vanilla eLiquid. Golden in color, intensely vanilla aroma, and silky thick like liquid gold. But let’s talk about the complexity of this amazing, award-winning juice.

The description lays out a varied and complex set of flavors, from vanilla to custard to butterscotch. Are these complexities really there, or is just a very deep vanilla? Well, here’s the lowdown; vanilla is, of course, the dominate flavor, and this juice drips with a pure vanilla extract that lays down so much flavor that at first you don’t anything is going to be able to fight for space on your tongue.

When I vape I take the vapor into my mouth, remove the drip tip, then inhale the vapor into my lungs. (I used to believe everybody did this and was shocked to learn otherwise), So, pulling away the drip tip my whole mouth is absorbing this thick vanilla flavor, then as I take the vapor into my lungs a bright spot of butterscotch lights up and informs me there is more coming… when the vapor has made its way into my lungs I get a jolt of creaminess, like a delicate blanket, covering all the bases, and forcing more flavor into the part of my brain that interprets  taste. On the exhale, which comes a moment after the vapor makes it into my lungs, I get this sense of intense butterscotch/vanilla, its almost a rum kind of flavor, and its as though I had just experienced the absolute limit of flavor that my brain could handle. I feel a sated, warm flush.

Taking out my last remaining AeroTank, fresh from the packaging, attaching the 1.5ohm coil head, I fill the tank with Vazilla and leave it in a standing position attached to my new Red and Black Provari. I let it sit for an hour. Setting the draw on the tank to medium so the pull will be more stiff than loose, and setting the voltage on my Provari to 3.8v I take a long pull and the process begins. My sweet spot turns out to be 3.7v, where the complex flavors are at their maximum and the vapor is gloriously thick. This is an eLiquid you don’t soon forget. I don’t know about you, but Keira and I are buying a 120ML bottle.  5 Stars

Keira: Listening to Jules talk about her experience with Vazilla was like listening to someone who has just made love to his or her soul mate. And, I have to admit; my experience with this amazing eJuice was just about the same. Pure golden silk, a vanilla that is vanilla without chemicals, a note of butterscotch here, a tad of vanilla custard there, a luscious combination of pure, intense, and honest flavor.

I only wish it could be an all-day-vape. No matter how hard I tried, after a few hours of pacify-vaping I had to let it go, I had to recover, and come back to it at some other time. You know what they say about too much of a good thing? It’s true in this case. Besides, the price is enough to convince you to take it slow.

Using my black Provari Mini and a Nautilus tank with a wooden drip tip and a 2.0ohm coil head, my sweet spot was 3.9v. Like vanilla? This is a must try juice, no doubt about it. 5 Stars

Jason: Is Vazilla an award-winning eLiquid? Yes, it is. Very much so. Is it my personal favorite vanilla vape? No, no it is not. But its close, it is very close.

Vazilla is an extraordinary eLiquid with all the characteristics of a superior eLiquid and a superior mixologist at the helm. Very thick and aromatic vapor, a complex set of flavors that massage the taste buds and lights up the pleasure centers in your brain. Even if you don’t like vanilla its worth a shot to try it. If you do like vanilla, prepare yourself for an adventure in flavor discovery.

Vaped with an iClear X.I on top of an iTaste 134 Mini set at 8.5w, this was my sweet spot, and what a sweet spot it was. 5 Stars

Tom: It isn’t often that I go nuts over an eLiquid as sweet as an intense vanilla, but this is one of those rare exceptions. Vazilla is a crazy delicious, complex as hell, silk-like liquid that vapes like you would think God’s eLiquid would vape. Pure flavor, nothing artificial, and more vapor than you have a right to want, this is the eLiquid you’ll take home to mother.

Naturally, Vazilla is first and foremost a vanilla vape, and it is a powerhouse vanilla vape. Blended in such a way as to create a sense of awe is a certain amount of butterscotch and custard (for creaminess) that I dare say will probably be a secret recipe until and beyond the end of days.

Granted, I would probably not be so hyperbolic if I wasn’t vaping Vazilla as I write this, but I would dare any of my friends to try and vape this amazing juice without ending up shouting hyperbole from the rooftops.

Vaped with my Provari and an AeroTank (1.8ohm coil head), set with a firm pull, and 3.9v, this sweet spot provided maximum flavor and the thickest vapor. Vazilla cries out for warm vapor, so try to match your voltage and ohms for flavor and warmth. You won’t be sorry. 5 Stars


For those of us that buy our eLiquids online, G2 Vapor is slightly harder to acquire. We can only hope that vendors like Giant Vapes will continue to stock plenty of G2 juice.

G2 Vapor’s expensive pricing structure notwithstanding, the eLiquids reviewed above are definitely worth trying, and we recommend any and all of them. We can only hope it won’t be too long before we can come back to G2 Vapor and finish the lineup.

Till the next time, let us know what you think about this review, and/or your own experiences with G2 Vapor.

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Keira Hartley-Barnes, Jason Little, and Tom McBride