The Suorin Drop isn’t new, yet for some reason we never got around to writing a full review until now.  It’s not that the device didn’t deserve a review, it’s just been a hectic time for pod mods and not every device can be reviewed.


It’s been on the market for more than a year, and since its introduction there has been dozens and dozens of newer pod mods designed, built, and shipped to vendors.


Still, for many pod mod users, the Suorin Drop has been a dependable device. Because we hadn’t reviewed it fully (though it did get a slot in the Best Ultra-Portable Pod Mod piece we did back in March 2018), it seemed to us that we should spend some time with one for the sole purpose of doing a full-length review.


The Suorin Drop is still one of the better pod mods in production.

Suorin Drop Review Spinfuel VAPE

Feature Highlights of the Suorin Drop 

 The Suorin Drop contains a rather small 310mAh battery. It is also a draw-activated device, no need for a fire button. Made with a zinc alloy and sporting refillable pods, it can slip into any pocket for a stealthy vape when and where you might need it.

At 73mm x 49mm x12mm in size, the Suorin Drop is remarkably hefty for its small size. (In this case, that’s a good thing)

The Suorin Drop uses the Suorin logo “water bead” in the center of the mod and its micro-USB port is on the very bottom. Other than that, there isn’t anything truly original about the design. (It does remind me of a kazoo though)

Operating the Drop is simple; remove the pod, fill it with eJuice, snap the pod back in, give the eJuice a minute or two to saturate the coil, and draw on the mouthpiece. Operating it couldn’t be easier. No buttons and no settings to worry about, it is about as stupid-easy to operate as anything on the market, which is one of the major draws for a pod mod in the first place.


The Suorin Drop comes in a several colors. Not all colors have the same finish however. The white, black and gunmetal models have a glossy and reflective finish, while the others have a rubberized paint finish.


The Suorin Drop pods are very similar to most other pod mods. The Drop pods have a maximum eliquid capacity of 2ml, fine for an MTL mod, (mouth-to-lung). The pods themselves are split into two chambers.


To fill the pods the user needs to remove the rubber plugs on both fill ports on the bottom to fill both of them with ejuice. The two chambers are isolated from one another, so the juice from one doesn’t flow to the other chamber.


Once filled, you should wait for 3 – 5 minutes, perhaps even longer if you can before vaping with it.  Doing so will allow the cotton wick to soak up the juice and you’ll not have to worry about scorching the wicking. If you vape right away you might destroy the pod, making it useless.

Observations While Vaping

The Suorin Drop pod mod has the smallest battery of the Suorin lineup today. The Suorin Air is rated a little higher at 400mAh, while the Suorin Vagon has battery capacity is 430mAh. None of these pod mods sport anywhere near enough power for all day, moderate to heavy usage.


Having said that, the built-in battery of the Suorin Drop might be rated at a 310mAh, but while vaping any high-level nicotine salt eJuice, most Vapers don’t pull on it nearly as much as the traditional mods and tanks. (nic-salt eJuice goes a long way) so despite the battery you should expect about 4-5 hours on average, but then again, that will depend on how much you vape.


Remember when everyone used to talk about pass-through vaping? Attaching the mod to a computer or any USB port and vape as long as you want and still charge the cell? The Suorin Drop features this passthrough mode, as do many, but worth noting simply because of its small power cell. Vapers that spend a lot of time in front of a computer, the passthrough technology is a nice feature to have.


The Suorin Drop uses LED battery life indicators, again, nothing unique here. A blue light means the battery has between 100% and 30% power left, and a red light when the power drops below 30%. When the battery is fully charged, the blue light will blink a few times, though only when the user draws on it. It won’t just sit there blinking.


The vape experience with the Suorin Drop was fine, but nothing special. But as I mentioned, I usually don’t review pod mods, or use them in my personal vape life. For me, it’s all about flavor and clouds in large capacity sub-ohm tanks and at least 100W of power.


During my time with the Drop it worked fairly well as a small vape device made for nic-salts. However, like some of the box mods I’ve reviewed over the years, it is not immune to an occasional misfire.


There seemed to be a build-up of e-liquid on the bottom of the pod as well. I don’t think its condensation, but rather subtle leaking. However, the pod itself is sealed, so it won’t cause any mechanical problems with the device. I blame the tiny rubber plugs as the culprit.


The Suorin Drop outputs 13W, yet with a good nic-salt juice flavor the Drop can produce decent flavor for a pod mod. Vapor production is also decent for a pod mod.


The MTL draw is tighter than the draw on a tobacco cigarette. Let’s be honest here, some people smoke cigarettes with a Direct Lung style, something impossible with a pod mod like the Drop.  The mouthpiece is fairly ergonomic and that made it comfortable to hold between my lips.


The eJuice consumption rate is on par with most other pod mods, as was the flavor except for the SMOK NORD which I reviewed a couple of weeks back, the NORD is actually an MTL or DL pod mod, and flavor and vapor are excellent for a pod mod.

Bottom Line

The Suorin Drop is definitely an attractive pod mod, and regardless of the number of months since its release, there is still ample reason for pod mod users to grab one. The price has also come down since its release, so there is that to consider as well.


If your thing is vaping with pod mods and you happen to like the design of the Drop, then now is a good time to drop a few bucks and buy one. We’ve reviewed plenty of pod mods in 2018, and except for the very new ones like the SMOK NORD, I didn’t think the difference in performance was enough to point users to pod mod A or pod mod B.


Yes, dozens of pod mods later the Suorin Drop is still in the game for nicotine salt users. Innovation, true innovation, in the pod mod world has been slow, but perhaps in 2019 we’ll see some much-needed improvement in these tiny devices.