YiHi SX Auto Squonk Pod System Review
SX Auto by YiHi – A Squonk Pod System – Review

This whole “vaping” thing doesn’t really need to be difficult, does it? Yet, most companies still try to build a better mousetrap in the name of convenience. This usually makes things more complicated than necessary. And that might still be the case with the new YiHi SX Auto Squonk Pod System . Which now introduces a [...]

Aegis Boost by Geek Vape – A Pod Mod Review

The Aegis Boost by Geek Vape.  No company gets more life out of a brand than Geek Vape does with its Aegis line. In the few years since the line launched, we’ve seen the Aegis name on every type of vaping product short of a cig-a-like. (And let’s be honest, it would still be [...]

Hellvape Grimm Pod/AIO Kit Review
Hellvape Grimm Pod/AIO Starter Kit Review

As we approach the end of the calendar year 2019, (HAPPY WHATEVER YOU CELEBRATE!!!)  I thought all of my pod mod reviews just might be done and over. But this category refuses to slow down. Enter the Hellvape Grimm Pod Mod Kit, a collaboration with noted vaping personalities Grimm Green and Ohm Boy. (Yes, this is [...]

Wismec PREVA DNA 20W Pod System Review

Reviewing the new WISMEC PREVA DNA Pod Mod System - Alright, I’m gonna come right out and say it -- pod mods don’t need to be this advanced. Over the last few months, we’ve seen the pod format evolve beyond the usual disposable trash to become miniature box mod setups. And some -- most notably [...]

Voopoo Vinci R 40W Pod Kit Review

The Voopoo Vinci R 40W Pod Mod System... well it seems like yesterday we reviewed a pod mod kit that had more of a chipset than it probably needed. [ED: It WAS yesterday.] But another day brings another shipment, and another pod mod that’s reaching for the stars, when it probably would have been better [...]

Augvape Druga Narada Pod System Review

When reviewing vape devices, our experiences usually range from “if they only did _____” to “WTF were they thinking?” But these two exclamations very rarely happen within the same review. Yet, it happened here, with the all-new Augvape Druga Narada pod mod system.   If you’re a no-nonsense, set it and forget it kind of vaper, the [...]

Vaporesso PodStick Kit – A Real World Performance Test

I’m gonna lead off with a blanket statement -- pod mods might have become too smart for their own good. When these supposedly simple devices first launched, they were designed to be user-friendly with no-fuss operation. Today, things have changed. Take, for example, the new Vaporesso PodStick kit, which is a pod mod in name only. [...]


(Tapping fingers on my desk) Pod...Pod...Bident! Now without giving too much away in the intro. The Bident is; yes, the new pod system from the minds over at GEEK VAPE. Upon first glance you might be quick to judge as I was and pass this off as “yet another copy of a copy.” You wouldn’t [...]

Vladdin Eden Pod System Review
Vladdin Eden Pod Mod System Review

I was never much of a pod user over my years of vaping. Ever since I began writing reviews about vape products that has changed quite dramatically. As goes with every job I’ve ever had being the new guy means you get to earn your stripes. Positively speaking, I’m building a wealth of knowledge and [...]

SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit Full Review

The SMOK RPM 40 Review - I’ll admit when I first opened this month’s box of goodies to review I was a bit dizzy looking at the amount of POD MODS packed inside. That’s until I pulled the SMOK RPM 40 (40W )Pod Mod out of the mix. Now I’m not saying: “Why are you wasting [...]

Joyetech Teros One Pod Mod System Review
Joyetech Teros One Pod Mod System Review

Joyetech Teros One Pod Mod System Review - We won’t lead off this review with our usual mantra against pod mod systems, because like it or not, they’re not going anywhere, and people seem to like them. But we’ve also noticed that most of the pod mods we’ve given positive reviews over the years have [...]

Lost Vape Orion Plus DNA AIO System Review
Lost Vape Orion Plus DNA AIO System Review

The Lost Vape Orion Plus DNA AIO - When we review pod mods around here, we almost always refer back to the Lost Vape Orion as a benchmark device for the format. Well, it looks like we’re gonna have to update all those links, because even though the company didn’t have much competition, Lost Vape has [...]

Aspire Breeze NXT AIO Mod Review
Breeze NXT by Aspire – An AIO Mod Review

The Aspire Breeze NXT - A pod is a pod is a pod, right? Well, as we’ve learned lately, this really isn’t the case anymore. While no one is ever going to start an all-in-one (AIO) cloud competition, it’s clear that the trend of sub-ohm pod vaping isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.   The Aspire Breeze NXT is [...]

Oukitel Bison 30W Pod System Review
Oukitel Bison 30W Pod System Review

The Oukitel Bison - Lately, we’ve been reviewing a bunch of quality pod mod vape setups that had us questioning our stance against these devices. (to remind our regulars, we're basically against using pod mods and nicotine-salt e-juice)  Some of them have offered pretty good experiences, with broader appeal than just “new vapers,” or “ex-smokers.” So, [...]

Horizon Magico Pod Kit Review
Horizon Magico 13-25W Pod Mod System Review

The Magico Pod Kit by Horizon   Remember when pod mods and traditional vape mod setups were different things? It wasn’t that long ago that pod mods were strictly focused on new vapers, ex-smokers and nicotine seekers. But thanks to this recent surge of “box pod” systems like the new Horizon Magico kit, those lines are [...]