Uwell Caliburn G Pod Mod Kit

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but it’s been a while since we reviewed a standard, no-frills pod mod! (No, we weren’t exactly BEGGING for one, but still…) The latest entrant in this saturated market? The all-new Uwell Caliburn G 18-watt pod mod. Look, if you’re seeking a life-changing, world-beating vape mod, you probably don’t have [...]


After this sudden resurgence in high-wattage mod and sub-ohm tank reviews, we were surprised by the relative lack of pod mods coming out. We’re not talking about those high-wattage AIO/pod hybrids (which have been awesome of late) but rather the low-wattage, true mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices that dominated the headlines before COVID hit the land. Well, leave [...]

Snowwolf TAZE Pod Kit Review
Snowwolf TAZE Pod Kit is Decent, but…. – A Review

What’s a wolf without teeth? Kind of a sad, bulky dog. Unfortunately, despite a stellar lineage of high-wattage vape mods and pod hybrids, the all-new Snowwolf TAZE 40-watt pod system is an underwhelming entry into a crowded field. While there are some high points to be had with the TAZE kit, there’s not much likelihood that [...]

SMOK NFIX Pod System Review
The New SMOK NFIX Pod System Review

Do pod mods need more innovation and hybrid design? We’ve argued against it for a while, then keep getting healthy servings of crow right after, because some of the most recent innovations make sense. Today’s hybrid generation of high-powered, adjustable pod systems (like the SMOK RPM series) takes the pod format a little further than [...]

The FreeMax Autopod50 Pod Mod AIO Review

When is an “all-in-one” device not enough? This is often debated by vape reviewers, who try to pinpoint which audience would be best served by a specific product. The all-new Freemax Autopod50 device stirred up more of these discussions (and solved none of them). Let’s dive in to see which side of the AIO fence you [...]

The Incredible SMOK RPM160 (pod mod?)
The Incredible SMOK RPM160 (pod mod?)

The new SMOK RPM160 device, which should be considered a genuine pod mod, is one of the best devices I’ve used in this miserable year of the pandemic. But it is difficult for me to call the RPM160 a pod mod. This device puts every other pod mod I’ve used in the past to shame, [...]

Pod Vaping System Gurgling, Leaking or Spitting: How to Fix It
Pod Vaping System Gurgling or Leaking: How to Fix It

Pod vaping systems are certainly the hottest thing in vaping these days. More people than ever are choosing a pod system as their 1st or 2nd vaping devices. Open Systems, meaning the pods are empty when you buy them, are the most popular. The federal government’s ban on most pre-filled flavored pods has only helped the [...]

SMOK Alike Pod System Review

The SMOK ALIKE 40W Pod Mod Review - I just had a thought -- my pod mod collection suddenly has more fake leather than a 1970s living room. A weird way to start a review, for sure. But when so many new devices look, feel and perform the same, it gets difficult to be creative. That [...]

Sense Herakles Pod Mod Review
Sense Herakles Pod Mod is Deja Vu All Over Again

Sense Herakles Review - There’s a great line in the old slapstick movie, “Top Secret,” in which a character introduces himself as “Deja Vu,” and the other person goes, “Have we not met before?” I think I wet myself AND did a spit take when I first saw it.... The Sense Herakles pod mod system is [...]

Drag X and S by Voopoo – A Pod Mod/AIO Movement

Okay, normally we wouldn’t do an article/review like this. Our policy at Spinfuel VAPE is always to review items on their own merit, regardless of how many products exist in a series. However, Voopoo is releasing the all-new Drag X and Drag S pod mod systems in parallel, just begging for a comparison piece. A closer [...]

RPM80 Pro Pod System by SMOK – Review

Didn’t we just review one of these? NOPE. In true SMOK fashion, the RPM series continues the iterative nature of its product line with the 18650-enabled RPM80 Pro Pod System.   Like we’ve said before, 80-watt cloud chucking devices barely qualify as “pod mods,” but that narrative is tired. Instead, let’s just review the Pro on its [...]

Uwell Caliburn KOKO 11W Pod Mod Review

It’s hard to get excited about new low-wattage pod mods, but when something’s done right, we have to give it credit. The tiny Uwell Caliburn KOKO isn’t offering anything we haven’t seen before. It’s a solid effort from a company known for performance and value. Let’s dive into the specs... The UWELL Caliburn KOKO Pod System... a [...]

SMOK Fetch Pro 80W AIO System Review
Fetch Pro 80W AIO System by SMOK Review

Fetch Pro 80W AIO by SMOK - Every time we review one of these hybrid pod mod/AIO setups, we always say the same things. “It bridges the gap.” “A pod system for advanced vapers.” Etc. etc. etc. Well, we might have to come up with some new phrases, because the SMOK Fetch Pro is a [...]

Vaporesso Degree 30W Pod System Review
Vaporesso Degree 30W Pod System Review

Calendar year 2020 is going to be one we all want to forget. But we never thought the vaping industry would give up on innovating so quickly into the year. The all-new Vaporesso Degree is a perfect example of this. Despite it being a solid, strong-performing mini-AIO setup, fans of this format are going to [...]

Sigelei GLORI Pod System Review
Sigelei GLORI Pod System Review

How much further can vape companies go with the never-ending pod mod trend? The star of today’s show – the Sigelei GLORI Pod Mod Kit – certainly fits the bill for ex-smokers. But does the world really need another draw-activated, low-wattage device? I don’t know.   Is “satisfying” enough to compete in a crowded pod mod marketplace? [...]