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It seems like just yesterday I was reviewing the JUSTFOG MiniFIT pod mod (review here) – and considering how quickly these Pod Mod/Ultra-Portable devices are hitting shelves, it just might very well have been yesterday. But I’m watching this one a little closer, because while the MiniFIT wasn’t a tremendously impressive device, the new JUSTFOG C601 AIO pod mod kit improves upon it in nearly every way.

JUSTFOG C601 Ultra-Portable Pod Mod Review

One advantage of the JUSTFOG C601 is that unlike the JUUL Vaping System, the C601 is an open-system. JUUL is a closed system, meaning that their meager pods are also disposable. At least with an open system like the JUSTFOG, users can fill their (larger) pods with whatever eJuice suits their fancy. Not many vendors carry the JUUL, one that does, at discount prices, is Breezy, which you can find here.

Vaping the JUSTFOG C601 Pod Mod


Now, don’t go dropping your Voopoo Drag (review here) just yet, or other cloud chucking mods – the C601 is still ‘just’ a pod mod, and has all of the usual pod mod limitations, such as battery life, coil longevity, etc. But as a sophomore effort, the fledgling JUSTFOG company seems to be listening to honest critiques. (Just as SMOK has recently taken to heart our many complaints about the over-tightening of preinstalled Coil Heads and top and bottom caps) When Reviewers are honest about the product they review, the companies will often(?) times take the information to heart and make good-faith changes.


JUSTFOG has built this pod mod as bigger, wider version of the USB-Flash Drive sized MiniFIT, though the C601 is a similar format. It’s rounded, like a child’s kazoo, but with a handy rotating clip that allows the user to free up some precious pocket space for, say, extra pods, e-liquid, or anything else. I wish the clip was a LITTLE looser and smoother, especially when removing and refilling the pod mod’s solitary pod. But it’s still a helpful addition nonetheless.


I love the JUSTFOG C601’s smooth, rubberized coating, thanks to the amount of grip it gives users without ever becoming sticky or tacky. There were some fingerprint issues whenever using it in warm environments, but I didn’t have any real problems and it certainly isn’t a deal-killer.


The pod portion of the C601 itself is standard issue, with the typically low 1.7mL capacity (which is a full 1mL larger than the 0.7mL pod of the JUUL Vaping System) and snug 1.6-ohm resistance. Yep, this ultra-portable pod mod is strictly for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vapers, so don’t go trying to fog the room with nic salt Ejuice. The name “JUSTFOG” is almost ironic.  Stealth and vape satisfaction are the name of the game – the only name.


Where the C601 makes the biggest strides from its predecessor is the battery, which has been bumped to a VERY respectable 650mAh. Considering we just reviewed a gigantic, Bluetooth-enabled Box Mod (Wismec Active) with its relatively puny 2,100mAh capacity, 650mAh is more than adequate for a pod mod the size of an average lipstick.


And man alive, does it last. Vaping casually-to-moderately, I enjoyed nearly a day and a half of performance before the battery needed a quick jolt from the included USB cable. Better yet, the C601 maintained steady vape quality, right up until those final moments when the integrated LED indicator tapped out.


That same indicator, by the way, also doubles as a clicky, low-throw fire key that is comfortable, responsive, and should satisfy most users, whether they’re newcomers or vape veterans.

Vaping the JUSTFOG C601 Pod Mod - Part 2

But the top highlight of the JUSTFOG C601 is the integrated mouthpiece/pod, which brings the coil as close to the tip as possible with the intention of intensifying both flavor and warmth without getting too hot.


Though the fill port was typically tiny, once the pod was filled I was treated to near instant flavor quality in each and every draw. After the coil broke in after the second tank refill, it was as good as any pod mod on the market today.


For every Yin there’s a Yang, and the downside to the C601 coil is an all-too-common, longevity. I got barely four 1.7mL refills of the LONE pod in the kit before the flavor and vapor production dropped dramatically.


Between you, me and the wall of pod mods clogging my office, I’m getting REALLY tired of refillable pod cartridges crapping out so quickly. I get that these devices are not high-end vape mods, but how is an ex-smoker going to feel about the move to vaping when their investments keep dying long before they should?


I also get that this is a consumable’s business, and JUSTFOG wants to make money just like its competitors. But again, 4-5 refills per pod is ludicrous – and sadly, the C601 sits on the high end of longevity when compared to some of the other ultra-portable devices we’ve reviewed recently.


But, that aside, I have to tip my cap to JUSTFOG. Because, even if they hadn’t read our review of the MiniFIT (but I believe they did), it seems like they addressed a lot of concerns from their first pod mod effort and improved their product across the board. From battery life to flavor, the JUSTFOG C601 earned itself a seat near the top of the ever-growing pod mod mountain.


I’ve experienced “better X” and “longer Y” and so on with other devices, but few pod mods have the combination of power, flavor and performance demonstrated by the C601. Put it on your shortlist if you’re seeking to expand your pod mod options.


Score: A-

JUSTFOG C601 Ultra-Portable Pod Mod Features & Specs:

  • All in One System
    • Single Button Operated
    • Press to Fire
    • 3.5V Constant Voltage Function
  • Refillable C601 Pod System
    • 1.7ml Capacity
    • 1.6-ohm Atomizer Resistance
    • Proprietary Connection
  • Plug and Play Connection
    • Gold Plated Proprietary Connection
    • Pod Acts as Tip
  • 650mAh Built in Battery
    • LED Battery Life Indicator
    • USB Charging Port
  • Battery Life Indicator
    • White LED Lights
      • 100 to 70%
    • Blue LED Lights
      • 70 to 30%
    • Red LED Light
      • 30% to 0%
    • Six Red LED Lights Blinking
      • 0%
  • Device Protection
    • Short Circuit Protection/Overheating Protection/Over-Discharge Protection/Overcharge Protection/ Overvoltage Charge Protection

JUSTFOG C601 Dimensions:

  • 33mm by 20mm by 58mm

JUSTFOG C601 Kit Includes:

  • One C601 Ultra-Portable Device
  • One C601 Replacement Pod
  • One USB Cable
  • One User Manual