A few months back, we reviewed the Steam Crave GLAZ Mini, an MTL-focused rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) that hit a lot of positive notes for ex-smokers and new vapers. So, we figured we’d go back and check to see if there was much of a difference between the Mini and the full-sized GLAZ.


Well, this was the difference between “Jaws” and “Jaws 4,” friends. Similar in name only, the 31mm GLAZ is an absolute monster rebuildable vape tank, in both size and performance. Let’s get to the specs and see if this beast fits your needs.

Official Product Description

The Steam Crave GLAZ 31mm RTA, featuring a 7mL upgradable glass capacity, dual coil configuration, and features a multi-holed dual bottom airflow control ring. Constructed from quality stainless steel, the construction of the Steam Crave GLAZ RTA is solid, providing a metal reinforcement to the 7mL refillable glass tank.

Upgradeable to 10mL with the bubble glass replacement, the GLAZ RTA can last between refills, eliminating the need for constant refills through the sliding top fill. The glass construction allows for viewing of the single or dual coil installed at the center. At the base is a dual slotted airflow control ring with multihole configuration to allow careful metering of the airflow intake.

Steam Crave GLAZ 31mm RTA

Steam Crave GLAZ 31mm RTA Features:

  • 31mm Diameter
  • 7mL Standard Juice Capacity
  • 10mL Bubble Glass Capacity
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Borosilicate Glass Reinforcement
  • Solid Metal Cage Design
  • Sliding Top Refill System
  • Large Single Fill Port
  • Large Postless Build Deck – 4 Deck Terminals
  • Side Secured via Hex Screws
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Single or Dual Coil Configuration
  • Dual Slotted Bottom Airflow Control Ring
  • 810 Widebore Delrin Drip Tip
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, and Black

Included with the GLAZ 31mm RTA:

  • 1 GLAZ RTA
  •  Spare 7mL Glass
  •  Spare 10mL Bubble Glass
  •  Spare Chimney Glass
  •  Vape Band
  • Allen Key
  •  Spare O-Ring and Grub Screws
  •  User Manual
  •  Steam Crave Sticker
Stainless Steel - Steam Crave GLAZ 31mm RTA

Aesthetics of the GLAZ 31mm

Black - Steam Crave GLAZ 31mm RTAHoly hell, this thing is big — in fact, most of Steam Crave’s current lineup of RTAs is larger than 30mm, but the GLAZ dwarfs just about everything out there today. And be forewarned, it’s not going to look right on many normal-sized mods, even if they’re wide enough to handle 31mm tanks.


(Think Dovpo’s Odin or Steam Crave’s own Hadron mods, not your usual pocket mod.)


That said, even with the tremendous amount of real estate, Steam Crave was surprisingly reserved with the overall design of this RTA. For starters, there’s a no-frills aesthetic throughout the build quality. It’s simply stainless steel with no accents or adornments to be found.


Even the engraved Steam Crave logo treatment is bare-bones, as if someone learned to use the machine for the first time.


That said, this “lo-fi” approach to construction means some of the machining is a little odd. For starters, the base threading is a little crunchy, and it takes a few days before the excess metal filaments wear away. Even the sliding fill cap needed some muscle for the first few uses before breaking in properly.

Reviews Galore

Parts 1 - Steam Crave GLAZ 31mm RTAI haven’t mentioned this in approximately 700 reviews, but the GLAZ smelled strongly of machining oil when first removed from the box. This is a problem we encountered years ago, when production lines weren’t optimized, or when we were buying cheap tank clones from FastTech (admit it… we all did it).


Now, we ALWAYS recommend thoroughly washing and scrubbing new vape tanks when they first arrive, but we haven’t found it this necessary in years.


RTA veterans are going to be surprised by the relatively modest 7mL juice capacity. But both the stock straight glass/metal section and the 10mL-capacity bubble glass section look like they could house a small aquarium, so most users should be satisfied.


(But to be honest, the 10mL extension makes this thing look ridiculous… even if it does fit the design to a tee.)

The Deck

Deck - Steam Crave GLAZ 31mm RTAThe build deck is extremely simple to use, with a narrow, postless setup to hold both ends of a coil lead. It gets wide enough to handle most any wire, but can get tight enough to handle the thin-wire coils some old-school stalwarts still insist on using. I appreciate a versatile deck, and Steam Crave delivers big with the GLAZ.


The bottom angled airflow ports, and highly adjustable AFC ring are standard issue inclusions, so Steam Crave didn’t aim to reinvent the wheel with the GLAZ. But given the extra space inside the massive chamber, changes in airflow are immediately noticeable and appreciated.


One aesthetic note: The GLAZ is named for its signature clear glass cap over the coil build. While this looks amazing when first wicking the tank, it gets pretty funky with regular use. It’s always good to check your coils for gunk and residue, but if you don’t want non-vapers to think you’re inhaling viscous crud, you may not prefer the exposed deck.

Vaping the Steam Crave GLAZ RTA

package 1 - Steam Crave GLAZ 31mm RTAOnce the machining quirks work themselves out, using the GLAZ is a pleasure. While getting coils placed is a breeze, wicking is a predictably finicky thing on the GLAZ. All RTAs have little quirks when it comes to getting the right balance of cotton to juice flow, but the GLAZ took me a little longer than usual to find that sweet spot.


When you get the build right the GLAZ is nearly flawless, in both flavor clarity and vapor production. Now that we’ve thankfully moved past the overwrought, complex coil craze, the GLAZ is a masterful demonstration of dual-coil simplicity, with a strong focus on flavor clarity and consistency. Yes, the GLAZ can chuck some fat clouds, but — as I’ve said countless times before — if you’re buying this RTA to fog rooms, you’re missing the point.


When properly wicked, the GLAZ vapes as well as any of today’s leading sub-ohm tanks, with richer, deeper flavor, to boot.

Coils and Such of the GLAZ 31mm RTA

Using a wide range of coils and liquids, I tried to find flaws in the GLAZ’s performance, but couldn’t. Sure, I had a few random gurgles here and there, but what RTAs don’t have these issues? The GLAZ didn’t care if it was a complex coil, or a few simple twists of straight wire — the results were uniformly excellent.


One minor performance note — on higher wattages, the GLAZ gets a little hot with the base lacking any grooves to channel heat away from the source. Perhaps an Ultem mouth piece or some other heat shield would have helped. On mid-range wattages, it’s barely noticeable, but higher outputs could result in some discomfort.



  • Stunning flavor clarity
  • Simple, efficient build deck
  • Tons of capacity with extended glass section


  • It’s beyond huge and needs a larger mod to look “right”
  • Odd machining remnants and odors
  • Exposed coils could get a little nasty looking

Steam Crave GLAZ 31mm RTA – Bottom Line

Steam Crave’s new line of RTAs is definitely aimed at enthusiasts, and not casual vapers. But man, do they know how to appeal to that niche. The 31mm GLAZ may not win any fashion awards, but in terms of capacity, performance and sheer enjoyment, it’s hard to find much fault in this beast of an RTA.


If you have a large mod, or just want something different than the usual carbon-copy tank options, Steam Crave has your back.


Score: A-