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I get the “tough guy” thing, I really do. I like heavy metal, skulls and biker stuff as much as the next guy. But can someone explain — especially in this current anti-vaping climate — how it’s a good idea to name your vape tank after a deadly heart attack? Sure, it looks badass, but isn’t the ‘Widowmaker’ by Vandy Vape a bit much? The last thing vaping needs is an RTA that can give it more bad press.


That said, the Vandy Vape Widowmaker is not to be denied. From its tall, exaggerated frame to its ridiculously good flavor, the Widowmaker is exactly what most RTA enthusiasts are seeking in 2020. Does it bring anything “new” to the table? Not at all. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a purchase. Let’s dive into the specs and see what’s up.



Vape Vape Widowmaker RTA in a Nutshell (the Propaganda)

The Vandy Vape Widowmaker 25mm RTA, a large capacity rebuildable tank atomizer, implementing a large 25mm postless build deck, dual coil capabilities, and is equipped with an interchangeable mid airflow sleeve to create luscious clouds of vapor for those that love rebuildables.

Equipped with a postless build deck, the Vandy Vape Widowmaker RTA possesses an easy-to-build on deck, featuring four prominent closed terminals on the floor of the build deck. Side secured via hex screws, the Vandy Vape Widowmaker can utilize two coils at the same time, doubling the amount of vapor output possible.

Filling System and Capacity

Holding up to 6mL of eJuice within the confines of the borosilicate glass tank, the Widowmaker RTA can be refilled in a quarter-turn top fill system, revealing a single large fill port.

In addition, the knurled bottom airflow control ring sports a set of incrementally larger airflow holes, while the mid airflow sleeve can be interchanged between three airflow designs and can be easily swapped out to find the best possible airflow configuration.


Vandy Vape Widowmaker 25mm RTA Features:

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 5mm Deep Juice Wells
  • 6mL Glass Capacity
  • 2mL Bubble Glass Capacity
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Tank Construction
  • Quarter Turn Top Fill System – Single Fill Port
  • Postless Build Deck – 4 Deck Terminals
  • Side Secured via Hex Screws
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Dual Coil Configuration
  • Detachable Structure
  • Conical Top Cap – Concentrates Flavor
  • Customizable Airflow Control System
  • 3 Interchangeable Airflow Mid Cap
  • Round Hole Mid Airflow Sleeve
  • Multi Hole Mid Airflow Sleeve
  • Oval Mid Airflow Sleeve
  • Dual Sided 7-Multihole Bottom Adjustable Airflow Control Ring
  • Low Profile 810 Delrin Drip Tip
  • Threaded 510 Connection
  • Available in Frosted Grey, Gunmetal


  • Vandy Vape Widowmaker 25mm RTA
  • Bubble Glass
  •  Spare Parts Bag
  •  Instruction Manual
  •  Coil Lead Guide
  •  Adjustable Airflow Cap
  • 2 0.35ohm Triple Fused Clapton Coil

Aesthetics of the Widowmaker


In a marketplace filled with same-y dual-coil RTAs the Widowmaker manages to draw some looks, mostly due to its tall, exaggerated exterior. Yeah, it might look a little like a fishbowl, but in order to meet its proportions, Vandy Vape opted to make the Widowmaker a little wider at the top through a bubble glass section.

Build Deck - 1Despite the tall dimensions, the Widowmaker never feels out of place on your mods, sitting nice and balanced, regardless of the device attached beneath it. Maybe more-compact mods might look a little funny, but most dual-18650 devices complete the package nicely.


Taking it apart, the quad-postless build deck is an interesting one. “Interesting” because it’s hardly the easiest deck to build and/or attach coils. Instead, I found it geared more for the expert user. Then again, given the lack of new RTAs coming out these days, maybe it isn’t that strange after all. Once the coils are placed, the performance is top-flight. That’s because the deck allows for more build space and free-flowing liquid transfer to the coils.Black - Vandy Vape Tall Tank


The wick ports are a little snug for my tastes, but by using the tried and true layering approach, where you fold the wick leads atop the liquid ports, rather than stuffing the holes, I enjoyed ample flow to the coils, and no dry hits, even when vaping heavily.


The mid-body airflow control seems like it would be too windy, with openings around the deck, coming from two large external ports, but it worked well. That said, anyone looking for more restrictive airflow is probably going to find the Widowmaker a little less than perfect. I was able to shut it down for more restricted, flavor-focused draws, but it wasn’t a consistent experience.

Vaping the Vandy Vape Widowmaker RTA

Packaging - VANDY VAPE WIDOWMAKER 25MM RTAOne thing I would have loved is a sliding top-cap, like seen in the Vandy Vape Kylin series. Most RTAs tend to have screw off caps, but I can’t help but wonder how much better the experience would have been with something more user-friendly.


One of the other features is a standout for all the wrong reasons. The wide, expansive build deck is great for trying different coil configurations. The real estate comes at a price – capacity. Even with the bubble glass extension, I found myself refilling the Widowmaker more than expected. With the juice flow control closed down, the Widowmaker was exceptionally thirsty – something to consider when taking it out for an evening.


Once you get past the slightly obtuse build deck and coil placement, the Widowmaker is a pretty straightforward RTA. It manages to keep leaking to a minimum – an absolute must for rebuildable tank atomizers today, yet also a common problem. And it really does improve flavor over a good number of recent RTA challengers.

I tried a number of builds on the Widowmaker, from airy cloud throwers, to more-restrictive flavor builds, and all performed admirably. What surprised me is that with so much airflow, even low-resistance builds managed to produce a tremendous amount of flavor. While there’s nothing inherently “new” about a wide-open airflow system that produces a cyclonic action toward the mouthpiece, the Widowmaker takes the concept and works it effortlessly around the build deck.


  • Solid, proven build deck
  • Easy filling top cap
  • Strong flavor performance


  • Very thirsty setup
  • Maybe too much airflow
  • Building – tougher than expected

Drip Tip - VANDY VAPE WIDOWMAKER 25MM RTAThe Widowmaker Bottom Line

Given the relative lack of new RTAs hitting the market, ANY new entry is going to be welcomed by enthusiasts. If you’re on the fence know that the Widowmaker is a rock-solid purchase. Well worth the time it takes to get it “just right.” A Winner. Flavor and vape quality is extremely strong, once you master the nuances.

Score: A-