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SMOKTech DCTank Review

Several weeks (months?) ago we wrote a review for a carto-tank Big Daddy Vapor’s Who’s Your Daddy Carto-Tanks. Most of us loved the tanks at the time despite the fact that it was not a Pryex carto-tank, in both 3ML and 5ML capacities. The two major factors that helped determine the value of these carto-tanks (they are, after all, $47.99) was the fact that we really like cartomizer-based tanks, like the Texas Tuff Tank ($7.99), and we liked that you didn’t have to worry about what type of juice you put in the tank, a definite plus over the Texas Tuff Tank. But they had one problem that “I” couldn’t deal with… the end caps. These little buggers were very difficult to take off and put back on, especially if you didn’t use their “Slap Ya Momma” cartomizer tool. Other than that, everybody thought they were fantastic. Well, now SMOKtech has come out with an even better tank at about a quarter of the price of a Who’s Your Daddy tank ($12.99 MyVaporStore).

Feature for feature the new SMOKtech carto-tank matches the Big Daddy tanks, and in a few important ways beats the pants off them. One of those ways is the price. At $12.99, about the price of a Vivi Nova and a few bucks less than the Kanger ProTank, they are a fantastic value.

These new DCTanks are, so far anyway, a solid high value tank. With an inner tube made of Pyrex Glass, an outer tube made of a high grade aluminum, in various colors, and the attention to detail practically unheard of in a Chinese-made tank, you can’t afford not to pick up a couple of these beautiful tanks if you are a user of cartomizer-based tanks.


  • Pyrex Tank
  • Window Cutout
  • Flanged base
  • End Caps permanently attached
  • Large Capacity

The cartomizer that comes with the tank is rated at 1.5ohms, and when I tested it the ohms readout was 1.6, which is close enough to me. I prefer single coil cartomizers myself because I can run my battery at many different settings, though I did enjoy this particular Low Resistance Dual Coil running my VAMO at 3.6ohms to 3.8 ohms (Mountain Oak Vapors Caramela). I know many people like Dual Coils and I get that, but for those of you that prefer to run a single coil you can, just buy SMOKtech single-coil cartomizers, from 2-3ohm resistances.

Permanent End Caps

I think the only reason I was assigned this review was because of all the trouble I had with Big Daddy’s end caps, miserable little bastards that they are. I lost a good deal of e-Liquid because I popped off the end caps at the most inappropriate times, even when using their special cartomizer tool.

The SMOKtech tanks feature permanent end caps that couldn’t come apart if they wanted to. Using a single or dual coil SMOKtech cartomizers with a flange at the bottom, the cartomizer locks in place into the bottom (permanent) end cap so there is no possible way of messing up the procedure of filling and refilling the tank with your favorite e-Liquid. That was a huge plus for me, and for anyone else that has any issues with removable end caps.

Pyrex Glass

I don’t think we ever did find out what the inner tube was made out of in the Big Daddy tanks, and after taking a look on their website before writing this review I can’t see any place in their descriptions that mention what it is. They do say the inner tube is a high grade plastic, not glass, and I am certain they are.Spinfuel Review of the SmokTech Pyrex Carto-Tank

I would imagine if they were using Pyrex glass they would have to charge even more. Using Pyrex instead of plastic is kind of a big deal, no? The SMOKtech DCTank IS made with a Pyrex glass inner tube, not only can you use whatever e-Liquid suits your mood, all you need to do to clean it is run under some lukewarm water and it’s clean. No telltale sign of what the previous e-Liquid was, and because it is Pyrex it will last forever…and a day.

Big Tank

The SMOKtech DCTank holds 3.5ml of juice. The Big Daddy tanks come in two sizes, 3ml and 5ml capacities and the SMOKtech comes in a single size of 3.5ml. We can give the advantage to Big Daddy for offering their tank in two sizes, I suppose, but I’ve been making out quite nicely with the 3.5ml DCTank. And we can safely assume that the DCTank will come out in various sizes sooner rather than later.

Sci-Fi Windows

The windows on SMOKtech DC Tank are not only functional they look cool as hell. One large rounded corners rectangular window at the bottom and one circular, smaller, window directly above it. I can’t really tell you that there is some functional advantage to the two windows, other than it runs the enter length of the tank, but it is does make the tank look even cooler than it would otherwise. These windows are not simply small slits in the aluminum either; these are quite wide, easily allowing you to see exactly how much juice you have left without straining your eyes. Add the two sci-fi looking windows with the colored brush aluminum shell and it equals one beautiful looking tank.

Drip Tip, Flanges, and 510-threads

Naturally the DCTank comes with a drip tip, but I discarded it immediately in favor of a knucklehead drip tip I picked up at MyVaporStore. Sadly, the only Molehill Mountain drip tip I have, that I paid a big fat $22 for doesn’t fit, and it is a beautiful drip tip. I switched out several plastic drip tips of various shapes and sizes with no problem, but the wooden one I thought would be of use for years doesn’t want to play nice with SMOKtech cartomizers.

Because the DCTank is made by the same company that makes the cartomizers they have taken full advantage of the flange end of the cartos so that pushing the cartomizer into the tank and turning it so that the flat side of the ring fits into the flat cutout of the end cap it does a great job creating a nice seal.

Nonetheless, if you happen to screw the tank onto your battery tightly you may want to remember to unscrew it while holding onto the end cap; if you don’t you could pull the tank up and leave the cartomizer firmly entrenched on the battery. I did that twice… and both times I didn’t lose a single drip of e-Liquid. I wish I could say that about my experience with the Dig Daddy tank. My best advice here is to screw on the tank enough to make contact with the battery connector but not so tight that the cartomizer will want to stay there when you unscrew the tank.

As for being a 510-thread, well did you expect anything else?

Compatible Cartomizers include the SMOKtech Dual Coil and Single Coils and the new Boge F16. I have some on order and will update this review if there is a problem with the F16 and the DCTank; I have no reason to think there will be. The only reason you would want to use a SMOKtech cartomizer is because of the flange, though the F16 by Boge also uses a flange, so what the hell do I know?

Fill and Refilling

MyVaporStore has a nice photo (HERE) supplied by SMOKtech that describes how to fill and refill the tank. If you have any experience at all with a cartomizer based tank its just a simple matter of pushing the cartomizer down just enough to fill the tank with e-Liquid, then push the cartomizer back in, making sure to “lock” it by matching the flange to the end cap. Very easy, almost idiot proof.

If you happen to own one of Big Daddy’s Slap Yo Momma tools it could make bringing up the cartomizer through the top end cap easier, though I didn’t have a problem lining it up and bringing it up through.

Personal Impression

I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of new flavors over the past few weeks, many of them in completely different families of flavors. One of them was John’s current passion, Mountain Oak Vapors Chai Tea Latte. He had me vaping it for a while, and I like it a lot. But, when I put some Chai Tea Latte into the SMOKtech DCTank the flavor was lost, it went very dry and not nearly as good as when I vaped it in a clearomizer. Other flavors, various tobaccos and coffee flavors I enjoy were just fine. The Chai Tea, a couple of fruity flavors, and one of my favorite Boston Cream Pies just didn’t taste as good. That was strange and something I didn’t expect. I’m not sure if it’s the SMOKtech brand cartomizer or what, but when I get a few packs of the Boge 16 I’ll certainly try them again. I suppose the bottom line, for me anyway, is that I get a more consistent flavor and vapor with a clearomizer then I do with my old, dear friend, the cartomizer and cartomizer-based tanks. I would be very interested to hear your impressions of carto-based tanks with these types of flavors.

Bottom Lining It

We all realize that the major influence with any carto-based tank is the cartomizer. If you have a great cartomizer you’re going to get a great vape going, if you have a bad one, well, you know. With higher priced carto-based tanks the biggest reason why I’ll spend money on one is because of the way it looks, and what it’s made of. And if I pay $50, $60 dollars for a tank it’s got to be one great looking tank. If I want a workhorse tank I’m not going to spend a lot of money for one. With the SMOKtech DCTank at $12.99 a pop, it’s a very nice workhorse tank that happens to be a good looking tank as well.

Buying Advice

If you’re a fan of the cartomizer tank then the SMOKtech DCTank is a no-brainer. This is a quality made tank with high precision tooling, Pyrex glass inner tube, flange-locking end cap, fancy Sci-Fi type windows, and beautiful brushed aluminum finish in deep, saturated colors. At $12.99 it’s a great buy and a damn fine tank. How can you not pick up a few, just in case?

Package Contents:

  • 1 x SMOKtech Pyrex DCTank
  • 1 x 510 Plastic Drip Tip – Clear
  • 1 x 510 DCTank Cartomizer 1.5 ohm

Tom McBride