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Caramela and Sunday Morning from Mountain Oak Vapors

I can’t remember where (it might have been in our forum) I first read anything about Mountain Oak Vapors “Sunday Morning” and “Caramela”, but I do remember thinking that they were “new” flavors and I wanted to try them.

So I emailed Mountain Oak Vapors and asked them which one would better suit my “taste”. After you’ve been a customer for a while MOV tend to know what you like. Well, to make a long story short I got both of them, in 30ML sizes just in case I like them enough to want to vape them for a while. 15ML sizes always disappear too quickly if I like the flavor. So I make it a habit to buy 30ML and up now. Doing so will save me money in the long run if I like them, and if I don’t like them they are easier to give away. In this case, I loved them both. So much so that I decided they deserved a review.

To my surprise I learned that both Sunday Morning and Caramela have been around for a while. Many of you that are Mountain Oak Vapors customers may have either tried them yourself or at least heard about them. For all the others, listen up because these are two wonderful flavors and yet so very different from each other. (If you have tried them let us know what your thoughts are in the comments)

Different with a capital D

In fact, Mountain Oak Vapors e-Liquid flavors are different than most, if not all, other vendors. I learned that lesson with the very first order I placed with MOV. Legendary and Heavenly 7 are still two of my all time favorites, and out of all the flavors from MOV that I’ve tried I think 90% of them are still hanging around in my permanent rotation. There is just something, I don’t know, serious, about flavors coming out of MOV. I believe, strongly, that they are so dedicated to the art of vaping that they just won’t ever release a new flavor unless it is damn near perfect, and carrying the MOV signature. (Customers of MOV will probably agree that they could identify one of MOV’s flavors blindfolded, even if they have never tried it.)

Mountain Oak Vapors has no idea that I am writing this review, nor do I know how they will ‘take’ what I am about to write, but I hope that at least they will know that it comes from a very honest place.

Mountain Oak Vapors

When I have the opportunity to enjoy a clearomizer full of MOV e-liquid there is hardly ever a smile on my face. Instead there is this deep sense of pleasure that rarely reveals itself in a smile. Instead, the e-Liquid is hammering on the ‘pleasure centers’ of my brain. Hammering so hard that instead of a smile there is a look of serenity. It’s one thing to enjoy a fun-filled flavor like Gummy Bears or Skittles that will make you smile and laugh, its quite another to enjoy the deep, rich, flavor of Blue Drop (blueberries) or Tropical Sunrise (luscious fruits). Know what I mean? It’s just different.

Okay, well enough of that. On with these two incredible flavors…

Sunday Morning: A Gold Label NET flavor – Mountain Oak Vapors describes their Sunday Morning like this: “…is a dark, robust and aromatic pipe tobacco flavor with a very smooth coffee finish. The tobacco flavor is balanced and satisfying, and our famous Coffee & Cream flavor concentrate is added with a delicate hand and perfect restraint. What we are left with is a vape that will easily remind you of a cozy Sunday Morning pipe smoke.”

Now, come on, even their description makes you want to try this, doesn’t it? Here’s my take on it (certainly not as elegant)

Sunday Morning is indeed a dark, rich, and aromatic pipe tobacco flavor with a hint of their incredible Coffee & Cream flavor. But I think the minute you mention “pipe” tobacco you lose a part of an audience that will love this. Not that they shouldn’t include the word because there are Vapers that look for pipe tobacco flavors, and I’m one of them. But Sunday Morning doesn’t have that “hit on the head with a hammer” pipe tobacco taste. Instead it is a gentle tap, a smooth caress of a hand, with fingers running through your hair flavors. You can taste every nuance of each flavor, and each ingredient lights up the proper taste buds in such a way that it makes you want to release the rich vapor slowly, in order to get every bit of the flavor that comes out.

Sunday Morning is one of MOV’s ‘naturally extracted tobacco’ flavorings that haven’t a single blemish of harshness that some associate with earlier NET flavors that other vendors released last year. No, this is something so full, so rich, yet so massaged into delivering something you’ve never tasted before. I don’t know who (at MOV) thought up combining a NET tobacco pipe tobacco flavor with MOV’s legendary Coffee & Cream, but it is truly inspiring.

Lastly, never before have I been able to vape an NET e-liquid all day. Sunday Morning is the first flavor that has been able to give me that all-day pleasure, and I never tire of it.

I suppose I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the vapor from Sunday Morning is dense, aromatic, and wonderful. You get more vapor than you would expect from an NET blend. And the throat hit, while hefty, never overpowers. If a throat hit is important to you there is nothing to worry about here. Powerful, but without the harshness that you might expect.

Note* The tobacco flavoring in this NET is a gentle mixture of Bright & Red Virginia Ribbon and Burley and Black Cavendish. For Vapers that understand this verbiage I can attest to the accuracy of this amazing blend, and for those of you that draw a blank when confronting a description like this all I can tell you is that whether or not you’re looking for a rich tobacco blend, Sunday Morning delivers such a special taste that it is irresistible. If you’re ever going to like an NET e-liquid, this will be the one, in my opinion, that will have you becoming a fan of this process.

One bit of advice: When you receive your bottle of Sunday Morning, rip the protective seal from the neck of the bottle, open the top for a minute or so, screw it back on, shake it up, and leave it in a dark room or closet for 5 to 7 days. The flavor truly blossoms into something amazing with a little time to breathe.

For as long as I vape there will be a bottle of Sunday Morning close by.


Over the past year and a half I’ve had my share of caramel apple e-liquids. Some of them have been delicious, wonderful flavors that are still part of my collection. Caramela has joined them at the top of the class.

Mountain Oak Vapors describes this flavor as: “Caramela is an absolutely delicious blend of fresh red apple flavor, sweet & tasty caramel, and a healthy helping of soft, smooth vanilla. This flavor is born to please, and has received praises from all who have tasted it. If you’re curious about this one, we think you should give it a try, you will not likely be disappointed!”

And I couldn’t agree more. Carmela is a work of art. Never have I vaped such a unique blend of caramel and apple flavoring. This one became an all-day vape for me because I could not put it down. My bottle of Sunday Morning has about 5ML left in it after less than a week, but Caramela is gone as of this morning. I will be placing an order later today for both, and my usual flavors as well. (I buy the 3x 30ML bundle and save quite a bit).

What I would like to get across in this review of Caramela is that you’ve probably vaped various caramel and apple e-liquids before, just as I have, but where other vendors create a delicious blend with accents on the apple, with Caramela the accent is on the caramel. This gives the flavor a deeper, richer, slightly sweeter blend of the two. It is a more ‘serious’ blend, with an abundance of vapor and nice throat hit.

Lastly, for the past few months I have been spending about 80% of vape time with one specific flavor. Since discovering Caramela that is no longer the case. This is my new #1.

As with Sunday Morning I would advise the same pre-vape treatment. Open the bottle and then screw the top back on. Shake it a bit and then keep it in the dark for 5-7 days. The deep rich caramel flavor truly blossoms with a short “nap”.

So there you have it. Two flavors that are brand new to me, but that have been around a while. It’s not often that I can discover two very different flavors and enjoy them both at the same intensity. But there it is, a rich, deep NET blend that hits every note it needs to hit, and a rich, smooth, sweet caramel apple blend that gives me new respect for the sweeter e-liquids.

Caution: If you are new to vaping and you depend on reviews to determine what you will spend your money on, by all means trust me when I say that Caramela is a flavor that deserves your attention. Having said that, someone new to vaping might not want to dive right in to something like Sunday Morning. Caramela is something special with a very wide appeal. New Vapers and veteran Vapers will love Caramela. I can’t say that about Sunday Morning only because when I was new to vaping I think I would have missed much of the complexity of this NET blend.

Happy vaping!

John Manzione