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eLeaf iJust X Box Mod Preview - Spinfuel VAPE MagazineThe morning we received our shipment of the improved Joyetech eVic Primo 2 Kit (includes the Sub-Ohm tank UNIMAX 2), we also received a shipment of a new iJust, the eLeaf iJust X. While we still in the process of reviewing these two new devices, below is a “preview” look of the iJust X. Click HERE for a preview of the eVic Primo Kit 2, review coming soon.

About the eLeaf iJust X

The most startling thing about the iJust X is that it is not a “tube” mod. This is the first iJust from eLeaf that looks like a box mod. (see photos). It is an AIO (all-in-one) device, with 3000mAh internal battery on one side and the internal tank/atomizer and drip tip on the other. The iJust X has a juice capacity of 7mL, comes with two coil heads, and in our sample boxes there was no default preinstalled coil.

The iJust X is heavier than we anticipated, weighing in at 203.5 grams, or 7.1 ounces, or almost half a pound. Drop in 7mL of e-juice and it’s probably a solid half-pound device.

Wattage Output or Direct Voltage?

As many of you might already know, Direct Voltage Output is all the rage now. We certainly expected the eLeaf iJust X to be regulated this way, but it is not, as far as we can tell. That’s good news to this reviewer. The maximum wattage output is 50W, and the internal electronics reads the coil resistance and outputs the “optimal” wattage for an “optimal” vape. We hope.

Coil resistance is as low as 0.15Ω and as high a . The coil heads that come with the iJust X are an EC 0.3Ω and an EC 0.5Ω. Your unit may come with the EC 0.3Ω coil preinstalled.

Replacement coil options include eLeaf EC coils, but with a maximum wattage output of 50W with the iJust X, we’re anxious to see how it works with both coils. The 0.3Ω EC coil has a wattage range of 30W-80W, while the 0.5Ω EC coil has a wattage range of 30W-100W. It will be interesting to see the performance of these coils inside the iJust X.

EC Coils Up Close

eLeaf iJust X Box Mod Preview - Spinfuel VAPE MagazineThe EC Coils are performance coils, despite their small-ish size. The heating element (Kanthal) wire is 0.4mm in diameter, and the coil chassis has extra-large eliquid “ports”, allowing the user to take an extended direct lung hit without worrying about vaporizing all the juice out of the cotton wicking.

As is common in all top manufacturers, the coils use a pure organic cotton as wicking. These coils are not made for Temperature Control Suites.

Operating the eLeaf iJust X

While we’ve spent barely an hour with the iJust X (this is a preview after all), we can tell you that it couldn’t be easier to operate. There is no OLED display, no adjustment buttons, nothing on the chassis except a fire button and a USB port for charging.

Make sure to charge up the iJust X before using, place a coil in the device by unscrewing the bottom black hard plastic cover, remove the coil base, insert the coil and screw it into the base. Replace the base, screw the black cover plate back in, hand-tightened is fine.

To fill the iJust X with 7mL of e-liquid you’ll need to remove the top cap, which is easier said than done. I could go on about how it tortured my fingers trying to screw the top cap off, but instead I’ll just tell you the easy way:

 With two fingers, life the top cap enough to expose the O-ring that seals the tank. Up exposed the top cap unscrews easily. You’ll see a curved fill slot, this is where you’ll fill the tank. Once filled, replace the top cap, push down slightly for the O-ring to slip in, then tighten.

Things to Keep in Mind

The USB Charger will charge at .5A. This is a slow charge today considering some devices have 2AeLeaf iJust X Box Mod Preview - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine charging systems (the eVic Primo 2 for one), so recharging a depleted iJust X is going to take a few hours.

Prime the coil before attaching it to the Coil Base. You’ll want to make sure the wicking is saturated before firing it up.

There is no way to regulate the wattage, the performance will be what it is, regardless. Hopefully the performance will suit most vapers.

Give us a week to 10 days to use the iJust X before presenting our review. No one can tell you how good, or bad, any vape gear is without spending time with it, pushing it, hard, to find the limits. Once we know, you’ll know.

The eLeaf iJust X will come in black and silver, and the retail cost looks to be under $30.00. If it performs, it will be $30 well spent.

Stay tuned…

Team Spinfuel