ProTank Review by Smokenjoey

Published on Apr 29, 2013

Hey Folks- this is a special review of the Kanger Protank Clearomizer. We go head to head with the Kanger eVod Clearo and Kanger T2 Clearo with surprising results. Also, you can’t miss the drop test at the end of the video- I try to break the Protank by tossing it on hard pavement. This is a complete review with ultrasonic testing of the Pyrex glass tank with Vapor Test using Hurrican Vapor Storm Juice

SmokenJoey, a one-man video reviewer of vaping products, has been publishing honest, intelligent, creative, and comprehensive videos on his own website,, and on the SmokenJoey Your Tube Channel “SmokenJoey”. An increasing fan base has given Joe a sizeable reach within the community and the respect for the SmokenJoey brand is constantly growing. “You see in Joey a sincerity that is lacking in many video reviewers. For Joey this isn’t a game, he has a mission, and he wants to help people” says John Manzione, Editor and Publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine. “Joey and I hit it off right away early last year and our businesses have become closer, as well as our personal relationship. This next step, this tighter integration of the SmokenJoey ‘brand’ into Spinfuel means Joey will have the opportunity to broaden his already substantial reach, at the same time, the quality of his videos, his commitment to the truth, helps Spinfuel reach the video audience, something we’ve been sorely lacking.”

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Joe DiSalvatore, aka, SmokenJoey, had this to say this morning; “I am really excited about the new format and beginning anew with Spinfuel I believe together we can be a major determining factor in pointing people in the right direction. I really enjoy making my Review, Instructional and Tips Videos – My goal has been provide the best information, mainly for newcomers, to make an educated decision on which electronic cigarettes to purchase. There are too many subpar electronic cigarettes and disposables on the market today that completely ruin the chances for beginners to make the switch. In turn, it gives them a negative attitude about this Industry. The main purpose of many of my videos is to sift through the rubbish and find quality electronic cigarette starter kits that will give the newcomers the best chance to make the switch completely.”