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Review of the new Innokin iSub-B Tank – Score one for the little guys. And I don’t mean smaller vape companies. Instead, I’m talking about vapers who don’t feel like they should have to push their mods to the stratosphere in order to achieve maximum flavor and vapor production. That’s why I grew to love the Innokin iSub-B PLEX tank.


It wasn’t an immediate love affair, mind you. But as the iSub-B found its groove, and the 3D mesh coil system started to follow suit, the tank became a real pleasure to use. And I feel that patient vapers, who are willing to wait a day or two for their products to hit that stride are going to be happy with the results.


As the 6thgeneration of Innokin’s iSub tank line, the iSub-B PLEX is a natural evolution of the series. Its relatively small (24mm) footprint, its 3mL capacity, and an overall streamlined vibe doesn’t immediately grab your attention. But what will is the attention to detail and noticeable build quality will win you over.


Innokin is one of the true pioneers in vaping, outlasting a lot of pretenders along the way, and we admire their restraint in making products that always put performance over “pretty.” That’s not to say the iSub-B is an unattractive tank – it’s actually pretty sharp in its simplicity. But those seeking an over-the-top product, replete with bells, whistles and light shows will probably be disappointed by the more-pedestrian presentation on display here.


The key selling point for the iSub-B is massive amounts of flavor and vapor at relatively conservative wattages. It was almost as if Innokin’s technicians were all sitting around wondering how they could reconnect experienced vapers with their old mods, rather than forcing them to use higher-powered devices to maximize their enjoyment. If that’s the case, kudos to Innokin for remembering that people don’t always want to buy something new to get the best experience.


The reason the iSub-B manages to succeed at this level? The outstanding Plex3D coil system. Not to be confused with the recently reviewed Plexus coils (and we’re not even sure they’re that different, to be candid) the combination of this tank with the new 3D coils produced a balance of flavor and vapor that really sung at mid-level wattages.


(For the newcomers, “mid-level” means 30-60 watts, not “halfway to my 300-watt mod’s capabilities.”)


So, in the spirit of the proceedings, I dusted off my old iStick 50W, which still works as well as the day I got it, and attached the iSub-B for some cloudy, old-school trips down memory lane.


As mentioned earlier, the Plex3D coils need some break-in time. I don’t know precisely why this was the case, since most modern coils are ready to rock right out of the box. But the wait was worth it, since these mesh gems slowly became some of the most-flavorful offerings in my collection.


Oh, you’ll enjoy the vape just fine when getting started. But, I encourage you to hold off passing judgment until the second day you use them. Because that’s when passable flavor becomes unmissable, and when middling vapor production becomes room-filling clouds.  At just 45 watts, I managed to fog up my office like I was testing a dripper on a 200-watt monster. And with ZERO loss of flavor quality, to boot.


Maybe the answer lies in the Plex3D “Microgroove” coil structure, which is a selling point for Innokin. Apparently, these grooves lead to more even coating of the coil surface, resulting in consistently awesome draws, right until the long-lasting heads finally call it a day weeks later.


Yes, I said “weeks.” Nearly three weeks after opening my test time with the iSub-B, I’m still using the same two coils, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down, in either flavor clarity or vapor production. Just amazingly impressive performance, through and through.


I’ve been a slow adopter of mesh coils, but the last month has really changed my perspective, since most new product reviews have measured tank longevity in weeks, not days. And not only has the performance lasted longer, but it’s been BETTER throughout the rigors of my testing.


(To my editor, yes, I finally get it. I owe you a steak dinner.)


One thing I really loved about using the iSub-B was how cool and comfortable the tank remained, even while producing steady streams of warm vapor. A lot of that can be attributed to the lower wattages needed to power the tank. But a lot of credit also needs to go to the Plex3D system, which allegedly heats and cools much more efficiently than traditional Kanthal coils.


I don’t have the equipment to prove or disprove these claims, but my mouth and hands are a pretty good gauge, and they were equally impressed by how comfortable a vape the iSub-B offers users.


One thing worth noting – like most tanks, the iSub-B will leak if overfilled – a common mistake made by newcomers to advanced vaping products. So, if you’re looking at the iSub-B as your first tank system, be sure to research how to fill properly and not “break” the internal vacuum by trying to squeeze a few extra drops into the tank reservoir. You’ll thank yourself, trust me.

Innokin iSub-B PLEX Tank Review

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Innokin iSub-B w/PLEX3D

The Innokin iSub-B Sub-Ohm Tank is the first Innokin iSub tank to be powered by the new advanced iSub Plex3D coil atomizer heads which utilizes a new 3D mesh design with uses less power to deliver bigger flavor and vapor production.

Available at VaporOrigin

The iSub-B features a 3.0ml e-Liquid capacity inside of a rainbow tinted glass tank which may be refilled using the top fill design. The iSub-B includes (2) iSub Plex3D 0.35ohm atomizer heads.

Bottom Line

What can we say? The Innokin iSub-B sub-ohm tank really impressed us. While it was a slow starter out of the gate, the Plex3D coils and smooth, flawless flavor performance really won us over in short order. It’s not the “biggest” “baddest” or “most” anything compared to today’s slew of sub-ohm contenders. But what it might be for flavor-enthusiasts is the “best” option around, providing big performance with minimal power or fuss. Highly recommended.


Score: A

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