The Horizon Cerakoat Ceramic Tank took more than three weeks of my time before I could make up my mind about its value and performance. Never have I had to spend this kind of time with a product before I was sure it was something worth buying, or something to avoid. But, I finally reached a conclusion I could live with, and I’m here to pass them on to you. If you already own this tank, I invite you to use the comment dialog box below and share your conclusions about the Cerakoat Ceramic Tank.

Horizon claims the Cerakoat has the industry’s first truly durable ceramic-based cerakote finish. Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that is applied to metals, plastics, and polymers. Firearms are often coated with the stuff. The formulation used for creating Cerakote ceramic coating enhances numerous physical performance properties. These properties include abrasion and wear resistance such as scratches, as well as corrosion resistance, impact strength, chemical resistance and hardness. As a coat for Firearms it makes complete sense, as a coat for a sub-ohm tank, it certainly doesn’t hurt, but is it needed?


Horizon Cerackoat Ceramic Tank Review Spinfuel eMagazineThe use of cerakote is often used to mask heat signatures on military, law enforcement and special operations gear. It is also used to add cosmetic enhancements to firearms, so it’s a valuable substance, to have around. That said, casual use on a tank made for vaping, it doesn’t seem to do much. At least a cerakote finish doesn’t add to the cost, the Horizon Cerakoat Ceramic tank is just $23.95, a middle of the road price for a decent sub-ohm ceramic tank.

There is much more than a cerakote finish to talk about when it comes to this tank. Among its many features is a nicely done top-fill system, a more than decent elongated coil system, an insulated and heat resistance wide-bore drip tip, a healthy 4mL juice capacity, and excellent flavor after a rather long break in period. It is that break in period that had me going around in circles about whether or not to recommend the tank.

The Cerakoat Coil System

Although the Horizon Cerakoat Ceramic Tank outputs substantial amount of vapor when used as a Direct Lung tank, it’s really aimed at users wanting a tremendous flavor tank. The first time filling the tank and vaping with it the flavor isn’t much to brag about. As the day wore on the flavor in my Vape Dudes Bananas Foster began to come alive. When the tank’s coil was completely broken, about 3 days in to vaping with it off and on, in the flavor from the Bananas Foster was as good as it gets, which is pretty damn nice.
The flavor properties come from an atomizer system that features an elongated coil apparatus. This gadget replaces the Horizon Cerackoat Ceramic Tank Review Spinfuel eMagazinestandard chimney seen in dozens and dozens of tanks, and has the effect of offering a reduced chamber effect, much like the Aspire Cleito in appearance. With this reduction comes less restrictive airflow, which provides increased flavor production. Of course, Horizon’s Cerakoat coils makes a difference as well. The Cerakoat tank utilizes Clapton X3 wires and a 316L Stainless Steel mask wires design. These unique coils bring out a lot of flavor notes.

At $23.95, the Cerakoat Tank should, and does, offer a long-term solution in a tank that should last a very long time.  Interested? Pop over the Element Vape and pick one up. 


The tank itself looks rather simple and except for the cerakote finish the real magic happens in the coil structure. While the airflow moves freely because of the reduced chimney and 4x airflow slots, the Cerakoat claim to fame should be its ability to reproduce authentic e liquid flavors… after the break in period.

Why it Took So Long to Decide ON Cerakoat

Horizon Cerackoat Ceramic Tank Review Spinfuel eMagazineBecause I was faced with reviewing and using several tanks during the 3 weeks I used the Cerakoat, there were times I would set it down with a full tank for more than a day. Coming back to the tank, the initial bare-bones flavor would stick around for up to 30 minutes before giving way to the porous nature of the ceramic coil. Still, once it did break in again the flavor was near the top of my list of favorite flavor tanks. So, I waited and waited for a permanent break in to take hold. That didn’t happen until Week Two, and during Week Three I waited for it the flavor properties of the ceramics to pull back in. Thankfully that didn’t happen.


If you’re interested in a super flavor tank, the Horizon Cerakoat would fit the bill nicely, IF you use the tank regularly, and if you don’t mind an unusually long break in period. Lastly, the Cerakoat Ceramic Tank is not meant for Temperature Control modes, so be sure you are content with using it in Variable Wattage mode. If you happen to own the Atom Vapes Yakuza Ceramic Box mode, you will be delighted with the performance of the Cerakoat tank when used in Wattage Ceramic Mode. Read our review to understand this new, and unique mode made possible by the new Atom OS, exclusively an Atom Vapes operating system.

Grade: B+

“The longish break in period and the need to use the tank regularly prevent me from giving this tank a grade of A. However, this same break in period pretty much assures a long lasting coil.”

Tom McBride

HorizonTech Cerakoat Ceramic Tank Features:

  • 4mL Juice Well
  • 22mm Tank Diameter
  • Superior 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ultra-Thin Ceramic-Based Cerakote Finish
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Heat-Insulated Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • Convenient Top-Fill Method
  • Quad Adjustable Airflow at Base
  • Elongated Cerakoat Coil System
  • 0.3ohm Clapton X3 Wire Coil Head (30~50W)
  • 0.3ohm 316L SS Mask Wire Coil Head (40~70W)
  • 510 Connection


  • 1 Horizon Cerakoat Tank
  • 1 Preinstalled 0.3ohm Clapton X3 Coil
  • 1 Extra 0.3ohm 316L SS Mask Coil
  • 1 Extra Glass Tank Tube
  • Extra O-Rings