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As a big fan of YiHi SXmini mods like the SL Class (review) and G Class (review), the new SXmini Hakutaku Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank caught my eye while I was choosing our January Reviews. I prize my SL Class and G Class, and lately I’ve been using both pretty much exclusively.


I recently purged my vape mod and sub-ohm tank collection more than 90% because I just grew bored with them. But, when the SXmini Hakutaku tanks came in I made sure to grab a few (and replacement coils)  and assign myself the review. Before even using the tank I knew this was something I was waiting to use with my SL Class 100W single 2X700 Mod.


About the YiHi SXmini Hakutaku Sub-Ohm Tank


The YiHi SXmini Hakutaku Sub-Ohm Tank is a true high-performance mesh coil tank. Constructed with a high-quality borosilicate glass, flavor-oriented mesh coils, and an anti-leak design. While I agree with YiHi’s description of the mesh coils being flavor-oriented, I have to say that this sub-ohm tank is no slouch when it comes to producing thick, flavorful, clouds with little ‘draw’ effort.



Not the huge capacity tank like the Vaporesso SKRR or SMOK Prince Cobra, or the Augvape Skynet Pro, the SXmini Hakutaku tank has a moderate 4.2mL capacity. The mesh coils are on the thirsty side, so you can expect to be refilling it often. Fortunately refilling this tank is simple and fast. (more on than below)


While some vendors are describing the Hakutaku Tank as having a bubble glass section, I can tell you that this is not true. Its default glass and spare glass are both straight up glass sections (but thick and superb quality.)


Lately several sub-ohm tank manufacturers are embracing the ‘simple is better’ philosophy with respect to filling and refilling their tanks. The YiHi SXmini Hakutaku tank, like many others, use a ‘unscrew the upper top cap’, which reveals two good size fill slots on the lower top cap. The threads are silky, fit perfectly, and just a couple of turns removes the cap. Simple, effective, leak-proof.

The Hakutaku Mesh Coils


When you purchase the SXmini Hakutaku sub-ohm tank, it’s preinstalled with its best coil, the 0.2-ohm Kanthal mesh. This coil is rated for 40W-100W, my optimal wattage for this coil is 55-56W.  (100W is way too much for this coil)


For some reason YiHi decided to include a Ni80 coil with a resistance of just 0.1-ohm. The Ni80 is rated for 40-90W, and again I found my optimal vape at 55-56W. Like the Kanthal version, 90W is too much power to drive this coil.


Now, having said that, I will admit that the latitude in wattage for either coil was substantial. I might like my wattage at 55-56W, but I can easily warm up the vapor at 70W without scorching the coil or affecting the flavor.


In my opinion, including the Ni80 coil was a mistake. There have been certain concerns with NiChrome for years. In any case, the flavor produced by the Ni80 doesn’t quite hit the same level as the Kanthal. YiHi should have included two 0.2-ohm Kanthal coils instead.


I hate using the word “innovative” when writing about vape products because its way overused, and the vast majority of products described as innovative are not. However, there is one thing that does allow me to use the word innovative when talking about the Hakutaku tank; it implements its anti-leak design by reducing the positive pressure inside the tank when refilling, which prevents eJuice from leaking out.


Everything else about the Hakutaku Sub-Ohm Tank just doesn’t scream innovative. Definitely high-quality, definitely high-performance, and definitively the right sub-ohm tank for several SXmini mods.

Vaping with the SXmini Hakutaku Sub-Ohm


The Hakutaku is a perfect fit for the SXmini SL Class. 26mm wide, it sits flush with 510-conntector atop the SL Class.


Mesh Coils saturate eJuice faster than traditional coils which makes ‘filling to vaping’ no more than 60 seconds. Like any top-quality coil, the break-in period is brief, there is no funky flavor from the first and second pull.


I’ve been participating in a new eJuice review from The Finest E-Liquid company and I used the Hakutaku sub-ohm throughout the review. Fortunately, I had a couple of 5-pack replacement 0.2-ohm Kanthal coils (5 replacement coils will set you back close to $20) on hand so I was able to change the coil for each new flavor in the review. The purity of the flavors came through beautifully, producing deep flavor along with more than decent clouds.


When reviewing a new tank, or coil, the best way to do so is to use an eliquid you know inside and out. I have a High VG ejuice that I use daily, and I can easily discern the differences in flavor quality of coils by using this particular eJuice.


The SXmini Hakutaku sub-ohm outputs the flavor of my everyday eJuice with stunning accuracy.


I’m a heavy vaper, which means I vape, on average, more than 25mm a day, depending on the sub-ohm tank and coil I’m using. When I find a great high-capacity sub-ohm, like the Augvape Skynet Pro or the Vaporesso SKKR, I truly enjoy the fact that I’m not refilling the tanks every hour.


With the Hakutaku I’m refilling twice as often, but because the flavor, vapor, and the perfect fit with my SL Class mod, I happily put up with the refilling. To me, it’s worth it.

YiHi SXmini Hakutaku Sub-Ohm Mesh Tank Features:

  • 26mm Diameter
  • 4.2mL Juice Capacity
  • Borosilicate Glass Reinforcement
  • Superior Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Threaded Top Fill System
  • YiHi SXmini Hakutaku Coil Family
  • 0.2ohm Kanthal Mesh Coil – rated for 40-100W
  • 0.1ohm Ni80 Mesh – rated 40-90W
  • Dual Slotted Bottom Airflow Control
  • 810 PEI Drip Tip
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Silver

YiHi SXmini Hakutaku Sub-Ohm Mesh Tank Contents

  • 1 YiHi SXmini Hakutaku Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 PEI Drip Tip
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 0.2ohm Kanthal Mesh Head – rated for 40-100W
  • 0.1ohm Ni80 Mesh Coil – rated for 40-90W
  • 2 Sets of O-Rings
  • 1 User Manual



In a word, yes. But, there as a couple of things that will probably prevent many Vapers from giving the SXmini Hakutaku a chance. Below is a brief list of negatives I have for this otherwise fantastic tank.


Capacity– I’d like more capacity, but its fit and performance with my SXmini mods I understand.

Ni80 Coil– Not a dealkiller, but my own tastebuds dislike this heating element

Replacement Coils– 5 packs, but a bit on the expensive side.

The Price– The SXmini Hakutaku is not an inexpensive tank. Then again, SXmini mods are not cheap either.


The SXmini Hakutaku Sub-Ohm by YiHi comes packaged like the SXmini mods; sturdy white boxes with the word SXmini in bold black letters. In addition to the spare glass and the spare Ni80 coil, inside the box is a PEI Drip Tip. I did use it on one of the tanks, though honestly, there was no difference in performance or mouthfeel.


Admittedly, there are excellent sub-ohm tanks that sport terrific mesh coils, lots of capacity for your eJuice, and at a much lower price. So, the hard-ass in me wants to tell you to stay away from a 4.2mL tank that costs nearly $40 and includes a Ni80 replacement coil. The other side of me, the one that happily pays for things that I feel are worth the money, highly recommends this tank.


If you’re looking for the perfect companion for your YiHi SXmini mod then by all means, the SXmini Hakutaku tank is an excellent choice. But if money is an issue, you can wait for price to come down (which they always do), or choice another, less expensive Mesh Sub-Ohm.


Alternative Choices:


Below are a few Sub-Ohm Tanks I enjoy quite a bit. Each one is substantially less than the price of the Hakutaku by YiHi.


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