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Gothic Vapor E-Liquid Review

7 New Blends

Unfortunately, Gothic Vapor’s website does not do justice to the splendid e-juices created by talented mixologists that create the delicious choices for vapers. The website design is awkward and somewhat outdated, with more than a couple spelling errors. If you’ve never stepped into the Gothic Vapor Vape Shop in Alvarado Texas, the difference is like night and day.

Perhaps the online store only plays a small part Gothic Vapor’s success, but with quality all-day-vapes like the ones reviewed below, and other flavors we reviewed in the past, the online presence of Gothic Vapor deserves a website at least equal to the quality of their products, as well as the Gothic Vapor vape shop in Texas.

Gothic Vapor E-Liquid

Gothic Vapor Hand-crafted E-Juice is made with top-shelf, USP grade propylene glycol, palm based kosher vegetable glycerin and USP food grade FDA-approved flavorings, many are 100% organic flavorings, and pure American sourced nicotine. While many e-liquid brands can claim the same quality of ingredients, Gothic Vapor stands out to the Spinfuel Eliquid Review Team because of the true and authentic flavors and the excellent clouds of vapor, especially in the higher VG blends.

Wide Array of Sizes

Gothic Vapor e-juice arrives in high quality plastic bottles, except for the option of choosing 30mL glass bottles (99 cents more than 30mL in plastic bottles).

20mL – $11.00

30mL – $14.00

30mL (Glass) – $14.99

50mL – $20.00

100mL – $39.00

125mL – $45.00

250mL (2x 125mL) – $78.00

500mL (4x 125mL) – $149.00

Nicotine Strengths

Nicotine choices began at 0.5mg, 1mg, 1.5mg, and then begins upward in 1mg increments up to 24mg, with one whopping jump to 36mg.


In addition to multiple choices of nicotine sizes and bottle sizes, each Gothic Vapor e-juice is offered in various PG/VG ratios. This review includes all 7 flavors in 65% VG, 35% PG, a blend that vapes well in sub-ohm tanks. For RDA and RTA’s Gothic Vapor offers both a 70% VG and a MaxVG (100% VG). The following 65% VG juices produces both big flavor and even bigger clouds.

Vape Gear Used

Because we received a relatively small amount of juice from Gothic Vapor, there wasn’t enough for a full 3-Day, 4-member team review. Instead, Kiera and myself spent the 3 days vaping these 7 eliquids, which we believed would work out better than having all 4 members spend 36 hours or less with these 7 flavors.

Julia – I wanted to gain as much insight as I could as to the flavor authenticity and the maximum amount of vapor that could be produced by these 65% VG blends, so I chose a ceramic coil tank, the Ceravape Cerabis 44 and a SMOK Big Baby, both with sub-ohm coils. Ceramic coils give me the best hope of discovering the true flavor, while the coil head of the TF series from SMOK provide massive clouds of vapor with eliquids above 50% VG. I used the new Lost Vape Triade DNA250, and the sleek and sexy VGOD Pro 150W mods. I keep coming back to these mods over and over with my personal vaping, though just about any mod that produces 75W or better would be fine. All 7 flavors were best when vaped with warm vapor, so push your mods some to warm up the flavor without scorching the coils.

Kiera – The new Joyetech Cuboid 200 (review coming soon) is a major redesign from the earlier Cuboid and much more fun to use. It is still on the heavy side with 3x 18650 cells, but I love using it anyway. For sub-ohm tanks, I chose the Freemax Starre PURE again, and a SMOK Baby Beast, both with sub-ohm coils. Julia and I agree that these eliquids show their remarkable flavors when vaped warm.

The Importance of a Full Evaluation

An eliquid cannot be properly evaluated by filling your favorite tank and spending a few minutes with it. To reveal the truth about an eliquid, it needs to be vaped at various times of the day, in various situations. If you’ve been vaping for any length of time you already know that some eliquids are fantastic as morning vapes, while others shine at night. Some eliquids are perfect for rainy days, cold or warm days, and a dozen other situations. A simple 5 minute vape test never reveals the truth, only an “at-the-moment” opinion, so to get to know these eliquids Kiera and I spent enough time with each one to know precisely how to evaluate them.

Below we present our findings on the 7 eliquid blends.  Keep in mind that taste is subjective, but we’ve done our best to make sure we ran each flavor through the gamut before making up our mind.

The Gothic Vapor Review

#1 – Fried Ice Cream – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Rich French vanilla ice cream dipped is delicious batter, deep friend and coated in frosted sugar.

Julia:5 Stars – I’ve never tasted real fried ice cream so I had no reference point to evaluate the authenticity of this juice. From what I understand about fried ice cream, it is a chunk of vanilla ice cream rolled in crushed nuts and then dropped in a fry for several seconds, removed and sprinkled with powdered sugar and served. The official description talks about a delicious batter, but not what the batter is.

I’m left to my own inner taste buds of my mind to come up with the flavors I taste when I vape Fried Ice Cream. One flavor that truly stands out is the flavor of half-melted vanilla ice cream at the bottom of the bowl. This thick vanilla/cream flavor has the distinctive flavor that tells your mind its ice cream, frozen or not, and that flavor was abundant here. As for the batter, well, although the description talks of batter, over and over I tasted crushed nuts, sweet, slightly salty, and the perfect companion to the ice cream flavor. Fried Ice Cream is an all-day-vape, made so by this combination of components that screamed flavor, yet didn’t club you over the head with it. I have a strong feeling that if I ever do sit down to a bowl of fried ice cream it will taste like this, only colder.

Kiera: 5 Stars – My parents used to take the family to Atlanta a couple times a year when I was young(er), and there was a fancy restaurant in the downtown area that offered fried ice cream as a dessert. The very first time I tried it my father ordered it for me because I thought it was, A, impossible to fry ice cream, and B, it had to taste awful what with being dumped in frying oil. To my surprise it was delicious and every time we went to Atlanta the restaurant we went to had to serve fried ice cream.

I’m fairly certain that there is no flavoring on the market called “fried ice cream”, but as I vaped this awesome juice I kept tasting the fried ice cream of my childhood. Somehow, some way, the mixologist at Gothic Vapor discovered what flavor components would work to simulate the exact flavor of genuine fried ice cream, and I loved every drop.

Although the real thing is served frozen, the warm vapor of the eliquid brings out a richer, deeper flavor, and one that lasts all day.

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese icing. 

Gothic Vapor E-Liquid Review 7 New Blends – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE Julia: 4.5 – Technically speaking, Red Velvet Cake is actually a white cake with red food coloring, there is no truly ‘red velvet’ flavor to taste. The flavor from a red velvet cake comes mostly from the frosting, not the cake. The frosting in a good Red Velvet Cake is Cream Cheese frosting with a touch of lemon flavor. So how did Gothic Vapor recreate a red velvet cake?

To be completely open about it, there is a sweet, inviting flavor to this one, but I cannot nail down the flavor components. Maybe I do not possess the references I need, or perhaps the flavor I taste is something completely original. I vaped every drop and wanted more, the vapor clouds were enormous and left a sweet lingering aroma in the room (according to guests who were present), but in the end, Red Velvet Cake eliquid is as mysterious as why do many people love red velvet cake, when the red velvet is the food coloring used with a white cake mix. I couldn’t give it the 5 stars, but it’s definitely one delicious vape.

Kiera: 4.75 – Julia kept saying that red velvet confused her and that she did not know how to evaluate the flavor of this eliquid. I certainly take her at her word, but for me this is an eliquid that delivers the same flavor components of a red velvet cake. This blend is sweet, with tons of “cake” flavor and a hint of cream cheese. Red Velvet Cake ejuice will cross your taste buds for most part on the exhale, and the flavor floats above as a moist layer cake with delicious icing. An indulgent flavor, and at 65% VG it outputs an awesome amount of thick sweet vapor.

Motherload – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

If you like creams, custards, caramels and butterscotch then you’ll love Motherload! (also spelled as Motherlode)

Julia: 5 Stars – Several friends in the Boston area are obsessed with Motherload right now. The seemingly perfect blend of creaminess and sweet caramel, and a lost minute rush of buttery butterscotch makes vaping Motherload a marvelous vape experience. The flavors don’t quit on you, nor does it ever become too much to bear. There is a balance to this one that most people will find irresistible.

Motherload also shows how good a 65% VG blend can be. The clouds of vapor are amazing, with a light aroma that permeates the room. This is an eliquid that you fill a tank with and sit back and relax with deep lung hits. The payoff for me is the last few seconds of the exhale, where the creamy flavors hit the butterscotch and then come together as one. My eyes nearly roll back into my head with a deep lung hit, and the parts of my pleasure centers in the brain light up like a Christmas tree.

Kiera: 5 Stars – While I would vape Fried Ice Cream more often than Motherload, I would recommend Motherload as the first flavor to try if you’ve never vaped anything from Gothic Vapor. Motherload will give you a vape experience that is difficult to find; a warm and sweet, creamy caramel rush on the exhale followed by a real butterscotch ending that puts Motherload on the map. Best vaped warm, and if at all possible, lung hits are the way to go. Motherload delivers a show of talent that comes with every Gothic Vapor flavor.

 Mofo – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

 A flavor so good it will have you screaming this MoFo is good! Rich and full flavored banana cake pop! YUM!

Julia: 5 Stars – It has been a long while since I’ve vaped any banana flavor eliquid that I had forgotten just how good it could be. For reference, I went to my collection of juice and pulled out a bottle of G2 Drunk Monkey, a flavor I have had here for almost a year. Drunk Monkey was, to me, the best banana based eliquid before now, and so deserved a space in my collection. As of now, that space will be held by Mofo.

Mofo is a deep, true to form banana cake, with plenty of banana flavor and cake flavor. Too many brands try to do original things with a good banana flavoring, but the best blend is this, banana cake, warm, moist, flavorful.

Kiera: 5 Stars –Banana Cake can be very satisfying. What I like to do is take a one inch slice, slather it with butter and pop it in the toaster over for a few minutes (under ‘Toast’). The edges get a little bit crispy, the butter falls deep into the cake, and the warm banana flavor is intensified to a point a slice of room temperature banana cake can never release. Vaping Mofo with a sub-ohm coil, 0.5Ω and under, with the upper edges of the wattage range reproduces this toaster oven banana cake experience better than you might thought possible. Just the right amount of banana and moist cake, with huge plumes of warm vapor. A great winter night vape.

Tiramisu Cheesecake

Rich delicious cheesecake with hints of toffee, blended to create the perfect tiramisu cheesecake vape.

Gothic Vapor E-Liquid Review 7 New Blends – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINEJulia: 4 Stars – Tiramisu is a wonderful dessert cake. The flavor is a unique blend that you cannot duplicate without calling that reproduction ‘Tiramisu’. For the record, I’ve never even heard of Tiramisu cheesecake.

I was bewildered about the flavor of this blend. To me, this is a cheesecake and powdered coffee blend. The most authentic flavor is the powdered coffee found on Tiramisu cake, here it is an exact flavor reproduction, and the strongest component of the blend. The cheesecake is just noticeable enough, but since I cannot find tiramisu cheesecake in my memory bank, I can best describe this one as I did above, light cheesecake with powdered coffee. Good, but not great.

Kiera: 4.25 Stars – After spending a good amount of time with Tiramisu Cheesecake I can tell you that it gets better and better the more you vape it. At first I expected to taste Tiramisu, but I didn’t. Instead there was a bold flavor of the powdered coffee beans that are sprinkled on top of Tiramisu. Only after I accepted the coffee beans (not coffee flavor, but real powdered coffee beans) did I begin to taste mild cheesecake.

There has never been a cheesecake eliquid that I’ve kept in rotation for more than a week, and Tiramisu Cheesecake will not be any different. Although the vapor production is good, there isn’t enough time to spend it vaping a flavor you only ‘like’, when there are so many others that you ‘love’.

Bahama Blue

Bahama blue is awash with succulent berries and juicy melons.

Julia: 4.5 Stars – Once I read the description for Bahama Blue I made the decision to start vaping it after a night’s sleep. I wanted nothing to interfere with a profoundly different flavor than what I had been vaping from Gothic Vapor.

Bahama Blue is a good berry and melon vape that we’ve seen time and time again. I enjoyed it as much as I have other berry/melon blends, but no more than that. The one thing Bahama Blue had over the others was this ability to create clouds of vapor that I found it hard to believe. If you love mixed berries and mixed melons together, but haven’t found one that maximizes the clouds of vapor, then this is the one you need to try.

Kiera: 4 Stars – Berries and melons on their own are delicious, as real food and as eliquids, but together there is something about them that doesn’t mix. The berries are tart, the melons are sweet, and for some vapers it’s a true delight. Bahama Blue does a good job, it’s just not my kind of juice.

Strawberry Shortcake Bar – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Delightfully decadent strawberry shortcake ice cream bar.

Julia: 5 Stars – Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream eliquids have been making the rounds this year, and this one from Gothic Vapor hits on some flavor points the others do not. I can’t say which brand makes the better strawberry shortcake ice cream because they each play to certain strengths. Gothic Vapor plays to the both the shortcake flavor and a real ice cream flavor. I think this is what makes Gothic Vapor’s blend better suited for all day vaping.

In this blend, you’ll taste all the flavor components, but the strawberry flavor is pulled back a little in order to put the shortcake flavor out front, then the strawberry, followed up by a super nice vanilla ice cream rush of flavor. The best way to describe the appeal is to say that if you’re looking for a strawberry shortcake that emphasizes the shortcake, mixed with an ending of sweet vanilla ice cream, then this is the one you’ll want. Strawberry plays second fiddle here, and it works splendidly.

Kiera: 5 Stars – I adore how Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar plays out over the course of a deep lung hit. As usual, the inhale releases very little flavor unless your inhale is slow. Taking it slow allows the sweet ripe strawberries to get your attention first, followed up by the flavor of the small round shortcake dessert shells you can find at the grocery store. How they nailed that flavor down must be a story of its own, but they do. On the slow exhale a lovely blend strawberry shortcake and vanilla ice cream flow out over the taste buds in thick, voluminous vapor, leaving behind a heavenly feeling only a great vape can accomplish.

Psychedelic Milk

Imagine eating your favorite breakfast cereal and then drinking the milk from the bottom of the bowl. This is the milk at the bottom of the bow.

Gothic Vapor E-Liquid Review 7 New Blends – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINEJulia: 4.75 – Have I ever awarded a cereal flavor with 5 Stars? I can’t remember but I don’t think so. The description for this blend tells me its eating my “favorite breakfast cereal”, but since my favorite cereal is grapenuts, I don’t think so. Psychedelic Milk is something like Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops, with a sweet creamy flavor that bombards the taste buds.

Psychedelic Milk is the ejuice you may want when you want something sweet that reminds you of younger days. I really enjoyed vaping it for several hours, but I sort of felt like I was vaping empty calories… it tasted sweet and fun, but unlike some other eliquids here, I would not remember it the next day. Then again, maybe I take my job too seriously.

Kiera: 4.75 Stars – Psychedelic Milk is a fun vape. By that I mean that there is a blend of “bright” fruitiness and light creaminess rolled together as one. This is an e-juice you vape in the middle of the day, in hot or cold weather, raining or sunshine, whenever you want a simple, fun, and delectable vape.

My guess on the actual cereal is Fruity Pebbles with whole milk. Fruity Pebbles almost melts into the milk after 10 minutes or so, and the milk at the bottom of the bowl has a strong sweet fruity cereal flavor that other fruity cereals do not. Fruity Pebbles, like Coco Pebbles, is different from most other cereals in that, if I am not mistaken, are wheat based and the “Pebbles” cereals are rice based.

Vaping Psychedelic Milk is like taking the bottom of a Fruity Pebbles bowl, concentrating the fruity milk down to a thick liquid and loading that liquid into a tank. Heavy on the cereal flavor, light on the lasting character. I cherished Psychedelic Milk in any case, and now it’s gone. I’ll get more, that’s for sure.

Blue Raspberry Slush

Intense Blue Raspberry Slush without the cream.

Gothic Vapor E-Liquid Review 7 New Blends – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINEJulia: 4 Stars – I am giving Blue Raspberry Slush a higher score than my personal taste barometer would indicate. It is a first-rate, high quality eliquid with authentic flavors that appear equally well in a Blue Raspberry Slushie at the convenience store. If you pop into a convenience store and walk out with a Blue Raspberry Slushie this is your chance to take that flavor with you in your sub-ohm tank. You will love this concoction from Gothic Vapor.

My problem is that I can’t stand Blue Raspberry anything. It doesn’t take like raspberry, instead it tastes more like the color blue. It weirds me out, it truly does.

Kiera: 4 Stars – Normally I can enjoy a blue raspberry Slushie on a hot day. I buy a super-sized Slushie and I’ll keep it with me for hours when we’re in Florida in the summer. It’s a unique flavor, and Gothic Vapor gets it right, with one small difference… This eliquid is much more tart than the blue raspberry Slushies’ I get from 7-11. That intense tart flavor will make this juice a major hit with vapers that love tart fruity vapes, but if you are hoping for the same blue raspberry Slushie you get from your local 7-11, you might be disappointed, or you might be thrilled.

I’m not altogether crazy about tart flavors, though many people are. Maybe the best way to describe Blue Raspberry Slush is to say that it’s the icy drink at 7-11 with almost twice the normal flavoring.


For the most part Kiera and I see these flavors in the same light, though there are some we disagree, which is the way it always comes out. But with only enough for the two of us to spend the amount of time needed to evaluate them as a “team review” we had a problem with how we could award the ones we both found to be 5-Star eliquids the Spinfuel Choice Award. Then an idea struck me.

Once this review was underway we invited Tom and Jason to fill a 3mL tank and vape it at their leisure. Then, once our review was written we invited them to read our evaluations and chime in with “agree”, and “disagree”. If Tom and Jason agreed with our 5-Star votes, then the flavor would earn the Choice Award. They agreed with our choices, and Tom said that Psychedelic Milk would probably get 5 Stars from him had he been in the review for the full 72-hours.

You have a lot of choices at Gothic Vapor, and if you’re looking to pick up some eliquids for the holidays, as gifts, Gothic Vapor would be a great place to start.

Lastly, we subscribe to their mailings, and we always see 40% and 50% off their eliquids. We highly recommend you sign up for the mailing as well. To think of these super premium eliquids at 40% to 50% off, it’s a sale we can’t pass up. Available Here

Happy Holidays!

Julia and Kiera Hartley-Barnes