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Johnson Creek – Kiln House – Genuine No 22 Now In  6mg!

Tom McBride and a brand new low-nic KILN HOUSE

I’ll admit it, when I found out that Republic Tobacco was buying a 50% equity share of Johnson Creek I was alarmed, and disappointed. Hey, I’m a purebred capitalist so if the founders of Johnson Creek wanted a payday who am I to disagree? It wasn’t the money, good god no; it was the influence I was worried about. How would this tobacco company influence Johnson Creek as a company while the industry moved toward the future? As it turns out, so far not at all.

I’ve been enjoying a brand new Johnson Creek “Smoke Juice” from the KILN HOUSE line, called Genuine No. 22 (yes, we’ve reviewed it before), in a new 6mg nicotine formula.


KILN HOUSE is a label under the Johnson Creek smoke juice line, like Red Oak or “Original”. It is a super premium formula, made for vapers that long for deep, bold tobacco flavors using both PG and VG in the recipe to yield the best of flavor, vapor, and the ever-important throat hit tobacco vapers love so much. Some KILN HOUSE blends use both PG and VG, some are PG-free, it depends solely on maximizing the vape experience.

Genuine No 22™ is Johnson Creek’s proprietary blend. They use flavorings that combine the best of Virginia tobacco, Burley tobacco, and rich nutty notes to create a unqiue and exquisite tobacco experience. Genuine No. 22™ is actually one of the PG-free flavors from KILN HOUSE, and it is a mild, somewhat sweet blend that delivers a truly delicious experience of a natural tobacco vape. I loved this blend when I helped John review it the first time, at 18mg nicotine strength, and I love it even more now at 6mg, their new, lo-nic lineup.


Reviewing an 18mg nicotine eliquid requires you to vape in more traditional ways, from cartomizers to glassomizers, and we did that with our earlier review. But 6mg? That, well, that strength is tailor made for dripping and rebuildable type vaping. So, this time out, I did a fair amount of drip vaping with a new Innokin VF dripping atomizer, as well as using my trusty Z-Atty U. Using a 1.1ohm wrap and a 1.3ohm wrap (I just don’t have time to mess with sub-ohm coils these days) I discovered a whole new experience with Genuine No 22.

As a 6mg nicotine smoke juice, and PG-free to boot, using lo-ohm coils and higher wattage you get an immense amount of flavor and incredible clouds of vapor, not to mention a kick in the head throat hit. (6mg is a little high for my dripping juice)

Has The Flavor Changed?

To be honest, the flavor is identical to the higher nicotine strength I reviewed months ago (February 25, 2014). This time out I did vape it with an Aerotank v2 and a 1.8ohm coil. The new coil design and airflow controller on the Aerotank gave me more vapor and a bit deeper flavor, but it was for the most part it was the same, sweet nutty tobacco vape as before.

While vaping with my Innokin VF and Z-Atty however, the intensity of the flavor was almost shockingly deeper. Low ohm and higher wattage reveals a severely deep, nutty, toasty, and sweet genuine tobacco flavor that is almost indescribable. It’s the kind of ‘taste’ that wants you to slow down, take long, deep drags and release the huge vapor clouds even slower, allowing the exhale flavor to run over your tongue and melt away the tensions of the day. You’re almost in a trance-like state vaping it in this manner.

Now, I’ve never tasted any real tobacco product that got even close to the kind of down the earth, rubbed in the dirt, rolled in acorns and crushed with a hammer, flood my mouth with the sweet tobacco flavor of the Gods intense experience than I did while vaping Genuine No 22 with an RBA/RDA. This is on a whole new level of vaping that only a few labels (so far) have been able to create.


There is an obvious change happening in the eliquid landscape these days, the move toward high performance, low-nic eliquids, custom blended for better and better atomizers and tanks, is in full force.

Cloud Chasers number in the tens of thousands now, vaping hundreds of gallons of eliquid designed to maximize the experience of the better vape gear coming to market. If anyone thought that Johnson Creek would sit back and not get in this end of the community they were sadly mistaken.

More importantly, because the autonomous nature of Johnson Creek has had to change some, at least I can’t imagine it otherwise having given up almost half the company to a tobacco company, I am incredibly relieved that they are not sitting still and allowing the competition in our sector of the community to serve the high performance advanced vapers without advancing their own formulas. It shows me that Johnson Creek is still in the game and has not turned its attention to just the commercial sector of the industry.

There is a lot of fantastic eliquids being formulated for us advanced vapers lately, offering PG-free, low-nicotine juice of exacting purities and demanding recipes. I for one, welcome the addition of Johnson Creek into this segment of the vape-verse.

Genuine No 22 has always been a fantastic all-day-vape for tobacco loving vapers like myself, with nicotine options of 11, 18 and 24mg (and 0-nic as well), and now with a 6mg option it is a fantastic choice for RBA/RDA vapers looking for an incredible tobacco vape.

Tom McBride