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Ceravape Cerabis 44 and 45 Tank Review

Ceravape is back with two new ceramic coil tanks that deliver fantastic flavor and more clouds of vapor you would expect to see from a rather small coil and a non-wide bore drip tip. In other words, the performance of these two beauties, the Cerabis 44 and Cerabis 45, is far more than would be expected.

Now, having said that, this is not a review where I tell you to go out and buy one. Well, when you think you about it, telling you to buy anything would break the cardinal rule of Spinfuel VAPE. I DO have a favorite of the two, and that is the one I would “highly recommend” is you’re after a small capacity, high performance tank with that extra special flavor you get from a great ceramic/Kanthal coil.

Ceramic Goes Cotton-less

A tank capacity of 2mL is not enough for vaping a HighVG eliquid all day long. You would spend a lot of time refilling the tank throughout the day, so neither the Cerabis 44 or Cerabis 45 are appropriate for day long excursions unless you don’t mind stopping every 25 minutes to refill them. For myself, these are excellent tanks for vaping around the office or the house, where refilling is just a nuisance, not an annoyance. As a nuisance goes, the two tanks are worth the trouble.

Ceravape Cerabis 44

Ceravape Cerabis 44 and Cerabis 45 Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

I won’t hold back till the end of the review to let you know that the Cerabis 44 is by far my favorite of the two. While the flavor and vapor production are identical in the 44 and 45, the Cerabis 44 is a whole lot easier to deal with. It’s a simple matter of unscrewing the top cap to fill and refill, and once it’s full and once you tighten the top cap back on, you pull up from the top to reveal the massive airflow under the tank. Adjusting airflow is just easy, turn the tank to reveal more, or less of the airflow slot.

The Cerabis 44 is a small 2ml tank with custom cotton-less ceramic coils. Ceravape tanks have an anti-leak, anti-dry design (the pull-push technique) that provides vaping experience for flavor vapers, without sacrificing big clouds of vapor. Although the Cerabis 44 and 45 are designed with a unique “no prime needed” feature, if I were you I would still allow the tank to sit filled with eliquid for several minutes, and then break in the coil slowly. Start with the minimum wattage range and work your way up to the wattage you find most enjoyable.

The Cerabis is also excellent at self-cleaning. When changing flavors all you’ll need to do is perform a couple of 2-second firings and you’re ready for a new flavor. That’s one of the reasons I love vaping with ceramic coils, especially from Ceravape.

Ceravape Cerabis 45

While the Cerabis 45 gives you the same flavor and vapor production, there are a couple of unique features that I enjoyed. One of them is the side-fill system. The user pushes down on the stainless-steel tank to reveal a rather large fill hold. I turn the tank on its side and fill till it can’t hold anymore. The Cerabis 45 includes a hidden airflow control which is integrated into the side -fill mechanism. It works well, but in the real world I have a couple of issues.


Revealing the side fill hole is a royal pain. From the factory, the tank is as tight as a drum, but even after repeated filling getting that metal panel pulled, or pushed, down, isn’t that easy. The Cerabis 45 is more complicated that it needed to be.

The Cerabis 45 tank contains a vertical ceramic coil with an e-liquid capacity of just a bit more than 2.5ml.

The Cerabis 45 contains Ceravape’s patented anti-leak, anti-dry hit designs and the “push & pull” functions so you can turn your tank off when you’re not using it.

Coil cleaning functions like the Cerabis 44, and like the 44, the coil life is remarkable. When it comes time to do a vigorous cleaning of the coil the easiest way is to remove the coil out of the tank and boil it in water for about 2 minutes. Remove, allow it to dry and you will have a coil that is pretty much as good as a new one.  Not 100%, but close enough.


Ceravape Cerabis 44 and Cerabis 45 Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

I’m not yet sure where the Cerabis 44 and 45 tanks will be available, or for what price, though I don’t think the cost will be more than $20-$25 for either one. Based on the wholesale price of the tanks and the coil packs, you can expect the coil packs (5 per pack) to run a little expensive, at about $19.95 retail.

If you don’t mind the 2mL or 2.5mL capacity these are truly remarkable tanks. Flavor is superior to most other tanks, and about the same as my gold standard in flavor, the Freemax Starre PURE, another ceramic tank.

As the head of the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team I asked the other team members to spend a few days with their own 44’s and 45’s and let me know what they thought. In short, the decision was made to incorporate the Cerabis 44 into our eliquid reviews because of the accuracy of the flavor profiles, and the ease of use. Additionally, because of the ceramic coil’s ability to clean itself, and the small capacity of 2mL, these tanks will work wonderfully with our reviews because we can switch out flavors on a whim.

Ceravape Cerabis 44 and Cerabis 45 Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

I must hand it to Ceravape, their ceramic coils are awesome. While the designs of the tanks might be a little over-thought, once you get use to the push/pull nature of the airflow and side-fill they earn their keep. And that all you can expect really.

Highly recommended for any vaper willing to put up with 2mL capacity.

Cerabis 44 And 45: Grade: A

“The only thing stopping me from awarding the Cerabis 44 and Cerabis 45 an A+ is the small capacity for a tank that handles HighVG and MaxVG easily. You’ll go through a tank in less than 30 minutes with HighVG.

Julia Hartley-Barnes