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My first impression of Mr. Good Vape’s lineup, when I received them, was, “These are all dessert flavors.” And that really is what you need to know up front. Mr. Good Vape doesn’t (yet) offer any hardcore tobaccos. Now, at first, that was something of a disappointment to me. You’ve probably discovered, by now, that I’m a big tobacco aficionado.

And yet, my vaping palate has been slowly but surely expanded, over the years, by vendors like Heather’s Heavenly Vapes, Hurricane Vapor, The Plume Room, The Vapor Chef, and The Vapor Girl, to be more inclusive and more amenable toward dessert vapes. Well, dessert is a lot of what Mr. Good Vape offers, and long story short, they do dessert really well.

A testing note: As I usually do, I tested each of these eLiquids in a variety of PV and APV combinations for the purpose of eliminating characteristics peculiar to any particular piece of hardware from the testing results. Testing hardware included the Johnson Creek Vea PV platform with both JC Vea cartomizers and JC Vea “Canteen” clearomizers, the Halo Triton and its associated clearomizers, the Innokin iTaste VTR, the VAMO V3, the Innokin Cool Fire II, and the Tesla. ADs used included the Innokin iClear 30B, Innokin iClear 30S, Kanger Aero Tank, Kanger Mini Protank II, and an assortment of cartomizers from Kanger and SMOKTech. If your personal hardware exceeds the performance profile of any of this hardware, your experience of Mr. Good Vape’s liquids may vary.

In keeping with their nickname of “the Godfather of vapes”, Mr. Good Vape made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Come along and find out just what it is they have to offer, won’t you?


Introduction and Testing Hardware

I’d like to take a moment, before we dive into the liquids themselves, to offer this prefatory note: Mr. Good Vape’s presentation places it squarely in the “every day workhorse” tier of eLiquids. However, the quality of the liquids themselves, of the flavor components and blending, puts them at the very high end of that “workhorse” tier. They’re not quite premium or “artisanal” like Plume Room or Five Pawns, but they’re bumping their head on the ceiling of the “every day,” and I could see a breakout flavor or three reaching into that premium level. These are very good liquids.

Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape ReviewThe other half of my prefatory note, and the reason for my saying the preceding, is that these liquids are very nearly good to go right out of the mail. I always advise a minimum of 24 hours for steeping, but Mr. Good Vape’s liquids are so well blended and so high quality that you can get by with them even before that 24 hours of steeping has elapsed. That tells me that these are some very fine liquids.

The hardware I personally used for testing these liquids consisted of the SMOKTech Magneto 2 powering SMOKTech single-coil 510 cartomizers and Kanger 510 XL cartomizers.

All right, now. Onward!



The bottling on Mr. Good Vape’s liquids is professional and yet at the same time notably light-hearted, even a little tongue-in-cheek. While future regulatory requirements have been taken fully into account with appropriate information such as nicotine strength, nicotine content warning regarding pets and children, and even lot number, the graphics and typeface are notably whimsical in nature, with the “Little Caesar’s” -esque mascot icon.

The bottles themselves are constructed of clear glass, with an “eye dropper” style applicator for ease of filling, and shrink-wrapped cap collars. Overall, the presentation speaks to a solid “workhorse” -tier liquid, which is just what Mr. Good Vape delivers.


Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape ReviewBahama Mama

Mr. Good Vape says, Other wise knows (sic) as Mr. Good Vapes wife due to her sweet and delicate profile of summertime blends comprised of Banana, Pineapple, Coconut Candy Colada and Cream. This flavor will have you hooked from the second you open the bottle. The flavor is tropical, refreshing and has a nostalgic and enjoyable summertime vibe. Bahama Mama, one you don’t want to let pass by, don’t disrespect the Godfathers lady and order yours today! / VG 60% – PG 40%


In appearance, “Bahama Mama” is a deep brass in color. The nose comes through with a strength of coconut and banana. The vapor output, thanks to the PG/VG ratio of 40/60 favoring VG, is dense and full-bodied even from devices like the Johnson Creek Vea and the Halo Triton, and this particular liquid imparts a scent in the vapor that is both potent and long-lasting, but with zero tobacco notes, you should be fine vaping this around nonsmokers.

At 18mg strength, the throat hit is wonderfully strong, yet not harsh in the least. But the flavor is where this liquid really shines.

The flavor is full and vivid, and Mr. Good Vape’s description is spot-on; no un-earned hype happening in that description whatsoever. I taste coconut and banana on the inhale, with pineapple speaking up loud and clear on the exhale. This is a wonderful vape, all told, and I will say without hesitation that I will be adding it to my rotation, particularly coming this summer.  4.5 stars


Dabble Dooyah

Mr. Good Vape says, Made for the modern day sweet tooth! A Vape to not only satisfy, but rule your Vaping kingdom. This combination is warm dutch apple pie melted into two types of exotic slow churned vanillas with a dabble doo of cinnamon drizzled in in caramel. A mouth watering delectable treat by the Godfather of Vaping, Mr. Good Vape. Made with MGV Science and over 6 months in the making we are sure this will be a staple amongst the Vaping community for many years to come! / VG 50% PG 50%


2014-ChoiceAward-GoodVapeIf I had to describe this liquid with one word, it would be, “Decadent.” The richness and sweetness you get from the nose when you break the shrink-wrap seal on the collar and open the bottle for the very first time is just amazing. Give it a week for steeping and it takes that ‘amazing’ and kicks it up to a whole new level.

In the bottle, this liquid is a deep rust in hue. Look-through and rotational tests show clear body with movement that is responsive but not thin, owing to the 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

Similarly stemming from that ratio is the visible vapor output, which is more than satisfying even from the Triton, but simply immense from the Kanger Aero Tank. (Side note: this was the only Mr. Good Vapes liquid I tested in the Aero Tank; I’ll explain why momentarily.)

The throat hit is surprisingly strong, yet smooth, for a 50/50 blend. One thing of note with the throat hit — at lower voltage/wattage settings, you’ll find yourself taking a longer inhale than you might with other liquids; it takes a moment — a very pleasant moment, though — to get the same throat hit from Dabble Dooyah than you may be used to from other liquids. In its defense, however, the throat hit isn’t absent and then suddenly present. It builds in a steady linear effect. Somehow that seems new, to me, but I really like it.

The flavor of Dabble Dooyah is just what the description from Mr. Good Vape promise, just what the nose teases with, and this is why I mentioned that I haven’t finished a full Kanger Aero Tank of it in order to use the KAT to test the other liquids:

The flavor on this is so rich that it’s not something I can chain-vape, any more than I could sit down and eat an entire Dutch Apple pie in one sitting. It’s delicious, don’t misread me on that — best Dutch Apple pie I’ve ever tasted. It’s just that more than about 5 drags at a go is too much, and those five drags leave me satisfied for over an hour. This is definitely a liquid I’ll be getting more of. 5 Stars.



Mr. Good Vape says, Dreamsicle is a light, fun refreshing and nostalgic all day vape that mimics the old ice cream 50/50 bars. Loaded with Tangerines and Bavarian Cream and more, this is a treat for any palette. If you like tangy and creamy flavors, this is a must try by “The Godfather of Vaping”. / VG 70% – PG 30%


Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape ReviewThe slightly higher VG blend of Dreamsicle gave it some marked performance differences from 50/50 blends like Dabble Dooyah or the 60/40 Heaven’s Candy. A deep but vivid orange body is revealed in the look through test, and the rotational test shows thick but even layering fully in keeping with the high VG content.

The nose here is orange and cream, markedly heavy on the cream, placing the tart, sweet orange deep in the back seat. Visible vapor output is thick and billowy even from the single-coil SMOKTech carto, with flavor carriage in the vapor extremely minimum.

This is where the high VG content sets the vape up for some drawbacks, in my opinion, however. Satisfying throat hit is something I just don’t get with only one drag. It takes the accumulated throat hit from 2 or 3 drags of this liquid to really satisfy.

Flavor is another area where this liquid suffers a little, in my opinion. The flavor is very, very nice — it just isn’t as present as it is in other liquids in this line. I’m a flavor hound, so for me, that just doesn’t work out. 3.0 stars.


Heaven’s Candy

Mr. Good Vape says, A tribute to the Gods, a delectable blend of Apple Candy, Sweet Plums and two types of sugary grapes with a hint of cotton candy, we are proud to offer up this gift to the world as it truly is a work of art and rolls off your tongue with Apple on the inhale, Plum in the body and grape on the exhale. Heavens Candy is another all day vape from the Godfather of Vaping and sure to be a favorite in your collection of premium juices. / PG 60% – VG 40%


This liquid has a lot going on, flavor-wise. But let me not get the cart ahead of the horse here. To begin with, on the appearance front, Heavens Candy is a light greenish-gold; being a thinner concentration than most of its siblings, the rotational test shows it to be light and nimble with a minimum of layering that shows, as with the others, excellent consistency.Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape Review

The nose on this is where we discover that this liquid is more than a little “busy.” In fact, without the description as a guidebook, I don’t think I could have identified all the component flavors that I’m picking up here. The cotton candy is the standout element, with the Apple and Grape coming in very, very distant second and third, respectively. I didn’t detect the Plum at all.

Visible vapor is plentiful though, unsurprisingly, not as dense as the higher-VG liquids in this line. Flavor carriage is present and lingers, but not for long, and lends a sweet and mild phantom as it fades. Again, as with the nose, it’s that cotton candy note that people notice.

The throat hit plateaus swiftly but isn’t really a heavy-hitter. I found it satisfactory after a pair of good, long drags. The flavor, once again, is where that ‘busy’ quality comes into play. In many liquids I’ve tried that are presented as a fusion of fruit flavors, one dominant flavor tends to tie the others together; they orbit this dominant flavor like planets around a star.

Heavens Candy has a similar fusion happening, and for those who love the flavor of cotton candy, this may be the best vape you’ve ever had. I’m not a member of that club, however, so Heavens Candy isn’t something I’m personally likely to revisit. Still, for the skill of the execution — this flavor is just what the description says it will be — I can give it a solid 4 stars.


Karma Cream

Mr. Good Vapes says: Karma Cream is a staple for any vapors diet, with juicy peaches vanilla bean ice cream and two types of creams, you get everything you need to get through the day. The bright sharp peaches on your tongue and soft subtle undertones of cream on the exhale make this one of Mr. Good Vapes absolute fan favorites. / VG 75% – PG 25%


Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape ReviewKarma Cream was one of my favorite flavors in this lineup, and coming from a fella who’s not nuts about fruits (there’s a joke in there somewhere) that’s saying something.

Nothing too surprising on the appearance from, given the extra high VG ratio here; it’s a golden hued affair with the expectedly thick but clear body, heavy movement and layering.

The nose speaks right up about that peach character, midway between tart and sweet, and the creams are right there backing it up. This is all peaches and cream ice cream, and a premium brand of it, too.

Vapor comes on thick and plenty, with flavor carriage that’s bound to have people noticing, but not complaining. You may discover, as I did, that the flavor carriage is sufficiently potent that even smokers will notice it and ask you what you’re “smoking.” What better opening to tell them?

Throat hit is also surprisingly good for a liquid with this level of VG content. It’s quicker and stronger than I expected, certainly; quite the pleasant surprise. But it’s the flavor that really sells this liquid; everything the nose promises and then some. I was very surprised by how vivid and present the flavor is, particularly in comparison to Dreamsicle, which really left me wanting the same, but… more. Karma Cream is a winner. 5 Stars.


Melon Head

Mr. Good Vapes says, If your not a Melon Head yet you certainly will be after trying Mr. Good Vapes Melon Head! The delightful combination of Cantaloupe, Mango, and Papaya open up a relaxed and cerebral joyfulness. This is definitely and all day or all month type of Vape. If your looking to bring your Vaping experience to the next level, try Melon Head today! / VG 80% – PG 20%


Melon Head was another surprise for me; of all the flavors I really tend to not harbor a fondness for, melon profiles are right up there with menthol and absinthe/anise/licorice flavors. Too often, they taste to me like sage smoke rather than melon. Melon Head, however, really did nail that elusive sweet spot.Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape Review

In appearance, Melon Head is the amber/gold hue of fresh honey. At 80% VG, the motion and layering are perfectly consistent and fall in line with MGV’s other liquids at similar VG levels.

The nose on this was what first tipped me off that this would be the first exception to my experience with melon flavors. Mostly sweet, just a touch tangy, and with none of that bad old sage character to it. This melon is cantaloupe at the forefront with the tang of the mango giving that sweetness well companioned character. The papaya is a scent I can’t really describe, since I’m not terribly experienced with real papaya.

The vapor was, of course, thick and billowy, and flavor carriage is strong and tends to linger more than the others, likely owing to the remarkable flavor profile that tends to stand out in any ordinary olfactory environment.

Throat hit was right in line with that of Karma Cream; smooth and firm, not so much a ‘smack’ sensation as a push at the back of the throat that rapidly grows stronger the longer you inhale.

The flavor here is what blew me away. If this had been my first foray into a melon flavor fusion, I would probably have that flavor profile among my most-sought-after instead of least. It’s the mango I get on the inhale, tart and tropical, with the sweetness of the cantaloupe making the exhale wonderfully smooth and relaxing. 4.75 Stars


Moon Sugar

Mr. Good Vape says, Moon Sugar stands out in any line up but beats the interrogation every time! The name was given because of the low gravity of the moon with its huge billowy clouds of vapor production and its high concentration of Sugar Cookie. This blend is warm and bready with tones of Butterscotch and some graham cracker pie crust love! Moon Sugar is like your private stock you bust out on those special occasions! / VG 80% – PG 20%


Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape ReviewNow, I’m not usually one to gush, but hot damn, if Mr. Good Vape didn’t just nail this liquid. With one minor niggle: This is not a liquid for saving for special occasions — it’s just too damn good not to bust out at any and every opportunity.

The appearance on this liquid is medium-bodied, deep but not excessively so, with moderate layering and no trails. The nose is pure maple bar; we’re talking you just walked in to your local Krispy Kreme and the maple bars are under the lamps fresh maple bar here.

Vapor, as with all these liquids, is thick and billowy; I conjure that’s owing to the 40/60 PG/VG ratio that favors VG. I’m convinced that, if vaped from any given RBA, this stuff would produce sweet, rich clouds that you’d have to bat away to continue with any activity other than vaping.

It’s the flavor, though, that just blows me away. While I can’t say I’ll be adding MGV’s fruit-based flavors to my rotation, the baked goods renditions are definitely conspiring with my sweet tooth to find a place on my juice shelf. I get the sugar and butterscotch part of the cookie most dominantly on the inhale, with the cookie and graham cracker joining them on the exhale for a dessert treat to rival any other.

This, like the Dabble Dooyah, isn’t likely to be an all day vape for me — but as an after dinner dessert treat, it’s a solid contender. 4.75 Stars.


Pistachio Man

Mr. Good Vapes says, Another Connoisseurs blend by the Godfather of Vaping, Mr. Good Vape. It is a delightful combination of Chocolate Mint Pistachio with an undertone of french vanilla ice cream and a slight hint of dark burley Tobacco imported from Italy. This blend is perfect any time, day or night and will have you longing for each and every draw you take. Pistachio Man is Mr. Good Vapes right hand man and is solid as a character as the family has ever known, he is sure to leave a lasting impression from the second you first get a chance to meet him. / PG 60 % – VG 40%


I’ll tell you honestly that I really expected to dislike this vape. First because I’m not really a fan of Pistachio nuts. I tried them once when I was a kid and, to be absolutely blunt, I thought they were just nasty. Haven’t touched one since then.

Second, the nose on this liquid is — to me, personally — exactly like what I remember from that awkward childhood test drive. Took me right back to that experience.Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape Review

However, I was duty-bound to wade in and give this liquid a fair shake anyhow, and I’m glad I did. Let’s get down to brass tacks with this one.

The appearance on this liquid had me dismayed, because the color is such a deep, deep red that it renders the liquid nearly opaque. In fact, the normal look through test was utterly useless with artificial backlight; I had to actually take the bottle outside and get it between my eyes and the sun to determine the color. For that reason, I couldn’t do the rotational test.

The nose on this was exactly what I did not like from my only previous encounter with pistachio — a strong scent of pistachio nuts that, to me, smell very much like pine needles. I did detect other scents in the background, mostly that vanilla cream that the description led me to expect. There was also a note of chocolate. The vanilla and chocolate notes somewhat mitigated the dominant pistachio note.

The first few drags of this surprised me in many ways, and in many others were unsurprising at this point in the review. The vapor, unsurprisingly, was thick and billowy. Flavor carriage was modest, and seemed to dissipate rapidly.

Throat hit is solid and satisfactory, but then we get to the weird part of this vape. Despite the nose, which to me bordered on offensive, the flavor was actually… very, very tolerable. I got none of the pine needle impression the nose gave me; instead, I got mint chocolate, a sort of savory note to balance the sweetness, and then more of the sweetness as the vanilla cream and just a trace of tobacco came in for the exhale.

To people who love pistachio nuts, this is sure to be an amazing vape. I’m just not one of those people. 4 Stars for execution, 2.75 Stars for me subjectively.


Sundae Fundae

Mr. Good Vape says, “Introducing the brand new insanely delicious “Sundae Fundae” by Mr. Good Vape! An ice cream lovers dream sure to send your senses into a state of absolute bliss with a swirled sensation of Caramel Candy, Brown Sugar, French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Cookies and Cream drizzled in butterscotch. This flavor will make you drool when you smell it, smile when you Vape it and cry when its gone. Another timeless hit by the Godfather of Vaping, Mr. Good Vape. / VG 40% PG 60%


Well, now, I don’t know about that crying bit — I’m a pretty tough customer. But I will say that this is another of those sweet treats from Mr. Good Vape that I’ll look to keep around for a nice dessert treat.

The look through test shows me a medium-bodied burnt-sienna hue; while the rotational test gives me a wave-patterned layering with a nice, even transition line. The nose on this just shouts ice cream sundae, with butterscotch and butter pecan taking the foreground and vanilla providing strong reinforcement.

Visible vapor output is strong, and the flavor carriage is, as well. People are going to comment on that “old time ice cream shop” aroma, but lacking any tobacco notes (as is true with all of the MGV lineup) the only pestering you’ll get will be people wanting to try a drag — and then two or three.

Throat hit is substantial, but a little soft. Definitely not a “smacker” of a throat hit here, and not even really a push so much as a nuzzle. The flavor, on the other hand, is just off the charts. Sweet, rich ice cream sundae, just like the nose will have led you to believe. The butterscotch and butter pecan are right up front on the inhale, with the vanilla taking over fully on the exhale. The whole experience is just exactly like a bite of ice cream sundae, minus the brain-freeze. 4.5 stars.


Sunshine Daydream

Mr. Good Vape says: Sunshine Daydream is a refreshing blend that is one of our personal favorites right now amongst the Family. This has tones of Pineapple, Banana, Orange and two other excellent extracts. People say it tastes like Juicy Fruit Gum!  It’s Sunshine in a bottle! / VG 60% PG 40%


What I get from Sunshine Daydream is every bit of what the description there says, although I have to admit that I’m unable to differentiate between the various components named in the description.

Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape ReviewThe appearance of Sunshine Daydream is, like the rest of Mr. Good Vape’s lineup, very busy. There are so many flavor components to this liquid that the overall effect is simply citrus.  The body is a gold verging on orange, while the rotational test shows a medium body (for this lineup) with thick wave-pattern layering but an even transitional line.

The nose here is, again, a complex citrus fusion. The Pineapple and Orange are most dominant on the nose, with banana bringing up the rear with strength. Visual vapor output is excellent, and should leave cloud chasers satisfied if not astonished.

Throat hit is neither stellar nor lacking, and should satisfy on the first drag. But the flavor really shines on this one; as I mentioned earlier with the Heavens Candy, flavor fusions sometimes fail to really come together fully and usually orbit a dominant flavor. However, as with Melon Head, Sunshine Daydream blends the various component flavors so evenly that, for the second time in this review, no one flavor establishes dominance.

What you have, instead, is a full flavor fusion of Orange, Pineapple and Banana that is fully blended from inhale to exhale, giving a sense of a tropical beach drink. While it’s not going to make my personal rotation, that’s merely due to my limited shelf space and preference for tobacco, coffee and baked goods flavors; those who prefer fruit flavors are sure to find this to be a staple vape. 4 stars.


Sweet Lovin

Mr. Good Vape says: A sweet and delightful combination of strawberries, watermelon and bubblegum. This combination will have you begging for more, a perfect and delicious vaping experience every time! Something for everyone not to heavy, not to light but just right! Another all day everyday hit from “The Godfather of Vaping” Mr. Good Vape. / VG 50% – PG 50%


Our last flavor for this review is another fusion. Appearance wise, Sweet Lovin’ gives a vivid orange hue on the look through test. The rotational test reveals almost no layering, which is more than a little odd at the 50/50 ratio.

The nose on this liquid speaks up loud and proud about the bubblegum component front and center, and watermelon is its loyal right hand man, not behind it but beside it. Strawberry is standing further back in the background. Vapor production is nice and thick for a 50/50, while flavor carriage is potent and lingering, with the bubblegum sticking around the longest.Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape Review

Throat hit is potent relative to the other liquids in the lineup, with a single drag providing a good thump of a throat hit. Moving to the flavor, this liquid really provides a good, complex flavor that really, really lasts. Sadly for me, the predominant note in that flavor is bubblegum, which just doesn’t appeal to me too strongly.

For those who are bubblegum fans, this is no doubt going to prove to be a fantastic all day vape. But, for me, this is another one that just isn’t hitting my flavor preference on all cylinders. 4.5 stars for execution, but 3 stars for personal, subjective satisfaction.



My conclusion regarding Mr. Good Vape’s lineup is that it’s primarily geared toward Vapers who are serious fans of dessert vapes. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I suspect that Mr. Good Vape is going to find a strong and very loyal following.

However, these are not “serious” flavors in the same context of “serious” that applies to tobacco connoisseurs and those who prefer more nuanced flavor profiles. And there’s not a single thing wrong with that. As the presentation made plain, this lineup is intended to be light-hearted and fun rather than hardcore.

And there’s a place for light-hearted and fun in anybody’s eLiquid rotation. If you’re about the artisanal, the nuanced, the subtle or the robust, these flavors are probably not for you. If you’re about something light and playful, though, this lineup, it seems to me, is aimed squarely at your eLiquids shelf. I’d advise you to give ‘em a try.

John Castle

Mr. Good Vape –
Size: 15ML – 30ML – 60ML – 120ML
Cost: $12 – $20 – $35 – $70
Nicotine: 6mg – 12mg – 18mg – 24mg & Nicotine-Free