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Five Fixes that Will Make Vaping Even More Awesome

Julie Selesnick

Ok, anyone who spends five minutes in my presence knows that I am a fan of vaping. And of course by fan, I mean maniacal supporter who quit a thriving legal career to throw all her eggs into this crazy basket of disruptive technology (after quitting an almost-two pack a day, almost-30 year Newport habit.) But nothing is perfect, right? There is always room for improvement, so without further ado, here are my top five changes that would make vaping even more awesome:

Technology Improvements

The technology improves such that you can expect your $30-$250 investment to actually last a respectable period of time. Right now, that is a bit of a crapshoot, and depends on who you order from. Because the technology is still in rather nascent stage, for every one great new vape pen you try, you have probably bought a few duds.  I’m not about to attack China like everyone else does; lots of good products are made in China (including my precious iPhone that I love like a family member). But this industry, potentially more than any other, is filled with newcomers like me who aren’t used to dealing with Chinese manufacturers. Add to that the fact that this is a relatively new industry even to the Chinese, and so there is nobody with even a decade of experience yet. As such, it is trial and error figuring out which manufacturers are dependable and can supply you with high quality products and which ones, well, aren’t.

USB cables only.

Seriously; why would the manufacturers of these devices even bother making batteries that aren’t compatible with the chargers we already own? Why would there ever be a vape pen that needs to charge in a charging “orb” – it isn’t cute or futuristic; it is annoying. Charging needs to be simplified; all devices must have one type of charger and be interchangeable. I don’t want to have more cables than I already have – they need to make it so we can use our phone cables. Even better will be the new technology that apparently iPhone 7 will have, where the phone will charge completely in a matter of seconds. This seems futuristic and impossible, but once it is available for iPhone, I assume it is will be available for other devices within short order. Imagine charging your vape pen in under a minute? So much anxiety from those of us who remain addicted to nicotine will be alleviated by that; this is probably one of the greatest concerns all former smokers have about their vape pens; that the battery will die when they need it.

Standard Threading on All Vape Products

510, or some sort of standard threading, needs to be the industry norm. It is ridiculous to spend $50, $90, $150, or even more than that on a vape device only to find out that it isn’t compatible with any of your other vape devices. Everything needs to work with everything else. If vaping is going to be a moneysaving experience compared to smoking, this is critical. For all of us whose “vape drawer” is beginning to resemble a post-apocalyptic world full of discarded and broken vape parts, PLEASE MAKE THIS A PRIORITY.

No More Explosions

Figure out why vape batteries ever explode, and make that stop please. This probably should be number 1; nobody wants their face to explode when vaping, myself included…..

No More Diacetyl

Stop using chemicals in the liquids that aren’t necessary. I think flavors should be allowed – we all like things that are flavored, and it definitely helps people quit smoking. But let’s draw the line at flavoring things with chemicals that might kill us or give us popcorn lung. This is a huge argument the anti-vape community has against vaping; the easiest way to eliminate the argument? Lose the diacetyl.

There You Have It

Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy; five relatively easy changes that will make this revolutionary, disruptive, transformative technology even better. In my opinion, vaping is right up there with penicillin and fluoridated water in its ability to improve the quality of and even save human life. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be better than it currently is; taking these five steps will bring us in that direction. Until then, Keep Calm and Vape On!

Julie Selesnick

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Julie Selesnick is the president of The Happy Vapor Company, and a contributing columnist for Spinfuel eMagazine. You can expect to see much more from Julie in Spinfuel eMagazine