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DLice – 100% French e-liquid from elaboration to production. The aromas used by the producer D’lice are certified to meet food industry standards.

Composition: 80 PG /20 VG

     This was exciting for the team and I to get into some eliquids from DLICE in France and see how they do things! These are flavors designed for tank usage because of the high PG content in their eliquid, but we dripped them anyhow. Some of us had throat issues with the blends, but we also enjoyed some of the flavors. One thing we noticed is the flavors lasted throughout the exhale. It’s been an experience to say the least and I hope you enjoy reading about D’Lice!!      


DLICE Sequoia: Menthol

DLICE Casis: Black Currant

DLICE Reglisse: Licorice

DLICE Guanaja: Chocolate

DLICE Corse: Tobacco

Spinfuel Protocols:

Because this is only the third review from the NEW Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review, we suggest that you take a look at the new protocols we’ve set up for each of the reviews we will do moving forward. You’ll need to know how long we vape the ejuice, in what manner, what we look for, and how an eliquid may earn a coveted Spinfuel Choice Award. In addition, in order to understand the scores and our comments about each one, knowing the intricacies of our methods will give you a greater understanding of the process. Team Protocols

DLice E-Liquid Particulars:

We received 10ml plastic bottles with child proof caps. The French must enjoy a good throat hit, because I found on the USA DLICE page that these blends are 80% propylene glycol and only 20% vegetable glycerin. This ratio makes for a ton of flavor and strong throat hit. I actually have one customer who mixes his own eliquids this way, so there are even people here that enjoy a higher PG blend. The nicotine levels that are available are: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. If I did the conversion right, the price with shipping for one 10ml bottle is $8.02. This is expensive at $.80/ml of course for what I consider a typical house juice. I imagine the French enjoy it quite well though. If you are into these flavors, just make sure to buy a few and save on the shipping cost. The site I got the pricing. It was one of the few I didn’t have to translate.


The packaging is pretty straight forward when it comes to this French eliquid. It is kind of boring to be honest. There is just the name, flavor, nicotine mg, and bottle size on the front. There is a lot number and best if used by date which is nice. The back is just crowded with the ingredients, address, phone, email, and warning. The bottle size is just so small to house all of this information, but it does work I guess.


This is what it is all about: the flavor. We have five to cover. I’m Dori, the head writer, and will kick every flavor off with my thoughts as the team follows.  Remember as always, taste is subjective and  is in the mouth of the beholder. I do believe I’ve assembled a truly unique team. We all have different palates and I value each opinion of those on my team. Let’s see what we come up with for these for various French blends!!


MENTHOL - DLICE E-Liquid Review SpinfuelDori:  3.5 stars. This particular menthol is on the borderline of tasting like Vicks to me. I kept vaping it anyway because it had that soothing feeling and also reminded me of a strong Halls cough drop. The inhale is relatively intense, and the exhale leaves you feeling as if you have Vicks rubbed on your chest like I had to have when I was sick as a child. It’s a little confusing to me. I kind of enjoy it, but the Vicks flavor throws me off a little bit. The vapor production is ok and throat hit is medium at 6mg. I will be vaping all of these using a HexOhm V2 with a Production RDA and a .3 ohm coil build. I found this most tolerable around 30 watts.

Alicia: 1 star. Oh my! That is all I can say. Sequoia by DLICE smells like vicks vapor rub. I’ll admit, I was pretty scared to vape this. I love the smell of vicks, but to vape it?? Not exactly my cup of tea. So, the inhale is true to the smell. If I had to guess what Vicks tastes like, this would be it. And no, it’s not good. It’s smooth, like Dori said, but the taste, yuck! The exhale is more of the vicks, but it then turns into a pine flavor. Pine?? Who wants to vape pine?? Not me. I’m sure there is someone out there that actually likes these kinds of flavors, but I just can’t bring myself to find anything decent about it. After trying to vape this for a while, it actually started to make me sick. You all know that I enjoy cool, refreshing menthol vapes. This is NOT one of them.

Scott: 4 stars. I wasn’t too sure about this one because it had a very Vicks vapor rub smell and it’s named after a tree. After trying on my IPV3 and troll built to a .4 ohm, I will say I don’t have a stuffy nose anymore. This juice had a very strong taste, but it wasn’t a menthol taste. It was more of a eucalyptus taste that you would get from a halls cough drop. It was pretty much a straight up taste and not too complex, but I actually liked it. The flavor was good all the way through and never died. This one would definitely be a good one for when you need to clear your sinuses.

Dana: 2 stars. Sequoia is described as a pine tree flavor. Why anyone would want to vape pine flavor is beyond me, but I gave this a try. To me, it was like vaping Vick’s mixed with Pine Sol. I noticed very strong flavors of pine and menthol and I didn’t care much for it. I vaped this on my Doge built at .2 ohms on a regulated mod, set at various wattages.

Louis:  4 stars. I found this juice to have a pleasant, fresh taste. The aroma it gave off wasn’t bad either because it reminded me of just putting up a fresh cut Christmas tree. I also noticed a slight herby or eucalyptus like flavor, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It had a really sweet pine inhale that was candy syrup sweet. The exhale is where I got more of the eucalyptus, or kind of spearmint flavor. Overall Sequoia was not a bad juice. It produced a good throat hit and had my nose tingling in a good way after consistent vaping.


Dori: 4 stars. Cassis is a black currant flavor that is fairly spot on, but the throat hit is a little harsh for me at 6mg. My Mom was born inCasis - DLICE E-Liquid Review Spinfuel Wales and I have a ton of relatives in England still, but some used to travel over every couple years. I remember them bringing black currant flavored goodies all the time. I have always looked for this flavor in a vape. The flavor is definitely stronger on the inhale and I like it best at the tip of the exhale. It lingers a bit after the vape even. The clouds are not that impressive, but not a bad flavor overall.

Alicia: 3 stars. So this is a straight, boring, black currant flavor, with nothing else thrown into the mixture, except a little chemical taste at the end of the exhale. For me, with a flavor like black currant, something else needs to be thrown in to make it stand out just a bit. The inhale is true black currant, for that I’ll give them some points. The exhale is more of the black currant but then changes to a chemical taste. It then leaves a really displeasing aftertaste lingering around for a good while. That aftertaste very well could be from the higher PG ratio, but I think it has more to do with the flavoring itself.

Scott: 4 stars. This juice had a nice, mellow berry or fruity flavor to me. I vaped this one at a .4 ohm build also and when I ran it at I high watt it had a lot stronger flavor. It was  almost too much, but when you dropped the wattage, the flavor was a lot more mellow and a nicer vape. The flavor lasted all the way through the Vape and was very enjoyable.
Dana: 3.5 stars. Cassis by DLICE is described as a black currant flavor. On the inhale, I taste a sort of cherry flavor and on the exhale, I get a very light berry flavor. Although this is not something I would personally vape all day, it could be something others may enjoy. I find this eliquid to be fairly harsh and hard to vape. I vaped this flavor on my Dark Horse built at .13 ohms on an unregulated mod.

Louis: 3.5 stars. The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. At least that’s what I thought until I tried this juice. This had a really rich, dark berry flavor, but after excessive vaping I noticed the berry dulled down and almost gave me a waxy taste. The inhale gave me the sultry rich berry flavor, but that was quickly downed with the exhale. I would have enjoyed the juice if it was a little sweeter, not as tart, and if the flavor continued a little longer.


LICORICE - DLICE E-Liquid Review SpinfuelDori: 4.5 stars. I enjoyed the Reglisse (licorice) flavor. It reminds me of the really good black licorice candy you get in the bags with the colored beaded licorice pieces. It is a strong flavor, but I don’t mind this at all. This is the kind of black licorice I enjoy. The flavor lasts almost through the entire vape, but the clouds are sparse again due to the massive PG content. I’m with Alicia and may add this to my rotation if it was made in a higher VG ratio and could still maintain the flavoring.

Alicia: 4.25 stars. This is the first licorice vape I have tasted and it’s actually not bad as long as you like black licorice. The inhale and exhale are both full of black licorice with just a hint of caramel at the tip of the inhale. The caramel is very light and quickly disappears and returns to the licorice. Due to the higher PG ratio, my throat is getting a little irritated after taking a couple nice pulls from my Doge v2 RDA and there isn’t a lot of vapor production. Other than the high PG, this is a good flavor. It’s spot on to what I believe black licorice tastes like, and since I like black licorice, I like this one. If I could get this in a higher VG ratio, I would consider adding it to my rotation. `

Scott: 4.5 stars. From the minute I opened Reglisse by DLICE, I could smell black licorice. It was hard to think that they could make something taste as good as black licorice, but I have to give then credit cause from the first Vape it was like having a handful of black jelly beans in my mouth. The flavor to me was spot on, and there are so many ways this could have gone wrong. The flavor was great it lasted all the way through the hit and never changed. I’m going to say I would probably add this into my rotation of juices.
Dana: 3.75 stars. Reglisse is described at a licorice flavor. Licorice is one of my occasional flavors to indulge in, but this one is over the top in flavor. It does taste just like sweet black licorice, but it is very very strong. It is not something I can vape as the flavor is just too much for me personally. For those of you who like strong licorice flavors, this may be right up your alley. I vaped this flavor on my Doge built at .2 ohms on a regulated mod set at various wattages.

Louis: 3 stars. It really truly tastes exactly like black licorice, which in my case isn’t necessarily a good thing. I was hoping that this juice would be similar to jagermeister (which I don’t really love either, but can stomach the taste of at least). They did do a good job at getting the flavor right though because it tasted just like good and plenty candy, which was kind of a shame because that would have been the last candy left in my Halloween bag as a child. All in all if you enjoy you would really appreciate this juice. It was just too strong of a flavor that I personally don’t enjoy.


GYANAJA - DLICE E-Liquid Review SpinfuelDori: 3.75 stars. I smelled a tootsie roll when I opened the bottle and the ejuice tasted similar to me. It is a borderline baking chocolate as well with a touch of a bitter note, but mostly a tootsie roll. If you are using tanks with higher ohm coils and like tootsie rolls, this is the flavor for YOU! At this point the high PG ratio is really affecting my throat. I do get a decent flavor throughout the vape, but sparse clouds. The throat hit is medium to harsh.

Alicia: 4.25 stars. Guanaja reminds me of a tootsie roll. It’s sweet chocolate in the artificial chocolate kind of way. On the inhale the tootsie roll flavor comes out full force. The exhale starts out like a tootsie roll, and then kind of turns into a more of dark chocolate flavor. The dark chocolate lingers and leaves a smooth aftertaste that is decent. Again, with the high PG, the throat hit is a little harsh and there isn’t a lot of vapor production. This isn’t one I would vape myself but I would recommend it for chocolate lovers that are using tanks with higher ohm coils.
Scott: 3.75 stars. The minute you open this one you can smell the chocolate. This juice had me a little worried because chocolate is a hard one to get to taste right. The flavor lasts all the way through the inhale. You can still taste it on the exhale, but this juice wasn’t the best chocolate ejuice I have tasted. This one reminded me of a cup of cocoa that someone added too much cocoa to. There was just a little to much of a bitter taste for me and I prefer a sweet milky chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that bad. I felt it could have been a little bit sweeter or creamier.

Dana: 3.5 stars. Guanaja by DLICE is described as a chocolate flavor. When I vaped this, I tasted a lightly sweet, deep dark chocolate flavor. It tasted just like baking chocolate. This flavor is also very harsh to me. Not something that I could vape on a regular basis, but this is probably due to the high PG content. Perhaps if they made this in a high VG blend, I would enjoy it a lot more. I vaped this on my Dark Horse built at .13 ohms on an unregulated mod.

Louis: 4 stars. I know I have said I’m not much of a chocolate person before, but this chocolate juice was actually surprisingly good. I found it had a creamy sweetness similar to chocolate milk on the inhale with a true Hershey chocolate bar taste on the exhale to finish it up. Even the smell is spot on milk chocolate. This juice is a good juice for anyone craving some sweet chocolate.


Dori: 1 star. Corse or tobacco flavor is really unexplainable. It is a little harsh and just off tasting to me. I don’t have much to say about it TOBACCO - DLICE E-Liquid Review Spinfuelexcept that I would like to not have to  keep vaping it to try to figure out what it tastes like. It just hurts my throat and makes me feel a little sick. The clouds are sparse.

Alicia: 1 star. Corse is supposed to be a mix of blonde and brown tobacco. Now, I like my tobacco vapes. However, this tobacco I can’t seem to bring myself to like. It’s dry with not much flavor to enjoy. It’s an earthy tobacco that has a little too much earth in it, like dirt. I get dirt on the inhale and then I actually get hints of a grass type flavor on the exhale, of course mixed in with dirt. It has an extremely dry and harsh throat hit, followed by a lot of coughing. Unfortunately this is one I would not recommend to any vaper.

Scott: 3.5 stars. Even though this is described as a tobacco flavor, that isn’t what I got out of the vape. This one had a smell that would made me think chocolate when I opened the lid, but to the mouth it was a complete different combination. There was a good chocolate taste on the inhale that lasted all the way though, but on the exhale I got a mixture of chocolate and nuts. It reminded me of chocolate covered pecans or almonds. The mixture was very well done it wasn’t overpowering on either one of the flavors and it lasted.

Dana: 4 stars. Corse is described at a tobacco flavor. On the inhale, I taste a smooth, lightly sweet tobacco flavor. On the exhale, I taste some caramel and vanilla. While I don’t personally vape tobacco flavors, I disagree with Alicia and Dori, this one is not a bad tobacco all in all. I vaped this on my Doge built at .13 ohms on an unregulated mod.
Louis: 3.75 stars. This is an enjoyable tobacco flavored juice. From the first inhale, I get a creamy, buttery, almond nut flavor that finishes with a smooth sweet tobacco on the exhale. I liked that the tobacco flavor is there, but it isn’t too powerful, instead it’s a soft reminder. This juice would make a nice early morning vape, or even a calm down at the end of a long day vape.


     If you are into high PG blends, than DLICE is definitely right up your alley. Other than that, this has just been an informational article on how the some of the French like to vape, and maybe it’s just the beginners. None of us would buy this eliquid from overseas simply due to the high PG content, but there are a couple flavors that if offered in a high VG blend we may consider. The flavors themselves, well some of them, weren’t that bad at all. We enjoyed doing these reviews and how the eliquid took us to a different place around the world!!

      As always, the team and I all have a unique way of tasting flavors but you’ll know who you relate to most after you read all of the reviews. We all have our own style. These are our opinions and it is nice to have different views sometimes on the same product.

Dori Odosso And The Team!