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A friend of mine, Maggie, a Vaper for the past 3 years, moved to the UK to work for a software startup last March. She was excited to go work in another country for a few years, especially in the United Kingdom, but was concerned about being able to purchase her favorite eliquid. I promised her that if she ran into problems, or didn’t want to spend the overseas shipping costs through our US vendors, that I would keep her supplied with the “good stuff”.

Neither of us had any idea what the market was like over there, and before I could arrange for a box of USA made eliquids to be sent to her, she called and said I didn’t need to bother. Turns out my friend learned about one of the UK’s top retailers, Vapester.   According to my friend, Vapester has quite the reputation for carrying a huge selection of e-juice at really good prices.

Favorite Eliquids and the Vapester UK

The Eliquid Market in the UK

I learned that Vapers in the UK have a huge selection of e-liquids to choose from, which was surprising at first. Not only are there several dozen e-liquid companies that are native to the UK, there are many USA brands available in the UK now, with more arriving all the time.

If you live here in the US, names like Cuttwood, Dinner Lady, Cosmic Fog, and Charlie’s Chalk Dust are household names, but that’s just the start. So, as it turned out, my friend is the one who wound up sending ME e-liquids she had discovered, rather than the other way around.

Over the past few months I would find in my mailbox bottles of eLiquid from companies like WFFK, Naked Fish, and Nasty Juice. Funny thing is, my friend was sending me juice from the UK, that she discovered at Vapester, but were also available here, being sold by US vendors. Well, except for The Yorkshire Vaper, and 80% VG 20% PG blend with incredible flavor profiles. The last time we talked I told her to make sure to send me UK or European juices, the others I can get here.

Maggie’s Favorite UK Online Vape Shop, Vapester

Vapester is based out of the UK, and is seen as one of fastest-growing online vendors there. Although they carry a couple of eCig Kits, they are, for the most part, ejuice vendors. And being e-liquid vendors in the UK isn’t as easy as it is here.

First, there is the price. Eliquid in the UK used to be a lot more expensive than it is here in the US. It still is, but, that’s changed somewhat. It really depends on the brand; Naked Fish, which comes in 50mL bottles in the US for about $18.00, is available at Vapester for $6.89 per 10mL, or 5x $6.89 = $34.45USD. Others, sold here in 30mL bottles, wind up being only a few dollars more.

Unlike many other UK vendors, Vapester is trying to narrow the gap in pricing, and with many dual-country brands they come fairly close. However, Vapester is also dealing with high taxes, and strict regulations in the UK.  For some truly foolish reason, Vapers in the UK can only purchase 10mL bottles. That’s just crazy, as crazy as their ridiculous 2mL tank capacity law. Nothing Vapester can do about the laws, but at least the pricing is getting better.

Want to learn more about how the EU has taken strong measurements against vaping? Check out this easy to understand breakdown here. 

If you’re reading this from the UK right now, I’ve listed below the brands Vapester currently stocks.

While I personally can’t attest to fast shipping, cheap prices, shipping costs, and availability of every brand/flavor/nic-level at Vapester, I trust Maggie when she tells me that Vapester has made moving to the UK an easy transition for an American Vaper. I trust her, and because of that, I would recommend Vapester to any UK Vaper looking for a large selection and good prices. Still, I’m glad I can buy my favorite eliquids in 60 and 100mL bottles for under $20.

Julia Hartley-Barnes

Vapester Brands

Vapester E Liquid Brands