Cloud Chemistry Vapor – Three for the Road

A Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team – Feature Review

UPDATE FEBRUARY 24TH 2016We just received word that both the Churro Moose and Silly Afro Cereal eliquids are now available! These two flavors, sent exclusively to the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team were not official flavors when this review was conducted, but because the team awarded them with the Spinfuel Choice Award, and our readers were so taken with their impressions of them, Cloud Chemistry Vapor has decided to add them to their House Blend lineup. Awesome flavors, we recommend them highly!

There are certain characteristics of an eLiquid brand like Cloud Chemistry Vapor, that is, first and foremost, a “Build Your Own Flavor” brand. These characteristics are, naturally, not seen in brands that offer X-number of “brand created” blends. Those characteristics include the extraordinary number of options available to customers.

With regards to Cloud Chemistry Vapor, this brand offers such a wide selection of nicotine strengths and VG/PG ratios that, not to mention individual flavorings, if you don’t know what you want, you could spend hours creating eliquids tailored just for you.

I imagine that this process of creating custom blends is a blast for a lot of vapers, but for people that have precious little time to spend creating cool flavors with custom VG/PG ratios and nicotine levels, it can become a real hassle. Tom loves to create new blends, I don’t, and the others, like Kiera and Jason, they really don’t have a preference. Thankfully, Cloud Chemistry can appeal to customers like me, or Tom, or anyone in between.

House Blends

Cloud Chemistry Vapor has a solid line of eliquids that include blends throughout the flavor spectrum. Every category, from bakery flavors to minty flavors, CCV has created a line of very high quality eliquids for people that want to leave the job of creating to others. 65 eliquids sit under the House Blend umbrella, with more added all the time. Although these ‘flavor blends’ are decided for you there are dozens of options with regard to PG/VG and nicotine. Our review today concerns the House Blend category. However, for reasons I’ll get to later, two of the three eliquids in this review are flavors you and I cannot purchase. (I know, right?)

Believe you me, I was confused as any of you might be. Why submit flavors that will not be available at some point? Why should we spend 72 hours vaping eliquids that, if we happen to really enjoy them, we won’t be able to go to their website and place an order for more? There is an explanation, but I’ll refrain from revealing it until we come to the actual evaluation portion of this feature review.

For now, I’d like to fill you in on Cloud Chemistry Vapor in case you don’t already know about them.

“E-Liquid Crafted with Pure Science”

The above tagline belongs to Cloud Chemistry Vapor, with good reason. Cloud Chemistry Vapor offers an in-house, state-of-the-art lab where e-liquids are ‘made from scratch’ and customized to order.

They have experts in the field of chemistry and ‘flavor appeal’ who enjoy coming up with new ways for vapers to experience ultimate flavors. Best of all, the people behind the crafting of these flavors are avid vapers themselves, and they make sure the quality and craftsmanship are always a top priority.

Cloud Chemistry Vapor – Three for the Road A Feature ReviewIf all this sounds like I’m just blowing smoke, I assure you that we’ve vetted Cloud Chemistry Vapor deeper than we needed to.

Our new ‘Submission Guidelines for 2016’ that went into effect in December, makes it very clear that any in-house manufacturers of eliquid, no matter the size, must have a ‘lab environment’ for mixing and creating eliquids at every stage, separate packaging facilities, as well as shipping facilities, and can pass a health inspection at the moments notice. Cloud Chemistry Vapor exceeds these requirements.

Why are eliquid requirements so strict? That’s easy. Not only do we, as vapers, want safe, pure, and high quality eliquid for ourselves and other vapers, we’ve seen the future, and regulations, will, at some point in time, require strict safety procedures, including purity of ingredients and the conditions in which they are made, packaged, and shipped. We don’t want to waste your time, and ours, conducting a week long review (3 days + discussions and writing) for a brand that doesn’t practice professional manufacturing methods.

Cloud Chemistry Vapor – The Vape Shops

Cloud Chemistry Vapor have two vape shops in Pennsylvania, in East Stroudsburg and Honesdale. These shops carry a large selection of vape gear and House Blend eliquids, as well as having a clean lab where customized eliquids are made while you wait. The process of creating a custom blend or a House Blend takes just minutes, and when you walk out the door you know, without a doubt, that whatever you ordered was crafted just for you.

Each lab has 120+ flavors on hand and when you do the math, there are literally millions of combinations of flavors and VG/PG blends that become your canvas for creating your own blends. Below is a list of the variations of PG/VG ratios and nicotine options that are available online and in the vape shops.

PG/VG Options  

  • Max VG
  • 80/20
  • 70/30
  • 60/40
  • 50/50
  • 60/40
  • 70/30
  • 80/20
  • 100% PG

Nicotine Strengths

Nicotine levels start at 1mg and goes up to a maximum of 30mg, in 1mg increments. Of course, there is a Zero-Nic option as well.

The Eliquid Review

The House Blend eliquids are designed/created by the Cloud Chemistry Vapor staff. They also offer single-note flavors along with their custom blends, and these eliquids represent just a sampling of what can be created by customers.

It is difficult to create a review on a brand whose claim to fame is ‘Custom Blends’, but, with their selection of House Blends we can isolate a tiny handful of the 65 available flavor creations in order to determine the quality of the ingredients and the flavors, as well as the talents of the eliquid crafters.

In the end, whether you choose to visit Cloud Chemistry Vapor to create your own blend of flavors, or have the lab whip up a bottle of a House Blend, this review, and the many sequels we hope to bring you, can help you decide if you want to go down this road or not.

The three flavors that were sent to us for review are Churro Moose, Silly Afro Cereal, and Voluptuous Raptor. They are Max VG with 3mg nicotine, and all three were delicious vapor monsters that delivered tremendous satisfaction.

However, if you visit their website today the only House Blend of the three that you can place an order for is Voluptuous Raptor. Churro Moose and Silly Afro Cereal are not available, and may never be available.

Churro Moose – An Exclusive

A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

2016 Spinfuel Choice Award WinnerFrom what we learned from Dave (Foster), Churro Moose is an exclusive flavor created by Cloud Chemistry Vapor’s Flavor Specialists, just for Spinfuel, or rather, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team.

Now, an exclusive flavor created just for us is a very cool thing. We are humbled by the gesture, and we appreciate the efforts made by Cloud Chemistry Vapor, but in some ways it’s not so much a cool thing. Nevertheless, here’s our impression of Churro Moose…

Julia: 5.00 – I love churros, a Latin snack of fried-dough pastry, predominantly choux, and they are fabulously sweet handheld sticks that I can easily overindulge in. So, give me an eliquid that can provide an authentic churro flavor in vapor form and I’m yours forever.

I want Cloud Chemistry Vapor to release this blend to the world because I know that every one of you that has tasted and enjoyed a real churro will come to love Churro Moose every bit as much as I do.

At the end of the review period every single drop of Churro Moose was gone, from all four of us. I could have easily stayed with this one flavor for a month, as an all-day-vape, without regrets. Thankfully, my 30mL bottle had to last me 3 days, so I had no choice but to vape it for a while, move on to another great flavor, and come back to it multiple times a day. Had I not done that, the Churro Moose would have been gone on Day One and reviewing the two other eliquids wouldn’t have happened in time.

Tom: 5.00 – Churro Moose is a perfect all-day-vape. The churro-ness of the flavor is sweet, maybe just a tiny bit salty, and incredibly flavorful. The vape itself is very smooth, very satisfying, the vapor production is outstanding. I enjoyed every second with it and I publicly urge Cloud Chemistry Vapor to release it as a House Blend.

There are hundreds of eliquid flavors that are out of this world, and Churro Moose would certainly be one of them.

Kiera: 5.00 – The taste of churro can best be described as a sweet sugary donut-like flavor with tasty cinnamon sugar sprinkled all over. They are becoming a staple treat at movie theaters, convenience stores, street corners, and even grocery stores. They are addicting as heroin, (no, not really –ed) and you can never be able to eat just one.

Cloud Chemistry Vapor has produced a miracle with Churro Moose, getting more than just the essence of churro, Churro Moose IS a churro in vapor form.

Jason: 5.00 – When the rest of the team were raving about Churro Moose I was still a Churro Moose Virgin. Listening to them kind of inspired the ‘contrarian’ in me to look for things to criticize about it. Then I actually started vaping some and I knew on the first drag that they were right.

Churro Moose is an insane flavor. I like churros as much as anybody, but I swear this authentic churro flavor tastes better as vapor then as the snack. The tastebuds get the same flavor experience, but unlike the actual snack the vapor provides a soothing, relaxing, and satisfying vape.

When I found out that this fantastic eliquid was not for sale I was got sad and then upset. I want Churro Moose in my rotation, and I want it like yesterday. If you have ever had a churro and loved it, then you too would want Churro Moose in your rotation. I now call Churro Moose a “must have” eliquid. But, will it happen? I can’t say.

So you see, Churro Moose was a fantastic treat for all of us, and we truly appreciated the opportunity to experience such a tasty treat in vapor form, but what now? From all indications Dave tells us that this is a one-off, something to perhaps show off the talent of the flavor creators. If so, job well done guys. But don’t keep this to yourself, put it out there and let others enjoy it too.

Awarding Churro Moose a Spinfuel Choice Award is easy in some respects, difficult in others. It is an award-winning eliquid, but what use is that if it’s an eliquid no one can buy? Nevertheless, we do award this delicious eliquid the Spinfuel Choice Award.

Next up is the other eliquid that is not available on the Cloud Chemistry Vapor website, though I think it will be. I don’t have an official flavor description to give you, though it wasn’t too hard to discern the flavor of a fruity cereal, both by the obvious name and the flavor profile it presented to the members while we vaped it.

Silly Afro Cereal

A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

2016 Spinfuel Choice Award WinnerWithout an official flavor profile to guide us in our scoring system (we are devising an updated scoring system in time for the next review) this flavor is scored by quality, satisfaction, and our overall enjoyment of this eliquid.

Julia: 5.00 – During our team discussions about Silly Afro Cereal we talked a lot about this blend having a distinct fruity flavor engulfed in a whole milk experience. I agree that this is the best way to describe this eliquid. But there is something about the layering of these flavors that makes this cereal blend unique, delicious, and satisfying.

Silly Afro Cereal starts off with a delicate selection of fruits. Not melons, not strawberries, the flavors are definitely in the berry family of fruits. Sweet berries presented as the same artificial flavors of real fruity cereals. This ‘flavor’ you’ll taste immediately, and then as the inhale progresses you’ll sense the same flavor begin to get fuller. On the exhale the fruity flavor blends with a milk or cream flavor that lasts throughout the exhale. In the end, the satisfaction comes from the thick, dense vapor filled with real cereal flavors. Like Churro Moose, not a drop was left when it came time to discuss these eliquids.

It is this combination of fruitiness and the creaminess that makes Silly Afro Cereal an eliquid I will add to my rotation, should it ever become available.

Tom: 5.00 – I’ve lost count of the number of ‘cereal’ eliquids this team has reviewed, or otherwise vaped on the side, and the one thing that even the best cereal eliquids miss is the balance of cereal flavor and milk. Most of them, even the ones I like, taste a lot like cereal out of the box, like the originators of the eliquid forgot that cereal is served with milk. Here, with Silly Afro Cereal (I’d love to know the nature of the name given to this eliquid) Cloud Chemistry Vapor makes a point to deliver the milk with the cereal.

The cereal flavor is fruity, no doubt about that. That said, it is a fruit flavor that doesn’t match any cereal I’ve had for breakfast over the years. I taste cherries, blackberries, and a hint of blueberry. The blend is smooth, inviting, comforting. Wrapped around this fruity goodness is a solid flavor of cream or milk. Not “crème”, but rather cream, more like “Half & Half”, the stuff I take in my coffee.

Silly name notwithstanding, Silly Afro Cereal is a terrific cereal blend that will surely wind up in many vape rotations should it ever see the light of day…Even my rotation.

Kiera: 5.00 – There is something about Silly Afro Cereal that makes me crave the vape experience it provides. I’ve had plenty of cereal flavored eliquids in the past, but never one that caused me to look down at my mod and tank with the urge to pick it back up and vape seconds after I put it down.

Silly Afro Cereal is a fruit cereal flavor that gives up more ‘cereal’ flavor than anything else. It’s hard to describe what a cereal flavor is other than to say that a bowl of fruity pebbles does not taste anything like a bowl of real fruit. Your brain converts the information from your tastebuds as fruit, and somehow we are able to taste fruit and not taste fruit at the same time. That’s what this eliquid does, you know its fruity, but not the same kind of fruity that an authentic peach flavor ejuice or strawberry ejuice offers.

As the team discussed the creamy aspect of the flavor, I had to agree that a big part of this eliquid is the addition of the taste of “milk and cereal”, not just cereal. If this comes out as a House Blend, I’m on it.

Jason: 5.00 – As much as I enjoy Max VG, or High VG, eliquids there is one element that I ‘sometimes’ miss… a throat hit. I’m not saying that Silly Afro Cereal has a big throat hit, it doesn’t. But, there is more throat hit in this Max VG blend than I’ve experienced in many weeks. I really enjoyed that, more than I may have wanted to admit.

As a cereal flavored eliquid there is a lot to enjoy. Fruits in the berry family (I believe) and a certain milk or cream flavor, combine in way that makes Silly Afro Cereal one of the only cereal eliquids I truly like, and that is saying a lot.

While checking my eliquid collection for another cereal flavor to compare it to I discovered I no longer had one. That being the case, should this eliquid come to market it will be in my collection at the very least, and often in my rotation. There’s just something about it that I want to experience (in addition to the throat hit), and I would definitely suggest that cereal lovers give this a try…when you can…if you can…


Finally, we get to the one House Blend eliquid that IS available on the Cloud Chemistry Vapor website…


Experience the curves only a prehistoric age could provide. Blending raspberry, lemon lime, peach, and honeysuckle, this flavor entices and won’t leave you wanting.”

Cloud Chemistry Vapor – Three for the Road A Feature ReviewJulia: 4.50“Experience the curves only a prehistoric age could provide” Say what? What does that even mean? Well, anyway… this pleasant eliquid has a lot going for it, and maybe one thing that it doesn’t. The raspberry, lemon-lime, and even peach are flavors that show up for the job, but honeysuckle is the dominant flavor, and that seems to throw the fruity flavors a curve ball. Honeysuckle is a floral flavor, and by its very nature a floral will dominant any other flavors trying to break through. I like it, but not enough to make it to my rotation. If you like the flavors listed above, and adore honeysuckle, you’ll love it. Otherwise, leave this one alone, especially if honeysuckle displeases your tastebuds.

Tom: 4.50 – A blending of flavors can work well, like raspberry and lemon-lime, because they share similar flavor profiles. But when you begin to mess with that by throwing in a peach flavor that cannot be detected, and honeysuckle floral notes the balance is way off. I’m all for fruit flavors in my eliquid, but the minute I sense a floral note I’m outta there. An excellent blend for vapers that like these fruits and a floral flavor.

Kiera: 5.00 – I have to admit that I was pretty surprised by the honeysuckle in this blend. Honeysuckle give this eliquid a brilliant touch of floral notes that are out of this world. I love all the flavors I can taste, except the peach doesn’t come through at all, probably because of the overpowering florals of honeysuckle.

If you want to know what this eliquid brings to the table, it’s a perfect blend of sweet raspberry and tart lemon-lime, with a nice floral hit.

Jason: 4.75 – I’m rating this eliquid higher than I would if I were scoring on flavor because honeysuckle, or any floral flavor turns me off straightaway. But the crafting of this one is just too good to harshly criticize. Just because I don’t find floral flavors appealing doesn’t mean that tens of thousands will.

The choice of raspberry flavoring and the lemon-lime flavoring is remarkably good. You can really taste an authentic raspberry AND lemon-lime. There is a slight peach flavor on the exhale, but it is all intertwined with that honeysuckle flavor. Nope, I’m going to be vaping V Raptor after this review.


Spinfuel Scoring System for 2016

The lowest score an eliquid can receive is 1.00. A score of 1.00 represents an eliquid that cannot be vaped by the member of the team that awarded the score. A 1.00 does not solely consider flavor, it includes any unpleasant aftertastes or other indicators that point to an awful eliquid. 

 A 2.00 score would represent a score for an eliquid that is not made with quality ingredients, and does not deliver a flavor profile that matches the brand’s official flavor profile, and proves to be an unpleasant vape experience, though not totally unvapeable.

 A 3.00 score represents an Average eliquid. That is, average for 2015-2016 Standards. It means the use of adequate quality ingredients, fairly similar flavor profile of the brand’s official profile, though sometimes written as hyperbole. A 3.00 score is not the median score, it’s just a non-special, okay eliquid found in many good budget brands.

 A 4.00 score represents a better-than-average eliquid for the 2015/2016 ejuice standards. The quality of the ingredients is apparent, and high-end. The official flavor description is an accurate description from the reviewer’s point of view. Many modern eliquid brands fall into this level. A score of 4.00+ is equivalent to the score of a 5.00 score in 2013 terms.

A 5.00 score is just shy of a perfect eliquid. A 5.00 score eliquid is made of apparent premium ingredients and has a flavor profile that outshines the official flavor profile given to it from the brand. The eliquid delivers not only a great vape, but delivers vape satisfaction beyond the norm. When all members of the review team find an eliquid to be a 5.00 eliquid it is awarded the Spinfuel Choice Award.

Vape Gear Used in this Review

For this review the team decided to go all Kanthal. Back to basics this time, a chance to experience eliquids the way we did a year ago. So, here’s the mods and atomizers used in the review.

Julia: ProVari Radius by ProVape – Joyetech Delta 2 – 0.5-ohm coil head.

Kiera: Joyetech eVic-Mini 75W (Gold) – Joyetech Delta 2 – 0.5-ohm coil head

Jason: eLeaf iStick TC60W – Joyetech Delta 2 – 0.5-ohm coil head

Tom: Pioneer4You IPV D3 – OBS T-VCT Tank – 0.5 single-coil coil head

Price and Value

The price scale for Cloud Chemistry Vapor House Blends leans toward the expensive. Based on recent reviews with budget-minded high quality eliquids the prices of these eliquids cannot go unaddressed. However, as a team we would happily pay $38 for 60mL of Churro Moose and/or Silly Afro Cereal.

Sometimes it is more about the vape experience with a specific flavor(s) than it is about the cost. Most of the time we all can find a less expensive, closely related alternative to what we feel like vaping, but in some instances it isn’t possible. On those occasions it’s worth spending more for exactly what you want.

A 10mL bottle is $8.00, or 80 cents per mL, 30mL is $20 or 66 cents per mL, and 60mL is $38, or 63 cents per mL. The prices for “Custom Blended” eliquid are the same as the House Blend.


Clearly Cloud Chemistry Vapor knows exactly what they’re doing. They are very talented eliquid creators based on the 3 flavors reviewed today. It is important to remember that this brand offers 65 House Blends at the time of this review, so the 3 flavors reviewed today barely scratch the surface. We will bring you further reviews on the House Blends, and perhaps even order a few custom blends to review.

Judging by the vape experience alone the quality of the ingredients is obviously high. We could detect no impurities, no discoloration, no chemical odors from the ejuice, and the ‘fullness’ of the thick vapor points to superior craftsmanship.

If there was a Cloud Chemistry Vapor shop in our town we would all be regulars, buying up House Blends and creating our own, just for fun.

Cloud Chemistry Vapor is certainly not alone in this level of high quality, delicious eliquids, but they are a welcome addition to what we have come to call, “*FDA-Safe” eliquid brands.

Cloud Chemistry Social Media:

Twitter @cloudchemistry


Google+ :

*FDA-Safe – Considering the prospect of some regulations in the eliquid industry, a FDA-Safe brand is one we have determined to be ready for modest-to-harsh regulations that include safe packaging, clean room lab environment, and high quality ingredients.

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Kiera Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, and Jason Little, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team