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Island Fluff Review From The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team

Hurricane Vapor describes Island Fluff, its newest addition to its Tropical Collection, as:

 Experience a combination to die for. A luscious tropical medley of Kiwi & Lychee, swimming in Marshmallow fluff. Sweet and fruity notes are rounded out with a light and creamy marshmallow backend, creating one of our most flavorful and satisfying vapes to date.

 Foreword by John Manzione

Joining such deliciously tropical “storm juice” flavors like Caribbean Pina Colada, Pineapple Cheesecake, Papaya Milkshake, Mango Milkshake, and a few others, this new, and unique flavor has solidified Hurricane Vapor’s position as a premier leader in tropical and Latin eliquids.

So, what does a Kiwi/Lychee combination, swimming in a light creamy marshmallow bottom layer taste like? Well, three of team members say it tastes like vaping Caribbean paradise itself while stuffing marshmallows in our mouth at the same time. To Jason, well, he thinks the Kiwi puts too much of an edge on an otherwise delightfully sweet marshmallow vape laced with Lychee fruit. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Island Fluff Tropical eLiquid from Hurricane Vapor

What do I think? After allowing an extra week of steeping I think Island Fluff is right up there with one of my all-time favorite eliquids by Hurricane Vapor; Mango Milkshake. Gloriously tropical, with a sweet authentic marshmallow spirit, Island Fluff is like eating a pineapple and Fluff sandwich on Wonder bread. Thick, sweet vapor, flavors that engulfs the senses in the wonderment of vacationing in Aruba, Island Fluff is a fine addition to anyone’s eliquid rotation. But then again, it’s rare that I don’t like an eliquid from Miami’s own Hurricane Vapor.


Island Fluff is unique in a couple of ways. First, there’s the marshmallow. When has marshmallow ever been used in a tropical mix? Never…not that I can recall anyway. Marshmallow has a distinct taste, and that taste comes through as you vape it just as plain as the dark circles under my eyes. And the thing is… there is no other way to describe the flavor of marshmallow except to say that it tastes like marshmallow. If you’ve never had the pleasure you won’t know what it is you taste, and that would be a real shame. To know marshmallow is to love marshmallow.

Kiwi, on the other hand, is an acquired taste. If you’ve ever eaten Kiwi then you probably describe the taste as a cross between strawberries and cantaloupe. Fresh Kiwi can also cause you to sense a slight metallic taste in you mouth. It seems as though Kiwi is one of the most potent fruits when it comes to drawing metals that make up a small part of your biology to surface and land on the tongue. I believe that’s the reason for Jason’s opinion that the Kiwi comes on a little too strong in Island Fluff.

Lychee is actually a tropical fruit that is popular in South China. The flavor seems to change from person to person, some tasting the essence of grapes, while others seem to taste sweet pears, or even apple. Whatever real Lychee tastes like to you, that’s the flavor you’ll pick up in Island Fluff.

Combining Kiwi and Lychee in exacting proportions must have taken a long, long time. While they may share certain characteristics, they are in fact very different flavors. Laying down a sweet marshmallow layer and adding that unique Kiwi/Lychee flavor on top had to be one of the most demanding eliquid recipes to master. Hurricane Vapor created Island Fluff as a flavor that is instantly recognizable as “tropical”, yet at the same time it’s completely original.

Here’s what the team had to say:

Julia: 4.75 Stars – Island Fluff is now my first vape of the day. It’s sweet ‘marshmallow and fruit’ flavor makes a brilliant wake up vape, but after an hour or two I always want to swap it out for my latest all-day-vape. Island Fluff, in the morning, tastes like mixing a Pina Colada with melted marshmallows, a very pleasing flavor while conducting morning rituals. That said, as soon as I have my morning coffee I’m ready to swap it out. I may not consider it an all day vape yet, but it’s in my rotation now as one of the best early morning eliquids I have. Oh, and vapor production was phenomenal for a tropical eliquid.

Tom: 5 Stars – I’ve had my share of tropical eliquids but never have I tasted anything like this before. Using two potent flavors, Kiwi and Lychee, with a creamy and sweet flavor that is marshmallow was inspiring to me as an eliquid connoisseur. I mean, you know immediately what you taste but that indescribable flavor of marshmallows gives ‘tropical vapes’ a whole new dimension. The aroma of the vapor, thick and flavorful vapor, was delicious in its own right, and it delivers a satisfying vape as well. Even if there weren’t a label on the bottle I would have known Island Fluff was a product of Hurricane Vapor. The same tropical flare that you taste in Papaya Milkshake or Apricot Horchata is very much alive in Island Fluff. Unique, delicious, and satisfying, Island Fluff is definitely a 5 Star “storm juice”.

Keira: 4.75 Stars – I would have given Island Fluff a solid 5 Stars if it didn’t possess that slightly peppery taste on the exhale. As soon as you inhale you’ll taste such a delicious mixture of pure tropical and authentic marshmallow flavor and it will be heavenly. Island Fluff made me take the slowest drags I’ve ever taken because of that tropical/marshmallow goodness. On the exhale however, it’s a different story. Plenty of thick vapor, but the Lychee takes over and there is the slightest-ever ‘peppery’ taste at the every end, and I’ve tasted that before in other Lychee recipes. If it wasn’t for that I think I would wind up buying Island Fluff by the barrel. I am hoping that with some additional steeping that peppery touch will disappear.

Jason – 4 Stars – I still vape Papaya Milkshake and Mango Milkshake, and that’s a high compliment indeed because of the hundreds of eliquids we review every year. The Hurricane Vapor flavor profile is so instantly recognizable that once you’ve adopted a flavor it’s there for the duration, if you know what I mean. They (Hurricane Vapor) are masterpieces in the art of eliquid creation. And who doesn’t love Hurricane Vapor’s version of pineapple cheesecake? But for some reason, and I believe it is the authentic Kiwi flavoring, Island Fluff doesn’t rank as high on my personal ‘vape-scale’ as the other storm juices that make up the Tropical Collection.

Then again, there isn’t a single Kiwi eliquid in my collection. As much as I believe Hurricane Vapor are masters of Latin eliquids I just can’t get behind Island Fluff as much as the others. I sincerely hope they use marshmallow in other tropical eliquids, can you imagine what pineapple and marshmallow would taste like? But, I’ll tell you what; if you do like Kiwi you would be crazy not to give it a try. That marshmallow component would make a great eliquid flavor on its own, so Kiwi fans would undoubtedly love Island Fluff.

Conclusion – Julia Hartley-Barnes

Hurricane Vapor takes their ultimate Tropical Collection in a new direction with Island Fluff. Combining Kiwi, Lychee and marshmallow was a sign of true ingenuity, the kind of ingenuity that we need in the vape community. I  believe a flavor like Island Fluff could only come from the minds of the Hurricane Vapor mixologists. It is certainly a member of the Hurricane Vapor family of storm juices, but without a doubt it is the most unique in that collection. For me it’s not an everyday vape, not yet, and for Tom it is the tropical all-day-vape of the year. For Keira, well, she’s split between the glorious inhale and the peppery exhale… and for Jason? Let me put it this way; If he had told me he loved it because the rest of us did I would know he wasn’t telling the truth. He has a history with Kiwi, and a certain eliquid last year put him off the fruit for good. The fact is, you have to enjoy Kiwi flavors to enjoy Island Fluff, and no amount of marshmallow, a universally loved flavor, can cover up such a potent flavor like Kiwi, so he couldn’t gloss over that part.

Lastly, I think Hurricane Vapor is on to something with tropical flavors and marshmallow. Like Jason said above, I’d like to see other tropical, and non-tropical fruits used with marshmallow.

“This is very much a Hurricane Vapor eliquid. Most will love it, few will not.”

Hurricane Vapor Island Fluff

15ML – $9.99
30ML – $17.99
Available in 50:50 70:30 and 30:70 PG/VG ratios.
Nicotine – 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, and of course, zero-nic.


The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team – Julia, Tom, Keira, Jason