The Costs of Vaping Cannabis


Vaping cannabis is a healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking. In this article, we’ll explore some of the costs associated with vaping cannabis and provide tips on how to save money without sacrificing on quality or safety. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user or just getting started, understanding the costs of vaping cannabis can help you make informed decisions about your consumption habits. Here are some of the main financial costs associated with vaping.

Buying a vaporizer

The cost of a vaping device for cannabis can vary depending on the type and brand of the device. Here are some of the factors that can affect the price of a vaping device:

Type of Devices for Vaping Cannabis

There are many types of vaping devices on the market, each with different features and price points. Some of the most common types of vaping devices for cannabis include pen-style vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers. 


Pen-style vaporizers are typically the most affordable option and can be purchased for as little as $20 to $50. These can get more expensive depending on the quality of materials used.  


The very best portable vaporizers will set you back anywhere from $200-400, these will usually be made using medical grade materials, which is very important if you are looking to start vaporizing for health reasons. You can pick up a cheap portable for as little as $50 but be careful, these can be of very poor quality and there have even been stories of materials being used that can contaminate your herb.


The third and most expensive type is a desktop vaporizer. A high quality one can cost as much as $600 but will last a lifetime. There are cheaper options available from brands like Arizer who make an excellent budget model that starts at around $200 but can be picked up much cheaper in a sale.  


The brand of the vaping device can also affect the cost. High-end brands like Tinymight, Storz & Bickel, and Firefly are more expensive than lesser-known brands or generic devices. 


With these brands you are paying for better quality materials, they use convection heating rather than conduction which ensures more efficient and even extraction of your buds. 


Look out for white label brands too, there are lots of products available which have been purchased in bulk and branded. These often use cheap materials, don’t perform very well and in extreme cases can be dangerous. 


The features of a vaping device can also affect the cost. Some features that can increase the price of a device include temperature control, digital displays, and advanced heating systems. These features can provide a more customizable vaping experience but will have a higher price tag.


If you like to customize your experience and vape regularly it is well worth spending the extra money.

Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Vaping devices require regular maintenance to keep them functioning correctly. This includes cleaning the device, replacing the heating element or atomizer, and replacing the battery. These costs can increase depending on the device and how often used. If a device breaks or malfunctions, it may need to be replaced.


If you get a good quality vape and look after it properly, it should last you for many years. I have been using a PAX 3 for almost 5 years and my Mighty has been in use for over 4 years. The only maintenance I have ever had to carry out on them is replacing screens and o rings along with a regular clean every month or two to ensure the chambers remain in good condition.


All you’ll need is cotton swabs, paper towels, isopropyl alcohol and a cleaning brush which will cost about $10 a year. Screens and o rings will cost a few dollars each too so once you have bought the device expenditure will be pretty low.

Vaping Cannabis – Cartridge Costs

Vaping CannabisIf you choose to vape liquids then you will also have to buy carts. A cartridge for a cannabis vape is a small, pre-filled container designed to be used with a vape pen or other vaping device. These cartridges typically contain a cannabis concentrate, such as oil or wax, extracted from the cannabis plant.


Many manufacturers also produce cartridges with varying levels of THC or CBD, allowing users to customize their cannabis experience to their specific needs.


If using pre-filled vape cartridges, the cost of these cartridges can also add up. While the price of cartridges varies depending on the brand and the potency, they can typically cost between $30 and $60 per cartridge. Depending on how often you use the vape and for how long, the cost can quickly add up if you are a frequent heavy user.

How to save money on a vaporizer?

There are a few ways you can save money on a vaporizer. We would recommend checking out the big annual sales, there are two to mark in your calendar; 420 which is an annual cannabis event held every April 20th and Black Friday which also has a Green Monday sale specific to the cannabis industry.


Another way to save money on a vaporizer any time of year is to find a coupon code, we recommend Cannabis Vouchers who have an entire section dedicated to portable, desktop and vape pens available in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. 

Vaping Cannabis – Conclusion

Vaping cannabis can offer a more discreet and potentially healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods but can incur a higher initial cost. The main costs associated with vaping cannabis include the vaping device itself, maintenance, and carts if using pre-filled vape cartridges. 


Considering these costs is essential when deciding whether to vape cannabis or use other consumption methods. While vaping cannabis may offer certain benefits, weighing the potential health benefits against the higher initial outlay is essential. But remember, if you are smoking dry herb, you will save money in the long run as the increased efficiency of a vape will see you cut the amount consumed.

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