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The Utillian 720 Vaporizer for Cannabis Consumption - Spinfuel VAPE MagazineAs I dig deeper into this ‘other side of the vape community’, the dry herb/oil/wax side, I’m beginning to grasp that most these vaporizers, like the Utillian 720, are designed for cannabis users. Say what you will about the benefits of vaping dry lavender leaves and other flowers/plants, without the cannabis component the dry herb vaporizer market would be a fraction of its current size.

Nonetheless, we recently published a piece dealing with the top 5 dry herbs for vaping, and the number of readers that have dropped by to read it was higher than I imagined it would be. Of course, that number is dwarfed by the number of people that read our reviews on the vaporizers themselves.

Our Firefly 2 review published a short time ago, is always landing in the Top 5 most-read reviews every day. People from all walks of life are very interested in the benefits of enjoying cannabis without combustion, without the horrendous coughing that is directly associated with rolling a joint and firing it up. Even the most elaborate bongs need a flame to ignite the dry leaves and buds, and whenever there is combustion there is unwanted particulates finding their way into the lungs of healthy, and not so healthy adults.

Vaporizing Cannabis is Healthier, Cleaner, and More Enjoyable

If you enjoy the traditional side of vaping, that is the mod/tank/vape juice side, then you know the time spent enjoying a great fruity/creamy/custard/pastry vape juice is far, far greater than the time spent vaping cannabis in a different type of vaporizer. In addition, the ‘end game’ if you will, is also completely different.

With cannabis, the aim is two alleviate the symptoms of a medical issue, or if medical issues aren’t a factor, then vaping cannabis is used to relax, sit back, and get high, much like alcohol, a substance that has global acceptance, or at the very least, tolerance.

For me, finding the right vaporizer to use with my ‘dispensary purchased’ cannabis is a big deal. Some months ago, admittedly just weeks after Massachusetts legalized recreational use of cannabis, I stopped my nightly consumption of 4 or 5 glasses of wine, and instead decided to see if it was possible to find the same sense of relaxation and stress relief with 5 or 10 minutes vaping clean, legal, pure cannabis.

The Benefits of Vaporizers

In this review for the Utillian 720 ‘convection’ vaporizer, one of the nicest I’ve used to date, I am in no way trying to increase the number of cannabis users. The number of users in the millions already, but the number of people still rolling joints or filling a bong bowl and applying fire to the material far outweigh the number of people that have purchased a proper vaporizer. And I am a big supporter of vaporizers when it comes to consuming marijuana.

Vaporizers designed for cannabis, like the Utillian 720, the Loki Touch, the Firefly 2, and many, many more, provide far more enjoyment with far less side effects. But, like the vape juice side of vaping, finding the right device is almost as difficult.

The Utillian 720 Vaporizer

The Utillian 720 was designed for dry herb vaping, as well as vaping wax and concentrates. That said, it is far more useful as a dry herb vaporizer. And, considering that, I’ll focus my review for this vaporizer toward the dry herb user. Further, I do know that there are people that purchase these types of vaporizers for vaping lemon grass or lavender, and others, though when discussing a dry herb vaporizer, I understand that the reader is much more likely to be a cannabis user.

This video, from the vendor where I obtained my Utillian 720, does an excellent job showing off the device and some excellent tips on using it. I highly recommend watching, it certainly was a big factor in my decision making.


The Utillian 720 is, at first glance, an unusual vaporizer when seen through the eyes of someone that imagines box mods and tanks as the primary equipment for vaping. My own first glance of this vaporizer was filled with confusion. After watching the above video, it suddenly made sense.

The Utillian 720 comes in one color, black, and the device has a decidedly boxy shape that appears to have a retractable straw at the top, something I would associate as a “drip tip” in my other world.

After spending time with it, this device is so easy to use.

The Utillian 720 vaporizer has a fantastic feel in the grip, and while holding it, I could feel the high quality in its manufacture. The Utillian 720 isn’t a pocket vaporizer, not really, and you’ll probably feel better using it at home, or carrying it in a case, pocketbook, or messenger bag. But I’d say it was more portable than not.

Basic Operation and Use of the Utillian 720

There is some prep the user must do before each use, including the first use. But this is true of every dry herb vaporizer. The top of the Utillian 720 is attached by a magnetic seal. To reveal and access the heating chamber, the user pulls it up with a slight pull.

Its magnetic seal is sturdy and it will feel very secure while using it. Afterwards, removing it to clean or repack the chamber isn’t difficult. Turning it on requires 5-clicks on the fire button, and setting the desired temperature is a 2-click operation. The Utillian 720 is a single-button vaporizer, and a wonderful one at that.

After the 5-clicks to turn the unit on, the vaporizer needs to be sterilized. With the two-click operation you’ll scroll through the four color-coded temperature settings. The settings range from 170°C/338°F to 210°C/410°F. I’ll discuss some of my discoveries in temperatures and the cannabis I use with mine.

The color-coded temperature system is simple, though limited when it comes to choosing or setting temperatures that are not one of the four.  Utillian has included an “Enhanced” mode for each color-coded temperature. This “Enhance” mode is opened by holding down the power button for five seconds while in use and it will add 5°C/9°F to each of the four color-coded temperatures. In effect, this gives the Utillian 720 eight heat settings. I look it as Temp 1, and Temp 1+, Temp 2 and Temp 2+, and so on. When I need an extra kick, the enhance mode is killer.

The preheat ramp up time is fast, though not as fast as the Loki Touch’s 30-seconds. My experience shows about a one minute ramp up time. Once the preheat is finished, I’m vaping.

Real World Usage

I ordered a small bag of lemongrass when I ordered my Utillian 720 (almost $300USD), because I was unsure if I should review the unit while under the influence. After going through the sterilization process, I loaded up some freshly ground lemongrass and tried it out. Lemongrass tastes awful, and the vapor produced by the lemongrass was no big deal. After just a couple of minutes I emptied the chamber, set the device back up, and using the grinder I went about grinding enough dispensary grade cannabis and tried again. From my first pull, I thought of all the years I spent burning my cannabis leafs and buds and what a waste it was. Without a doubt, convection vaping is the absolute best way to enjoy dry herbs, especially cannabis. (or in my case, only cannabis)

Vaping with the Utillian 720 was a marvelously smooth and flavorful experience. I’ve always loved the way marijuana smelled and tasted, and vaping with a convection device that flavor and smell is just incredible. Vapor production was excellent, though nowhere near what a MaxVG vape juice in a sub-ohm tank and 150W can produce, but certainly enough to bring back memories of the amount of smoke from a well-lit joint.

My best temperature settings for the cannabis I purchase at the dispensary is in the middle of the four heat settings. I’ll move through #3 and #3+ 90% of the time. This allowed me to fully taste the slightly-sweet flavor profile of strain I was vaping. Battery life is roughly 90-minutes, more than enough for any vaping session, unless you’re passing it around at a party with a group of 10 or more people. (It can happen)

I’ll discuss some of the expectations you can expect when you visit your first dispensary in a future article. For now, I buy an Indica. There are usually 3 you can choose from, indica, sativa, and hybrid. Indica creates a more relaxed, laid back experience, perfect for relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before bed. I stay away from Sativa, though my brother is a huge fan. Sativa provides an uplifting, invigorating cerebral effect, perfect for parties and other social gathering.


Final Words

With each pull from straw-like tip you’ll see a flashing light while inhaling. For some reason, I enjoyed that. (I wonder why) There is also a “power save” mode which causes the vaporizer to turn off after just about a minute of inactivity. I can appreciate a power save mode, but I think there should be a way to set the duration. It isn’t a deal killer, as I truly enjoyed vaping with the Utillian 720. So far, the Utillian and the Firefly 2 are my top contenders.

The Utillian 720 is a quality vaporizer that provides a smooth and flavorful vaping experience with well-ground cannabis. However, I still get sticker shock when I see prices in the $300USD range, mainly because my best vape gear on the other side, vape juice/box mods/tanks is so much less. But, all the good vaporizers made for this type of vaping seems to be in the same price range, so I am learning to go with it.

The Utillian 720 does work with concentrates, but if concentrates are your thing you’ll find vaporizers designed for concentrates are a lot less money. For marijuana, you’ll pay more, but it’s worth it.

If you have experience with the Utillian 720, or any other dry herb vaporizer, as a cannabis user, I’d love to know what you think. I’m on a quest to learn as much as I can, and to find the best vaporizers for cannabis. Have any devices you’d like to see reviewed, let me know. If I can afford it, I’ll pick one up and give it a go.

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Score: A

Tom McBride

Features of the Utillian 720

  • 8 Pre-Set Temperatures
  • One Button Design
  • Portable
  • Convection Heating
  • 90 Minute Battery
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece Cap