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How to Make Your Weed Taste Better

Can your Weed Taste Better?

Although excellent cannabis tastes amazing on its own, there are numerous things you can do to get the most flavor out of your cannabis. Here is how to maximize your cannabis’ natural flavors and how you can give your buds some extra flavor while growing.

What gives cannabis its taste?

Before you can know how to give cannabis flavor, you must first grasp what gives it its taste and smell in the first place. Terpenes and terpenoids are chemicals present in the essential oils of plants, including cannabis, that contribute to the plant’s distinct flavor and scent. These components influence not just the flavor of your marijuana but also the high it creates.

Terpenes often detected in cannabis include pinene, linalool, limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and myrcene. A strain’s terpene profile comprises various combinations of these terpenes and other less prominent ones. A strain’s terpene profile dictates whether it will be spicy, fruity, earthy, etc.

Flavoring cannabis before harvest

If possible, start thinking about ways to give cannabis flavor when your plants are still in the ground. These are some of the finest ways to flavor cannabis before harvesting:


LST may be used to redirect a plant’s development, giving it more energy to focus on generating larger, more tasty buds. Pinching, pruning, de-leafing, and other procedures are included. All strategies are utilized to attain the same goal; they do it in various ways.

  1. Pinching is the removal of the plant’s primary growing point to promote lateral rather than vertical development.
  2. Pruning is the process of gently pruning down your plants in areas where development is lost to refocus energy into the main stems.
  3. De-leafing is the removal of discolored or excessive fan leaves.

Moreover, ensure you understand the procedures you utilize before attempting them since improper use of these methods might cause your plant to become stunted.

Expose your plants to UV lights

Conventional indoor grow lamps do not emit UV light rays, but UV light can stimulate plants to create substantially more trichomes to defend themselves from injury. Adding a UV light to your grow room during blooming can improve the flavor and effects of your buds owing to the increased trichomes. But be careful not to overdo it; otherwise, the light can harm your plants.

Stop watering your plants close to harvest

Many beginner growers make the mistake of trying to apply as much fertilizer as possible until harvest day while cultivating dank cannabis strains. This leaves a lot of sour compounds in your plant and hence in your buds. Instead, you should always flush your cannabis plants two weeks before harvesting. Just replace your nutrient water with plain water during the final two weeks.

Then, stop watering your plant completely 1-3 days before harvest. This lets you remove chemicals and fertilizers from your plant, resulting in a cleaner crop. Finally, just as your plant begins to wilt, a final flood of resin and terpenes occurs. This is one of the simplest methods to flavor your cannabis organically.

How to Make Your Weed Taste Better

Flavoring cannabis during harvest

Here are two main ways of flavoring your cannabis during harvest:

Enrich the soil with a flavored solution

Before harvesting, essential oils and food-grade extracts might penetrate your buds via your plant’s roots. To prevent an unpleasant taste in your buds, use edible essential oils. Combine 15 mL of extracts or essential oils in 20 liters of water and pour the solution onto the soil for up to 5 hours before harvesting. This is an excellent approach to flavor cannabis since the plant will retain the extracts or oils while you harvest.

Place a branch on flavored water

If you’ve already harvested your buds and didn’t have time to apply the above solution to your soil, you may still attempt this approach on newly harvested branches. Just combine some essential oils or food-grade extracts with water and immerse the stems of your trimmed branches in the solution. All that is required is for the plant to absorb the solution through the bottom of the stem.

Flavoring cannabis after harvest

It’s not too late to add taste once you’ve harvested all of your cannabis. You may still improve the flavor of your marijuana by employing these tried and true methods:


While exploring how to make cannabis taste better, the manner you process your cannabis after harvest is crucial. Be careful to dry your cannabis in a cool environment with 45-55% humidity. During the drying process, excessive heat and dryness will destroy your trichomes.


If you want to boost the flavor of your marijuana, you must cure them correctly. Store your bud in a dark, cold place with humidity between 55-65% to conserve as many trichomes and terpenes as possible.

Best flavored strains

Here are two common aromatic and flavorful cannabis strains:

  1. Sundae Driver – Sundae Driver strain is one of the tastiest and fruitiest available. Sundae Driver tastes sweet, mellow, and creamy. This strain’s effects will also make you feel balanced, relaxed, and cheerful.
  2. Bubble Gum – This is another delicious cannabis strain that waters your mouth. Prepare for amazing sweet candy notes laced with dirt on top. This Sativa-leaning strain tastes great and has a well-balanced effect that is both calming and uplifting.

Cultivating naturally flavored exotic weed seeds is the greatest way to ensure your cannabis is delicious. However, if you missed the mark or want to change things up, any approaches outlined in this post can assist.

Remember that not all strains will react the same way to your chosen flavoring approach since each has its terpene profile to cope with. Remember, if you’re flavoring cured buds, ensure the cannabis itself isn’t too old or stale – else, you won’t have much luck with taste.

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