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Commercial Cannabis Grown

Commercial cannabis is a multi-billion-dollar industry, with many states implementing some form of recreational and medical marijuana legalization. While the need to understand the different types of cannabis can’t be overemphasized, it’s crucial to use the best growing methods for each type.

Nonetheless, one of the benefits of commercial cannabis is that growers can select from a wide variety of strains based on their desired end product and market requirements. In this article, you learn about the three primary ways commercial cannabis is grown before it’s processed by various techniques and equipment, such as compact mills made by Mobius and other reputable companies. But first, it’s essential to know the commercial cannabis growing requirements.

Overview Of The Commercial Cannabis Growing Requirements

Commercial cannabis involves growing and selling marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes. As with any other crop, commercial growers must adhere to strict business, environmental, and legal standards to produce high-quality products that meet market demands.

In other words, commercial cannabis growing requires proper business planning, financing, facilities, and legal compliance. The regulations for commercial cannabis growing will vary from state to state. So, take note of the legal requirements and cannabis laws in your location before you begin your enterprise.

Commercial Cannabis Growing Methods

Commercial cannabis can be grown using three main methods: indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growing. Here’s a closer look at these:

Indoor Growing

Indoor growing is the most common way to cultivate commercial cannabis, and it’s also the most controlled method. Growing indoors allows you to control variables like temperature and humidity, which are crucial for certain cannabis strains. You also don’t need to worry about wind or rain messing up your crops.

Although indoor growing is the most common method, it has its downsides. It requires more equipment and electricity than outdoor farming does—two things that can get expensive quickly. Indoor growing typically uses expensive lighting systems and an air filtration system for odor control. The plants need to be placed near windows for sunlight so they can grow properly. With this, you’ll have to spend time cleaning up after them.

Outdoor Growing

Outdoor cannabis growing is an excellent way to start growing commercial cannabis. Depending on the climate and your location, cannabis plants will grow best in either spring, when daylight hours are longest, or fall, when temperatures are still warm enough to support growth. Once you find a place that meets your requirements for sunlight exposure and soil quality, it’s time to plant.

Outdoor growing is cheaper, easier, and doesn’t require as much maintenance as indoor growing. However, outdoor growers must be careful where they plant their crops because certain climates may not be ideal for growing cannabis. For example, cold winters in northern climates are unsuitable for growing cannabis.

Greenhouse Growing

This method is similar to growing plants indoors during winter when days aren’t long enough for them to receive adequate light exposure from outside sources such as windowsill lamps or artificial lights. A greenhouse allows you more control over temperature levels. If you live in a part of the world where winters get really cold, a greenhouse may be necessary before any other type of outdoor cultivation.

Greenhouse growing offers a compromise between indoor and outdoor cultivation methods by allowing growers to harvest their crops earlier than either option would allow without losing potency or quality. However, greenhouse growers incur some costs associated with maintaining a controlled environment conducive to growing healthy plants.

Commercial Cannabis GrownThe Best Growing Option

The cannabis growing method you choose will depend on your local environmental conditions. This includes the weather patterns and the suitability of your soil. You should also consider the profitability of your cannabis growing enterprise. For example, outdoor growing may be best for large-scale farming, while indoors may be better for small-scale-controlled growing.

A greenhouse is, however, a great way to grow cannabis. As mentioned before, greenhouse growing is especially good for growers who want to produce at any time of the year. Because of its plastic covering, a greenhouse provides protection from harsh weather conditions like cold temperatures, frost, and wind. The sun’s rays penetrate through the glass windows of greenhouses on sunny days, making this structure ideal for growing plants all year round.


If you are interested in growing cannabis for your business, it is crucial to understand the different ways you can do so. It’s also necessary to ensure you know and acquire the required licenses and permits before starting any operation. The last thing anyone wants is to start growing cannabis without knowing what they are doing or without getting all the necessary paperwork in order first. Good luck with your venture!

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