Tools for Your Green From Luxury Appliances to Handy Gadgets

It’s been a long, hard fight for cannabis legalization, with lengthy battles in the courts from state to state. But finally, it has been decriminalized at a federal level and is now legal to toke in wide swathes of the country. Winning this long battle deserves a celebration, and no-one could grudge a cannabis aficionado a few cannabis accessories to make this victory all the sweeter.

Cannabis accessories have begun flooding the market with companies eager to move into this new area. It’s a win-win for everyone, as you no longer need to trudge to a head shop for under-the-counter, poor-quality goods. Quality weed merchandise is here, from designers and engineers keen to improve your recreational activity.

Let’s look at some standout accessories you might consider to make your downtime even more enjoyable.

Cannabis Accessory 1— Firedog Smell-Proof Bag

Cannabis does have quite a pungent smell to the uninitiated, and it’s sometimes smart to keep this scent to yourself when carrying about your day. A smell-proof bag, such as a small bag from Firedog, keeps your small batch snugly stowed away on your person for use when you need it most. It even has a small compartment with a zipper on the side, perfect for a lighter.

2— Z Cannabis Titanium Twister

With a grinder, you can break down your cannabis into small pieces that are consistent in size. This gives you a more consistent burn and makes rolling a joint or a pack a breeze.

The Titanium Twister comes in three variants of sizes, including the 1300 that’s the smallest on the market, making it perfect for keeping in your bag. The blades are assembled in a way that prevents aluminum dust from being sheared from the grinder as you grind, something that can happen with lesser grinders.

The patent-pending design keeps the cannabis moving towards the center of the grinder instead of being built up on the walls.

Cannabis Accessory 3— Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

The Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid is a weed vaporizer, which transforms dry herb, THC oil, or wax into a cloud of vapor. This allows you to vape the weed, which is less harsh on your throat and produces less odor.

This vaporizer is a high-end offering, with a fast-heating process, touch controls, and a new rotatable tube system that offers a second inhalation method that has the potential to offer a bigger kick. You can even control the machine from an app on your Android or iOS device.

4— Spencer Limited Edition Apothecarry Case

How you store and access your cannabis is part of the ritual, and the Spencer Limited Edition Apothecarry Case is one of the most elegant weed cases we’ve ever seen. A four-strain unit, this beautiful wooden case is lined with a brown snake print interior. It’s odor resistant, humidity controlled, and includes useful compartments like a split travel cigar container and elastic straps for your pre-filled oil canisters.

This case includes a high-quality grinder with a catcher. And it has a lock with a four-digit code for keeping your stash safe and confidential.

5— Levo II Oil Infuser

Why smoke it, when you can eat it? The Levo II allows you to dry, activate, and infuse up to 16 ounces of oil or butter with your delightful choice of herb. You can make honeys and vegetable glycerin, too, making for an exciting potential range of recipes for your edibles.

Infusing at home can save you money in the long run compared to purchasing pre-made infused foods and oils, and you get complete control over what you create. The device fits into any modern kitchen, and comes in seven stylish colors.

Cannabis Accessory 6— Mold Monster Smoke Eater Spray

We don’t always want our home, car, or clothes smelling of cigarette or cigar smoke. Mold Monster’s Smoke Eater brand has risen to be one of the most popular smoke eliminator products as it breaks down smoke odor at the molecular level.

Smoke Eater comes in 13 different versions, each with their own smell. Whether you prefer Sandalwood Vanilla or Lavender Chamomile, Smoke Eater eliminates one of the few annoyances of cannabis enjoyment—the odor.

Enjoy Cannabis Your Way

It’s a new world for weed lovers, and there are hundreds of cannabis accessories awaiting you to improve your enjoyment of your downtime even further. Whether you crave the luxury experience of a high-tech grinder, technologically-advanced vaporizer, and a limited-edition case, or simply want to keep your cannabis safely tucked away in a portable smell-proof bag, there’s a world of fun awaiting you in these new cannabis accessories.