From North Carolina comes a different kind of eLiquid manufacturer. They are young, as a company, but with tremendous experience and knowhow. Bantam Vape offers a sophisticated blend of both freebase and nicotine salt eLiquids at competitive prices. More than that, the people behind the Bantam Vape name are producing some interesting, and delicious eJuice without cheap shortcuts or suspicious gimmicks.


When you see a bottle or the box packaging you won’t see any attempts to market to teenagers. Rather, what you will see is a serious dedication to producing quality juice for pod mod, AIO, or ultra-portable market with their supreme quality nicotine salt tobacco blends, and watermelon creations. In addition, the Bantam Vape line of freebase nicotine Strawberry blends are spot on flavor, producing massive clouds of vapor with a Max VG blend.

2018 Spinfuel Choice Award

BANTAM Vape seems committed to delivering quality juice. After spending a few days vaping strawberry cloud makers in sub-ohm tanks, and nic-salt tobacco and watermelons in the latest pod mods, we’re expecting BANTAM Vape to become a major player in 2019 and beyond.

Bantam works with top mixologists (BANTAM calls them “flavorists”) with a combined flavor experience of more than 60 years. Using the highest quality ingredients available, sourced in the US and mixed in ISO-certified facilities, adhering to proper testing and analysis on every eliquid they produce, they also have a policy of complete ingredient transparency.

With  a belief system that we here at Spinfuel Vape has stuck by for 7 years, BANTAM Vape seemed a perfect fit. Working with them, hearing their opinions and their commitments to purity and flavor, we couldn’t help believing that this is one company that will succeed and prosper now and down the road.


Freebase Nicotine is, for simplicity’s sake, regular, good olé’ eJuice we’ve been vaping for a decade. For now, BANTAM Vape offers a total of 3 freebase nicotine blends, all 3 are ‘strawberry’ as the primary flavor, with some wickedly creative secondary flavor blends.

BANTAM VAPE - Strawberry Limeade

Strawberry Limeade largeThe sweet/tart fusion we’ve got going on in this juice is nothing short of a miracle. Your taste buds will sing to the angels after just a taste of this strawberry flavor and zesty pop of lime combo that’s like a match made in heaven. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. NO MOQ.

60 ml | Max VG


Julia – 4.5– If I were judging Strawberry Limeade on quality alone, which I’ve done in the past, it would receive a perfect 5 stars. However, I’ve come to realize that just because the ingredients in an eliquid are superb quality, you simply can’t throw any two (or three) flavorings together and call it a day.

I enjoyed Strawberry Limeade more than I thought I would. Especially with a good mesh coil tank like the Freemax Mesh Pro (reviewed here), because every nuance of flavor can be detected and delivered. All three strawberry blends use the same high quality, authentic tasting strawberry flavoring, and in Strawberry Shortcake it works very well.

That said, strawberry and lime could work better if the lime flavoring was sweeter, tamer. Here we have a real limeade, a tart flavor rubbing up against the sweet, mellow flavor of ripe, sweet, strawberry. For myself it is not an all-day vape, but if I ever succumb to vaper’s tongue, this one would be my choice to waken my tastebuds.

Tom – 5– Listening to Julia tell us all that Strawberry Limeade is a good combination of flavors but wouldn’t make a good all-day vape doesn’t sit with me. For my vaping needs, a flavor like Strawberry Limeade is the perfect choice as an all-day vape for the very reasons Julia thinks it isn’t. The sweetness of ripe strawberries, and the tart kick of limeade blend together to form something original, delicious, and as a Max VG, one heck of cloud maker.

If you’re all about sweet flavors then maybe this one might not be for you, but if you enjoy a bit of a punch with an underlying sweetness of strawberries, then by all means, Strawberry Limeade is a delight.

Kiera – 5– This supposed Limeade flavoring comes across as sweeter than tart, at least to my tastebuds anyway. There is a slight tart on the exhale, but with the dominate flavor of sweet strawberries, this blend combines into something that can be easily vaped all day long without losing my interest.

Dave – 4.5 – The first 7.1mL tank (Augvape Skynet Pro and Mesh Coil) delivers one awesome combination of strawberry and lime that it seemed really easy to over-vape this one just to keep the flavor dancing on my tongue.

Once I refilled my tank however, it began to become more tart than sweet. The solution was to switch out with something new. I would have stayed with a BANTAM Vape eJuice, but I needed to step away from strawberry for a while, so I chose something with vanilla.

It took me more than 2 hours to vape the 7.1mL of Strawberry Limeade, and I call that a success. Not quite the all-day vape, but I didn’t expect it to be. As for recommending it to others; if you like lime in the mix, you can’t go wrong.

BANTAM VAPE - Strawberry Shortcake

A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

StrawShortCake largeHave your cake and eat it too. This strawberry shortcake and smooth whipped cream combo is so rich and powerful it’ll make your grandma blush. Her old recipe is no match for this sweet shortcake flavor that’ll make you feel like you’re right back at the family dinner table.FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. NO MOQ.

60 ml | Max VG


Julia – 5– We all agreed to vape the nicotine salt blends after vaping the two strawberry freebase nicotine blends because the two types of eliquid are so very different. Strawberry Shortcake was the first BANTAM Vape eliquid I vape, and it was wonderful…. After about 20 minutes.

Using the new Uwell Crown 4 and its double-helix Mesh coil, the first 20 minutes consisted of a whole lot more ripe and sweet strawberries with little to no shortcake. As it turned out, the shortcake flavor seemed to come out once the mesh coil was fully broken in.

As it turned out, this particular strawberry shortcake was the cleanest, purist flavor I’ve ever vaped as a strawberry shortcake, which made it easily one of best all-day vapes with a mesh tank.

I do recommend this one, though I do warn you that its entire flavor won’t reveal itself right away. When it does, it will be like sitting down with a freshly made batch of strawberries sitting atop one of those round shortcake cups with a dollop of whipped cream.

Tom – 5– I’ll keep this short and to the point. Of the hundreds of strawberry shortcake eliquids I’ve tried over the past 8 years, this one by BANTAM Vape delivered the most authentic, actual strawberry shortcake in vapor form.

Perhaps not as sweet as others I’ve tried (Ginger’s Ejuice for example), but perfectly blended to deliver a shortcake flavor as an all-day vape. Highly recommended!

Kiera – 5 – It took 2 days for more to decide between giving Strawberry Shortcake a score of 4 or 5 (5 being the best score available). The reason for the two days was that I wanted to try this one in a few different tanks, just to be sure my favorite tank wasn’t giving it a better flavor that others might experience with a different tank.

As a strict sub-ohm tank user, I will say that today’s Mesh Coils brings out the full spectrum of both ripened strawberries and a sweet shortcake flavor. Using a non-Mesh coil there is much more strawberry flavor to be had than shortcake, which could work with some that do not yet favor mesh coils.

I love how clean and pure all the BANTAM Vape eliquids are, even the nic-salt flavors, so I highly recommend strawberry shortcake, especially for mesh coil users.

Dave – 5 – When you first fill your sub-ohm tank with Strawberry Shortcake, you’re going to taste strawberry, and just strawberry. Now, this is a sweet, fully ripe strawberry and I loved it, but the shortcake is nonexistent for a while. When it does come, it will be whenever the coil you’re using is broken in and ready to squeeze out every element of flavor.

In addition, the strawberry flavor is always 100% present in the INHALE, and after the coil is broken in, you’ll take the shortcake on the exhale, and beyond.

What you will never experience with Strawberry Shortcake by BANTAM Vape is Vaper’s Tongue. This flavor is so clean, so pure, it is one of the finest all-day vapes in the strawberry flavor division. You have to try this to believe just how good it really is.

Nicotine Salt eJuice

Here’s where things get a little weird for this Review Team. We are not Nic-Salt Vapers. 48mg of nicotine salt limits every one of us to 10 minutes of vaping per hour, divided up by 3 or 4 hits from a pod mod each time.


If you’ve already experienced vaping a nic-salt juice, then you know that the flavor of these juices is intense. And when the flavor is good, as it is with these tobacco blends, then 3 or 4 hits from a pod mod is all you need… but you’ll want more. Be careful not to over consume these very high nicotine eliquids.


Nic-Salt 48mg

Bantam FlavourCue Tobacco Mahogany largePicture bold tobacco leaves packed in a steeped oak bourbon barrel for months. A complex flavor that would make even the finest distillers in Kentucky jealous.


NOT FOR SUB-OHM USEDO NOT use with Sub-Ohm Atomizers and/or devices. Only for Low Wattage Mouth-to-Lung Devices.

30 ml | 50/50 PG/VG


Julia – 5 – Using the new SMOK NOOK, which is now my new favorite pod mod (it does both MTL and Direct Lung), Tobacco Mahogany takes me back to Johnson Creek’s tobacco flavor that came in a wooden cask. Deep, smoky, bourbon flavors overwhelm the tastebuds and the urge to use it as a Direct Lung ejuice is hard to resist.

If you’re looking for the finest nicotine salt tobacco eliquids, BANTAM Vape has them. Spectacular in every way. Now BANTAM, please make this blend as a 3 or 6mg freebase nicotine blend!

Tom – 5 – These Tobacco Blends by BANTAM remind me why I loved tobacco eliquids for several years. Tobacco Mahogany is one of the best I’ve ever had, despite its very high nicotine profile. I don’t use nic-salts for my personal vaping, but if I did, it would be these. Incredible artistry at work here.

Kiera – 5 – After spending time with this nic-salt tobacco with notes of bourbon, it got me to thinking that at least one of the mixologists at BANTAM had to come from Johnson Creek. Tobacco Mahogany tastes so good that if BANTAM Vape made it in a freebase blend, I do believe I’d have in my rotation.

Dave – 5 – Incredibly intense flavor so authentic is makes you a believer in an instant. Unfortunately, I don’t vape nic-salts normally, but if I had more of this one, I just might. 48mg of nic-salt nicotine is too much for me, so I urge BANTAM to blend this one with a MAX VG Freebase nicotine.




Bantam FlavourCue Tobacco Peanutter largeSome things go together like peanut butter and… tobacco? An unexpected, but somewhat magical, flavor combination that’s seriously delicious.


NOT FOR SUB-OHM USE. DO NOT use with Sub-Ohm Atomizers and/or devices. Only for Low Wattage Mouth-to-Lung Devices.

30 ml | 50/50 PG/VG


Julia – 4 – Using the same incredible tobacco flavoring, only this time blending it with a high-quality peanut butter flavoring, BANTAM Vape created something unique. While I know there are people that will love this one, it didn’t compare to the Tobacco Mahogany. It’s good, but it’s not my style.

Tom – 5 – Tobacco Peanut Butter is earthy, intense, and real. If you like tobacco flavors, then you must try this one as soon as you can. However, your pod mod or AIO, or whatever you use for your nic-salts, must be able to deliver true flavor.

I tried a few different pod mods before I found one that delivered what I believe to be Tobacco Peanut Butter’s true flavor; asMODus Flow Ultra-PortablePod System. For some reason, this mod really worked well. Other pod mods did an okay job, but for me, it was this one that delivered the awesome, thought unusual flavor of this nic-salt blend.

Kiera – 4 – I don’t have much to say about Tobacco Peanutter because I don’t use nic-salt ejuice. The flavor is intense, very intense, but also on the stranger side of things. I know people like Tom or Jason loves this one, but with such high nicotine and an authentic blend of tobacco and peanut butter is just not something I would vape.

Dave – 4.5 – I can’t put my finger on it, but for some weird reason this nic-salt tobacco and peanut butter blend was not only the strangest flavor I’ve vaped in years, but also extremely satisfying. When I read the official description, I was immediately turned off, but after vaping it in a new pod mod, I couldn’t help but think this was so original, so different, and yet so flavorful… in a good way. Not for everyone, surely, but for nic-salt vapers that are looking for rich, decadent tobacco flavors, this is going to hit you where you live.

BANTAM VAPE - Watermelon Spiceberry


Bantam FlavourCue Watermelon Spiceberry largeTake one-part refreshing watermelon and mix in a handful of tart berries. Toss with some lime. Vape. Relax. Repeat.” 


NOT FOR SUB-OHM USE. DO NOT use with Sub-Ohm Atomizers and/or devices. Only for Low Wattage Mouth-to-Lung Devices.

30 ml | 50/50 PG/VG


Julia, Tom, Kiera, and Dave – 3– Had BANTAM Vape read through 7 years of eLiquid Reviews this team has done they would know that one of the worse things you can do is to ask us to review a “watermelon” flavor. All of us believe that watermelon is just not the kind of flavor that lends itself to vapor transitioning.

The problem with watermelon, in our opinion, is that its flavor is one of the most difficult to recreate as an eliquid. Watermelon doesn’t have much of a taste to it, and actual watermelon is best served cold. Now, use this flavor as a base and add tart berry flavors and things get even more confused. Lastly, make it into a nicotine salt eliquid and it becomes even more difficult.

Look, we understand that there are quite a few people that love a good watermelon eliquid, and if you are one of them, then you might want to give this one a try…. If you’ve moved to nic-salt ejuice.

Discussing Watermelon Spiceberry after a couple of days of on and off vaping with various pod mods, we decided that its quality is superb, and as a nic-salt it could be a very welcome addition to that marketplace. Given that, our unanimous score was 3 out of 5 stars.



Bantam FlavourCue Watermelon Watermelango largeWatermelon and mango, blended so well together that you’ll think you’re sitting on a beach sipping out of a drink with an umbrella in it instead of your mod. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. NO MOQ.

NOT FOR SUB-OHM USE. DO NOT use with Sub-Ohm Atomizers and/or devices. Only for Low Wattage Mouth-to-Lung Devices.

30 ml | 50/50 PG/VG

Julia, Tom, Keira, Dave – Presented with our second Watermelon blend, we were once again disappointed by its watermelon flavor base. However, what made a real difference this time was its Mango flavoring.

Mango flavorings have improved over the years and several of them of earned great scores in our Team Reviews. With the watermelon flavor taking a back seat, the ripe, sweet mango flavor dominated almost completely.

Given its nicotine salt composition, its 48mg of nicotine makes it impossible to be added to our rotations because we just don’t vape nic-salt juice. However, should BANTAM Vape blend these two flavors with Freebase Nicotine and Max VG, then it surely could become a go-to juice for Kiera and Dave, who both gave it very high scores based on the rich Mango flavoring alone.

Taken together, the team decided to award a full 4.25 stars to this nicotine salt watermelon and mango blend. For nic-salt vapers, WaterMelango is definitely worth a go.

This review’s eliquids and vape tanks, and other considerations, has been supplied by the product manufacturer. The views and opinions however, expressed above are solely of the Spinfuel Eliquid Review Team.