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Once Upon A Time

There were three men named Jon, Joeffery, and Matt. Not that long ago these wise men, Vapers all, after having continuously searched east to west and north to south for a good and proper eLiquid, made the decision to stop looking for ‘others’ to provide them with what they needed and wanted, and instead they turned their search inward, to look inside themselves and discover their own hidden talents to create eLiquids that would a deliver great tasting vape that would surely please the three wise men, and soon after every Vaper in the land as well.

Each of these men has been a member of the vape community for quite some time and like most of us who vape, the three men would buy from various companies hoping to find eJuice they could enjoy, that would deliver good flavor and plenty of vapor, as well as a decent throat hit and, every once and a while, a certain amount complexity and nuance. (Is that too much to ask?) After being disappointed time after time with the eLiquids they would purchase, they began the practice of mixing together the finest of ingredients to tailor make eJuice for their individual palates. They became ‘artists with skills’ at DIY eLiquids that would soon become their all-day vapes. Deciding to strike out on their own, they formed VaporCraze, and that is where our story begins…

A Long Term Commitment

From the very beginning VaporCraze was formed to be a company that would be around for decades. VaporCraze would be a company that would thrive on innovating and trying new things. There was plenty of risk involved, but plenty of reward as well, if VaporCraze was successful. It began with a single storefront and 10 of the best custom eLiquids…today there are 5 retail locations, 25 eLiquid flavors, and the growth of the company continues to be phenomenal.

…And they lived happily ever after…

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review – Team B

Over the course of the last few weeks we’ve had the pleasure to vape all 25 flavors from VaporCraze. Because the ‘Spinfuel Way’ is to spend exclusive time with the eLiquids for review we spent more than our usual 72-hours with the VaporCraze eLiquids. To make sure we got to know the VaporCraze flavor profiles we divided up the 25 flavors into 3 separate 72-hour periods, separated by several days so that we could understand fully what we had spent our time with, and to be able to convey to you the truth, as we see it, about each of the 25. Taste is subjective, but judging vapor production, and to a lesser degree, throat hit, our comprehensive review will reveal, as best can, the true characteristics of each flavor.

Julia and Keira Hartley-Barnes, Jason Little, Cynthia Stevens and newcomer to Spinfuel Dillon Jones (not his real name), a long-time Vaper and a very talented DIY eLiquid creator himself, invite you to sit back, and take in this rather lengthy review… at your own pace. As always, you are invited to leave your thoughts and experiences for VaporCraze in the comment sections below. We hope you will.

VaporCraze At A Glance

All VaporCraze eLiquids are 50% PG and 50% VG. Certain dedicated customers (i.e. ‘regulars’) as well as friends and family can sometimes ask for and receive special PG/VG ratios, but for now customers will need to make due with the 50/50 blend.

When members of this team buy eLiquids we ‘usually’ look for 70/30 ratios, as well as 50/50, depending on the vendor. 50/50 is a ratio that provides both pros and cons, but then again, so does any other ratio.

The Viscosity of VaporCraze eLiquids is on the thin side, though not as thin as others we’ve reviewed. All the eLiquids drip easily into cartomizers, clearomizers, and even dripping atomizing without a problem, and Dillon reports that after several flavors were vaped via his various dripping atomizers there were no issues to deal with. Dillon used a few different RBA with coils outputting as low as 1.6ohm and as high as 3.2ohm (metered), and he reports no issues with VaporCraze ‘gunking’ up the coils. Good news to the more advanced Vapers out there.

The Naming Conventions for VaporCraze are funny and sometimes filled with innuendo. Names like “Morning Wood”, “Spank The Monkey”, “Big Melons” and “Concubine” feel right at home with names like “MIT”, “Sunrise” and “Breakfast In Bed”.  Our favorite name is “Nutty Professor”, and the most confusing name is “112”.

Naturally naming conventions can be straightforward or whimsical, risqué or downright boring, but our feelings in general about naming conventions relate to the confidence of the company as a whole, and it was clear that the owners of VaporCraze have confidence in their products. Can you imagine walking up to the counter of a VaporCraze retail store and asking for a bottle of “Spank The Monkey”?

Price – Size – Packaging – Nicotine

As we go to press VaporCraze eLiquids are available at all 5 retail locations (listed below) out west and on Soon, however, VaporCraze will have a dedicated website for online ordering. When that site goes live we will update this review.

Conducting such a large eLiquid review for a brand that does not have its own site to sell directly to the public is something we’ve never done before, but we are confident that the wait won’t be very long and for now some flavors can be purchased through Though, sadly, not many were available when we visited.

It seems as though offers only one size, 30ML, for $15, an excellent price for a premium eLiquid. Nicotine strengths are 6MG, 12MG, 18MG, and 24MG. Each eLiquid is also available in a non-nicotine formula.

Packaging of the VaporCraze eJuice is excellent. Instead of the usual practice of shrink-wrapping the bottle or at least the neck of the bottle (which we like and are happy to see this practice is now widespread) VaporCraze uses a plastic collar breakaway seal. If your eLiquid has been opened or tampered by anyone the plastic collar will break the seal from the cap and you’ll know it instantly. I’m not advocating that all vendors switch to this method, as it is only one of many secure ways to do it, but we all liked it, it produced a feeling in all of us that contamination wasn’t going to be an issue.

Twenty-Five Flavors

The eLiquids we are reviewing today are:

Breakfast in Bed                                        112                
Watermelon Punch                                  Sunrise
Strawberry Dream                                  Grapple       
Concubine  All You Can                          1UP
Chi Chi                                                         Razzapom
Spank The Monkey                                  Blizzard
Summer Breeze                                         Morning Wood
JolliVeeCee                                                 Nutty Professor
Sugar Daddy                                              SnowMeister
Mango Tango                                            Pineapple Express
Juicy Booty                                                 Monkey Business

Scoring – Ratings – Spinfuel Choice Awards

We continue to use the 1-5 Star rating, 1 stars meaning either unvapeable or nearly so, and 5 meaning we loved it.  Each member of the team rates the eLiquid with a single score. Once all 5 members have given their ratings and comments we rate the eLiquid on “flavor, vapor, throat hit, satisfaction”. This score has nothing to do with the members rating, it is rather used as a scale to measure the intensity of the flavor, the amount of vapor being produced, the strength of the throat hit, and the overall satisfaction one would experience while vaping.

A member can, and often will, rate a flavor with 5 stars despite the eLiquid lacking in one or more areas. A throat hit, or a massive amount of vapor may not be a factor when deciding whether the individual’s score will be 1 or 5 stars. Follow?

Synopsis – VaporCraze eLiquids in a Nutshell          

Setting up this review was just a little bit unusual in that there was no website to go to for basic information. The site that does sell VaporCraze eLiquids only handles about 10 flavors out of the 25, and when I visited there a few of them were out of stock. Most of VaporCraze eLiquids are sold in the 5 retail locations in California, too far to travel to, and certainly not enough web exposure for our readers to take advantage of, unless they live near one of the 5 locations. However, one of the owners of VaporCraze sent along their “menu”, a full-color PDF that consisted of the 25 flavors and the official description of each. Part of our individual score/stars is judged by how accurate they portray the eLiquids in their description.

Of the 25 flavors most of them were downright delicious, with plenty of flavor, and vapor. As a result, the entire team became fans of VaporCraze and when all the flavors were vaped up we were sorry to see them go. We hope it won’t be long before an official website is set up and you, and the team, can drop in and buy their juice. VaporCraze is solid eLiquid brand with talented “flavorists” working hard on each of their flavors.

Menthol: As most readers know we’re not huge fans of menthol eLiquids. In recent months however, several brands have created some wonderful “cool” eLiquids that use peppermint, spearmint, or just plain mint, not menthol or menthol crystals. There are a few menthol flavors below, all of them made with menthol, not mint(s). If you are a fan of menthol eLiquids we recommend you ignore our scores and comments concerning the menthol flavors. As hard as we work to be a fair as possible, when it comes to strict menthol flavoring we are, as the kids might say, an “epic fail”.

There is something for everyone in the 25 flavors below. When reading through the individual comments keep in mind that if you don’t like the flavor of a certain fruit, nuts, coffee, etc. then no matter how much we enjoyed it you’re not likely to. That said if you do like the flavors that are discussed then there is every chance that you’ll like VaporCraze’s “take” on it. Their flavor profiles are authentic and very satisfying. Many of the flavors below are now a part of our regular rotation. – JHB


Flavors – The Team Speaks
Review continues…

112 Spinfuel Choice Award – “Peaches and Cream
“I’m vaping you tonight…” Take home the sweet flavor of peaches and cream in perfect harmony. This rich and mellow flavor rocks like your favorite slow jam. Lay down by the fire, whip out your unit, and groove to this one.” – VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – 112 is a strange name for a smooth, deeply delicious peaches and cream eLiquid, but I don’t care what they call it as long as it tastes as good as this. The luscious peach creaminess never ends, and the vapor is thick as can be. I love a good peaches and cream, and this one is one of the top!

Keira: 5 Stars – Very creamy, very peachy, and oh so delicious. What really makes 112 a must-try eJuice is the throat hit. We vape 12MG and the TH at 12mg is damn good. If you enjoy good peaches and cream vapor you need to try 112. Excellent!

 Jason: 5 Stars – In a dripping atomizer the flavor was remarkable, a solid winner. Where 112 took a slight hit was vaping it in a simple cartomizer. While still good, it lost a bit of the dramatic creamy peach flavor, though it still delivered on the vapor and TH. If you use a clearomizer or RBA this is a great juice, if you use a carto-tank it loses just a little bit of the robustness. Overall though, I enjoyed it a lot.

Dillon: 5 Stars – Any peaches and cream eLiquid will change its flavor dramatically if the voltage is the least bit too high. 112 is the same, vaping at 3.4 or 3.7v with a single coil (horizontal) carto-tank you’ll get a super rich, super creamy peaches and cream flavor that you will want to take huge drags of. But if you try to vape it too hot the flavor will fall apart. This is true for any fruit/cream blend. VaporCraze’s version is tasty as the best of them.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – I love several of the peaches and cream flavors from some of the premium brands in the eLiquid marketplace and now I have one more. 112 is a very peachy and creamy blend, flavorful and thick with vapor. Loved it.


1UP – “Lychee
Sweet and exotic lychee flavor…This mild berry comes straight out of the orient. You will want to jump down a flagpole after one vape of this unique fruit flavor and it wont cost you 100 gold coins!” –VaporCraze

Julia: 4 Stars – I used to say that lime was an underused flavor in eLiquids and then suddenly we began seeing more lime flavors flow into Spinfuel. Now, I’m convinced Lychee is a flavor that is underused. When it’s done well a Lychee blend can be amazing. 1UP is one such eJuice (though again, I don’t get the name). It is uniquely exotic and sweet, a combination I don’t find often. Plenty of vapor, light throat hit; this is a tasty eJuice. A must-try flavor for people looking for more Lychees in their vaping life.

Keira: 5 Stars – I found 1Up to be one of my favorite all-day ‘sweet’ vapes. Love the exotic flavor. Flavorful but not too heavy, the lychee is wonderful going in and finishes nicely with a sweet thick vapor.

Jason: 4 Stars – 1Up is an authentic Lychee flavor with a sweet finish. For Vapers looking for an exotic flavor that delivers on the sweets this could be it. Though be warned, like ‘papaya’ lychee is heavy on the exotic. Delicious to many, for some just this side of weird.

Dillon: 5 Stars – A magnificent all-day vape of the exotic kind. I think the team has it right; lychee is a great flavor but not your run of the mill kind. Very different taste, but one that I enjoyed immensely.

Cynthia: 3.5 Stars – I don’t want to be the contrarian here, but lychee is just a little too strange tasting for me. 1Up does have a lot going for it though, its on the sweet side, it will make a great all-day vape for people that enjoy exotic flavors, and the vapor is great. A mixed reaction from me, but VaporCraze knows how to handle this delicate flavor.


All You Can – “Lime & Mint
Like a dragon punch to the tongue… this sweet citrus is a flawless victory! Lemon lime tang with mint flavor so subtle, you won’t know what hit you. Throw down your quarters boys and girls cause this one is a knock down, vape out fight of flavor.” – VaporCraze

Julia: 3.5 Stars – I think a lime and mint flavor could work out well, I just don’t think VaporCraze got this one quite right. I didn’t care for the lime flavoring and what was there was heavily overpowered by the mint/menthol. Just not a very good choice.

Keira: 3 Stars – Julia has it exactly right; the lime is definitely overpowered by the menthol. If this is supposed to be mint then it’s all wrong because I get a menthol finish, and a big one at that.

Jason: 3 Stars – I would go as far as to say that there might have been something wrong with our bottle. “All You Can” has a real funky start and a wildly menthol finish. I did not like this at all.

Dillon: 1 Star – I know you guys hate giving any flavor a 1 star since it means its unvapeable, but this one is, seriously, unvapeable for me. “All You Can” has a bad taste from start to finish. Jason may be right; this bottle might not be fresh.

Cynthia: 2 Stars – I was taken aback by the misfire that is “All you can”. I don’t think mint and menthol are even close, this is definitely menthol and the lime was detectable, but barely so.


Big Melons A Spinfuel Choice Award– “Cantaloupe
The Vapor Craze number one hit, big cantaloupe flavor so firm you can’t stop at just one. Buy two… best enjoyed in pairs!” – VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – Big Melons, something I won’t ever have to worry about, is such an authentic tasting cantaloupe eLiquid I have to wonder why VaporCraze just didn’t come right out and call it cantaloupe. If you like cantaloupe you’re going to love this one. Plenty of vapor, a light but satisfying throat hit, I found it to be a completely enjoyable flavor. An all-day vape, Big Melons IS cantaloupe.

Keira: 5 Stars – I won’t even complain about the play on words with this one, though I could go off on a rant here about it. The wonderful flavor, and the incredible amount of vapor are just too good to sweat the small stuff. As someone that enjoys real cantaloupe at least twice a week I can tell you this eLiquid replicates the flavor perfectly. This is a winning eLiquid.

Jason: 5 Stars – I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t put Big Melons on my rotation since I already have enough fruit flavors, but this is a great cantaloupe eLiquid. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys the taste of cantaloupe. Very clean, fresh, and just the right amount of “sweet”, I recommend it highly. If you don’t like cantaloupe don’t go near it cause the only difference is one is a fruit, the other is vapor. Bravo!

Dillon: 5 Stars – One of the truest flavors of the bunch, Big Melons delivers the flavor of cantaloupe through and through. Big Melons is a satisfying all day vape that every cantaloupe loving Vaper should have on hand.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – These naming conventions are sort of cute, even this one that is obviously sexist. But, I just don’t care. The cantaloupe flavor is 100% authentic, the vapor is thick and aromatic, and it makes an excellent all-day vape for fruit loving Vapers. Nice job!


Blizzard – “Strong Menthol
Ice up your life! For the real menthol lovers in the house. The weather outside may be frightful but the vape is oh so delightful.” – VaporCraze

Julia: 2.5 Stars – Blizzard is VaporCraze’s attempt at the ultimate menthol, or at least I think so. It is loaded with menthol, so much so that I accidentally had a drop of Blizzard touch my lower lip and it burned like mad. Needless to say, I didn’t care for it.

Keira: 2 Stars – Remember, our score of “1” means we consider the eLiquid “unvapeable”. Blizzard is not a 1, so I was able to vape it. Blizzard is a hardcore menthol eLiquid, and one I didn’t care for. However, for the Vapers that really enjoy menthol vapes I think there is a good chance you would like it. How would I know? After vaping many such menthol eLiquids I know it contains characteristics that are present in other, popular extreme menthol flavors like sub-zero. So who knows?

Jason: 2 Stars – When I think about all the great eLiquids I’ve vaped that were made with mint flavors instead of menthol I just don’t understand the lure of menthol. Various mint flavorings contain plenty of coolness without the harsh, almost bitter bite of menthol. Blizzard is a severe menthol and I’m sure there are Vapers that enjoy it, but I didn’t. It’s as simple as that really.

Dillon: 3 Stars – I know the team lacks a real menthol Vaper; it’s the reason I agreed to join the team because I smoked menthol cigarettes and I vape menthol eLiquids. That being the case, is Blizzard as bad as the rest of the team thinks? Of course not, it’s an agreeable vape for most menthol Vapers. It is not a cough syrup menthol, it’s as close to genuine menthol as it can be. Still, it would have been a lot better had they combined this menthol with some tobacco flavor.

 Cynthia: 1 Star – I’m so sorry, but I couldn’t vape it.



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Breakfast in Bed Spinfuel Choice Award – “Strawberry Waffles
Don’t get up! Stay in bed and let us bring you the unique combination of strawberries and waffles… Sweet? Savory? Why not both? You will never have to skip breakfast again!” – VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – I didn’t read the description before the first time I vaped this so I was expecting a coffee blend for some reason. Don’t ask me why, I just figured “Breakfast in Bed” meant coffee. So my brain registered something completely different and I jerked my head back and said, “What is this??” So, I vaped it for several more minutes and it all came together, in a way. I didn’t get the waffle flavor until I knew what to look for; instead it was more of a strawberry milkshake. But it was SO good, so rich with flavor, such a massive amount of vapor and a pretty good throat hit I just didn’t want to stop. I still don’t taste the waffles, but I don’t care, this is a great vape!

Keira: 5 Stars – Strawberry is the dominant flavor, but it is not an overwhelming flavor. It is a rich, heavenly combination of strawberries and waffles (yes there is waffle flavoring in this), and it is a delicious eLiquid by any measure. Tons of vapor and a light throat hit makes Breakfast in Bed a marvelous vape.

Jason: 5 Stars – I never thought strawberry could be a good all-day vape because strawberry is a rich flavor to vape for hours on end. But Breakfast in Bed offers a different take on strawberry with the addition of a waffle finish. Definitely a must-try eLiquid.

Dillon: 5 Stars – Usually I will test vape a new flavor by using a 510 cartomizer on my VAMO so that if it isn’t going to be a great vape I don’t have to fill a tank or a large clearomizer. I suppose I used a cartomizer for about 5 full minutes before I had to switch to clearomizer, and then it was a long, long vaping session. I loved the flavor and the vapor was massive, so when all was said and done I decided this had to be on my rotation. Breakfast in Bed is full of flavor, and if that’s what’s you’re looking for then you have to try this.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – Strawberry waffles, plumes of vapor, a nice throat hit, what else do you need? Seriously, this is an excellent eLiquid that is so full of flavor that you won’t want to put it down.


Chi-Chi Spinfuel Choice Award –  “Pina Colada
Bust a coconut with this special liqueur elixir. Creamy and sweet, we would add a little umbrella to the mix if we weren’t so worried about the splinters.” – VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – I can’t tell you how many Pina Colada eLiquids I’ve tried over the past couple of years. Some have been pretty good, some not so much. I know exactly what I’m looking for though, and VaporCraze comes as close as they can to the exact flavor combination I’ve been searching for. This is a lovely balance of the tropical fruits that go into a proper Pina Colada, and when you add in plenty of vapor and a moderate throat hit you wind up with an award winning eLiquid.

Keira: 5 Stars – You can’t think of a Chi Chi as a blend of coconut and pineapple, with a hint of rum, because it is more than that. A true Pina Colada melds together these flavors into a single tropical cocktail ‘vape’. An excellent rendition of this carefully concocted beverage. Loved it!

Jason: 5 Stars – I’ve found that the best Pina Colada eLiquids need to vape within a certain amount of voltage, or power (wattage) or the delicate blending of the flavors will fall apart. The ones that are balanced in this way remain a delicious vape from start to finish. VaporCraze Chi-Chi needs a lower power setting than most to bring together an awesome fusion of flavors, so if you decide to try this one keep it in mind.

Dillon: 5 Stars – Jason is exactly right. Chi Chi is a delicate fusion of some unique flavorings that together, at the right setting, they explode with the perfect Pina Colada. Just the right amount of pineapple, coconut and other tropical flavors Chi Chi is a great all day vape. Excellent vapor, a good throat hit, and a little bit of magic makes Chi Chi one terrific eLiquid.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – I’ve enjoyed plenty of Pina Colada eJuices in my time, and this one is the most pleasant in recent memory. If you like tropical flavors this is one you simply have to try.


Concubine – “Dragon Fruit
A unique sweet fragrance wafts through the air… Floral and aromatic, it’s like nothing you have ever vaped before… be careful, she’s seductive.”VaporCraze

Julia: 4 Stars – Concubine is a genuine floral vape, which surprised me greatly. It has a mild but pleasant flavor, plenty of vapor, a light throat hit, and a real floral aroma. Not bad at all. For floral Vapers, you should try this one.

Keira: 3.5 Stars – Amazingly, Concubine has a nice floral aroma and an authentic dragon fruit flavor, though very mild. I enjoyed vaping it, but as good as it is, it won’t make my rotation because it’s just not my kind of eLiquid.

Jason: 4 Stars – Dragon Fruit is a light, clean flavor that vapes easy and produces a lot of vapor for a 50/50 PG/VG blend. The throat hit is very light as well.  I enjoyed it for a while, but floral vapes are just too different for me.

Dillon: 4 Stars – Floral vapes are gaining in popularity and there are a few eLiquid vendors that specialize in floral eLiquids, but I was still surprised to see Concubine on the list of 25. I liked it actually, and I can tell you that it is an all-day vape. If you’re into floral type vapes with aromatic vapor you might want to pick this up. It has a very good floral flavor.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – As a huge fan of floral vapes I have to hand it to VaporCraze for getting it exactly right. A pleasant, easy vape, huge amounts of vapor, and a very decent throat hit, this dragon fruit vape has a lot going for it. Definitely an eLiquid for the floral Vapers out there. Marvelous!



 Grapple Spinfuel Choice Award – “Grape and Apple
It’s grape, it’s apple, it’s Grapple! Juicy and refreshing, this fruity blend is sure to quench your vaping thirst”. – VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – Often times its easy for me to decide that an eLiquid is going to score a choice award when I take a couple of drags and they get longer, deeper, and more slowly exhaled than usual. That is what happened when I started vaping Grapple. A grape and apple eLiquid, not usually associated with winning awards, Grapple is a fantastic tasting, vapor monster that won’t quit.

Keira: 5 Stars – Grape flavors by themselves bore me. I don’t exactly enjoy grapes of any kind, from the actual fruit to the jams and jellies, so at best I thought Grapple might be an okay eJuice. Combine that grape with a delicious apple flavor and you’ve got something. Grapple is a special eLiquid, sweet, full bodied, with a marvelous vapor output and a good throat hit.

 Jason: 5 Stars – A terrific all-day vape of a very satisfying grape and apple combination. Plenty of vapor, a good throat hit, and a satisfying grape/apple flavor make this one a fantastic eLiquid. If you read the description and it piqued your interest then you’ll love Grapple.

Dillon: 5 Stars – An otherwise normal eLiquid made of common flavors of grape and apple, Grapple has such a great balance that its by far more than the components alone. Sweet, rich, and remarkable, Grapple is my first Choice Award vape with common flavors like apple and grape.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – I’ve vaped a few grape flavors in the past, like everyone else I suppose, but there is just something about Grapple that puts them above the rest. Each drag is full of sweet grape and apple vapor, delivering a nice big throat hit, and just so damn satisfying I couldn’t want more in all-day vape. Great job!



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 Jolli VeeCee – “Mango Peach Pie
Have you heard the buzz? VC’s most jovial flavored juice yet! Fun as a mango peach pie to the face. Don’t duck, just let it hit you.”VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – This 5 star rating is going to take some explanation. Others might disagree, but to me the mango and peach flavor blended together to form a new flavor. Neither the mango nor peach survived and in its place was something totally different, but really good. A great all-day vape, this is one you need to try.

Keira: 5 Stars – Unlike Jules, I didn’t lose the mango and peach flavors, though it does come close. Instead, I tasted a nice blend of both, and they were sweet, fruity and delicious.

Jason: 4 Stars – A 4 star rating means it’s a delicious vape, but not one that deserves a special call out, so I just couldn’t give it 5 stars. It is good, with an all-day characteristic and rich mango and peach flavors. But it’s a work-a-day vape, not special enough. Definitely worth a try though, you might think it’s a truly great vape.

Dillon: 4 Stars – I think a lot of people will enjoy this one because it’s a nice blend of mango and peach flavors that combine into a sweet and rich fruit combo. But there are others in this review that deserve a special recognition, and while I enjoyed this eJuice, it wasn’t remarkable enough.

Cynthia: 4.5 Stars – This is a peach and mango blend, but it’s not the best of them. Still, its better than an average eLiquid. Mango and peach are both rich and sweet fruits and together they make a terrific all-day vape. With plenty of vapor and an okay throat hit, this could be a sleeper hit among the VaporCraze fans.


Juicy Booty – “Juicy Fruit Gum
“Rockin everywhere!” Bubblegum flavor with so much fruity pop you will think you’re in Korea! Rock this flavor everywhere!”VaporCraze

Julia: 4 Stars – Juicy Booty is definitely a juicy fruit gum vape. It’s close enough to be spooky. Good vapor production, an okay throat hit, but nothing really grand about it. It just doesn’t stand out. Still, plenty good enough to be an all-day vape for many.

Keira: 3.5 Stars – I agree that the flavor profile is definitely Juicy Fruit gum, and the vapor and throat hit are both fine. I hate to keep agreeing with Jules, but when there are real standouts in a review like this one, flavors like Juicy Booty get lost among them. Good eLiquid, but nothing spectacular.

Jason: 4 Stars – I agree with all of you. To take it a bit further though, what makes an eLiquid stand out? Does it even need to stand out? Do we not need plenty of “work-a-day” flavors as standards? Juicy Booty is an enjoyable vape because it’s a sweet and fruity eJuice that you can vape all day long. They don’t all have to be complex, mysterious, or anything else. eLiquids just have to be good, don’t they?

Dillon: 4 Stars – Jason has the right idea, they don’t all have to be special, and some can be completely ordinary and still be an excellent addition to your juice collection. Juicy Booty has a lot going for it; good vapor, a throat hit, and a nice sweet and fruity flavor.

Cynthia: 4 Stars – Juicy Booty is, I think, the perfect eLiquid to spark this kind of discussion. JB is a slightly sweet eLiquid that produces a lot of vapor, and delivers a light throat hit. At the same time, it’s a terrific all-day vape. Fill up a 5ML tank and you’re set for the day.


MIT – “Mango Ice Tea
We had the geniuses in the lab whip up a refreshing Mango Ice Tea for those hot summer days. You don’t need a degree, MIT is refreshingly smart.”VaporCraze

Julia: 3 Stars – When you spent a week or two vaping 25 different flavors you are bound to run into a couple of redundant eLiquids. Mango is used in three different blends but in this one I have a feeling that the Iced Tea flavor muted the Mango to almost nothing. MIT is nearly tasteless to me, and I didn’t expect that at all.

Keira: 4 Stars – While I enjoyed MIT, I didn’t enjoy it as much as Mango Tango, which was stronger and sweeter than MIT. This is certainly an all-day vape because it is a very light flavor with a ‘neutral’ sweetness. I’m giving it 4 stars because of its all-day quality, not for flavor. The flavor was almost too light.

Jason: 4 Stars – MIT is a light flavor with hints of both mango and tea. In order to create a light vape they must have held the reins of the mango flavoring back a lot because mango is a rich, sweet flavor. An all-day vape with an unobjectionable light flavor profile, this would make a nice change of pace if you’ve been vaping heavy-handed flavors and wanted to switch it up.

Dillon: 3 Stars – I wish this had been a better flavor, I had hopes for something called MIT, but it didn’t do much for me. It also didn’t do much against me either, by that I mean the flavor is light. Its only when you take a long drag, like 6-8 seconds long, do you get a decent amount of flavor. They can’t all be great, and a name is just a name.

Cynthia: 4 Stars – What I liked about MIT was the refreshing light mango flavor, which I thought fit the green tea profile very well. An all-day vape that doesn’t overwhelm. While I enjoyed it for a while I won’t add it to my collection because there just isn’t enough to it.


Mango Tango – “Mango
Grab a partner and enjoy a moment with a sweet juicy mango flavor. Drive your Durango, grab some tango, get unchained like Django… and vape like a… boss! “– VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – Mango Tango is a sweet mango vape that delivers on the mango flavor in a truly authentic way. A ripened mango with plenty of sweet juicy flavor and tons of vapor make this a really nice vape. Best of all, as an all-day vape it doesn’t quit. Superb!

Keira: 5 Stars – Although Mango Tango is very different from the first, award-winning mango flavored I vaped some months ago, it is every bit as good…in a different way. Mango Tango is smooth, sweet, and real mango flavor with plenty of vapor. Very light throat hit though at 12MG, but otherwise a very enjoyable vape.

Jason: 4 Stars – I really liked the mango flavor in this one, sweet, smooth, yet a true mango profile. The difference between MIT and Mango Tango is like night and day. They got the same score from me for very different reasons.

Dillon: 5 Stars – Mango Tango comes alive when the vapor is warm, either through upping the voltage on a SR cartomizer or when using a LR coil. The warmer the vape the more the mango flavor profile comes alive. I’ve had a few mango eLiquids in my time and this one is among the best.

Cynthia: 4.5 Stars – Mango Tango is a sweet mango eLiquid that produces a lot of vapor. If you like mango flavors there might be a better one out there, but as a single flavor eLiquid Mango Tango really delivers. Uncomplicated, sweet, and a good all-day vape. 


 Monkey Business – Spinfuel Choice Award – “Butterscotch
Don’t let the monkey fool you… this mellow butterscotch and caramel blended goodness is the business! Soft and buttery, this juice will have you throwing your own… clouds… everywhere!VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – When I first started vaping Monkey Business I knew that it was supposed to be a “butterscotch” flavor, but that was all I knew. So I’m enjoying the vape, plenty of vapor, a light but okay throat hit, and a deep, deep flavor. I tasted butterscotch, but not the same butterscotch that I taste in the butterscotch eLiquid that resides in my rotation. Something was off. It was every bit as delicious, but in a different way. This was more of a butterscotch with caramel I thought. Then the descriptions show up and I’m spot on. That’s the difference, the caramel. I didn’t think there would be room for two butterscotch eLiquids in my rotation, but now there is. Butterscotch lovers, you need to try this. Sumptuous!

Keira: 5 Stars – Rich, creamy butterscotch, rich creamy caramel, together at last! Seriously though, Monkey Business is a very satisfying, sweet, thick, aromatic, all-day vape that I looked forward to the 6 different vaping sessions I had with it. The best thing is, despite being a sweet butterscotch and a sweet caramel it doesn’t come off as being too sweet, just very rich, like butterscotch pudding.

Jason: 5 Stars – As soon as Keira said ‘Butterscotch Pudding’ over Skype I knew she had it. That was exactly the description I was looking for. Monkey Business is “butterscotch pudding”, and all the delicious, rich flavors associated with it. I don’t vape many flavors like this one, but I will vape this one a lot, it made my rotation. Do you like butterscotch pudding? If you do, Monkey Business is an eLiquid you need to try.

Dillon: 5 Stars – One of my all time favorite flavors on the planet is butterscotch. From butterscotch Lifesavers to butterscotch pudding to butterscotch syrup on vanilla ice cream. Monkey Business is a rich, satisfying, butterscotch vape that I never tired of. I love it, period.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – I’m surprised there are barely a handful of butterscotch eLiquids that I’ve seen, or vaped. Butterscotch lends itself well to an eLiquid flavor because its original, very different from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and so on, yet rich, creamy, and sweet. Butterscotch Monkey Business is a terrific vape, one of the only rich and sweet vapes I can use all day. Pure goodness in every drag.



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Morning Wood – A Spinfuel Choice Award – “Coffee
The rich aroma of coffee can be enjoyed all day long without all the twitching. You will definitely get a rise out of this bold flavor.”VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – For me there are two basic types of coffee eLiquids. One type provides a vape that is very strong, almost bitter, like black coffee that sat on the hot plate far too long, and the other is a smooth, rich coffee with cream and sugar. Morning Wood is the latter, and without a hint of the harsh black coffee Morning Wood provides a real coffee experience that lasts and lasts. Excellent blend!

Keira: 5 Stars – I don’t know how some people love the coffee flavors that are dark and strong, they are eLiquids that I’m not able to appreciate for long. But eLiquids like Morning Wood provide a rich and smooth coffee experience that does give you lasting coffee goodness without a harsh black coffee aftertaste.

Jason: 5 Stars – I agree with everyone on the team that this is a smooth, semi-sweet coffee blend that is sure to please most coffee fans. But, I don’t taste a lot of creaminess though. It’s a great blend of just the right amount of coffee flavor and the right amount of sweetness, and definitely one I would add to my own rotation.

Dillon: 5 Stars ­– Coffee eLiquids are all over the spectrum as far as flavors go. Many of them are harsh, with a coffee aftertaste that I just cannot enjoy. Morning Wood on the other hand, is a pleasant, enjoyable coffee vape with just the right amount of coffee and sweetness. Not at all harsh, Morning Wood is my current favorite coffee vape.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – It’s strange to me that coffee vapes are better in the evening and morning than they are in the afternoon. Morning Wood lives up to its name with a coffee flavor that provides a nice addition to my morning coffee. Smooth, with the right amount of sweetness, this is going to my rotation.


Nutty Professor Spinfuel Choice Award – “Peanut Butter, Coconut, and Orange (Chick-o-stick) Come check out what the professor has concocted. Some claim this sweet peanut butter blend reminds them of chick-o-stick. Hints of coconut and orange will drive your taste buds crazy. Old school candy flavor that won’t stick to the roof of your mouth.” – VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – Reading the description for Nutty Professor I didn’t think there was a chance that they could pull it off. But they did, and they did it the most amazing way. Somehow they got the layers exactly right; a good peanut butter flavor, with a finish of a terrifically sweet coconut. Complex, sweet, rich, smooth, and all the other points of a great eLiquid, a true accomplishment.

Keira: 5 Stars – Nutty Professor is an amazing vape. I think it’s that coconut finish that really makes this an award winner. The nuttiness in the beginning is good, but not the greatest, but when it ends with a coconut flourish it blows your mind. This is what a complex eLiquid tastes like.

Jason: 5 Stars – The way Nutty Professor layers its flavors in a way that gives you a great nutty flavor with a solid coconut finish makes it a wonderful eLiquid. I don’t usually go for something like this, but the way it handles itself is exactly how I’d want it to. Love the coconut finish!

Dillon: 5 Stars – I’m giving Nutty Professor the 5 star treatment because of the incredible complexity of this eLiquid. The way they are able to deliver a nice peanut butter taste without overdoing it and then finish it off with sweet coconut is a real magic trick. If you like nutty flavors you have to try this nicely layered juice.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – I remember some peanut butter flavors of a year ago that I couldn’t vape at all. A lot of happened with the way flavor artists have been able to tame such strong flavors, and Nutty Professor has the best peanut butter flavor I’ve had to date. Then, with a coconut finish at the end it provides a perfect ending to a nutty delight.

Pineapple Express – “Pineapple
Another Vapor Craze original hit. Bold pineapple flavor larger than the Big Island herself! It’s like Hawaii… in your mouth.”VaporCraze

Julia: 4 Stars – The only problem with this straight up Pineapple eLiquid is that it comes on too strong in the beginning, but then tapers off nicely into a very pleasant pineapple-heavy eLiquid. For pineapple fans this is one of the best single-flavor vapes you’re going to get. Lastly, unless I am mistaken there is the slightest bit of a cool blast in the very last finish of the drag, which I kind of liked.

Keira: 5 Stars – I love a good pineapple eLiquid and this one is definitely a contender. To me it tastes like a pineapple-upside-down cake, emphasis on the pineapple of course. It’s a tiny bit sweeter than eating raw pineapple, the way a good vape should be. I believe I’m going to enjoy this for a long while.

Jason: 4 Stars – Man, if you like pineapple VaporCraze has you covered with this simple, single flavor pineapple juice. I agree with K that it is a bit sweeter than fresh pineapple, and I agree that it is the sweetness of the pineapple that makes it a delicious vape. I also liked that last bit of a cool mint touch at the end. Nicely played.

Dillon: 4.5 Stars – I would have liked to have had more pineapple eLiquid than we did, because once I started vaping it I didn’t want to stop. Plenty of vapor, a really good throat hit, and more pineapple flavor than I’ve had in a while, this is definitely good all by it self or as a mixer.

Cynthia: 4 Stars – Pineapple is a strong flavor, and in this particular eLiquid it is stronger than the usual. Pineapple is usually blended with other flavors, like coconut, and by itself it can be overwhelming if you’re expecting some kind of blend. I would buy this one for vaping and for mixing with other juice. It is a versatile eLiquid that is great on its on, as great when mixed. We all need a good pineapple flavor in our collection. This one could be the one.


Razzapom – “Raspberry and Pomegranate
Raspberry and pomegranate blended perfection. This flavor is fruit juice heaven. Vape the rainbow!” – VaporCraze

 Julia: 3.5 Stars – I wasn’t sure if I was going to like a blend of raspberry and pomegranate, and sure enough, it was okay but it isn’t something I would normally vape. For people that read the description and think it sounds delicious, then I think you’ll like it. They did a nice job with the right amount of blending, so for me it was just a matter of taste.

Keira: 4 Stars – I enjoyed Razzapom a lot. A nice sweet raspberry flavor encounters a tart pomegranate and the flavor explosion is fantastic. Not too sweet and not too tart, distinct flavors of both shine through, how can you not like this one? If you enjoy pomegranate you have to try this one.

Jason: 4 Stars – The flavors were done extremely well, a perfect balance really. I liked the tartness of the pomegranate, and was happy that they didn’t try to cut it down with an uneven amount of sweet raspberry. The only issue I have with it is that the vapor production was not as good as most of the others, which I believe has everything to do with the characteristics of pomegranate flavoring.

Dillon: 5 Stars – There are some flavors in this 25 that seem just a little lackadaisical, but this is not one of them. This seems to be a carefully balanced blend of pomegranate and raspberry, with a near-perfect blend of tartness and sweetness. If this sounds like something you would enjoy vaping then it most probably is. Excellent job!

Cynthia: 4.5 Stars – It isn’t often, for me anyway, to find an eLiquid that satisfies both the tart and sweet taste buds that I love to vape with. I have blended various flavors in the past trying to find a blend that is just right, and then I vaped Razzapom and there it is. Jason thinks maybe the vapor production is lighter than some of the others, but I didn’t notice. Razzapom is a nice change of pace for pomegranate Vapers.


Snowmeiser – “Menthol w/ a hint of Sweetness
People tell us this flavor is like vaping Christmas. Get a little holiday treat all year long, we are bringing you big menthol flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. Let it snow!” – VaporCraze

Julia: 3 Stars – If only VaporCraze replaced the menthol crystals with a true mint flavor Snowmeiser would have been so much better. I think it’s time to do away with menthol crystals for eLiquids when there are mint flavors that do the job better. Yes, Snowmeiser has a hint of sweetness, but its not enough. I didn’t care for it.

Keira: 3.5 Stars – I know some people really dislike menthol, and I’m not a big fan of it myself. I agree with Jules that a mint flavor can work so much better, but this isn’t a bad eLiquid, its just not that great. I’d love to get Nicole’s take on it. For menthol lovers I’m afraid it not cold enough.

Jason: 3.5 Stars – Snowmeiser is an average menthol eLiquid. It’s neither bad nor good, it’s plainly average. There is some great menthol and mint eLiquids in the marketplace, but Snowmeiser is just average.

Dillon: 4 Stars – I love many menthol flavors, and Snowmeiser is more than an average menthol vape. I like the added sweeteners, and how VaporCraze pulled back on the menthol some. Menthol Vapers should definitely give it a try.

Cynthia: 3 Stars – My problem isn’t so much the menthol, it’s the fact that Snowmeiser doesn’t taste very clean or refreshing. I would say it’s an average menthol eJuice, no worse and no better.



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Spank The MonkeyA Spinfuel Choice Award – “Chocolate, Banana, and Nuts No monkey’s were harmed in the making of this product… We think they liked it! You will like it too once you have tasted our blend of banana, chocolate, and a hint of nuts. A sweet blend so smooth you will want to give the monkey another smack.” – VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – Without a doubt, my favorite eLiquid from the 25 in this review. Spank the Monkey has everything; rich, deep flavor, massive vapor, and a splendid throat hit. Not to mention, this eLiquid has massive complexity with definite layers of chocolate, banana, and nuts. This is the one eLiquid that moves to the top 5 of all my current flavors in rotation, and from there it will make it to #1 in not time. A must-try flavor.

Keira: 5 Stars – Spank the Monkey is magical. Rich multi-layered flavors that is both deeply satisfying and enriching. I don’t know if this flavor took months to create or was a happy accident, but whatever it was I hope it doesn’t change. This one has a massive appeal, and it shouldn’t be missed.

Jason: 5 Stars – This is just about the perfect eLiquid. It hits on every level, from being sweet and rich, smooth and satisfying, and utterly delicious from beginning to end. Perfect proportions of chocolate, banana and nuts make Spank the Monkey an award winning eLiquid. Bravo!

Dillon: 5 Stars – The whole team loved this terrific combination of flavors. How could we turn our backs on a rich and deeply satisfying eLiquid like Spank the Monkey? A must have, must try flavor that is sure to be a major hit.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – Chocolate, coconut, and nuts, does it get any better than that? Maybe, but not today. Spank the Monkey is wonderful, full of flavor, vapor and even a grand throat hit, eLiquid that is tremendously satisfying. An instant classic!


Strawberry Dream – “Strawberry and Vanilla
“Strawberry fields forever.” Thisdeliciousblendofstrawberryandvanillaisasweetvapelover’sdream come true!”VaporCraze

Julia: 4 Stars – A smooth and rich strawberry and vanilla vape that delivers. A terrific combination of flavors that has been done before, but one that always produces a warm experience, when done right that is. And Strawberry Dream is done right. Sweet enough, tons of vapor, and an okay throat hit, I enjoyed Strawberry Dream a lot. Not exactly an original, but a good choice for Vapers looking for a good strawberry/vanilla experience.

Keira: 4 Stars – Despite being a flavor combination that is common to Vapers, Strawberry Dream is still a delicious vape. Together strawberry and vanilla combine to create a sweet, rich desert vape that is almost universally enjoyed. Count me in.

Jason: 4 Stars – Some flavors are considered standards and just about every brand has to their own take on it. Strawberry Dream is your basic strawberry and vanilla vape that is every bit as good as many others I’ve had. Sweet, rich, and a real vapor producer, this is one eLiquid that will appeal to most Vapers.

Dillon: 4 Stars – I like strawberry and vanilla eLiquids because they hit home where it counts, when you need a sweet and delicious vape. VaporCraze did a good job with this old standard and it’s definitely worth a try.

Cynthia: 4 Stars – VaporCraze offers plenty of originals, and a few standards. As a standard, Strawberry Dream does an excellent job at delivering a likable sweet desert vape that reminds me of strawberry syrup and vanilla ice cream. For Vapers looking for a sweet vape that begins with strawberries


Sugar Daddy – “Brown Sugar don’t worry, Daddy’s got you…this is warm, brown sugar satisfaction. AhYeeeeeh!”VaporCraze

Julia: 4.5 Stars – I approached Sugar Daddy as though it was a ‘filler’ eLiquid. A way to add a simple flavor to the roster as many brands do. Although there is still every chance that this is exactly that, filler, it sure is a good one. Plenty sweet, yes, but such a vapor producer that it satisfied like nobody’s business. Sugar Daddy is that candy bar you crave after an Italian dinner, not as good as the dinner itself but something you have to have to top it off. Splendid.

Keira: 4 Stars – A very sweet, very rich brown sugar vape that would satisfy any craving for sweets. A ton of vapor, a medium throat hit, it’s a simple flavor but one to have around for the moments when all you care about is sweets.

Jason: 4 Stars – Rich, sweet, brown sugar that is extra heavy in the vapor department. Vapers looking for something sweet and uncomplicated Sugar Daddy is one you need to try.

Dillon: 4 Stars – This is the kind of eLiquid I like to encourage all new Vapers to have on hand. It is a very easy vape, sweet, thick vapor, and a nice flavor. Very uncomplicated, this is an eLiquid to have around when all you want is something sweet.

Cynthia: 4 Stars – A simple, sweet, sugary vape that is perfect for the sweet tooth Vapers. A lot of vapor from this one, and worthy of being vaped alone or used as a sweetener for other non-sweet eLiquids.


Summer Breeze – “Pink Lemonade Summer time and the vaping is easy, with this cool pink lemonade punch. Let us mix you up a batch. You bring the little sandwiches and we will provide the lemony sweet goodness all day long.” VaporCraze

Julia: 4.5 Stars – Probably the best pink lemonade I’ve had. Summer Breeze is the perfect vape for a hot summer day. Real pink lemonade, with vapor to spare and a solid throat hit, this is one I’m going to keep on hand during the warm months. For lemonade lovers, your eJuice is here.

Keira: 5 Stars – Lemonade is not a flavor I crave for, so imagine my surprise when Summer Breeze gave me the vape of the week. Refreshing and remarkable pink lemonade, with tons of thick vapor and a very good throat hit, this is one I will add to my collection now. An excellent blend.

Jason: 5 Stars – I thought lemonade flavors were done to death, probably because we’ve reviewed so few of them in 2013. Summer Breeze is an excellent vape that produced a ton of vapor and a great throat hit. On a warm day I could vape it all day long. Lemonade lovers should try this one as soon as they can, it’s wonderful.

Dillon: 5 Stars – Not every eLiquid in the VaporCraze lineup are award winners, some aren’t even very good, but when they get it right they get it really right. Summer Breeze is an excellent eJuice, one that pumps out vapor and a throat hit that is sure to please. Don’t order Summer Breeze is lemonade doesn’t sit well with you. If lemonade is one of your favorites you have to try it.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – I couldn’t believe how good this was. A perfectly balanced lemonade eLiquid that you won’t want to put down. If you’re interested in a lemonade vape this is the one you have to try. Of course, if you don’t like lemonade you’re not to going to like this one. Oh but if you do, you’re in for something special! 


Sunrise Spinfuel Choice Award –  “Orange and Champagne 

What do you think of first thing in the morning? Of course you do… So we created this Mimosa flavored blend just for you. Orange juice and champagne, the perfect combination for an all day vape, and your liver will thank you.”VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – How many times have we been disappointed over orange flavored eJuice? Too many to count because getting orange right means understanding how difficult orange concentrates are to work with. Get it wrong it and tastes dreadful, get it too sweet and it loses its orange flavor profile. Mix it with a cream and try for a creamsicle and it can go right or wrong, mostly wrong. But orange and champagne? An inspiring choice!

Sunrise is a delicately balanced orange vape with just the right amount of champagne for a delightfully refreshing experience. A light orange touch, plenty of vapor, a nice throat hit, a combination that made Sunrise one of my top choices.

Keira: 5 Stars – There is no other way to put this, I totally loved Sunrise eLiquid. The best way to enjoy a flavor like this is to work up a real head of vapor and then inhale it deeply and slowly. The orange flavor is light, the vapor amazing, and a throat hit that is perfect. Sunrise is a special eLiquid, and certainly one for my rotation.

Jason: 5 Stars – Orange is hard to work with and Sunrise could have gone badly, but it didn’t. Instead, Sunrise is a real pleasure to vape. A light orange taste, a hint of champagne, and more vapor than you expect, Sunrise is delicious, different, and very satisfying.

Dillon: 5 Stars – Sunrise is the perfect all-day vape. A light and refreshing vape where the orange is muted yet there, sweet enough, and not too sweet, rich vapor clouds and go on and on, Sunrise is one you should definitely try.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – Sunrise is an eLiquid that is refreshing, tasty, and completely enjoyable. The orange flavor blends so well with champagne that it’s like vaping a mimosa on a hot morning. I am adding this one to my rotation.



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Watermelon Punch A Spinfuel Choice Award – “Sour Juicy Watermelon
Like a slightly sweet & sour watermelon sock to the jaw… This flavor is a guaranteed knockout for fruit lovers looking for something with an extra kick. No fighting, there is plenty for everyone!” – VaporCraze

Julia: 5 Stars – I have never awarded a watermelon eLiquid a 5 star rating. That said, this is just the thing for Vapers looking for a light, sweet watermelon vape with just a little bit of punch to it. A hard-hitting throat hit, an abundance of vapor, and just the right amount of watermelon flavoring makes this one the one to have around. Excellent!

Keira: 5 Stars – A perfect summertime vape. Watermelon Punch tastes like a hard candy watermelon flavor that produces a lot of vapor and a wicked throat hit, this is a real surprise. Not the only eJuice you will want to have around, but definitely one you will want to vape several times a week.

Jason: 5 Stars – I can’t believe I’m giving my top rating to a watermelon flavor, but I am. A sweet and sour watermelon experience with a lot of vapor and an almost too hard throat hit, this is an eLiquid you will seek out more than you thought you would. For watermelon lovers, this is it.

Dillon: 5 Stars – One of my favorite fruit flavors is watermelon, and this is watermelon with a punch. Lots of vapor, a nice punch of a throat hit, Watermelon Punch is a unique take on a simple flavor. Try it.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – I found it hard to believe that I enjoyed this eLiquid as much as I did. Watermelon is a very light flavor, a unique taste, but certainly not something I usually want. I may have been missing out, or this is a particularly terrific blend, but I enjoyed it too much not to give it the highest rating.


Conclusion & Buying Advice

When we tallied up the scores and saw that we had awarded 11 out of 25 flavors the Spinfuel Choice Award we were flabbergasted (yes, that’s the right word to describe us). Eleven Choice Awards? Really? But the scores tell it like it is. An amazing showing for a first time review in Spinfuel.

VaporCraze makes some supremely excellent eLiquids, a few average eLiquids, and a few that we just didn’t care much for. That’s the way of just about every premium eLiquid brand though, so considering the number of flavors we vaped over a couple of weeks time, just under 50% is about right.

The eLiquid business – VaporCraze knows that some of their flavors would have wide appeal and some would have a more limited appeal, or at least I think so. Perhaps the ones we didn’t care for are for Vapers who have very different palates. Whatever the reason, it reaffirms our belief that among the 25 flavors reviewed there are several flavors for every kind of Vaper.

Our buying advice is to take a wait and see attitude. While some flavors are available at we think that if you don’t happen to live near one of their retail locations you might want to wait a couple of weeks until their online store is fully operational. We are hoping when that time comes they will offer a 15ML bottle along with the 30ML, as well as a sampler collection. You never know.

VaporCraze Locations:

Long Beach – (562)366-1150 – Open 11AM – 10PM Daily

3837 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach, CA 90807

Irvine – (949)305-4266 – Open 11AM – 10PM Daily

23016 Lake Forest Dr Suite E
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Costa Mesa (949)612-7475 – Open 11AM – 10PM Daily

1779 Newport Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Westminster (714)248-9718 – Open 11AM – 10PM Daily

7140 Garden Grove Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683

Cerritos (562)235-6495 – Open 11AM – 10PM Daily

City Plaza: 11660 South St. #109
Artesia, CA 90701

The VaporCraze eLiquid Review by – Team B – lead writer Julia Hartley-Barnes, with Keira Hartley-Barnes, Jason Little, Dillon Jones, Cynthia Stevens.