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 Lucky Ruckus e-Juice

by Cameron Skaggs – Spinfuel Staff

Alright kids, I’ve got another great juice review for you today! This time around we’re going to be looking at several offerings from Lucky Ruckus Vape Shop. Lucky Ruckus is a company based in Amarillo, Texas and offers a large multitude of flavors on their website. You can check out all they offer at LuckyRuckus.Com. When you hit their website you can choose between 10ml and 30ml bottles, choose your nic level from 0mg to 24mg and have menthol or ice cool added into any e-juice. The price is right too, with 10ml bottles running you $5.10 and 30ml will cost you $14.10. Buying a 30ml will only set you back $0.47 per ml, which is a great price for juice this good. In addition to the 54 flavors of e-juice they carry they also stock a selection of high end mechanical mods(which you guys know I just love.) I’m going to be talking about 13 different e-juices from them today, so grab a drink and a vape and read on to find out about some really great e-juice!

All e-juices were tested on a variety of devices again this time including- Russian 91% on a ProVari Mini, Trident V2 RBA on a Grand Vapor Private V2 and Kanger Single Coil 2.4 ohm cartos on my ProVari Mini.

Blueberry Lemonade- First whiff is like being in a bakery as a batch of blueberry muffins come out of the oven. The inhale is smooth with a light, fresh blueberry taste, followed by a tangy lemonade reminder on the exhale. 

Luck Ruckus e-juice ReivewThe description of this juice says it all and it doesn’t lie in the least. Just smelling the e-juice when you’re filling up your atomizer of choice smells like a bakery. The blueberry on the inhale is light and sweet, very muffin-ish and it’s absolutely delicious. The taste stays throughout the exhale to the very end when you start to pick up the lemonade. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to taste the Blueberry Lemonade at IHOP when they have it, it’s very close to the taste of this juice- the e-juice is just a little bit sweeter. You guys know I’m not a huge fan of sweet vapes, but this one is a great after dinner sweet vape. If you order this one, get 30ml because it will go quick! Throat is hit is fairly stout and it’s vapor production is stellar with it being a 50/50 blend.


4.0 Stars


Blueberry Limeapoolaza-Blueberry and Limeade..WOW! If you are a fruit lover this vape is for you. Sweet, tart and tangy and oh so very very very good!

Blueberry LimeapoolazaWhat surprised me the most about this e-juice was the difference in blueberry flavor from the blueberry lemonade. The blueberry isn’t nearly as sweet but it mixes perfectly with the limeade flavor. Neither overpowers the other on the inhale or exhale and the flavors just work together. The limeade is very authentic and it works very well with the blueberry. It’s such a great mixture of sweet and tart that I couldn’t put it down. After spending the day with it, I wanted to refill the Russian with it again. I was a bit skeptical at first of the idea of blueberry and lime working together, but it does. Throat hit is stellar with the limeade flavor and vapor production is outrageous with this one. Big winner in my book.

4.5 Stars


Lucky Lime Sauce- A wonderful representation of a fresh lime sweet tang. A tasty draw that reminds you of the fresh cut-like taste that remains on the glass of a tropical cocktail.    

LuckyLime1Let me just say that this would be a perfect summer time vape. It’s tart, cool and refreshing- almost like a slice of key lime pie. You get the cool and tart of lime on the inhale and it carries throughout the exhale as well. I don’t see it in the description, but I pick up a hint of cream of the very back end of the exhale. It’s another one of those perfect after dinner vapes to satisfy a sweet tooth. Not ADV potential for me, but if you like lime, you’ll love this one. The flavor is so authentic is baffles me. Throat hit packs a punch and vapor production is outstanding on this one as well.



4.0 Stars


Rehab- A very pleasant mixture that has a subtle strawberry flavor that stays constant throughout the vape. This is a juice that could easily be an all-day vape. 

Luck Ruckus e-juice ReivewThe description says it all with this one folks. A very light, sweet strawberry flavor that is completely constant throughout the inhale and exhale. It’s not overly sweet or overly tart. You guys know I’m not a big fan of fruit vapes, but I could vape this one all day. The flavor is so light that it just doesn’t get old at all. Rehab is a perfect name because it’s easy to get addicted to this one. Throat hit is pretty light, which is in line with flavor profile and it s a fog machine in the vapor department. I really didn’t want to put this juice down to move on to the next one in line for the review.



4.75 Stars


Lucky #5.1- A smooth vape with a pleasant tobacco flavor; The flavor is accented by undertones of oak and vanilla bourbon flavor.  


Luck Ruckus e-juice ReivewIn addition to vaping, Bourbon is my other hobby. I’ve been into collecting all different  types of bourbon for a few years and a have a pretty respectable liquor cabinet put together now. When I first read the description of this juice I was super excited to see the word “bourbon” in there. The tobacco is sweet and dry on the inhale and turns nutty on the exhale. As you continue to exhale the vapor you start to pick up the nuance of bourbon and vanilla and it’s glorious. Tobacco and bourbon just go together as it is and this e-juice nails all  the aspects of that pairing. This is easily an ADV for me and it’s earned a permanent spot in my rotation. I couldn’t put this one down and I still don’t want to. As a matter of fact, it’s what I’m vaping as I write this review. Throat is hit stout and vapor production is outstanding. I’ve yet to hand out a 5 star review and I’m happy to make this my first one. If tobacco vapes are your thing, hit the website and order this e-juice yesterday!

5.0 Stars


Lucky Clone- If you like the Bounty you will love this vape. Cream and tobacco mix going down, and sweet chocolate graham cracker musk coming through the exhale.

Luck Ruckus e-juice ReivewAnother e-juice that the description is true to form. If you’ve had Bobas Bounty, you’re going to love this one. Sweet dry tobacco on the inhale and cream, chocolate and graham cracker on the exhale. Where this juice beats Bobas Bounty is throat hit. This is a 50/50 blend where as Bobas Bounty is 100% vg and lacks a big throat hit. Not Lucky Clone, it thumps the back of your throat with a vengeance. Bobas Bounty has been in my rotation for over a year now and I can honestly say this will most likely replace it. The flavor is a tad bit different as it’s a little more cream heavy, but I like the balance the cream provides on the back end. Vapor production is good, but not as much as I expected for a 50/50 blend. You can’t miss by ordering this e-juice, even if you’ve never had Bobas Bounty.

4.75 Stars


Vannappoly- A delicate and balanced blend of vanilla, apple, and cinnamon. A pleasure to vape; A liquid that should be in your arsenal. 

Luck Ruckus e-juice ReivewNo where in the description of this e-juice does it say “Apple Pie ala mode,” but make no mistake- that’s exactly what it is. Think back to a diner slice of apple pie with a big scoop of ice cream on top and that’s what you’ve got here. The apple and cinnamon mix perfect on the inhale and the vanilla and cream come in on the exhale. It’s like taking a big bite of that diner apple pie. It’s as perfect an after dinner vape as I’ve ever had, but it goes amazing with morning coffee as well. The apple isn’t too sweet and the vanilla on the back end balances it perfectly. Add it to your cart when you’re at and you wont be disappointed. Throat hit and vapor production are good but not stellar.

4.25 Stars


Dark & Smoky- A robust tobacco flavor that smooth and hits nicely. But wait… There is a surprise at the end of the vape. A spicy exhale that will shock the senses and make you want to take another draw. 

Luck Ruckus e-juice ReivewI’m gonna be upfront with this one, I don’t like it- but that doesn’t mean you won’t. My main dislike here is the authentic taste of an analog cigarette. But I can clearly remember early into my vaping journey, chasing an e-juice that tasted like a cigarette. If that’s what you’re still looking for, look no further. The inclusion of the work “smoky” in the title says it all. It tastes like an analog, packs the throat hit of an analog and vapor production is excellent. If I wasn’t well into my vaping journey and over chasing the “analog taste” I would be in love this one. I can see new vapers flocking to this e-juice and for good reason.


3.5 Stars


Grannys Inclination- Spot on Goodness! Rich and Tasty peach cobbler that will leave your senses in bakery shock! Get a big bottle because it sure wont last once you try it.  

Luck Ruckus e-juice ReivewYou guys already know I don’t like peach and guess what- that hasn’t changed! But I was pleasantly surprised with this one. The peach flavor is super light on the inhale and the baked goods flavor takes over. It tastes more like eating the breading from peach cobbler and picking around the peaches- just like my grandmother used to yell at me for. I actually really liked this one despite the peach flavor, mainly because the peach isn’t over powering here. The bakery flavor is spot on and I’m not sure how they get the baked goods flavor to be so authentic.  It’s almost as if the bottle should have a “Made at Hogwarts” label on the bottom. If you like peach cobbler, you will love this e-juice. Give a it shot, you won’t be disappointed. Throat hit is strong for a dessert flavor and vapor production is outstanding.

4.0 Stars


AwwrWhy4- Lucky’s version of the classic ry4 tobacco is a little on the sweet side yet still delivers the rich tobacco flavor ry4 lovers are searching for.

Awwwhyfor_ Lucky Rucker eJuice Review for SpinfuelAt this point we all know(should know?) what an RY4 is. But just in case you don’t know it’s a sweet, nutty tobacco with hints of vanilla and caramel. Seems like every vendor carries a version of this juice and I’ve tried a lot of them. Early into vaping I discovered RY4 and fell in love with the flavor and tried it from a ton of different vendors. Lucky Ruckus’ version is hands down one of my top 3 versions of an RY4. It’s a bit sweeter than normal from what seems to me, an extra shot of the caramel flavoring. The extra sweetness is most prominent on the exhale and it gives a great balance to the nuttiness of the tobacco you get on the inhale. Throat hit is on the medium side and vapor production is solid as well. If you’re an RY4 fan, you have to try this one.


4.5 Stars


Black Tangerine- A fantastic after dinner treat. Heavy, almost shockingly realistic tangerine taste that rolls the whole way down. The best part is the unexpected hint of Anise on the exhale. Luckys not a Licorice fan by any means but man o man this vapes well!

Luck Ruckus e-juice ReivewLike Lucky, I’m not a big fan of licorice myself. But I do like tangerines and I’ve yet to try a tangerine e-juice, so I was excited about this one. Once again the description of this e-juice is right on point. The authentic flavor of tangerine is shockingly prominent on the inhale and exhale. The anise is just slightly there hiding out at the end of the exhale and I must say it’s quite pleasant. The sharpness of the anise creates a great balance with the sweetness of the tangerine. It’s throat hit is solid and vapor production is outstanding.



4.0 Stars


Java Jones- A wonderful and properly flavored coffee taste. Whether you take it black or sweetened and blond, you will enjoy this vape. The only thing missing from this is a barista making art in the milk foam

Java_Joes-whyI was pretty apprehensive about trying this e-juice. I’m an avid coffee drinker and I’ve tried coffee e-juice from several vendors and the same thing always happens- The juice is great in the beginning, but after a couple of days the flavor seems to change completely. I know it’s more than likely something weird with my taste buds, but it’s only coffee flavors that I have this problem with. I really liked this juice as soon as I vaped it. It’s not an overpowering coffee flavor, but it’s there. It’s more in line with the taste of a Latte or other espresso based drinks. It’s not overly bold or overly sweet, just coffee perfection in vape form. Funny thing is, this one didn’t change flavors on me. I spent an entire day with it and never got tired of it or had the flavor flip-flop on me. I’ve been searching for that one coffee vape for a while now and I feel like I’ve found it. Throat hit is a bit tame but vapor production is excellent.

4.0 Stars


The Struggle- This Eliquid is the result of a year long Struggle to develop the perfect vanilla cream! If youre a vanilla fan then you must try this liquid! Subtle and smooth and oh so good!

Luck Ruckus e-juice ReivewYou guys know me, I’m always up front and honest. With that being said, this is one juice that I personally just didn’t like. It’s not a bad vanilla flavor, its just vanilla. The description tells you all you need to know with this one. The vanilla is super mild, not cloying at all. The cream is lightly present on the inhale and exhale as well.  It’s a mild vape and if you’re a fan of vanilla only e-juices I’m sure you will find this one to be excellent. After spending several days with all the amazing flavor combos from Lucky Ruckus it was a little odd to end on a juice that was just a simple vanilla. Throat hit is mild but vapor production is outstanding. I like big flavor when I vape and this one doesn’t have it in that department. But like I said, if a mild, authentic vanilla is something that sounds good to you I’m sure you will enjoy this one.

3.5 Stars



The thing that impresses me the most about Lucky Ruckus is how spot on his flavor descriptions are. With a lot of companies going over the top with their descriptions these days they don’t really tell you a lot about what to expect flavor wise. With Lucky Ruckus you know up front what you’re getting and you can be sure that the description is honest. I’ve had a ton of e-juices that are strawberry that promise an “authentic” taste and it tastes anything but authentic. With Lucky Ruckus, if he says it’s an authentic flavor you can be sure that it will be. He also seems to have a knack for putting together interesting flavor combos that just work. There are 54 e-juice offerings on, I suggest you head over there and pick out some to try. Do yourself a favor and order 30ml bottles while you’re at it- a 10ml bottle of Lucky Ruckus won’t last long at all!

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Cameron Skaggs