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The review for Detroit Rock Candy begins like this: The Vape Bar,  where you will soon forget about the flavor profile you showed up to find for an E-Juice recommended by the shop or a random customer eager to share with you their experience.

This challenge of E-Juice selection is something I love taking part in when visiting vape shops.  On occasion you will find a B&M where the staff either does not care, or has no ability to match juice to the customer’s palate.  The customer will usually try numerous juices, only to walk out of the shop ”settling” for something they did not actually want in the first place. If I see lack in synergy between the worker and the customer I have to step in,  I just love the look on someone’s face when you recommend a juice, only to see a massive smile after that first cloudy exhale.

I spend a ton of time online in the vape community so I stay well versed on what is causing all of the noise in the E-Juice and Vape industry.  I try to find the juices that will match at least one of these 3 profiles;

1.) Would buy it twice.

2.) A unique flavor blend unlike any other.

3.) May be used as an all day vape.

After hearing about Yam-I-Am and its flavor profile,  Detroit Rock Candy jumped to number 1 on my list.

Detroit Rock Candy

Detroit Rock Candy has been in business for a little over a year.  The owner, Jennifer Lubinski, and her husband (the mixologist) realized the need for great flavors in the market early on, and took to mastering the art of DIY mixing.


Quick to success, some of their flavor profiles highly reflect the mixologists creativity and hugely impact their company’s cult following of repeat buyers.  Detroit Rock Candy Also walked away from the 2016 Vegas ECC / VPX Vape Expo with an award for Rising Stars Challenge for their Yam I Am juice. The owner is huge into Vape advocacy, sponsors numerous VapeTV shows on the 5ohm Network, and handles every aspect of the customer service within the business herself. You can even find Jen interacting with customers (more frequent than anything ive seen before) on the company facebook page Detroit Rock Candy.  I would love to see more companies in the trenches like this getting the feedback necessary to go above and beyond for their buyers,  Others could learn from Jen and Detroit Rock Candy.  Now on to the good stuff!

            ”Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll Drizzled In Marshmallow”


After being punched in my face with the smell of Thanksgiving yams upon opening the bottle I immediately was reminded how juices of this nature are so often a miss.  The smell was like a very sweet cinnamon-muffin, Yam like smell, with a hint of cream.  After the first exhale I was instantly hooked, the taste blew all earlier concerns of not liking this flavor out of the atmosphere.  The inhale is an oh so very smooth Sweet Potato Yam taste, The exhale allows more of the cinnamon / marshmallow to shine through but you still get a great portion of the sweet potato flavor complimenting it the entire exhale.  The mixologists ability to actually pinpoint the sweet potato yam flavor and not let the cinnamon or marshmallow overpower or mute it and all of its deliciousness, is so very well done. I had absolutely no throat hit with this,  and found vaping it at higher watts to produce more flavor.  Some may compare this flavor to Propogandas Freedom ( Milk Soaked Gingerbread Cookie), but very simply put; I did not purchase Freedom  twice, though I am already eagerly awaiting my next 60ml bottle of Yam I Am.  I could vape this all day without hesitation.

            ”A Creamy Strawberry Burst”

Pink Starburst,  the first thought after opening this juice immediately without


reason of doubt reminded me of a Pink Starburst Candies.  The smell was sweet with a candy like strawberry flavoring and just the tiniest bit of cream lingering in the mix.  On the Inhale you get a berry sweet candy flavor with a tiny bit of a throat hit,  on the exhale you get more of the smooth strawberry creamy candy flavor. I dont want to scare you with the use of the word creamy because though I can tell it is in there,  it is such a little amount it is only to compliment the other flavors.  I would highly recommend candy / strawberry juice lovers to try this one out.  I personally could see myself buying this again, as it was a plesent sweet all day vape.


”Astro Banana, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Candy”

Insanely sweet,  When opening this bottle my nostrils were consumed by a thick, sweet, smell reaking from inside.  It smells just like an astro pop / Bomb Pop mixed,  The berry candy sweet smell was pungent and so very familiar.  My first thoughts after taking a few puffs was simply too much flavor.  Delicious,  but I would have liked to see the raspberry toned down a bit as it was overpowering the banana and strawberry.  The inhale provides a very sweet, tart strawberry banana raspberry that gave me a decent throat hit,  on the exhale you get a lot more of the raspberry, candy flavoring.  The only reason I say that I wish they would have dialed back the raspberry is that in my opinion it overpowers the other flavors on the inhale and mutes the banana near entirely for me.  Though not my favorite out of the bunch,  I would still recommend it to candy lovers, but would not consider it an all day vape due to it being a bit too sweet and tart.

Creme Soda

            ”A Delicious Creme Soda”

I personally love a good creme soda every now and again,  and with a huge cremesoda-400x400need for a good creme soda flavor on the market I think they hit this out of the park. It scared me how on point the smell was,  blindfolded you would never be able to tell the difference between this E-Juice and an ice cold creme soda. On the Inhale you get a very smooth sweet vanilla, syrup and soda flavor giving no throat hit,  the exhale is more of a creamy rendition of the sodas vanilla core with the tiniest bit of caramel undertones. There’s really no other way to put it,  It taste exactly like the real thing and it will keep you coming back to taste it over and over again! Weather you love creme soda or not, I think this would be a great juice for the collection. I personally enjoyed this as an all day vape and if nothing else, it has sparked my love for creme soda again!

This line of E-Juice from Detroit Rock Candy and many other flavors can be found online at  Using an 80/20 VG/PG blend and starting at 15.99 for a 30ml.

30ml ($15.99)

60ml ($24.99)

120ml ($45.99)

 240ml ($91.99)

 Nicotine levels – 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.


Yam I Am-  5/5 stars

Stella-  4.5/5 stars

Trip-  4/5 stars

Creme Soda-  5/5 stars

I truly do not believe Detroit Rock Candy and their mixologist is capable of producing a bad flavor,  An inside joke within Detroit Rock Candy is that the mixologist could even make a sweetened water flavor that would be delicious.  After trying this line I will be keeping an eye on Detroit Rock Candy for years to come!

Nicholas Currie