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A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review – Rasta Vapors

Rasta Vapors Revisited” – Several months ago Spinfuel published a review of Rasta Vapors eLiquids. The review was not an official Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review. We’ve since decided to review Rasta Vapors again, this time facing the four official members of the eliquid review team.

The Nine Flavors we are reviewing today are as follows:

  • Snoozeberry
  • Chocoberry
  • Ranivorus Apple
  • Blueberry Babylon
  • Joe Latte
  • Dazed
  • Samsquanch
  • Swaggerific
  • Tropwen

Sizes, Prices, Bottles, Labels…

Rasta Vapors offers the following sizes, and prices, for all their eliquids:

  • 10ML – $7.00
  • 15ML – $10.00
  • 30ML – $16.00
  • 60ML – $28.00

We’ll discuss the pricing in detail in just a bit.

Nicotine Strengths

Rasta Vapors has a wide selection of nicotine strengths, beginning at 6mg, then 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. As is the custom of all eLiquids brands, Rasta Vapors also offers a zero-nic option.

Extras – If you like you can have Rasta Vapors boost your flavor by one shot. Our experience shows that, for the most part, an extra shot of flavor is needed on nearly all of them.

Bottles – Bottles are plastic, easily squeezable plastic with a nice long and thin tip for easy filling of clearomizers, tanks, and even cartomizers. – The bottle caps are not child safety caps, but each bottle of ejuice is shrink-wrapped to prevent tampering. If you receive a bottle of eliquid from any vendor and its not shrink-wrapped, return it and ask for a new one.

Labels – The labeling isn’t bad, though it is reminiscent of 2013. There is a “born on” date that is written by magic marker, nicotine ‘blocks’ that are checked off to indicate the strength, a list of ingredients, and the nicotine warning. For Rasta Vapors these types of labels in use save money, but they should begin thinking about upgrading the labeling system to give them more flexibility.

More on pricing – When you get right down to it, plastic bottles and premade labels that must be marked by pen is the least expensive way to go. At $7 for a 10ML bottle (70 cents per ML) you would expect more. There are eliquid companies charging a bit less and offering more in the way of packaging. For instance, Rocket Fuel Vapes, a super-premium eliquid brand offers a 10ML bottle for $6.50 with more expensive bottles and deluxe labels.

The pricing model for Rasta Vapors is slightly higher than we think they should be. But, that’s just our opinion based on seeing and vaping other brands for almost 3 years. The best value, for Rasta Vapors, is the 30ML and 60ML sizes, but if this is your first time ordering from them you might want to go with the least expensive option until you know whether you want to stick with the brand.


While we somewhat enjoyed a few of the eliquids in this review we believe we must point out a couple of things before we get to the actual impressions from the team.


Rasta Vapors is a little behind the curve for modern day eliquids. As we close in on the end of 2014 we’ve noticed that many eliquid brands have improved tremendously in flavor, bottling, pricing, and even helpful labeling since February 2012, the month we began reviewing ejuice.

In most categories that define a premium eliquid many eliquid brands bring quality, purity, and artistry to the table, and because of that they earn every accolade tossed their way by Spinfuel and others who review them. There are brands today that are considered the cream of the crop and deservedly so.

That said Rasta Vapors and others have not yet reached the same level of quality, craftsmanship, and artistry that the premium brands have. And that would be fine if their pricing reflected their “B-List” eliquids, but, in this case they don’t. That doesn’t mean that Rasta Vapors doesn’t produce eliquids vapers wouldn’t be happy vaping, it’s the fact that the pricing tier doesn’t reflect an accurate picture of the brand.

Just Enough

During our time with the 9 flavors submitted by Rasta Vapors we couldn’t help but think that the mixologist there is doing ‘just enough’ to create eliquids that would sell and not enough to create ‘great’ eliquids. Again, we’re not saying their eliquids are bad, but all of them tasted like eliquids we reviewed a couple of years ago. What we mean by that is they lacked nuance, layering, complexity, and even the dedication to the “art of eliquid creation”. That’s not a bad thing by itself. We know plenty of people that want eliquids that are simple, taste good, produce average vapor, and don’t force them to consider the complexity of what they’re taking into their lungs. That, in a nutshell, is Rasta Vapors.

The Rasta Vapors lineup is “workaday” eliquids, and if they were priced at the same level of, say, Mt. Baker Vapor, we would be more than happy to recommend them as everyday, simple flavored eliquids. But, given the opportunity to buy a 10ML bottle of Strawberry Fields from Rocket Fuel Vapes ($6.50) for any flavor from Rasta Vapors  ($7.00) we just wouldn’t spend it on a Rasta eliquid, and that’s just the truth. So our advice to Rasta would be to lower their prices, or up their game.

The Flavor Profile

Rasta Vapors eliquids are made from artificial flavoring concentrates, like so many other brands. While many eliquids can be ‘complex’ and extraordinary using the same ingredients as Rasta Vapors uses, Rasta tends to create an eliquid flavor that they deem  “okay” and leaving it at that. They don’t seem to strive for excellence; they seem to have the attitude of, “it’s fine, let’s go with it”. That certainly may not be the case, but that’s how we see it.

So, with having said that, let’s look at each of the flavors as our team chimes in…

The Review

Snoozeberry – TASTES LIKE: The Snozzberrys taste like Snozzberrys man! This is a Mixture of Raspberry & Cranberry with super sweetness from the gods!

Julia – 3 Stars

Most of the eliquids in this review taste very similarly. A lot of sweetness and a touch of tartness, and not much else. If there is raspberry and cranberry in this I cannot taste it.

Tom – 3 Stars

After half way through this review I decided that if I am to give Rasta the benefit of the doubt I better start dripping them to see if I could rustle up some flavor. It’s fine to tell our readers that the flavors are weak, or at least less than they should be because we could recommend an extra shot of flavor.

Keira – 3 Stars

I have a personal “theory” as to why most of the flavors in this review have similar “flavor”, but I can’t tell you because it would be conjecture on my part. But, the truth about most of the eliquids is that they actually do taste very much alike. These are all sweet with tiny little flavor bits and varying amounts of vapor production.

Jason – 3 Stars

In all honesty, if you have no point of reference, if you’ve never tried vaping before or if you’ve never had super premium, dead drop serious flavors from true artistic mixologists then most of these juices from Rasta would be “okay”. But once you begin vaping truly excellent eliquids you just can’t justify vaping eliquids that are just sweet.

Chocoberry – TASTES LIKE: Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Julia – 3 Stars – Chocoberry does not taste like chocolate covered strawberries. This has a flavor that is neither chocolate nor strawberry, its something neutral and weak. The only thing going for it is vapor production. This one puts out great vapor. If you’re looking for a basic sweet flavor and lots of vapor, then this could be it. Maybe.

Tom – 3 Stars – Who tastes these eliquids in order to write the description? Where is the chocolate? Where is the strawberry? Other than a ton of vapor and a sweet unknowable flavor, this chocoberry is lost on me.

Keira – 3 Stars – Vapor heavy and sweet, and that’s about it.

Jason – 3 Stars – You know what this one is? It’s a heavy vapor eliquid with no real flavor other than sweet. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ranivorus Apple – TASTES LIKE: Sour Apple with a kick

Julia – 2.75 Stars – Wow, I don’t understand why Rasta would even say this was a sour apple. Then, to add the “with a kick” remark? Come on. This one has about a tenth of the flavor it should have and less than half the vapor it should have. Not a good execution.

Tom – 2.5 Stars – Very surprised with this apple vape. I can taste a bit of the sour, and a bit of the apple, but other than that it barely registers. Vapor is less than I’d like, even when pushed into the higher wattage or voltage. A real miss.

Keira – 3 Stars – I’m giving this one a flat average score. If you’re looking for a superior sour apple vape you won’t find it here. Average vapor, small flavor profile, not a hit with any of us.

Jason – 2 Stars – This apple flavored eliquid exemplifies the definition of ‘good enough’. I don’t think a lot of effort was put into this one simply because the flavor is very subdued and the vapor is lacking. Not only was I disappointed, I was almost feeling bad for anyone that would buy it looking for a good sour apple vape. However, if you’re willing to drip this one you’ll get a bigger flavor profile, and the vapor production will get better. But you shouldn’t have to do that, you know?

Blueberry Babylon – TASTES LIKE: Blueberry & Orange Sweet Tart with a Twist. Let it steep if the Orange is too Strong

Julia – 4 Stars – Definitely tastes exactly like as the description indicates. If orange Sweet Tarts are your thing I think you will enjoy this one. Nothing fancy going on, and the blueberry are struggling against the orange and the “tartness”. Vapor production is average.

Tom – 3.75 Stars – If you like sweet tarts this is a good choice. I’m not a fan of the candy and never was, but that same flavor profile of the candy is at work here. Orange is dominant, blueberry is suppressed. Vapor is okay, but nothing to take notice of.

Keira – 4.25 Stars – Because we let these eliquids steep for a few weeks the orange flavor is supposed to lessen. I can only imagine how strong it was because even now it’s definitely the strongest flavor between the two. I couldn’t vape this one all the time, but my time with it was pretty good. A nice change of pace.

Jason – 4.25 Stars – I think the flavor is actually more like orange tic tacs than sweet tarts. I enjoyed it for a time, but like many of the eliquids in this review, it was very sticky. Good flavor, average vapor, a simple and sweet vape.

Joe Latte – TASTES LIKE: French Vanilla Latte

Julia – 2.5 Stars – I’m putting this one in the “below average” range. What is supposed to be a French vanilla latte this is instead an unpleasant “something” reminiscent of my earliest days of vaping coffee eliquids. This one needs a total overhaul.

Tom – 2.75 Stars – How disappointing for a coffee lover like me. I can’t taste any coffee in it and the “latte” part tastes a lot like actual heavy cream. Not a pleasant vape at all. Even the vapor production was poor.

Keira – 2 Stars – First, I couldn’t detect any coffee in this one. Second, what I did taste was very artificial. Almost tastes like spoiled cream. Average vapor, poor flavor description, and lacking of coffee, not a good combination.

Jason – 3.25 Stars – I think the team was a little hard on Joe Latte. Sure, there isn’t much coffee in it, barely detectable actually. But, the latte is very heavy and if you like a ‘cream’ vape (not creamy), then you might like this one. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t very good either.

Dazed – TASTES LIKE: Caramel Candy Apple

Julia – 3.5 Stars – I enjoyed vaping Dazed, however this doesn’t taste much like a caramel apple. This is more of a caramel vape than anything else, and I liked that. Sweet caramel, lots of vapor, but it loses a point because the caramel crushes the apple.

Tom – 4 Stars – Dazed is one of the better vapor producers, especially when used in a low-ohm glassomizer. With the Stratos glassomizer and a .8-ohm coil head Dazed would give a good chase. Sweet caramel flavor, but not enough apple for its description. It’s there, that slightly tart apple, but had they used a red delicious apple flavor, and used more of it, Dazed could be a real winner.

Keira – 4.25 Stars – Like the other team members I too was impressed with the vapor production. But the caramel does a good job of beating down the apple flavor, to the point where you really have to take strong, deep drags to taste the apple. But, heck, I liked it for a caramel eliquid.

Jason – 4.5 Stars – With thick vapor and the sweet flavor of caramel I could see myself vaping this one a lot. I agree with Tom’s remark about using a sweet red apple flavor though. Had they done that this one could be a Spinfuel Choice Award winner. I did not want to stop vaping this one, and when it was time to move on I was disappointed. Recommended!

Samsquanch – TASTES LIKE: Super sweetness of all kinds, once you try it you will know what we’re talking about. This one is hard to describe, you will just have to try it for yourself!

Julia – 3 Stars – I remember a review we did more than a year ago where we described the sweetness as almost a ‘powdered sugar’ flavor. It’s sweet sugary flavor with a dry tickle at the back of your throat. Other than that there is a tartness to it, a repeating flavor is several Rasta vapes.

Tom – 3.5 Stars – When the brand can’t describe the flavor, how can anyone? All I can say about it is that it is a sweet vape with tart components. Some people will love it, some people won’t. Most people will think it’s just a below-average eliquid with no identity.

Keira – 3 Stars – A mixture of sweet and tart with no defining flavor. Average vapor. Strangely, I enjoyed it for a while despite having no discernable flavor profile.

Jason – 3 Stars – This is the definition of average. Make it sweet, throw in some tartness, keep the flavor subdued and out of the way. This is a vape without a country. Average, but it would do in a pinch, if it were the only eliquid around.

Swaggerific – TASTES LIKE: Mangos Peaches & Strawberries with a mixture of 2 other fruit flavors.

Julia – 2 Stars – God, I hate doing reviews like this. I was looking forward to vaping Swaggerific because if you’re going to give me mango and peaches, and throw in some strawberries, it could be a great vape. Sadly, this isn’t one. I taste some mango, but then the peaches and strawberries turn into an almost foul tasting component.

Tom – 2.25 Stars – Whoever is mixing for Rasta either has to learn a lot more about flavor, or is someone that cannot “taste” things properly. I’m so disappointed in this one because it is so convoluted you can’t enjoy any part of it.

Keira – 2 Stars – Swaggerific tastes like some person’s DIY eliquid, and a poor one at that.

Jason – 2 Stars – Come on, Rasta can do better than this, can’t they? If not, then I hate to say this, either give it up or hire a new chef.

TropwenTASTES LIKE: Minty Peppermint Menthol, or just read the name backwards!

Julia – 3.75 – Tropwen is not a bad menthol flavor. But, that’s all it is. Hints of peppermint, cool vapor, and kind of sweet, Tropwen is a simple flavor, and pretty harmless.

Tom – 3.5 Stars – Although I don’t vape menthol flavors regularly, I can tell you if the flavor is mentholated or just minty or peppermint-like. Tropwen is both mentholated, slightly, and peppermint, mostly. Vapor is pretty good, but I would expect that from menthol.

Keira – 3.5 Stars – A harmless minty vape with lots of sweetness and good vapor.

Jason – 3.25 Stars – minty and cool. There is really nothing else to say. Boring, it’s boring.


There isn’t much else to add to what was said in the beginning. It’s not that we disliked Rasta Vapors eliquids, it’s that they just seemed average, and average doesn’t cut it in 2014.

I think we all deserve better than average today. The making of eliquids has progressed to a real art form, yet for Rasta Vapors it seems as though they stopped progressing 2 years ago.

Rasta Vapors makes eliquids for people that don’t want, or don’t know, complex flavors. The price for these average eliquids is above average, higher than they deserve to be.

While its never fun to dismiss an eliquid brand, we would be doing our readers a disservice to say we recommend them. For less money than you would spend at Rasta you could buy a true premium eliquid. Why would you not do that instead?

We think Rasta Vapors needs to look at themselves in an objective way and make a decision; either find a chef, or mixologist that can overhaul their lineup, or drop the eliquid line and sell hardware. It’s rough to hear, and its tough to write, but someone needs to say it, and we just did.

Till next time!

Julia, Tom, Keira, and Jason