Bongs — to some, they’re the pinnacle of marijuana use. To others, they don’t have much use

However, most of the detractors of bongs are casual marijuana users. Bongs improve taste, reduce coughing, filter the air, and provide a smoother high, according to many marijuana experts. Buying a bong is considered one of the biggest milestones to taking the hobby more seriously. 

However, when buying a bong, it’s very easy to fall into certain bong shopping mistakes. This article will walk you through some of these mistakes, so you can have a smoother bong-buying experience. 

1. Bongs – Not Buying From a Trustworthy Vendor 

Look — we understand that marijuana gets a bad reputation. We wouldn’t want to do anything to make that reputation worse. However, we still think it’s important to make sure you’re using a trustworthy vendor. 

The fact that marijuana was taboo doesn’t discredit its benefits. However, its taboo nature and former illegal status attracted certain sketchy people to the trade. Even now, you have to make sure you don’t get scammed when dealing in the world of weed. 

The best way around this issue is to find a great marijuana store and stick with them for all of your products. Find yourself a good provider when buying bongs online, and always consider online customer reviews.

We recommend the Toke N Dab online store for all of your bond-buying needs. 

2. Failing To Consider a Bongs Build

It’s very easy to jump right into the world of bong buying to try to get that smoother high. However, if you don’t consider the build of your bong, you might end up with a product that you’re not satisfied with. 

The classic material for a bong is glass. Glass doesn’t dilute the flavor of the weed as much as others, and is considered the purest sort of bong to smoke from. However, glass is very delicate, and your bong could easily break. 

Silicone bongs, on the other hand, are a lot more durable and washable. However, they might dilute the taste a little bit. 

3. Not Considering a Bong Users Experience

There are different levels of complexity in bongs that are good for different sorts of people. Those just getting into the hobby shouldn’t go for a bong that’s too complicated, because they might get confused. However, there’s no point in going for something simple if you’re an experienced veteran.

4. Thinking They’re One Size Fits All

Bongs come in different sizes and lengths. People with different lung capacities should choose bongs that are smaller. 

One should also consider the size of their mouth before choosing a bong. You don’t want a bong that’s uncomfortable or impractical to use. 

Understand a Bongs Shopping Rules

As you can see, the world of bong shopping is more complicated than it seems at first. Familiarize yourself with these bong shopping mistakes and you’ll be more likely to enjoy your bong shopping experience. 

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